: support stuck in bronze
Well there are 3 possibilities if you ask me. 1. Keep Support Role and keep playing those "Peel Heavy, Playmaking" Supports like ({{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} ) 2. Keep Support Role but play only Faceroll Champions like ({{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} , with those Champs you can simply solo carry games. Yet you don't really play Support. Just a warding midlaner. (I mean, of course those are good and viable Supports but you don't focus on Mapawareness, Peeling, Playmaking, General Knowledge of the Game like you do on the other ones). 3. Play another Role, One-Trick-Pony your ass out OF bronze 5 and switch back to Support after that. I think this is the fastest but sadly not the best option. If you carry yourself out of B5 and you switch back to Supp you will immediatly get that feeling that you just don't have as much influence on the Game as you had as a Midlaner/Jungler/Toplaner. Don't get me wrong, you DO have alot of influence but it just feels different. Also if you manage to carry games as Support (wich is possible !) you will learn what's important as Support, wich helps you alot once you reached high Silver/Gold.
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: Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6
Lifesteal was meta in Season 4. It changed to AS Quints in Season 5 and there is a reason for that. I dont believe that lifesteal will come back in s6
: "...Not sure how to "drink" penguins tho xD ..." Thats easy, but incredibly gross. I´ll give you a hint. How do birds feed their young?
With a glass of wine and on a golden plate of course!
: but that means the penguins would explode ;A;
They could dive into the frozen ground. The frozen area would also indicate the area of effect. With the ult there is a giant emperor penguin or sth. Not sure how to "drink" penguins tho xD
: its snow day Bard! Here is the skin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6lg5siD3zc
> [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2jUxnhxp,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-12-02T14:25:43.390+0000) > > its snow day Bard! > > Here is the skin. > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6lg5siD3zc Ah k :D an penguin throwing gragas would be amazing tho xD
: SNOWDOWN SPLASH ART AND LOG IN SCREEN!!!! (log in is incredibly cheerful :D )
Whos the first champion? I see gnar and syndra i guess but whos the first? Gragas? Or bard?
: What's going on with TSM?
Give them a good Support (i still think Aprhommo would be great) and the best top/jungler and lets go to Korea. TSM korean teamranked! Only way a "american" or "european" team stands a chance at next worlds.
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: The year of the ADC
Hay! I am an ADC main and i want to say something to this, i hope i am allowed to... Your Arguments are valid yet not every ADC main cries about the stuff you mentioned. The only thing I cry about is the fact that right now you do not have any influence on the game for like 20-25 minutes and in soloqueue that is enough time for your teammates to mess the whole game up. In my opinion something HAD to happen to ADCs because tanks really are too damn strong atm. Anyway what is happening on PBE right now is just to much :) But that's why there is a PBE server. They will adjust it :)
AfroMan12 (EUNE)
: league is lame and NOTHING is OP
Yeah you are absolutely right! I would totally enjoy getting facerolled everygame by a fed jungler/toplaner. You still can be useful as adc after only 50 minutes? Wow you must be amazing at this game. Irony btw
: Maybe you honored him accidentally before report?
I am sure that i did not do that xD if i did it it would be the ultimate fail
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: An open letter to riot from a casual gamer
Smurfs are not in Bronze. If a Diamond or even a plat player smurfs he gets into silver V-IV after the 10 placement matches. People in bronze say they are smurfs to get the champ they want. i see that alot! And also "real" smurfs wont flame. They get out of Bronze so easily they dont even care about a feeding teammember.
Khaery (EUW)
: Kassadin
How is Kassadin tank these days? That was some sick shit in the past :)
Sandurox (EUNE)
: Music to listen while playing League.
Just get my spotify playlists ;) Skyy223
: This is the best worlds yet.
Give SKT1 some loses and things will get even more interesting.
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: The Juggernauts
I am pretty sure that riot did that patch just to make worlds more interesting.
