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: Hey, I personally climbed my way to plat5 from Gold5 by just playing Nami in a very, very short period. This was awhile ago though, like 2 seasons back, but Nami is still very oppressive in lane, and while she does not have the "i have no carry, let me be the carry" potential that Brand/Zyra and the like have, she excels at saving team from doing really stupid things, kinda like Janna, but with a lot more teeth. She doesn't have the best roams, but she's really good in skirmishes and in the midgame, which is good for the inevitable river yolo that always ends up happening. In lower elo, I felt damage control is equally important, if not more important as making things happen, because in lower elo there's ALWAYS something happening anyway, because both teams have no idea what's going on and all they wanna do is fight ALL THE TIME. Being the one who can turn those usually stupid fights and save your team from idiotism is really valuable. IMO. The biggest thing as a support is that you make calls, all the time. Your pick comes secondary to that. Ping people who are about to do something stupid back. Ping the turret, even if your jungler is already in lane to take it, because he may change his mind and randomly start backing. Ping scuttlers. Ping enemy red. Do not ward where you want your team to NOT be, ward where you want your team to be. Similarly, ward where you THINK enemy team may be going, because the enemy is as bad as your team, so it's very possible that they're about to do something really stupid, too (read: "hey, good idea, we have a small lead, hey, dragon is up... hey, you know what, let's go yolo in enemy jungle with no vision for a bit before we do dragon...") now imagine if that bit of jungle has been lit up like a christmastree because you kinda saw this one coming - you ace them, take dragon, a turret, maybe two, maybe enemy red, get push in all lanes, now you can go get baron control, and kill the enemy support as he makes his way to baron.....). Think where you think enemy will be. If your jungler is getting destroyed, chances are enemy jungler is gonna come for your buffs even before laning is over. Ward those before the buff even spawns. Similarly, if you guys are ahead, ward deep, so you can contest the camps/buffs or even kill them: make them FEAR your team. Contest everything that gives gold. Scuttler? Ward it, catch that enemy jungler, if you can't kill him at least your top knows he can all-in the enemy. Learn what good warding spots are, specifically the deeper ones. I don't believe in counterpicks except in really high elo, but support picks at any elo can really can change a game. Picking what your team needs, or picking precisely what enemy team does not need can really completely and utterly change a game, change all win conditions, change everything. Still, I don't recommend a really big champion pool. I said I played mostly Nami, but if they only had assassins, Nami is completely useless beyond laning phase, she's a free gank too, and instead I'd usually pick Janna or Lulu (any assassin's nightmare) or some tank/peel. That tiltproofs me and it will really help my team to NOT pick Nami in this specific game. Make the enemy hate you. That's your goal. And lastly, just watch a lot of videos, note where the supports go and why they go there, what they ward, etc. TL:DR play what you like, work on your macro more than on your champ decision.
Thanks for the response. I was actually a high diamond jungler/support but my main got banned recently and I'm finding mid gold so much harder than high diamond, so I do have a very in depth understanding of the game. I gave up playing jungle as well because of all the flaming and toxicity. Nami is a great champion and it's fun to play her, I haven't tried her in this elo yet so I won't make any comment before I do. The only thing which I can potentially see happening is simply that she lacks the damage to carry lower elo. Saving team mates is invaluable but very often you encounter those games where your team gets so screwed that you can't peel for all of them. In those situations when I've chosen high damaging champions I've either been to delay the enemy long enough for my team to get late game or just straight up carry.
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: From what I have seen while going through low elo was that you need to take a champion that can carry and then play almost like otp. When you get high enough to have normal games with people that have hands you can play whatever, but in low elo you have to do everything by yourself. Stealing kills and farm is also good. When you gank it is important that you have to take the kill, not your teammate. They will be useless anyways.
This is the problem though, to hard carry by taking the farm (shoving the lane after a gank) and things like this you get a lot of people who will troll after, making it even harder.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: At the moment its pre-season. Dark Harvest is OP, Karthus is OP, Smite mid is OP, so they're experimenting and changing all that. After January you should climb back smoothly again.
