: > [{quoted}](name=SlikeR,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Hlc7NBv3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-08T18:40:13.637+0000) > > I love how you say that kid as if you have my disorder to even say a word. Stfu and gtfo i tweeted to riot support and they told me to post here for the developers to see. Are you a dev, no. So don't comment. im glad u got banned ... just dont make another acc pls We dont need more toxic ppl here
why are you still commenting on a post thats not aimed at you? please don't type here kid. sad kid types on peoples posts smh
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Well as the tickets say we can't contact you amazing selfish people. You can contact support, however if the ban was issued correctly then there isn't much they can do, its not about being "selfish" its about upholding the rules you agreed to > I had pre warned you of my disorder and had begged you guys to ban me from typing in chat. Its not down to riot to prevent your outbursts, and had they issued a permanent chat ban you would likely have found other ways to vent at the players on your team via other means, and those actions would have still likely resulted in a ban > I know why you guys won't do it because everyone who got banned in the past would of been complaining and that would ruin you guys which selfishly you guys refused to do that for me and permanently banned me. Nope they don't do it because they actually tested your idea years ago and found that it did absolutely nothing to prevent toxic behaviour, you're not the first person to suggest this method and it has been tested, i mean you're free to think otherwise but this is the reality of the matter > You guys allow the people who troll and afk however i become negative towards them and i get banned. Citation needed, just because you don't "see" someone get punished that doesn't mean it doesn't happen
> Nope they don't do it because they actually tested your idea years ago and found that it did absolutely nothing to prevent toxic behaviour, you're not the first person to suggest this method and it has been tested, i mean you're free to think otherwise but this is the reality of the matter > So tell me this would i be banned if i had a perma ban on my chat? No. These selfish shitty money grabbing devs dont care about us. They took my money and left
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: He is probably a new player. I don't think he knows about what they've done for us in the past 8 years
<3 Not going to lie man riot games is keeping us from freedom of speech. flaming or not whatever there is a mute option there for a reason. I dont troll but i flame at my feeders who troll purpose. it triggers me easily but they ban our accounts where we have dedicated our lifes on it, sad but ye. they ban us and want us to make a new account we need our voices heard and our accounts unbanned. chat perm ban is understandable. Tyler1 swore at riot games on his stream and flames hard in his streams however when he came back after his unban they havent banned his accounts.
: Seems sarcastic to me aswell
the last paragraph probably isn't
: I can agree with you. To me the most toxic players are those who feed and afk most of their games or leave ,compared to those who flame. Flaming, you could mute and all and the problem is solved. But for those other 2 problems, you can't do anything and RIOT seems to not care about this. They prefer banning a flamer than afks and leavers. I play this game since the the Start of Season 2 and till now i can tell you 1 thing for sure. This game makes you toxic no matter what. Before, i had all chat muted and all. Since the game recognises you as someone not toxic and all, it queues you with them afks and feeders and flamers. Because RIOT said it themselves, that they want YOU to help those toxic players but they won't do it. When eventually comes a time where you lose your cool and start flaming too and you get a ban. Fortunately enough, i never got one, on any of my accounts but it's just to show how the game makes you lose your sh*t after a given time of not saying anything in-game.
holy shit bro this is the best paragraph i have ever read!!!! well said dude. i think i rage more at the feeders and the trollers. nothing happens to them but apparently we are to blame because we tell them they are useless? lol i didnt even swear on the chat but yes i was being negative.