Mennims (EUW)
: How can I improve my ranked games
There is a thing called "tilting". Once you tilt your brain switches from rational and thoughtful mode into scared and reactive mode. Once you are tilting your brain will just do stuff before you even overthink it. You can not influence this but you can train not to tilt that fast. Tilting is a response of fear. If you get feared by a enemy firstblood already its time to take a break! Because you will NOT play good if you are tilting because LoL is a game that focuses mostly on decisionmaking and if you cant "think" and are "on tilt" you will just react to things you see on screen with no bigger plan of it. Imagine some1 would try to beat you up with a baseball bat. How big are the chances you survive that situation if you first overthink the situation before you try to escape or to dodge the hits. Yep not very high, so tilting is a "gift" the evolution gave us and was important especially in the stoneage where you have to be fast and do stuff intuitive or you die. But there is NO real reason to be afraid of LoL or to tilt because of a LoL game. That is something you should train. You brain goes over to "oh no, they have firstblood again, my mates will feed terribly and i will lose again". Bam you are on tilt. Take a break if you tilt and try not to get these negative thoughts in the game. There is just no reason to have them. This is some deep shit and english is not my native language so i hope you can understand what i just wrote down xD Try to improve that and you will improve in League! I was stuck in Silver V 0 pts for all of season 4 but to the end of the season i somehow managed to stop tilting and i won ALOT more because of that ending up in Gold for the end of the season :)
iMaddin (EUW)
: This game always makes me feel terrible
You should really learn not to take flames personal. That will not only help you in LoL it will also help you in reallife!
Melonizer (EUW)
: {{champion:99}}, {{champion:61}} or {{champion:112}}
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Is vayne too strong, or are other ADCs too weak?
Its just the Meta. Tanks are so strong right now that you have to kill them before they get the opportunity to kill you. And Vayne is the only ADC who can kill a tank fast enough right now. Others are playable but Vayne is just stronger against all those tanks.
dexcore (EUW)
: sugestion of mmorpg
GW2 probably. No more "Holy Trinity" so you heal/peel/cc all for yourself and pwn 1v3 if you are good. Its pretty boring tho xD
: Here is the most bare-bones basic Runes you can use for each role. Just keep in mind, these are just general all-purpose runes and some champions get better results with specific runes. **AD/Marksman** 9 AD Reds 9 Armor Yellow 9 MR Blue 3 Attack Speed Quints (21 / 9 / 0 Masteries - AD Offensive) **Midlane AP:** 9 Magic Pen Reds 9 Scaling Hp Yellows 9 Scaling CDR Blues 3 AP Quints (21 / 0 / 9 Masteries - AP Offensive) **Toplane AD Fighter/Tank** 9 AD Reds 9 Scaling Armor Yellows 9 Scaling MR Blues 3 Armor Quints (or) 3 AD Quints (21 / 9 / 0 Masteries if FIGHTER. 9 / 21 / 0 Masteries if TANK) **Jungle AD** 9 AD Reds 9 Armor Yellows 4 MR Blues 5 CDR Blues 3 Attack Speed Quints (or) 3 AD Quints (21 / 9 / 0 Masteries) **Support (Poke)** 9 Magic Pen Reds 9 Hp Yellows 9 AP Blues 3 AP Quints (9 / 0 / 21 Masteries) **Support (Tank)** 9 Armor Reds 9 Hp Yellows 9 MR Blues 3 Armor Quints (0 / 13 / 17 Masteries) ------------------------------ These rune/mastery pages will work for the majority of champions in those roles. The masteries are pretty simple. Offensive tree has an AD focused side and an AP focused side so pick appropriately.
U play the poke Support with armor yellows. Never play a Support without Armor Runes! But the Rest is just fine!
Four Star (EUW)
: Who are you hoping to win this world championship this year?
CLG because i think that they are kinda strong during LCS + 2 first days of worlds and i dont want a korean/chinese team to win again QQ
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Theres too meny ap cooldown items for different situations, as i hate standard builds..
