: I haven't done this in a long time, so here we go: This is a troll: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/b/0/a/9/1355355194531419935troll-md.png This is a Troller: https://www.troller.com.br/uploads/banner-monte-o-seu-02.jpg The first one is an european fairy tale creature, the second one a brasilian car. The term "trolling" or "to troll" refers to the fairy tale creature, not the car, which is why the correct term is "troll", not "troller". That being said: A troll is player that intentionally (!) sabotages the game with the only purpose to annoy other people. The last time I experienced that was...idk...probably about a year ago. Comparing that to the numbers you mention I guess you have a very loose definition of what a troll is. Troll is not a term that you can simply use for everyone that is underperforming or playing a champ you don't like. Trolling has a very precise definition and in your last two games is not a single person that is even close to falling in this category of player.
keep in mind some people are also bored which leads to them taking your pick just to annoy you. that is again not to be confused with a troll.
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: A Guide to Improve Your Behaviour
My name is Commander Shepard; can we sticky this? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{champion:115}}
: The Most Toxic Player I have Ever Seen since I started playing this game S2
I fully understand why he is raging. I used to do the same, now each time I join a game I mute everyone throughout the entire game. just to separate me from the people with brain cancer - as he put it :/ and it's not his fault, many people out there are bad losers which is actually a very healthy thing, I bet you the majority of the e-sports players are bad losers as well, but probably with a better self-control. As I said it's not his fault, it's the matchmaking system. I believe if he was put in a higher rating he would get a real sense of challenge and would have a much greater self-control, but when everyone is dying around you and you're the only one who've won his lane in most of your games, yet you still lose the majority of your games - that makes you angry and frustrated. Also keep in mind that one player cannot carry the game singlehandedly in patch 6.5 it actually requires teamwork, but when your team has "brain cancer" that becomes very difficult. He should not be punished in my opinion but instead put in a higher rank, if his skills don't match up then he will eventually get back to bronze or whatever but he would have learned a much greater and higher lesson than being muted or banned, he would have learned that he either suck and needs to improve or that he should continue his rank progression with like-minded, competitive people. TL;DR: go back and read aint no candy store, lazy bastard!
: Anybody who wants to play ranked together in silver?
i feel the same way, im an adc add me in-game
: LF Some bronze2-silvers for dynamic que :) jungle main here!
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: RP
send nudes edit: dont you might get banned or not? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: It's impossible for me to win a game anymore
unfortunately, this game has turned into an 80% luck and 20% skill scenario based on your teammates. I totally agree with you, but riot will do nothing trust me. As long as the cash is flowing, there's no need to do anything.
abyssflame (EUNE)
: Flame?
The definition of Flaming: _"An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another"_ I too have come across these annoyed children. whenever you tell them to react and engage the enemy faster next time or tell them what they can improve they burst out and call you a flamer and report you. what is this... how are you supposed to chat with people in this game. I personally have feared to talk to anyone after I received a penalty for telling my Alistar support not to headbutt Draven but instead thresh. Conclusion: I don't speak with anyone anymore I just fear it, I fear that I will get reported and banned. I urge you to do the same never use the chat box again like me, I know it's stupid but it's sadly the only way until these children get inculcated properly by their parents then this is the only way. Sadly this community is garbage, wait at least garbage can be recycled - this community is filtered shit where all the nutrients have been extracted and there's only SHIT. This same "SHIT" exists on the reddit league of legends community and in these boards here and in-game. I feel sorry that you posted a solid thread here and it got downvoted and even this "Foxist" who came in here explaining and justifying "SHIT" for you and how all of the "SHIT" is not the "SHIT'S" fault but your fault, for taking the time to post this, feel sorry for you op.
: Who moderated my comments
mods who edit stuff without leaving a trail should be shot then hanged then eaten by cows.
: thanks but thats enough
I heard you were upset, so I drew a picture of me holding your hands under a lovely summer day :* http://i.imgur.com/w1WiYUz.jpg xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
abyssflame (EUNE)
: I actually don't get the new draft system in which you have to pick two lanes. Why?? can't we just pick the one we want and match us with those who picked the rest of the lanes? Also just so people don't ban your champ, just don't select him in the beginning :p You have 15 sec to choose if you don't then nothing happens, then its banning time and THEN you can pick whoever you want.
shorter queue times that's why, and the queue times are already long!
Pazzaar (EUW)
: Offline mode for friends list
+1 a way to go invisible for a while should be implemented
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes I am Bronze 4! Is that a problem to you?!
funny to hear that racism exists in games now.
Nekazaria (EUW)
: Lunar Goddess Diana - Nekazaria Cosplay
why did the photographer watermark your picture? why did you allow him to advertise freely? what is this.
fakhissam (EUW)
: i think it's a good idea if we can choose to go offline without leaving the client server
+1 but it requires them to change the server architecture = requires money = they won't do it until enough people want this, so conclusion: fuk our lifes we don't matter to them(riot).
Valenjin (EUW)
: Recreation splashart of Jhin!
I come here expecting a ton of text and a troll post, but i left with joy and pride. keep it up (Y)
: Gifting influense pionts
this can be so abused
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