jackbo50 (EUNE)
: (04:34:38 PM) TeliaKalisto: I do believe you, but without the records or any concrete proof, I can't do anything (04:34:47 PM) TeliaKalisto: This isn't something persona, it's just procedure (04:35:27 PM) jackbo50: well for me this is personal, you robing me for alot of euro (04:35:51 PM) TeliaKalisto: I understand and I am sorry you feel this way (04:36:05 PM) TeliaKalisto: Do you think you could get the pictures you are talking about in your laptop? (04:36:17 PM) jackbo50: the laptop doed (04:36:23 PM) jackbo50: drive* died (04:36:40 PM) TeliaKalisto: exactly the thing we needed (04:36:54 PM) jackbo50: as i told you from the beginning (04:37:13 PM) jackbo50: so you telling me, i cant trust riot to keep my data safe (04:37:26 PM) TeliaKalisto: I am not telling you that (04:37:36 PM) jackbo50: thats basicly what you telling me (04:37:51 PM) jackbo50: if "I" dont have any record it never happened (04:37:59 PM) TeliaKalisto: Sadly, yea (04:38:04 PM) jackbo50: exacly (04:38:14 PM) jackbo50: so you saying riot cant be trusted (04:38:16 PM) TeliaKalisto: but more to the side of ....if we don't have any record, we can't do anything (04:39:23 PM) jackbo50: so what im the 0.0000000001% unlucky person who get information removed from your servers (04:39:39 PM) jackbo50: sure i believe that (04:39:53 PM) jackbo50: *Sarcasm* (04:40:58 PM) TeliaKalisto: Let's turn this into a ticket, once I finish my shift, I will look again into your case (04:41:39 PM) jackbo50: well the ting about support is you cant just leave (04:41:44 PM) jackbo50: live* (04:41:56 PM) jackbo50: you need me to aggree (04:42:23 PM) TeliaKalisto: Well we aren't getting anywhere (04:42:35 PM) TeliaKalisto: and I have already looked through any possible scenario (04:42:38 PM) jackbo50: well i know i bought stuff (04:42:46 PM) jackbo50: i want my stuff back (04:42:53 PM) jackbo50: MY* (04:42:56 PM) TeliaKalisto: and I believe you that you bought the things you say (04:43:09 PM) TeliaKalisto: But, without proof or any record, I cannot grant it back (04:43:25 PM) jackbo50: again how (04:43:30 PM) jackbo50: you had my records (04:44:02 PM) jackbo50: all champs below 3100ip whas bought with ip (04:44:11 PM) TeliaKalisto: The champions and skins you told me about do not appear in your records (04:44:31 PM) jackbo50: So Riot is garbage at keeping data? (04:44:57 PM) TeliaKalisto: It seems that we are not getting anywhere (04:45:20 PM) jackbo50: im getting somewere (04:45:21 PM) TeliaKalisto: At this rate I will be forced to close the chat (04:45:37 PM) TeliaKalisto: Do you have any other questions for me? (04:46:10 PM) jackbo50: well im not accepting this to be any kind of support, i got no help (04:46:28 PM) *** TeliaKalisto left the chat *** JACKBO50 September 6th 2018, 6:59:36 pm (04:49:04 PM) jackbo50: hello (04:49:18 PM) *** Anether joined the chat *** (04:49:19 PM) Anether: Heyo (04:49:38 PM) jackbo50: i had some trouble with your friend (04:49:48 PM) jackbo50: TeliaKalisto (04:50:27 PM) jackbo50: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/36534293 (04:50:44 PM) Anether: Moment, lemme have a look on that conversation. (04:57:29 PM) jackbo50: i whas frustrated in the start (04:57:47 PM) Anether: Okay, had a look on that chat and also your account. I'm sorry to have to repeat this fam, but from what it looks like, the skins you mentioned indeed have no trace in our system of being removed or ever having been acquired in the first place. (04:58:18 PM) Anether: Telia also seemed to make the search across all our platforms, not just EU, in case of any transfers or wrong transactions. (04:58:35 PM) Anether: There's nothing wrong on this end to suggest any skin disappearence :( (04:58:38 PM) jackbo50: well as i said call your supervisor or something im not accepting it (04:59:07 PM) jackbo50: my skins and champ and records cant just magicaly desapear (04:59:25 PM) Anether: We're the ones handling these cases, but if we can't get to the bottom of this, it's the most we can do fam. Sorry :-/ JACKBO50 September 6th 2018, 7:00:32 pm NOT SOLVED! JACKBO50 September 6th 2018, 7:02:23 pm i will call into live chat evrigday intil you solve this case, you cant just rob me and delete all records.
bro i have had multiple accounts perma banned. wasting my life on this addictive game but they will never care about us. csgo and the rest of other games dont perma ban even rainbow 6 dont perma ban smh just this selfish game :( I feel for you bro
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I much more prefer you to get permanently banned if you do not know how to act as a grown up person than you getting a permanent chat restriction. And with your behaviour you even proof my stance more and more. If you can't control yourself and for anything you resolve to flaming, how can I be sure that the moment when you can't write on chat, you will not start trolling or inting? Therefore eliminating players like this from game is way better for everyone else. Also, seeing how Humpelstilzche act on boards, I'm close to 100% sure that neither me or him will get banned for our chat. So the permanent ban is not scary at all.
