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: Hail of blades changes | Make it reset on kills
My biggest gripe about taking Hail of Blades is that it feels very bad to use late game - particularly because in prolonged fights with the enemy team it simply feels like taking Thunderlord or Dark Harvest would have had more impact. Hail of Blades doesn't feel great to use when fighting becomes less about trades and more about finishing the job... Thunderlords can do both quite well as it increases your damage in short trades, and when team-fighting rolls around the added burst can make the fight turn into a 4v5 very quickly. Hail of blades doesn't really have the latter potential. Dark Harvest is not quite as useful as HoB for trading, but is very good at everything else and feels much more rewarding to use in teamfights. DH's effect for your lane isn't so much trading as it is rewarding you more for winning or at least pressuring your lane matchup. So I think Hail of Blades is nice for trading, other than the cooldown being a bit funny when you are farming, and really not good at all for later game fights - so options 1 and 9 seem like an interesting direction to take as a solution
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: you have a warped perception of the value of skins compared to runes for the vast majority of players. therefore your suggestion will make the system worse for virtually everyone. go ahead and open a poll: "would you rather want a free random skin or a free random rune?"
The value of skins : 1350 rp skin is just under £10 The value of a rune is about....oh wait you can't buy them you just have to grind them out incessantly See a lot of players can just buy a skin. It's not that big of a deal. A random skin is already available and the skins that aren't randomly available but can be hextech crafted are only going to drop if you again, incessantly grind the system. The difference is you can not have any access to runes other than grinding. You can have access to skins other than grinding. Opening access to runes doesn't de-value skins in any way. If you want free skins then good for you, but the amount of players who will want better access to runes are going to be more. Why? Because they're new players. That means every new player in 2016. 2017. 2018. I could go on all the way to 2080 and further. Every new player who will EVER join the game in the future. The veteran players already have a means to what they want. Currently, incoming new players don't. This doesn't solve that issue but it lightens it, without giving less meaning to those 'valuable' £10 skins, which is really a minute amount of value but hey.
: cool. so i can get 1x random shit for rerolling 3x rune stuff that could have been 3 skin/ward shards? thanks but no, thanks.
I mean, if we're going to focus on probability here, there's also a chance you can get terrible diseases from breathing the air, and should probably stop breathing? Nope! Focusing on probability in a random system is dumb, you're going to get a trickle of random stuff that you most likely won't want/use anyway. The rune system allows people to get MORE use out of their loot and seriously if you are depending on hextech crafting to get a skin in particular? Just buy the skin mate. It's like a tiny amount of money instead of grinding out that 1/600 chance of it dropping just to save some pocket change. The hextech system isn't designed to give you stuff you want - that's what the shop is for. The hextech system is designed to toss out a random free treat every now and then which you can do what you want with, at least this way the random treat can end up being useful to a lot of people
: and what if i have enough runes and your suggestion takes potential skins away from me?
You can re-roll any loot it's already stated in hextech tutorial when you log into the client
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