I hope so, because it's so boring at the moment and I'm losing the motivation to play and getting tilted a lot. It's so easy yet it's so hard to actually win.
WordLifeBT (EUNE)
: As far as I can say - players of platinum and higher usually carrying solo in 99% of games (or, at least that was situation 2 years ago) on lower elos, so, maybe you`re never actually belonged to that level? You know, got lucky on qualification, etc.
Well I was comfortable at high diamond before with a 70% win rate. It's just that I don't understand how to solo carry a game in low elo. Higher elo I could carry games but my team mates wouldn't get stomped so hard if I'm able to give their lane an advantage. When I've played jungle or support in low elo I can typically get all lanes fed but it doesn't change anything, and of course I can't be at all 3 lanes at once. The games where my team are doing decent they don't know how to close out games and ignore my calls. I can split push and take inhibs and other objectives myself however that leads to team mates dying all over the map.
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: Depends on your playstlye. For me as proactive jungle main I have to pick proactive supports that are able to roam a lot. My favourites to take over the flow of the game are Pyke and Leona. Paired with a Morgana ban because that pick alone stops me from gaining lane priority and thus from taking over the game. With these supports however, if you want to be the deciding factor you have to read situations correctly, when is mid gankable, when can your jungler invade their botside and most importantly where is the enemy jungler right now. If you know all that you can buddy up with your jungler to hunt their jungler and take pressure off the map. What you rely on here is that people follow your pings, know what actual priority is and that you are good enough to gain lane priority or to set up a gank for your jungler to gain lane priority. So taking the game over with an aggressive support is pretty hard if you aren't a good jungler because you have to gather the same intel that the jungler has to gather while playing a lane. You could say you take over the game by being an information broker/mercenary. You will also only be bot when you have nothing else to do or when your adc would get dove without you. If you feel like this is too much for you then I can assure you that peel supports are much easier to have an impact on in the game. Also playing like I just described mostly turns the games into a total clownfiesta.
I was a diamond support/jungler about 2 years ago before I quit. I used to play a roam heavy tactic and get all the lanes fed by following the jungler and that was an incredibly strong play style. However in low elo the game is so different, the team don't punish by taking objectives and you are somewhat confined to the lane because the adc just dies if you are not present.
: Pyke and Thresh.
Yeah Pyke is extremely broken. Has too much in his kit and the damage to match.
: Karma works great for me and especially in bronze of all places where the whole enemy team lines up for Mantra Qs like it's warm bread. And the whole point of Mejai's is not dying lol, if you can't do that just avoid it. Besides she can still do proper support things while carrying so that's a plus for me personally, that's the reason Lux was the only other one I suggested also.
I'm very good with Karma but her kill potential does seem lacking. Lots of games I've dominated the lane, got fed with her but there's not a huge amount I can do as her damage doesn't have enough burst to eliminate the target late game, and to mention she doesn't have hard CC to lock down those targets. When my team are average I carry hard with her but when they're below par there's not much you can do.
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: I think people are friendlier in normal games. {{champion:78}}
Nope. I just came back to game after 2 years leveling up new account, it's the worst I've ever experienced.
: /mute all, helps a lot. It will be better when ur back up again :)
Doesn't make a difference. Sometimes they start following me around my jungle attempting to snipe camps or start inting mid. I don't know if I can be bothered with this game anymore.
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JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sixtyniner,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Iu7aL5is,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-31T12:35:00.016+0000) > > I've just come back after about 2 years and playing a new account. Leveling up to lvl30 is so horrid because the players are so toxic. > > At what elo in ranked does the game become enjoyable? I mean less toxic players. I think the game right now is enjoyable only if you are in LCS, no elo is ok right now, i have seen trolls in every elo so, go for LCS and you may enjoy the game more.
You occasionally get trolls in any elo yeah. When I played before the game got decent towards mid diamond, before that was hell though. Most games people would just complain, blame each other, troll if people didn't do what they wanted.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: In my opinion new players are somewhat more friendly and understanding because they don’t have as high expectations as high lvl players but that might just be me.
Unfortunately it appears you get a lot of low elo players who make new accounts because they're struggling to climb, they're so toxic.
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