mr EUNE why are you in EUW? :)
: > FOR ME???? I'm sure for everyone?!?!?!?!? No, not everyone. Because not everyone gets permabanned. And yes, for those people who simply can't control their anger, I prefer a permaban. > riot games doesnt care about us If "us" means "players who don't stop harassing other players", then yes, they do not care. They care about the rest. > they wont refund the money we spent Why would Riot give you money just because YOU break the contract you have with them? That's not how it work...not ANYWHERE. > but guess what they wont ban him Tyler, exactly like everyone else, is judged by exactly the same rules and systems as everyone else, as shown in the ~20 permabans he received.
prefers permaban ok. cba
Sefi (EUNE)
: Of course they care. They wanna make miney, and to achieve that they have to care at least enough to make us play and buy their shit. Business 101.
smh they only after money. they ignore us and they create dumb ass patches which still ngl addictive game but they won't bother helping and their company you only can send tickets which take years to reply.
: > these riot games ass lickers just becomes they are senior emissary. Actually I became an Emissary because I posted a long post about all the flaws of the Tribunal back then. I literally became Emissary by criticizing Riot. And I am sure plenty of Rioters can attest to my habit of constantly complaining. > well its better than getting perm banned right? For you, yes, obviously. But not necessarily for the community and I'm afraid that's what matters here.
> For you, yes, obviously. But not necessarily for the community and I&#x27;m afraid that&#x27;s what matters here. FOR ME???? I'm sure for everyone?!?!?!?!? so you're telling me you prefer a perma ban than a perm chat ban? smh this guy lol. riot games doesnt care about us. they wont refund the money we spent. for example tyler1 flamed at riot with his acc. i know he got banned in the past but this new one he flamed more than me but guess what they wont ban him because he's the only one who is making this game not die. keep it up riot, selfish company.
: Yeah, you are right. I didn't handle that perfectly. Thanks for the constructive feedback, that helps a lot.
rakan i respect you but not these riot games ass lickers just becomes they are senior emissary. come up with dumb shit! They said they tried making permanent chat restriction but it doesnt help!?!?! well its better than getting perm banned right? common sense. Team work with chat i mean that is bullshit. 90% of chat is bs and no team work thats why we have pings instead but nope chat is jsut made for flaming. no matter what these senior emissary bull shit people just going to back riot games and lick their asses so no point arguing with these fakes
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: The thing is they do care. They will do anything to keep us happy. All of their decisions are towards making us happy. Now that said, sometimes their decisions can be counter productive. As for permanent chat restrictions, that's never going to happen. Chat is too valuable for teamplay so they will never do it. It is up to us to use it appropriately and responsibly.
i smell sarcasm ahaha
Eveninn (EUW)
: I have no experience with anger management stuffs, so please slap me if I'm being inconsiderate here... but there surely is some way to work on it, no? :c I refuse to agree that it's just something everyone will have to accept, cus it surely is not fun for yourself either. :(
bro respect i wish, i had 1 on 1 conversations with people who try to help but at points they gave up because i would get excluded from school with this anger and even being angry at my family which is why they left me.
: But this is still something you are responsible for! If a blind guy wants to drive a car and runs over pedestrians in the process, it's still his fault. If he can't drive without being a danger to others, he should not be on the road. --- It's similar for you. Not being toxic is a **minimum requirement **for playing League, just like having a stable internet connection. If you do not meet the requirements, you can't play for very long. --- This is not because Riot doesn't care about you, this is because Riot has to do what's best for the community as a whole.
you're not getting the point? i love league i enjoy playing it just a shame that they have emotes and that tilts me easily or even when the enemy types or even when they kill me i get tilted and angry and type bs. yes its %%%%ing wrong and i shouldnt do it but i have no control! they can easily perma chat ban me stop coming up with stupid metaphors smh!
: >I have told them so many times to permanent chat restrict people after the 14 day ban Well the problem is that you're not exactly in the position to tell Riot what to do, because you're not the expert. They have researched player behavior like noone else has... If there's any topic Riot knows about, it's player behavior and toxicity. ---- Sure, getting a permanent CR might be the best thing for YOU, but you're not the most important player out here, Riot has to do what's best for the** entire **community, that's why they can't make such important decisions for you individually.
well i have no control like i said??? i get angry really quick and its hard to control so i told them to chat restrict me
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