: WOW. That was some nuclear ADC!
There's only one possible explanation here. It's an imaqtpie smurf on EUNE. Only the ADC god himself would be able to dish out such tremendous amounts of damage, 1v9ing. Heck, it might be possible the bar actually extends even further to the right, but the chart library broke and now the damage bar is cropped there. Kappa
: I feel like I have just as much impact playing supp as I did before the changes, maybe even a bit more. It may have to do with the fact you no longer have to upgrade the supp items and can entirely focus on the other items. Like I already said the supp items give gold every second. People are just making a fuss out of nothing. Whenever there's a change the worst side of people tend to be the loudest.
I don't have any opinion on items, so I'm not "defending" anyone's position. But last Season, you played Support in just 100 out of 1325 games, with 89 games being Thresh, 9 Soraka and 2 Leona. So I think it's fair to say Thresh is the only Support you'll usually play with occasional Soraka fallback. Yet you make a statement as if Support mains who play dozens of other champions like Janna, Lulu, Nami, Morgana, Pyke, Blitzcrank etc. etc. have no business in disliking the new items, just because _you_ don't really feel punished on the single champion you're comfortable on. It's just a really small sample size you're basing your statements off here. It's like driving once a year on a very specific route and then saying "I can't really see traffic jams have gotten any worse lately". Or to make it even more clear to you: suppose Mage items got a major rework, and amongst the changes, Lich Bane loses 20 AP and the Spellblade passive. And now imagine I - with my 30 SR games per Season - would play 5 games of Morgana mid and say "I don't think the changes are too bad." I'm pretty sure you'd be thinking different on that account.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: There will be always some trolls on boards writing "I never met this issue" kind of posts whatever maybe the issue xD
The point is valid though. If it really happens every other game, which I am inclined to believe, this means two things: 1) It cannot be a general problem, otherwise it would happen all the time and not "only" every other game. 2) It cannot be just one specific champion or skin either, because it is too often. In this case however it is weird that another player would not see any issues over many different games. The probability of one player very frequently seing problematic champions and the other player never seing those champions at the same time, hence with the same meta picks etc. around, is at least unlikely.
: Lmao calm down. I dont say there isnt an issue, Im saying because the FPS drops are random, they probably arent that random actually. We really had a bug where some champion got new particles or something and it dropped FPS heavily (some old player help me here please). So legit pls compare the games where it DOES happen and check similarities and THEN spam the boards with it. Quote directly from OP: > But, every other game that I play is perfectly normal with the same FPS no changes
I think the issue you are thinking of was the new Dark Star Thresh skin, where it caused a massive lags because of its particles. They had to optimize the skin so it would be loaded and rendered a lot smoother. Regarding "keeping an eye out" - op.gg suggests the thread starter plays a lot of ARAM, so it might be related to that map, too. Not sure your friends are scattered around there as well. _I_ do play that mode a lot, and I can definitely say the frame rate drops for a few seconds whenever a building loads a new state. So for example when the Inhibitor falls and the Nexus towers become targetable, there's a lag spike, and when the second Nexus turret drops and the Nexus starts its rotating animation, there's a lag spike again. As far as I know, this has been the case on SR too. I was Veigar in AR URF some months ago and tried to xPeke the Nexus in a soon-to-be-lost game, but because my client lagged out as soon as the Nexus towers were down, I got killed with one auto attack missing in the end. Frankly that's the only reason I remember that it lagged.)
: Sanguins blade is the most broken Item in the game.
Sorry if my posting doesn't contribute any factual details, but did you just say "for free for buying a 3k gold item"?
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Shaft (EUNE)
: Does anyone else have this beautiful client or is it just me
I saw it on Rush's stream on Sunday morning, I think it may be a new layout that's currently being rolled out step by step?
: Please add a new PvE difficulty
I'd love to be the programmer of that AI.
