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: check your match history to see if there are matches that it was not you who played them, if there is, then someone opened your account and trolled you. if that's the case, riot won't help you.
I checked and there are no games recorded wtf?
: I think this is some excuse but anways you can open a ticket on riot support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
Excuse for what? I logged in and everything was fine I could enter a game look at my collection everything, then after I changed the username and logged back in this message popped up, I used to play this game a lot and thought I would come back someday, hopefully, they fix this, I am about to send ticket.
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: What other games ban people for use of chat?
Million-dollar question, I doubt anyone will provide an actual answer, and not that game x band you from using the chat and not from actually playing the game, which is what Riot should have done...


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