: Chose your house what is the difference?
basically hogwards with point syste, and at the end the highest point wins another summoner icon that they have won
: take another 3 years break
: Play Kayle like Alphari
Do your teammates a favor and don't play kayle. specially not as alphari
: LEC pros weigh in on the state of ADCs
Double Tear is not possible anymore, even when this article came out when the patch note were already known. how flawed are you actually?
BleupizZ (EUW)
: We need a human black female champion
what do "we" "need" it for?
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: oh i see. it makes sense.. so if often used with mages with poor waveclear?
Champions that wanna roam more often will probably take that rune, such as lb. as mentioned in the comment below me.
BattleEye (EUW)
: Map Filter for Item Set Builder
I was thinking about posting the same topic but i guess somebody beat me to it
: minion dematerializer, wave freezing?
Its because of the 2nd effect of it that increase your damage on those types of minions you dematirealised. i was wondering myself at first till i read the description. it makes wave clear easier afterwards.
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: Did you drive one during lessons? Did your parents drive you to the vacation location when you were young? Do you take the bus, a cab or a train? If the answer is yes, then no, you are not allowed to have an opinion.
Or use your phone, tv, or electricity or water pipe services in general, Or eat frrod you didnt grow yourself, or breathe or fart. Then Shut it.
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Gamod (EUW)
: It would be great If I wouldn't need to watch 3 games from start to end.. it would be more interesting if we would have 1 match per day, like any other sport (football, basketball, etc). Starting over and over again is a bit of a boredom... Like, if fnatic wins the first game, ok they won that round, next day another one... why do i need to watch 3 games of the same thing straight? It is not so well planned this part. :) Maybe save the 3 matches for the world championship or something... but I would still keep it 1 match a day. Sometimes, you can't watch a live game during that day, but maybe could watch the second game another day... Imagine if I had to watch 3 basketball games in a row, or 3 football matches in a row, or 3 hockey games in a row... :P u get the point ^^ just my opinion, ofc...
Just open the stream/ vod before you go to bed and thats it. all they care about is view and all you care about is rewards most likely.
: Prestige K/DA Akali - Can we talk about this? I feel cheated on.
the prestige akali isnt as goodlooking as the KDA itsewlf, btw what about that glow effect?
: Preseason: 92 summoners are looking to fill 8 slots for MMR grind (Plat/Diamond Only)
: Stats Breakdown: 2018 Worlds Finals
Top death counts 2 people from g2
Shajney (EUW)
: Is there a way to find out in which language the broadcast will be?
I think it will be on English and will broadcast the official Riot games channel
: Viewing parties for EU Summer Finals
For all those who is wondering, this is only probably the "Official" registered viewing parties. you could still organize a viewing party at your local places/homes
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Big Job (EUW)
: Gold ELO Team (EUW) Looking for a jungler and an ADC
Heya, Im Hitt. I play league since season 2 and started taking interest in ranked mid season 4. I am gold 2 at the moment, maining bot lane, though i believe i can play the other lanes on a decent level. I'm looking for a team to play with. I tried to add you, but you didnt seem to reply. msg me in game Hitt.
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: Team "RADCON," Gold Ranked Team, looking to recruit ADC and Support
IGN: Hitt Role: Bot lane (either ADC or Support), jungle tank, some mid champs Div: Gold 5
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XuWarrior (EUW)
: I just Lost all My ranked stats and It says "im Un ranked" . I was Plat IV ....
From seeing the Boards you can realize its Server wide. They will probably Get on fixing it once they wake up from their Noon Sleep.
Wăntéd (EUW)
: Searching For Members!! Server (EUW)
S3, Adc/mid main, picking top atm, support is easy, and jungle can do :D

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