: This consept feels too OP... The passive allows him too much health when he picks up his wrench. Imagine a situation where you throw the screwdriver, the enemy deals about 80% of your health as damage, you pick up the screwdriver and it's like nothing happened. I would recomend doing this instead, he heals himself a bit and for a small duration he has increased healing that can either be based on how much health he is missing or based on something else. This way it won't be too frustrating to fight him, if he were to heal all of his health that he lost, it would be nearly the same as giving him an Ekko ult as a passive that works better then an ult. That was pretty much the OP part. The rest of the kit is okay but why would anyone use him in the jungle? He'd be way more useful on a lane. The stacks he gets for minions dying near him, the fact that there are structures on lanes and those structures could protect him while he uses his E if people try to tower dive him.
To be fair, it says "he heals based of the damage", not "heals for the damage". I'm not sure if this is intentional, but if it was indeed meant to be "heals for", then yes, it's too big for a passive. It's basically an Ekko ult without the damage output but also without cooldown or mana usage.
: Yeah, I totally get it, I just _wish_ there was an option for this. I know I'm not the only one who likes League as a game, as a past time, not as a sport to watch and obsess over. I just want to read about new skins, updates, and whatnots without having to scroll through fifty articles pro plays.
I guess you may already know, but in the client, under "Home" > "Patch Notes", there is a "Table of Contents" on the right where you can jump directly to whatever section you want. But I guess you are talking about https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news where 8 out of 10 postings are related to the LEC. Yeah, maybe they should try a bit harder to separate leagueoflegends.com from lolesports.com.
: I wish I could permanently turn off _all_ esports from the client. The map additions, the news on the front page, _everything_. I don't care about them and the more they push that sh1t to me the less I care. Oh yeah and from LoL front page too. Trying to read the news about the game but it's filled everything else.
You can't really be mad at Riot that they are advertising their e-sports on their website frontpage... It's like saying "yeah the (insert national football association here)'s website should not feature the world championship, I just care about the national league." You don't care. But Riot cares, because it's their event. And I can totally see why they would advertise those events.
kwimbik (EUNE)
: False advertising riot?
When I hear you can get Championship Riven, I assume it's the 2016 version. Because it has been made pretty clear whenever this topic arose that the 2012 version will not be available as to not undermine the worth of the original 2012 skin.
: "You have your own rights in this game", they said...
Pikaguif (EUW)
: Teemo: It is also like this in normal SR so changing it for aram doesn't make much sense, also being forced into oracle extract means nothing as in SR you have to get oracle lenses to survive Fiddlesticks: This one I'm on board with it but instead of it being like this maybe just reduce the bounce radius Pyke: With the nerfs to damage i think that it doesn't need more nerfs as if you don't get the kill the dmg from his r is around 120 at lvl 6. Also the only way is if you're low from other fights (can be Possible) Sylas: His w heal isn't a side effect of it and its the main reason why it exists, also w into a champion when you are below 40% is asking to get killed because 5 people would jump on you Yuumi: Its better if she has mobility than if she doesn't, if she can't move between allies you can't damage her at all and if she moves between allies you get that short window to put cc on her. You are buffing her by putting those changes
You do not seem to play ARAM a lot, do you? Teemo: In SR, you have more than one lane to push, or a jungle, or objectives, etc. In ARAM, you have one lane, and if that can't be pushed, there is nothing else to do. Fiddle: I think reducing the radius is too much of a nerf in general. I just want to remove the one "stupid" interaction that is "throw a bird on the last dying minion, and then the bird continues to bounce in the team. Pyke: In ARAM, every two minutes there is a big team fight with multiple people being low. The nerfs do not affect my use-case, I'm not talking about the damage he deals if he doesn't kill you. I'm talking about the fact that he almost always kills two or three people every other minute. I know, it's hard to see why a hook-dash-stun-inivisibility-speedup-hp-regen-execute-true-damage-reset champion would need a nerf at all. ;) Sylas: Description of W: "Active: Sylas lunges at a target enemy with a powerful strike, dealing magic damage, increased by 50% against targets below 40% health." I. e.: dealing damage is what it is supposed to do primarily. On top of that, there is a secondary effect "Against enemy champions, Sylas is healed, increased by 75% if he's below 40% health." and a tertiary effect "Kingslayer resets Sylas's basic attack timer." Yuumi: Yuumi already has the highest KD/A since she is untargetable 90% of the game and usually only dies when the team is aced, but that doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me is that she just shifts to the front champion, casts her spells, and then shifts back, all without being at risk of taking damage apart from the rare chance of being hit by CC in the 0.2s she is travelling.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: There are no detection items in ARAM? Find shroom and destroy it
There are detection items, it's a consumable named "Oracle's Extract". It costs 300g and lasts for 5 minutes. It does not disable the trap though, so if Teemo throws a trap into a minion wave, then (unless you have ranged attackers ready and waiting) you cannot destroy it before it explodes and kills almost the entire minion wave. If the traps were already placed, you could walk in front of the wave and kill them before the minions arrive. But if it is placed directly into the wave, you have 1s to clear it which is impossible to achieve with most compositions.
