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: Personally I think {{champion:223}} is fine you just do not run pick comps against him, you run aoe team fight or poke against him so, you do not run: {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:60}} etc you run: {{champion:110}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} etc that's all. I do not think {{champion:223}} is OP. Just that the way the meta (the way the game is played) right now, favors him as most carry top laners: {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} are............. single target damage pick oriented. Riven to some extend a team fighter.
Oh, yeah, so by picking ONE CHAMP you completely counter half the others, that might've been already picked? Oh wow, that's so balanced! Unless Tahm is banned, you can't pick half the roster on our game? :/
EmEx (EUW)
: but his winrate is so low as support and top only in jungle he is around 50% according to so I dont think he should be nerfed.
In SoloQ he is not strong, but in Ranked 5's, and even more in competitive he's an absolute overpowered beast.
: Well... Would you be so kind as to tell me the counterplay for Morganas Black Shield? Oh...wait...there is none. Would you tell me the counterplay for an hp/5 Soraka healing up her lane buddy after every attempt to poke him? Oh, wait...there is none. Whats the counterplay to a Kalista pulling her support out of even the worst situation? There is none. Thanks for participating. Yes, there are things in this game which do not have a counterplay.
Well... Maybe the fact that you can break the black shield? Maybe the fact that its cooldown, at 40% CDR, is 9 seconds and not 6 seconds? In a teamfight, 3 seconds are a HUGE difference
: I'm confused as to why they added that ultimate passive into his kit. Wtf, it's unnecessary. Btw I see you support UOL too :D, what does your name mean?
Nothing special, just the initials of my real name, kinda crappy but I've used it in all games. It isn't even a word that is "sayable" xD
: Devourering his own team mate is easily fixable by making it a 15 second cooldown no problem. What I hate about tahm is his devourer on enemies. He literally can 1v1 anyone with that fucking ability. If you're playing adc and your support is too incompetent to peel you then tahm can just walk up to you auto 3 times and eat you, now that I don't have a problem with. If you were silly enough to get 3 autos on yourself then yeh he deserves to eat you, but the damage. The damage is the problem 32% of the targets maximum health, that's 1/3 of their hp. Wtf? Why should a support being doing the damage. Fair enough if he was squishy but he has 2 fucking hp bar's no one can 1v1 him and he's the support. Good god ._.
Don't forget to add about 1000 damage from his ult passive on the 3 autos and the W damage. And 6 seconds later he can do it again!
: He is very immobile and these champions often tend to get some sort of compensation for this.
They do? But all the older immobile champions have no ability as impactful as Devour
: meanwhile morgana has a 3 sec stun.. yes this ability is strong, but its also his signature move, there are too many stuns, roots and knock-ups this game needed some counterplay for that... that being said he is insanely strong, the only support i know that can 1v1 a vayne lategame maybe a increase in its cool down would help make him a little more balanced and nerf his e a little.
Morgana has a 3 seconds SNARE, not stun, easily dodgeable, removed by a Mikael's Crucible (180 seconds Cooldown), a Quicksilver Sash (90 seconds Cooldown), Cleanse (210 seconds Cooldown), Devour (6 seconds Cooldown with 40%CDR), Remove Scurvy (8,4 seconds Cooldown with 40% CDR, which Gangplank rarely reaches). Devour also grants up to 6 seconds of invulnerability. Of these choices, guess which one can save any teammate and give movement speed on top?
: Agree to some of your points. Devour is supposed to save an ally's life. While most of the champions in this game has some sort of cc it would be hard if not impossible to use this ability in a teamfight to an ally that has been cc'ed. And since the most cc'ed allies are assassins and squishies it would be a very bad change. Instead decrease the range. " All abilities targeted to the ally Tahm Devours will instead hit Tahm, instead of just disappearing." Nope. Just nope. having him take more damage from all sources because of an ally, is more punishing than worth using the ability in the first place. After all the ally is invulnerable to damage. It's like using zhonia's. His E doesn't need nerf. If anything it should be the only ability that needs love. His shield diminishes way too quickly. Instead his ult damage is crap. A passive ability that converts HP into damage per hit. Even while it is on cd. I understand the frustration over Tahm Kench, but remember his weak points as well. He, besides his W on an ally, has NO escaping tool. once caught he is dead if he doesn't have an ally to back him up. His ult, besides it's op passive, is useless in almost every use, as it warns the enemy before coming, with a huge indicator, sound and 1 second black spot in the ground. His CC is unreliable as a Tahm must first stack his passive 3 times, while many other supports, champions have instant access to cc abilities.
