: That's not Udyr any more. Why would you take everything away that makes him unique, and make him into a completely different champ ? He just needs a visual rework, and some tweaks on his R so it can be taken at lvl1, on par with tiger. 1.8M mastery Udyr here, maining him since he was released.
I mean yes there is no doubt bout udyr being one of the most out dated champs and even tho i hv been otping him since season 4 I really want him to be reworked. But dont give him an aatrox level rework where his whole personality and uniqueness is gone. Take udyrs kit and turn his abilities or stances into something thats modern enough to keep up with tthe new champs
: I am sorry to derail, but can't ignore this - i think udyr is a very very strong champ. He just destroys in jungle and change the game. 1 vs 1 hardly beatable, except some cases. Are you sure you want him changed - maybe he will be worse. Like your mentioned Sejuani - I barely see any seju after the rework.
udyr is only good if the enemy team is terrible at the game. Thats the bottom line.
: His gameplay is fine, R needs some tweaks and the champ a full visual. That's all. I still find him one of the most fun champs to play.
his playstyle is fun most of his abilities re still boring tho. I hv been otping this guy for 5 seasons now and never really got bored of his play style.
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