: I bought urf the manatee ww skin back when it cost 50 rp at the store. I think it was back in 2000 april? I'm one of the OG owners and i want to have something special because i bought it before it became free.
I can only respect that, but dont call it free. 150k BE aint free. :)
: The skin came out before league really hit its popular spike, meaning that it is an achievement to be one of the players who played before the hype. The event also has significance, it was a charity event... giving the skin away or selling it outside of this event demeans it, the buyers of this skin helped raise money for a worthy cause, one not needed to be replicated at the moments due to manatees not being endangered anymore. Giving the skin to you makes it mean less for everyone involved, because you never contributed anything to the charity. It’s not about appreciating the skin, it’s about what the skin actually means... and like all of the limited skins should remain unique to those who participated in the event. This is coming from someone who plays Warwick and thinks that the skin is the best one in the game... I’d kill to get it, but I know that me getting it makes the people who actually earned it the proper way loose the value of the skin... more is lost giving you the skin than is earned
You seem to know what you are talking about. Why reintroduce past Halloween and Christmas skins every year? Or every eSports skin aswell as the championship skins? Especially the championship skins, because Championship Riven is also one of these special skins. But thanks for explaining Urf the Manatee to me! {{champion:19}}
: The reason urfwick exists is to let people have urf the manatee without lesserning the achievement of having that skin originally. So no.
What achievement? Being in the game 6 years ago? Why does someone who joined the game after that event, but would appereciate the og skin more than some of it's owners (who maybe don't even play Warwick) have to be happy with a lesser version of it while getting the og version shown each time browsing the skins?{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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: It's not really the problem with WW and his URF skin, right now you can see many skins in champion select that aren't currently, or not at all, buy-able and that is what doesn't make sense
yeah you are right, f.e. Feral Warwick as a legacy skin is not directly available anymore, but you can get legacy skins from chests, but Urf the Manatee is something that you for sure will never be able to get, according to Riot, but yes, for something which you cant buy on the go in the selection, it does make sense to show
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: Gold ADC LF for (long term) Duoq to go Plat (this) and higher next season
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: I think this is a fine idea to raise awareness of the Summoner's Code, and would give Riot's design team something decent to work on that actually improves the game environment (instead of making a lot of nice events that are fun but have no other purpose). The new Season would be a good time to launch it, as you suggest.
Thank you ^-^ Yes, you are right.
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