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: hey man I would love to play some serious games. I main top and support. Support: Braum, Nami, Zyra, Janna, Lulu, Thresh, Rakan and Miss Fortune (until her bullet rain gets nerfed). top: Maokai, Shen, Trundle, Nautilus, Gnar and Gangplank. I'm gold 1 atm.
If i could get your ingame name, I'll add you as soon as possible :)
: Hi, i can't add you says you've excceeded the number of allowed requests, add Picklemortyy
I have add'ed you on my League of Legends account now :)
FrankiYT (EUW)
: Hey, you look like the perfect person ive been looking for..i share the same goals of like joining an eSports team and am very serious when playing in team, i cant add you but you can add me, My IGN is FrankiYT, i am a gold 5 ad who plays a lot of adcs including ; lucian,jhin,varus,kalista,tristana...can also play ezreal and miss fortune but not in my top picks... ive got discord and im fluent in english. Ps: i can play pretty much all adcs apart from kog,i am whiling to learn him tho but i play just lucian tristana varus are top of my list and my best!
Now the funny thing that I really notice I missed, is that I'm a main Marksman, so this is awrkawrd xD
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: LF jungler plat+
Hey du you still looking for a group or have you found one? :D
Sm1thy (EUW)
: Looking for a team. Gold player, Top or Jungle
Hey we need a toplaner do you still need a team?
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Rexter (EUW)
: Hey I can play ADC and Mid if you need either of those just add me IGN: Rexter
Well if your main is mid we can maybe use you, but if your main adc, we can maybe use you as a stand-in :) {{champion:202}}
Loco Dice (EUW)
: hi i can play top and adc aswell, make me know
Hello Loco dice, we need a toplaner, so if you wanna be tryout, we'll be happy to test you :){{champion:202}}
: Hello! I do have a smurf account on euwest u can add that if u like :) Thank you for fast response and ofc we play for the win! Myoldnemesis Euwest account Suomentrollein
Alright! I'll add you then I come home! :D {{champion:202}}
Alaisea (EUW)
: Hello this is I, your hero without a cape, your platinum midlaner! Alaisea :)
Hey yo Alaisea I'll add you as soon I get home, and maybe we can figure something out, your intention is to play leauge of legends on a serious level as well as we do right? :){{champion:202}}
: Hello, plat mid/top laner. If u got interested just message me or add me Myoldnemesis.
Hello MyOldNemesis, im super glad your interested, but I notice that your EUNE, do you have a EUW account as well? Other then that I'll gladly add you if you got an EUW account. And you wanna play leauge of legends serious as well right? :)
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Vyeac (EUW)
: hey, yeah sure, plz add me: Vyeac
I'll add you as fast as possible today!{{champion:202}}
Vyeac (EUW)
: LF a Team for Beta Event. Plat 5: Sup/top/adc (can mid but i only lux/veigar)
Hello I see your looking for team, we're a team who's looking for a toplaner, do you wanna play someday :D
Loco Dice (EUW)
: Tournment 5v5 plat+ euw
Hey dude, how are you? Do you main other roles then jungle or whats your plan bro? I'm trying to make a team so we can perhaps use you if you wanna :D
chebz (EUW)
: LF Team
Hey dude Chebz are you looking or is it your team who is searching for something? :) - Siwo {{champion:202}}
: ***
I'll add you, but do you search for a team as well?
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Mounten (EUW)
: Looking for team
Hey bro. I'm Simon IGN(Siwo) I'm a main ADC ex Diamond player current p3. Just slacking in solo as well, I was wondering if you and me maybe could find other players and start a team together, unless you already got a team tho, but I'm fresh! Please answer over here, so we maybe can add each other!. Have a nice day/ evening! :D {{champion:202}}
BlueEyed (EUNE)
: 50-60 ping on EUNE server
I live in Denmark, but after Patch 5.16, my ping is Unstabil, and normally my ping was 35-49 and now its 35-179 If anyone could help me, I'll be thanksful :) (Sorry for bad English)


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