I cant think of more then 2
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Your very welcome. On ap champs theres too meny useful cooldown items, thats why dont use runes for ap laners, as theres not much happening in the early game :P
Imho there are only 2. Morellos and Grail. Since both give 20% CDR and manareg the main difference is that morellos gives more AP and denies healing for less manareg -> damage orientated And grail wich gives less damage but massive manareg therefore its good for spammers like orianna. Getting both items is simply a manareg overkill and you have 45% (with masteries) wich is 5% wasted. So gettin 1 of these items is enough manareg you need and with 5% masteries + 15% runes you get maximum CDR. And CDR is really what u want as an AP midlaner since your mainjob is to deal damage and no skills means no Damage. If you only get one you can get one more +100AP item wich is better then getting both CDR items
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi there, Phreaks pages are too basic and way too standard. Alot pro players still use them as their more focused in the team games but for solo plays alone you have to start making some changes from time to time if not every patch. The 4th page is rather useless, because it dosen't realy change anything, i like that you have made urself a tank and ap support runes but now you need 1 for janna and blitz thats movement speed oriented. If i were you i would make this ur 4th page: * Greater Mark of Armor x9 (early armor always good) * Greater Seal of Scaling Health x9 (health is more useful in the end than any resist) * Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 (supports need early magic resist as having magic resist in the end will just have no result and also good agaisnt ap pokers) * Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x3 (ur fast in placeing ur wards and making ur hooks but dont use on Thresh because Thresh has to flat tank, Q is too slow) --- In your AP pages Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power has no result, the bonus is too low, better have alot early ap for the poke damage and first few kills. What you need for mid ap is some early ap power, penetration and different defence on different ad or ap enemys. Change your 7th and 8th page to: Against ad: * Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 * Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 * Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 * Greater Seal of Armor x9 Against ap: (Don't mind that seals give low ap, its all for better good) * Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 * Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 * Greater Seal of Ability Power x9 * Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 --- For any attack speed just use ur basic adc runes on other lanes or jungle ones. Those bruiser runes don't realy work anymore. I like your nasus page tho, very sneaky, im useing similar on kha'zix jungle while being jungle main and tactic. I belive the 17th page can be useful in some team comps that are mid to lategame team oriented, where you play on garen or darius but change the 16th one to more early power, for example: * Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3 * Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 * Greater Seal of Armor x9 * Greater Glyph of Armor x3 * Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x6 (for this ad bruiser it works very well.. its mostly riven, olaf oriented but a top master can always use on rest)
Wow thanks for the detailed reply. I will check it later. The ap mir pages are mainly for lowCD aps like cassio or karthus where you dont need 40%CDR, especially because of cassios passive. The 15%CDR glyphe are a must have on orianna/ahri/leblanc tho Because you get 40% CDR with just 1 CDR item. So you can get 1 more high ap item and still reach 40%. And 15% more skills is more damage then every ap rune glyphs can provide you with
Skyy22 (EUW)
: Ideal runepages, if you have 20 runepages.
Some1 wanna watch my runepages over now? I guess they are good like that
Snowfox (EUW)
: Imaqtpie uses the same rune page for adc every game. You now only have 19 pages to fill xD
Yeah i have 2 adc pages for every adc :P just dont know how i should organize the other 18 xD
: the main idea is that when the enemy tank engages the fight (lets say, the enemy maokai jumps on your adc or apc), you ult that dude making it very easy for your team to melt him down -> you are also helping them and then you proceed to kill their carries that's in 1 tank set-up where trundle is very strong otherwise, the idea is still similar, except the enemy might have another tank left or in case they got no tanks, its a bit iffy but you just got to ult some random target and create chaos
Mh yeah thats what i meant but i'm getting the feeling that trundle top is not as good in soloQ then he is in teamranked. I mean imagine a enemy ezreal, he jumps away and right after it you pillar him right next to a wall. Now he has to walk all around the pillar wich creates a perfect opportunity to burst him down. Since you dont have burst your team has to do this job tho. In Gold elo there is a high chance that the mates wont burst in this moment. Therefore you have no chance to kill/reach the enemy adc for about 15sec. Thats super bad then.
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: he is perfect if the enemy has only 1 tank he is still ok if you want to randomly play him on top as he can either build a bit of ad or tanky
So for that i use my ultimate on the enemy tank so he gets less tanky but i myself go for the enemies carries right?
: He melts everyone. I don't see him often in the top lane but when I do he ususally beats me. Looking forward to test him myself this week, so basically yeah I'd say he's completely viable.
I love him in Jungle right now, becauzse the +Health Jungleitem just fits AMAZING on him imo...but lost 2 games in a row on toplane now on him. I main adc, so trundle is my backup plan if i have to pick jungle/top anyway. I played vs. Nasus and did good on lane, i am pretty much unkillable with ult and with pillar its very easy to gank top. They had a uuuuber fed Ezreal tho and he just killed all team in every tf.
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Beky (EUW)
: My friends , we all know why i used word cancer in that sentence , don't take words out my mouth and give it an other meaning :P
Freedom of the speech also means that i am free to think bad about you after i heard what you say.
Skyy22 (EUW)
: Lf Gold DuoQueue
Thanks guys, i wont be around today. Maybe tomorrow? ;)
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