Tahm Kench build tank. Abilities hitting him instead of allies would barely make a scratch. And I don't think you've played him enough. His E is very strong and his ult damage is also pretty high
: >I think Tahm's kit is toxic for the game health Translation: "I cannot deal with this ability, so I want it to go away." Nope, not going to happen :-)
I literally can't since it has no counterplay.
Dragorune (EUW)
: The Donger, Heimerdinger needs some love!!!
Funny thing: If Heimerdinger gets buffed, more unexperienced people will play him, more people will know how to play against him, and his winrate will probably drop. First tiem a buff would drop the winrate? xD
sjosj (EUW)
: At least dont allow him to devour allies who are surpressed, since this makes the few champs that use a surpresion pretty much useless... {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:19}} It's incredibly frustrating as a skarner player to see how the enemy carries don't have to buy a QSS bcs they have this asshole{{champion:223}} .
I completely agree with this. I think Tahm's kit is toxic for the game health and balance. I really mean that. No champion should provide the safety he does.
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Gojiraw (EUW)
: I don't see why this would be necessary. First of all, i can play support without support item. Actually, in many cases, i end up selling the support item later on if i don't feel the need to upgrade it. Then, Sightstone on junglers is great especially early on. In late game, it's not so effective to keep your Sightstone and upgrade it, as people will have their trinkets upgraded and it's more effective to sell it and replace it with another item that will provide you with better stats. I don't see any benefit on what you are saying. It would force supports to have their support item no matter what.
Hadn't thought about it that way. But you must have Support item to play support in the lane (where does your gold come from??), and the only one you probably sell when Full Build is Frost Queen's Claim.
: What about champions like Lee Sin? It'd be the biggest indirect nerf to a champion ever. Either you need to go support Lee Sin with some sort of support item (let's be real, who needs that for jungle?) or you got bot with an adc. Really screws it for many of the Lee Sin mains, I'm sure.
It's not a nerf! He still gets the same stuff, the Ruby Sightstone, just not the extra upgrade!
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: >But while Lissandra must wait 24 seconds to use her Glacial Path skill, Azir can dash to his soldier each 19 seconds. Vladimir can only use his pool every 26 seconds, while Tahm Kench can save his ally every 14 seconds (and get movement speed while doing it). Zac can only jump every 24 seconds, but Rek'Sai can tunnel every 20 seconds. * Rek has severely reduced vision while underground, Zacs jump has a MUCH higher range (more than double on max rank) and a knockup on impact. * Vlads Pool is as much an offense tool as it is a defensive one, enabling him to drop turret aggro on dives and slows enemies trying to flee from a teamfight. And he can do it on his own. * Glacial path doesn't use up an ability charge, that is needed for damage and can be used at unlimited distance. There are two sides to every coin, and shorter mobility cooldowns always come with tradeoffs attached.
I agree with you. But still, Glacial Path has actually a lot of damage attached to it. Also, I'm just proposing a lower cooldown on ranks 1 to 3. Lissandra's Glacial Path would go from 24 / 21 / 18 / 15 / 12 to 20 /18 /16 /14 /12, and Vladimir's Sanguine Pool from 26 / 23 / 20 / 17 / 14 to 22/ 20 / 18 / 16 / 14
: The logic in veigar's low cd for E is because it's his only ability to actually engage an enemy like a zed or whatever. Now look at lissandra : slows on all abilities, a snare, and a "dash". Veigar doesn't have any mobility, just his stun, and without it he's a sitting duck for either a zed, yasuo, you name it.
Still, E is Lissandra's only escape/mobility skill, and it can be interrupted by crowd control, preventing her from re-casting it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slna,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kQlpe91V,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-10-18T21:31:50.253+0000) > I really think Vladimir needs to have his cooldowns lowered hh, hahahha, BWHAHAAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAHAH. seriously, are you on drugs or something?
No. They should lower their escape/mobility skill cooldown by 4 seconds at rank one and make it scale down to their current rank 5 CD
: > [{quoted}](name=Slna,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kQlpe91V,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-10-18T21:31:50.253+0000) > > I would like to point out that Lissandra's E can easily be interrupted by CC. So a huge cooldown and easy to interrupt. > > Vladimir's Pool does not give him more movement speed so it's hardly a guaranteed escape, is does dodge many skills but it doesn't gain any distance from whoever is chasing. And it costs 20% current health, which if you are near full health is a lot. > > I relaly think Vladimir, Ziggs and Lissandra need to have their cooldowns lowered Ziggs is fine as he is. You can already get away without buying any CDR.