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: Picking Qiyana especially first timing in ranked is literally griefing.
The big question is... Is everybody running it down after Qiyana was picked because of her 32% win rate, or does Qiyana have a 32% win rate because everybody is running it down after she is picked...
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I think they should just update Spirit Guard Udyr, that skin legit looks like an epic skin by today's standards, which is far from an ultimate.
Yes, but in which way does this have to do with the question "What is the _next_ ultimate skin"? The topic is not "Which skin should be reworked" at all. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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: WTF EUW is broken
Position over 20k, and 2hrs 7 mins. A minute later it said 2hrs 6 mins. Now, 2 more minutes later it still says 2hrs 6 mins. We'll see...
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yrknaqren (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SkaiBlade,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QeQJw45t,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-05-12T19:11:56.076+0000) > > From a graphical/mathematical aspect, it is "easy" to get the elevation of the point where the cursor aims as long as the actual "height" of the map is known, since the camera cannot be rotated, that's an easy linear transformation of the cursor's X/Y position scaled my zoom level translated by camera position. > > Then it should be easy as well to layer the skillshot indicator as texture on the surface compared to drawing it "into the air". Which surface? If I understand correctly, that surface would be at a slight angle to the map surface*. That could improve some things, but would also cause new problems. For example Jhin would have to tilt his gun slightly up or down, so his animation would need to change. *I assume the map is (mostly) 3 planes: Nexus, regular ground, and river, all parallel to each other
No, I mean the (model) surface of the map object, i. e. the same surface the map textures (water, stone, dirt and grass) are drawn onto. It just changes the way the indicators and spell visuals are drawn on screen, it doesn't influence champions at all. If the map had "stairs", the indicator would look "wrinkled" over them, like it was a ghost ribbon laying on the ground but penetrating the "upright" (i. e. impassable) terrain like the jungle walls. Since the actual changes in levels are smoother and more subtle than real stairs, it wouldn't look too bad.
yrknaqren (EUW)
: Wow I never knew that was a thing. Kind of embarassing. Even more embarassing to have a game in a state like that though. They should just make the whole map an even plane, other solutions likely require a ludicrous amount of work. Fixing the ability indicators is not enough, because their visual effects also need to be at least somewhat accurate or dodging becomes mostly luck instead of skill in some cases.
> [{quoted}](name=yrknaqren,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QeQJw45t,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-11T17:02:57.725+0000) > > They should just make the whole map an even plane, other solutions likely require a ludicrous amount of work. From a graphical/mathematical aspect, it is "easy" to get the elevation of the point where the cursor aims as long as the actual "height" of the map is known, since the camera cannot be rotated, that's an easy linear transformation of the cursor's X/Y position scaled my zoom level translated by camera position. Then it should be easy as well to layer the skillshot indicator as texture on the surface compared to drawing it "into the air".
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Mattie010 (EUW)
: I dodged a game but it went through?
It tends to happen when people dodge within the last 5 seconds. I've sometimes seen the message "XYZ has left the lobby." in the chat but the game went on.
