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Saksow (EUW)
: You will just get used to it, some people do it faster some people take time but at the end everyone does and no one remembers the old UI. c.f. Facebook.
Being forced to get used to a HUD that someone is not comfortable with is not a good thing when better customisation could easily be added.
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: Major lag pike now can't reconnect
EUW servers have been having a lot of issues lately and will often crash/cause high ping even when the server status says that nothing is wrong. There is most likely nothing wrong with your internet or firewall, but it's still worth checking just to be sure.
: Riot EuW Servers FTW !
everything is wrong, its EUW. Servers have been having problems for weeks (months?) and riot has not even acknowledged most of the issues. The only time they even tried to fix it was when the entire server crashed a few days ago.
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Free Bird (EUNE)
: she needs to 1. keep her passive. It should be majorly buffed in some way. possibly allow her to switch places with her clone (without being seen). 2. get cooldown on her jump back mechanic that allows for tradeback. something like 4-5 seconds for sure. Or only allow the travel back if a specific condition is fulfilled. Low health, or completing her leach, something like that. 3. have her kit balanced around the clone. 4. be granted means of waveclear especially early game to keep her balanced and not overnerfed. The whole and fun idea about LB is that she is an illusionist, she baits people at low health with her clone and turns around and outplays them.
I really like the idea of making her more of an illusionist rather than just another nuker. She is called 'the decivever' but when she instagibbs you, you know _exactly_ what just happended. Though clones in league would need a bit of refining first. atm you can easily tell the diference between leblanc/shaco clones by just clicking on them - empty inventory = fake so perhaps clones could have items added to their inventories (without those items having any actual effect)?
AlevOs (EUW)
: They should reduce the damage of the proc of her Q when activated by her W. This way you reduce her level 2 lane-winning combo and give her a slightly higher skillcap. Isn't that much of a change but would be pretty effective.
Reducing her stupidly strong early poke might be a good short term fix, but the moment she gains a few levels the problem just appears again. The problem with keeping her spells as they are now is that she can't really be balanced. Either she has the damage to instakill you, or she doesent. If she cannot kill people in one combo then she becomes usless. If she can kill people in one combo then she reamins toxic. Reducing her numbers alone will either change nothing or totaly ruin her.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: What do you mean? Like change her Q to skillshot, same way like they did with Ryze and Veigar? As much as I hate her I think she does not deserve any nerf. She is still single target based and vulnerable in 5v5. You just see her from soloQ perspective where she just put everyone down before any 5v5 happens. But in organized full premade 5v5 games she is bad.
I never said anything about nerfing her. I said that she should have her kit changed so that it is actualy possible to lane against her. I honestly don't know exactly what changes need to be made to her (like I said in the post, i'm no expert on balance), though I don't think changing her Q to a skillshot would achieve much. It has a lightning fast projectile speed and in any case, she can jump right up to you where it is impossible to miss a skillshot. There is no reaon why they could not change her Q to do something else entierly. Keep the burst, change the mechanic sort of thing.
: Ahri is as toxic, but she's a slut champion and the waifu squad will downvote anyone complaining about her to death.
Ahri is not toxic. Her Q is predictable since it is her only proper ranged harass and her charm is blocked by minions. She is pretty much the definition of a skill matchup for most champions. Her decently high win rate is partly due to the addition of ludens (very good on her) and the fact that she has a safe laning phase at the same time as being good at just about everything. I'm not saying she is entierly balanced, but she is not even close to how bad leblanc is since you can at least outplay ahri.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Cycle jerks are real ........ honestly le bl has perfect design and many people enjoy her
People may enjoy playing her, but playing against her is one of the most hateful experiences in the game. And her kit is anything but perfectly designed. You die instantly and there is nothing you can do about it. There is no reason why she cannot be fun to play _and_ have some counteplay value to her. But changing her numbers alone will not achieve that.
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: Okay, leveling with you: Riot Inc. wants you to farm IP alot for rune pages and runes. You are lured to continue playing regularily and/or to buy IP Boosts. The gain of runes is clearly seperated from masteries as runes grant you basic stats, rarely more complex stats, while the mastery system mostly grants you unique passives and the likes. That is because runes grant you a direct combat bonus, while masteries grant you the possibility to strategize around your bonuses. So, although every player would love it, it won't happen. The only thing you can do is buy lower tier runes and roll with them until you can buy the runes you want.
If masteries grant the possibility to strategize around the bonuses from runes, why it is possible for people to get full masteries before they have even half a decent rune page? As for the incentive to grind IP or buy an IP boost, I think I understand where you are coming from there. In theory at least, since better mastery pages would provide more cusomisation there would be more incentive to buy more mastery pages (since you would fill them up quickly). Since the price of a page would likely be 6300 IP or some RP, the lure for playing often or paying for boosts would still be there. Granted the incentive would still not be as strong as with runes, so you my have a good point there. However an expanded mastery tree could include basic stats and unique passives, filling the purpose of both runes and current masteries.
: So... basically... to all you dedicated, long term players out there who have spent the last 2 years building up their Runes and Rune Pages get f***ed because I want everything now and what I want is more important than what you have spent a hell of a lot of your free time doing. Just for the record, in case you don't realize from my tone... I am one of those players I mention who has been playing since January 2013 who just so happened to spend a lot of time playing games to build up my runes and rune pages so that I could have the advantage and customization over new players that you speak of. I purposely gained the runes and rune pages for that very reason... I want to be able to have an advantage over new players... I am not that greatly skilled at the game. I am only silver 1 and have heard of people new to ranked getting straight into silver league so my only advantage over these "newbies" is my runes and rune pages which I spent all my time getting. I think your idea would upset the vast majority of the LoL community who have spent years trying to gain access to their wide variety of runes.
Most people would be fine with losing their runes so long as they where replaced by a better system. This is not about "wanting more" its about not having newer players screwed over because of the way runes work. Also it should not take years to get a rune page so that is another problem with the way runes currently work. As for one of your later points, "I want to be able to have an advantage over new players... I am not that greatly skilled at the game." This is your problem. If you are, in your own words, "not very skilled at the game" then frankly you should not have an advantage over newer players. The whole point of ranking systems is that you climb the ranks by being more skilled than other people. Runes do not totaly replace skill, but they certaintly make it an uneven playing field in terms of raw stats.
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