Lower CD on Satchel Charge would be a nice buff without making him that strong
Minstrel (EUNE)
: While you do have a point (and that's an interesting discovery you have there), I'll have to point out something you already said yourself. >all champions are different and all that. And all the abilities I cited, they have other effects besides mobility. That's the point. What I see are just some mobility abilities that happen to be on shorter cooldowns than their older counterparts, but they have different effects as well. Let's analyse some of the skills you mentioned: Lissandra, cooldown 24 seconds: If she successfully uses it, she's free to go in almost all cases. Its range is huge, plus it does damage and lets her engage / disengage easily. She also mostly has the mana to use it, taking her passive into account. Azir, cooldown 19 seconds: While on a lower cooldown, to use this skill you have to have one soldier up already, positioned correctly and no enemies between you and the soldier. This needs essentially 2-3 spells rather than one (and Azir is kinda mana hungry in lane, so it's not guaranteed that he'll have mana) and can be stopped by simply standing between Azir and his soldier. It also cannot be used instantaneously as Azir has to summon and probably reposition his soldier before he uses Shifting Sands. Vladimir, cooldown 26 seconds: Vladimir is a very well sustaining champion and one that won't be dropped in seconds without his escape. Still, if he uses it, he has a more often than not guaranteed escape. There's also no way he'll be unable to pay for it, as it costs a percentage of his health instead of mana. Tahm Kench, cooldown 14 seconds: While Devour is a great tool, it only gives a small movement speed boost for escape purposes, as the moment you catch Kench, you have his ally as well. It sometimes also condemns the ally, in the case that Kench is caught by a hook or a disable after Devouring them. Finally, it has a hefty mana cost on a mana hungry champion. I could go on, but it's late. I think I've made my point and I'm eager to read your response :D
I would like to point out that Lissandra's E can easily be interrupted by CC. So a huge cooldown and easy to interrupt. Vladimir's Pool does not give him more movement speed so it's hardly a guaranteed escape, is does dodge many skills but it doesn't gain any distance from whoever is chasing. And it costs 20% current health, which if you are near full health is a lot. I relaly think Vladimir, Ziggs and Lissandra need to have their cooldowns lowered
v1rtue (EUW)
: The reason the cooldowns on newer champions are lower is that they rely much more on them. A champion like Corki can go through an entire teamfight without ever using Valkyrie. However, Ekko needs to use Phase dive multiple times during a fight to get damage off. While Corki can choose to use his Valkyrie offensively or defensively, Ekko is forced to use it offensively in most cases, which makes the ability in some ways harder to use.
Most of the "older" champions I cited are also in that situation. Lissandra's E needs to be used to reach targets in teamfights. Ziggs' Satchel Charge is also very important. I think this is just another form of the "mobility creep" IMO.
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Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Honestly with that kind of lead most of champions could pull it off if done properly On a serious note swain is really strong champion
He can't compete with many laners, and his lack of mobility makes him susceptible to easy ganks IMO. The W change would be fun, like trying to get W on the opponents and step on it at the same time, to snare and escape. It would bring up a new kind of mechanical skill to master on Swain
: The ult doesn't have to kill all 5. Just keep him alive long enough to spam and not get popped. Plenty of videos, both new and old. Do your research, before chatting sh*t.
But he can't. The healing from the ultimate is not that much, Ignite cuts it, Morello too. He can survive longer with the help of the Zhonya's, that's true. But you are just rude.
: i really like that tp thing :3 it'd make swain more fun to play
: Swain needs a **REWORK**, not a **BUFF**. He can already 1v5 with his ult, as a Mage. He's not really a viable pick in a team game, right now. The synergy with teams is too weird, but he's still really strong.
That is a lie. You really never played Swain. He CANNOT 1vs5 with his ult WTF. Not even counting the fact it can only hit 3 people max...
: Swain could use a small buff but this is too much. imo swain is really underrated, if you can play swain a bit his damage is really disgusting.
It's meant as a joke post :P Read the last paragraph, the passive buff would be very nice IMO and not overpowered, and the W would be interesting xD Do it too, bring a champion into 2015!
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Slna (EUW)
: Ekko nerfs: What needs to happen?
Well I think the Q slow is the way to go for a simple reason: He already has his E + passive to apply the slows and stick to people. The Q slows is just making fun of the other champions who don't have nearly half of the tools Ekko has. It's just, like I say, making fun of the other champions. Slow, MS boost and lots of damage from passive. Huge slow and damage from Q. then the blink and lot of damage from E. Something has to go! I know he has some skillshots, but that's not an excuse for placing slows everywhere because they can be missed EDIT: But another way would be make Q not apply passive stacks! That would be fair!
LiftLift (EUNE)
: He's fine now. He'd need buffs if he was nerfed any more.
He still has too many tools at his disposition, he needs to lose some of them
: He kind of needs that slow to compete in the midlane. What he doesn't need is movement speed steal and a level 1 2.25s stun.
I agree, One-Hit wonder abilities in a kit that is already so overloaded is not healthy
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