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Idea for a Game Mode that Celebrates Champion Pool Diversity
By the way, today was one of those days. I got to play Jayce (for the 2nd or 3rd time in my life I think). I didn't do too bad I guess - given that I had the lowest Mastery Score of all ten champions, but still dealt the second most damage of all ten, only bested by enemy Maokai, but surpassing my full AP Kennen and Brand and even enemy full AP Shyvana (albeit only very close). But then again, this was versus a Level 7 Vayne (almost 444k Mastery Points). Not a One-Trick-Pony, but by far the main champion on that account. And she was paired with a Level 5 Janna (22.7k Mastery Points). So while I was trying to sort my spells out in team fights, trying not to mess up with the stances, they performed orchestrated teamfights from level 6 ongoing, knowing exactly the range and timing of their every spell. It wasn't even that frustrating this time, but then again, being just "brute forced down" with routine while struggling with your champion is a less than ideal situation to learn to enjoy a champion you don't play, because you spend most of the time either hiding, running or dead.
: So basically a game-mode for inting. People would just go "Oh but I don't even play this champion." and then proceed to get destroyed, ruining the game for you. On one hand, it's good because you won't get to see as much of Yasuo;but on the other you see one, especially on your team, and you instantly know it's going to be a spicy game, to say the least. And then there is this thing with veteran players and high elo players who basically know all the champions, and then they get faced against some Silver/Gold OTPs or genuinely new players.
If we are talking about "inting" in the _actual_ meaning of the word, id est "**int**entional feed**ing**" - then no. Just because you don't know how to play Malzahar yet, this doesn't mean you have to run it down mid. There are certain kind of plays that are "stupid" on any champion. Believe it or not, _actual intentional feeding_ as such is very rarely seen in ARAM even amongst those with champions of less than 5000 Mastery Points, and the limitations allow for up to 21599 Mastery Points. If you happen to just talk about "playing weirdly, so you may mess up a fight and die in a funny way" - then yes, maybe that happens a lot more often to you than with your Mastery Level 7 comfort pick. But the idea is to have the same "random" feeling to which champion you play like ARAM, but with a high chance that _if_ you happen to play a very unfamiliar champion, that at least you will **not** be facing a level 7/6/5 opponent on top of that (at the cost of you not playing your absolute gems either, obviously). I find it highly unlikely that someone would say "Oh but I don't even play this champion." in THIS game mode, because yeah, this mode is all about playing champions that range from "not at all" to "just some times". About "Ocean meeting One-Trick" - I don't see a big problem there. The event is meant to celebrate champion pool diversity. If you are a OTP and don't feel comfortable at all experiencing new champions, then don't play the mode. After all, it is an event like URF or Blood Moon, so the actual outcome of the game is secondary to the fun of experiencing League outside of your daily Ranked meta and comfort picks.
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SkaiBlade (EUW)
: How to consume a potion...
Ah I found it - "Disable HUD spell click" in "Interface". I forgot that I put that on after a lag spike made me activate Zhonya's while sorting my inventory.
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Mreeshai (EUW)
: I'm all for more missions, but they should be designed in a way that do not alter the way how you play the game. The problem with kill missions is this: -People will greed for more kills and play poorly as a result. "Kill stealing" may also become a cause for toxicity. Task should be kills or assists if you must have a kill-related task. You mention that "get Pentakill" is bad design, but double kill and triple kill can also have similar problems. I suppose they are fine if they are completed as a team and don't require your own kill streak. But it is likely that they too will result to risky play to get completed. I would also suggest not having role specific missions, since people will dodge queue more likely if they don't get the role they wanted to grind quests on. Typically, you'd want the kind of missions like "earn A XP in any number of games", "destroy B towers with your team in any number of games", Win D games", "Last hit E Minions over any amount of games" or "Play C amount of games". The missions should be something that are completed by playing the game normally, without adjusting your playstyle. For example, if there is a mission to kill Baron, then that will result to multiple bad Baron calls, since people will be tryharding for the Baron kill instead of the win. As I see it, kill minions type of missions encourage you to play Summoner's Rift, while kill champions type of missions encourages you to play ARAM.
