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Perilum (EUW)
You have a point there XD
Sagrisei (EUW)
: I love playing with Lux, I've had a lot of fun and it's easy to get the basics. Also, those kills with her
Agree with her ult. East ks or easy kills
: Lux, since you'll be able to play her in more games than any of the other, both LB and Kata are countered by one stun or one tank
Okay thx for that info about {{champion:99}} , {{champion:7}} and {{champion:55}} and what i should choose.
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: Can you get your accont back if you get banned?
Thx everyone for answering my question 😄
: it will pop up message telling that you banned when u connect to acc
But if it dosen't say something how long is the ban so does it mean that im banned forever?
Zorxon (EUW)
: Practically you still have the account and you didn't lose it. You simply can't use it (anymore), depending on the length of the ban.
How to you know how long is the ban?
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: Can you be permanent banned from LoL by using someones money
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