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: Hey, cool montage.. not bad. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} However, we want a Nunu ADC next time.. people demand it.
Haha! That's a challenge, thanks for the comment, sure maybe if this video get's enough/views/likes/interests I'll see what I can do
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RageSquid (EUW)
: Filled one in for you. Good luck with the project.
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: Hi, im sorry but i didnt get your invite =/ im online now if you wanted to try again.
Ah, added you again xD
Husker (EUW)
: What is Battlegrounds?
Hi, I got an email from Riot saying my team has been disqualified? Even though the deadline is Thursday 11:30 not Wednesday We're still "enrolled" does that mean we are fine?
: Looking for a Team, can practice, Most evenings after 9 and all day Thursday/Friday. Main ADC but can play Top and supp. Currently Bronze but finished Silver 2 Last season. {{champion:51}}
Your just who we need.. maybe I had added you, let's play a few games. I'm the main ADC G5 but I can move to jungle if you are proficient in ADC
: B1 (S1 Season 5) Jungler here. Im pretty knowledgeable regarding my role, keeping track of the jungler, setting up for drakes/baron and good decision making. My jungle champs range from Vi, Rek'sai and Poppy to Ekko, Sion, Jax, Kindred and Rammus
Hey, we are looking for a jungler. I already have an established team, would love to play with you, see how we connect. Was gold 5 last season, silver 5 this. I'll add you
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PantherHD (EUW)
: Silver 2 can practise most evenings after 8 and at the weekends anytime with notice TS3 Skype etc can get any comms
Hi, Where abouts do you play? Have a nearly complete team.
Kíngsman (EUW)
: Jungle and Mid im quite good at, can Top and Support as well. ADC is a bit too specialised for my taste.
Nice, I added you, let's talk more in game.
Gupperius (EUW)
: Bronze 2 atm, mained supp from the last two seasons but have recently picked up several champs for mid lane. Would love to play in a tournament team, I am flexible and can practice when ever needed. I am a sensible, team-and-objectives orientated player. Find me in game if you want to chat about teaming up.
Added you, would be nice to practice see if everything syncs up
: Im a main top laner in the Bronze - Silver category. Looking for a team. I can also mid lane. Current Rank - Bronze 2 (was silver 1 last season) Days available to practice - most days during the week Voice comms - Yes.
Hi, I have added you, would be nice to play with you, see if everything syncs in our team We play in the evenings from around 4-12/1/2am
Kíngsman (EUW)
: Im Bronze 1, was Gold V last year, cheers for that Riot. I can play everyday, whenever unless I have lectures. I have teamspeak, Skype, Curse voice.
Where do you main?
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