I think, to a certain extend, you have to accept that missions may or may not make you focus on any aspect of the game. After all, any focus on any objective does alter you playstyle. If you are consequently applying the logic that certain missions will always override the situational decision making, thereby alter your playstyle and thus should not be a mission, and that this is absolutely unacceptable, then we can do away with missions altogether. For example, if "Kill minions" pushes you towards SR, then so does "Kill turrets", because after all, there's just 4 turrets to take in an ARAM but 11 on the Summoner's Rift. If you're convinced people will care more about missions than about playing the game, then even simple "Kill minions" or "Kill towers" missions may lead to people going to push a lane or tower instead of helping at Baron after a clean ace. If you really not want to have missions to have any influence on anything, the only way is to have missions complete themselves by simply having the client opened without being ingame. Because everything influences in some way, even if the mere objective was "Play the game for 30 minutes", this could in theory lead to people join a game, do as little as possible to extend the game time to 30 minutes, then surrender once the timer is done. Therefore, I think aiming for missions not to influence your ingame decisions is not anything that will really work out. The trick is to make missions that mostly will complete anyway by just playing the game, irregardless if you are aiming for them or not. Every marksman will amount 20 kills sooner or later, and he will have a double kill too. In fact, you could even complete it while being Jungler or Support at that moment. I don't think that "Get 20 kills" (over any number of games) will lead to an extensive amount of greedy plays compared to what there is already today. If there is 3% greeding for kills and trying to "KS", then with missions it'll be - pretty much still 3%. I also don't think it'll lead to an amount of dodges worth noting compared to all existing other reasons like a banned out one-trick or unfavorable matchups. If there are currently 30,000 games dodged per day, then an additional 500 dodges just doesn't make a difference. And it's also really unlikely because the only reason that would actually occur is if anyone got assigned a role that he cannot complete ANY mission for. Example: in my last 4 ARAM games, I already amassed at least two Double Kills, 33 kills, 79 assists, and since all of them were wins 16 towers. When we already had such missions, I usually didn't even think about them, and they just kept completing as I simply did what I always do (play Soraka once, there's your "Heal for 10k mission completed"). It just happens naturally; to me, that is the important part, and that's why "Get a Penta Kill" is ill-designed but "Get two Double Kills" is not. If a mission's objective is likely enough to be completed "by accident" (Kills, Assists, Streaks, Minions, Gold, Towers...) or with only minimalistic thought (Wards, Shielding, Using a specific item type), it's an alright choice as objective.
W1zDoom (EUNE)
: People will start to throw games thinking only about completing missions... It gets registered only if you win maybe? {{champion:268}}
Most of the mission are designed to be completed automatically over time by simply playing the role, like 20 kills - you get that within 2-4 games anyway. A few may require you to adapt your playstyle like "Use Oracle Alteration 5 times" if you usually always forget to swap or upgrade your trinket, but those adaptations are not bearing any risks. Of course, there must not be missions like "Get a Pentakill" or "Get a Baron before 25 minutes", since those would actually be rewarding risky instead of reasonable plays. But so far I don't see any mission goal to be drastic enough that it would cause anyone to throw a game more than missions we already had did, like "Get an <insert type here> Drake". Actually, I think making the stats count only if won would not only be very frustrating, but also have the opposed effect, they do not prevent risky play, they kind of encourage them.
: We want more missions
I actually wish there were missions to gather Orange Essence. Because that would really add a lot to the value of mission rewards, because for people who play a lot, Orange Essence is actually the only "rare" currency. Then add a lot more missions, maybe related to factions or champions or playstyle. A nice system would be to have 5 missions tailored for certain roles, for example: Marksmen missions: 1. Get 20 kills 2. Get 1 Triple Kill - OR - Get 2 Double Kills 3. Deal over 40k damage to champions in one game 4. Get 180 CS in one game 5. Get to over 200 AD - OR - Get 100% Crit Chance Supports missions: 1. Get 20 assists 2. Heal for 2000 HP - OR - Shield allies for 4000 HP 3. Get a vision score of 30 or better 4. Place 3 control wards in one game 5. Use Oracle Alteration 5 times and also five for each of the other roles and playstyles (Tanks, Jungle, Mages, Assassins) Then, have them appear one after another. The 1st yields 10 OE, the 2nd 15, the 3rd 20 and so on. That is, if you complete all five, you get 10+15+20+25+30 = 100 OE. You have 7 days, then they reset. So you have 6x5 = 30 missions per week, for a total of 600 Orange Essence if you complete ALL 30 of them, which will automatically lead you through a wide range of champions and playstyles.
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Nasus has this one win condition. If you let him reach that, it's game over. Win earlier or lose against a tower crushing monster who can take your inhib turrets with 4 empowered attacks. Easy as that. Understanding the win conditions of your opponents and preventing them from achieving these is what League is all about. Deny him stacks by picking a counter like Olaf who can punish him with his axe throw Q every time Nasus walks up, and who can use his ult to close the distance ignoring Wither (which is Nasus' W ability btw, not E). Complaining about Nasus' late game Q damage is like complaining that a late game 6 item Kog'Maw deals too much damage.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: The "rules" in blind picks
TBH they should just combine the role selection from Draft pick with the champ select from current Blind Pick. You choose your preferred roles, you get assigned a role, and then just pick whatever you like. I see it far less often that a champion is fought over than over a lane.
SalterinoK (EUNE)
: Riot said a while back they wanted to make a new mode that is the combination of both don't know what happened to that idea but yes removing blind pick would be a good option it basically is the worst mode in every sense besides queue times which would be fixed with the removal of blind pick only thing it has apart from that is trying out a new champ when it comes out but you can do PBE for that or just wait it will get through sooner or later only downside is there might be a small amount of players that just stop playing after this change
Wow, you need to put at least some punctuation in there. It's really hard to read this waterfall of text :D
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Remove Normal Blind Pick and replace it with a full time Normal Draft Pick!
I wouldn't even mind if it remained the normal, simultaneous pick without bans and possible mirror matches, as long as the game assigns the roles. I'd just love to go into a normal, unranked game and still select the role, then being told my role and most of the time, everyone is at piece with that.
: So you can't be ironic in LoL anymore ? Poor Dr. House, would be perma banned asap for saying truth. Kappa. You don't understand that there are players like this or me who enjoy irony. Why on earth we should not use it ? They got tilted more ? And what my job is to cooperate and won the game, not be psychologist of players or be the cutest super guy. For what does he got restriction ? He was even motivating people.
> my job is to cooperate [...], not [...] be the cutest super guy. Partially wrong; your job is in fact to be a nice guy as well. Irony doesn't solve the problems you have with those players, so don't do it. "But he started it" is kindergarten logic, not grown-up logic. Simple as that. =) I know what you mean, and if your friend is Lux mid and dies 5 times to Zed within 8 minutes, you may say "Okay, I think the game is difficult enough by now, you can stop feeding" to your friend. But say the same thing to a stranger, that may be punishable.
GroMiee (EUW)
: I don't usually respond to toxic people, but yesterday I was fed up since I got so much flame throughout 5 games, that I just had it. I felt that the system would actually back me up in this case and argued for my mental health, so that I would feel like I had some form of power over all the bullying I got throughout the day. But I've learned my lesson, this system is twisted and not something to trust. Will definitely just mute from now on.
GroMiee (EUW)
: So this lead to a chat restriction for the first time in my life
> Mind you, the shyv was being sarcastic during that entire conversation, saying wp :), good lantern, good hook etc, best botlane ever and commenting on every single play I tried to do. I told her to keep talking cause I'm gonna report her anyway and wanted to have even more evidence of the toxicity this player was causing. I have a split opinion on this. Flaming or making sarcastic comments about everything someone does is toxic and punishable. But "ffs just stfu and play" or asking someone to "keep going, you're getting the report anyway" is just the wrong reaction, you know? If someone is tilting and blaming you, it's your job to mute them, not defend or counter-accuse. I blame them for flaming in the first place, but I have to blame you for not hitting the "mute" button right away. Next time, don't even bother to rectify anything or reason why they don't have the right to flame. I mean, what are you hoping to achieve anyway? That they take a closer look at the scoreboard and say "Hm, you're right, I'm sorry, I'm 0/4 @ 13, I shouldn't shit talk people"? It's not going to happen, so what's the point of the whole argument. I suggest to let it be, accept the restriction and move on. Don't sweat at it too much. I know it might be very upsetting but it's not going to chance, so chill and become resilient against provocative chat talk from others. At times in life there are unfair situations where you get punished for something that others made you do (you get a ticket for tailgating because someone else swapped to your lane right in front of you...), but then you need to move on. And the "best" part about it: opposed to that tailgating ticket example, you can learn something from it, just hit mute next time and be safe.
Ephireal (EUW)
: Legendäre Skins
> [{quoted}](name=Ephireal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AsXrtWI1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-11T17:30:17.578+0000) > > Hey Community ! > Ich spiele LoL nun seit release also schon ein paar Tage und habe auch nach so langer Zeit immer noch Sau Spaß daran, weswegen ich mir auch nich zu schade dafür bin gut und gerne mal nen 20er oder mehr für Skins auszugeben. > Nach all den Jahren hat sich bei mir einiges an Skins angesammelt und da sind natürlich auch schon paar Skins dabei die recht alt sind und dementsprechend auch alt aussehen. > Nun wollte ich mal die Frage in den Raum werfen ob irgendwie bekannt ist das zum Beispiel ältere Skins - gerade die legendären wie Blood Lord Vladimir - in nächster Zeit ein Visual Update bekommen da die meisten Epic Skins schon detaillierter und einfach schöner aussehen wie die Alten legendären. > Ich fände es schon sehr angebracht wenn man da mal ein Auge drauf werfen könnte und möglicherweise da ein paar Verschönerungen vornehmen könnte, denn immer hin hat man ja nen 20er dafür bezahlt und will dafür auch was schönes haben. > Möchte damit auch nich sagen das die Skins hässlich sind, jedoch sind sie eben doch schon etwas in die Jahre gekommen und das sieht man eben an den Partikeln und Animation im Vergleich zu aktuellen Skins. > Vielleicht hat irgendeiner aus der Community dazu ein paar Infos oder jemand seitens riot wird hierauf aufmerksam. > Danke schon mal für die Rückmeldungen ! > Mfg Exsis > ( Vlad main ) > "A vital decision" Hey community! I'm playing Lol since it's been released, i. e. for a few days now, and I still enjoy playing it after all the time, which is why I'm not feeling above paying 20 bucks or more for skins at times. After all these years I acquired quite a lot skins now and of course there are some skins that are quite old and look accordingly old as well. I wanted to ask you if somebody knows wether older skins - such as the legendary Blood Lord Vladimir - are scheduled for a visual update because most epic skins already look more detailed and prettier than the old legendary ones. I think it's appropiate if they looked after it and maybe polished them up a bit, because after all you payed 20 bucks and want to get something pretty out of it. Don't wanna say the skins are ugly, but they are a bit outdated and it shows when you look at the particles or animations compared to the new skins. Maybe somebody from the community has any information on that or somebody from Riot sees this. Thanks in advance for the feedback ! Yours Exsis ( Vlad main ) "A vital decision"
: It used to be an item that was either completely useless or really damn strong on like 2 champions I remember rengar using it all the time talkin old rengar jumps outta stealth lands you with 3 crits in the blink of an eye the other time I feel like I remember seeing it was on TF jungle which is rare in the first place
Sword of the Divine: Unique active: You gain 100% attack speed and 100% critical strike chance for 3 seconds or 3 critical strikes. 60 second cooldown.
: Sufggestion: New summoner spell
Summoner spells should be universal, i. e. not tied to a specific champion by means of the champion itself. This spell has so narrow use cases, champion-wise and situational, it'll hardly find any use. What you describe - better stats on demand - sounds much more like something that should be an active effect of an item, not so much a summoner spell.
: {{champion:86}} it's super satisfying to use.{{champion:59}} for the same reason.
Scrolled way too long for this. I mean, how awesome is it to have your enemie's screen shaken while you kill him. I love it when big impactful ultimates are supported by special VFX.
: Omg, there are so many.... {{champion:254}} You won't escape me. Extra satisfaction if you predicted the enemy's peel ability. {{champion:222}} Snipe! Surprise kills from across the map are just extremely fun. {{champion:133}} Flying with the speed of light. {{champion:245}} Oh shit, I %%%%ed up! .... or did I? __R__! And many more. But if I really have to make a choice, it would be Jinx. Nothing gives you a better feeling than sniping the top laner who thought he barely escaped from bot lane.
{{champion:254}} You won't escape me. ARAM map. I hit R hard. He uses {{summoner:39}} {{summoner:-1}} whoop my ult is broken and on CD forever. {{item:3070}}
: It is so easy to know if they are bots or not. Maybe I record a video and put it on youtube but I find it unnecessary because you can have 1001 videos on youtube to prove that there are bots in the aram. and devs simply do nothing. They should for example if the IP is connected to 10 league of legends accounts simultaneously they have to pass a human verificasion processs. Because these league of legends accounts are sold for less than 1 euro. ( you can find it on nulledbb our hackfrums) Each different IP in an ISP or Datacenter costs 1 euro. **So these bots should all be like same IP !!!! Simply put a human verification if the IP is connected to more than 10 accounts at the same time.**
I guess that actually they are not the same IP. But well, there's a saying you should know: "technical" obstacles like Captchas are usually not keeping those out who you wanted to keep out, but are even more obnoxious for those who you'd rather not want to bother. For example, if you'd add a captcha, scammers would just make a website with some "free stuff" etc. Then they require their users to solve a captcha before giving away that content to them - the same captchas they are facing in that very moment. And voilà those who you wanted to keep out circumvented it with easy methods. But do you know what's actually funny? My post was removed for "naming and shaming". I figured this might happen and well, it did. I wouldn't have done it with actual persons. I'm not even mad, in fact I'm glad there seems to be any moderators around at all... But yet I feel it's a shame that on the one hand my post mentioning a bot (which doesn't even care about that, for it is a bot...) is deleted within 15 hours because I'm not quite complying to the etiquette, but on the other hand those bot accounts live on for months, destroying the fun for many, many players and violating the terms of use. I guess it was more beneficial for the whole community if Riot banned such accounts as quickly as they delete my post. Don't shoot the messenger... The notification said I should contact the support. Did that a long time ago, providing a list of over 50 bot accounts identifiable by naming patterns, KDA ratios, item builds, summoner spell choices and more. They said that they'd be looking into it but unfortunately cannot tell me about the actions that were taken for privacy reasons, so I monitored a few of those accounts by myself. They continued ravaging ARAMs for weeks before I eventually lost track of them, either because they were finally banned, or they were bought and renamed.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: And how would Riot make money on it?
And some numbers to back it up: I am currently level 43, and I need 3264 XP for level 44. I get around 120 XP per game on average. That is, I need around 27 games worth of XP for that level. My latest champion capsule contained two shards at a combined worth of around 1000 BE, which is pretty average. That means one game equals 37 BE. So I can have 2 out of 13 games with skin boost, but that A) gives a random skin for 1 game, B) consumes **all** BE that I get, and C) only works if 4 others do the same, so nobody wants to save any BE for champions. I have 112K BE and no intention to buy any champions atm, so I'd be inclined to purchase a skin boost for my team every now and then when I don't have a skin. Also, see it that way: many people (like me) will just go with "I won't spend money, so no skin it is". It's not like they are losing me as a customer who buys skins, because I wouldn't do it anyway, but they'd win me as a happy player if they added a feature like this. And finally, after all, if my suggested prices are imbalanced, Riot could just multiply them by 1.5; it's the principle that matters.
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