: New Client on PBE
It will work exactly like current login screen. Just without animation or music. Plus with automatic login you won't see it often either way
Aehry (EUW)
: If I uninstall LoL through the "uninstall.exe" program, will I lose my screen shots, taken with F12?
Usually uninstalling only deletes files that were created during installation process, so your files should remain intact. And you can always move them somewhere else just in case
: TFT opponents dont get dmged when I win
Are you sure you battled real opponent and not clone? When amount of players is not even one player gets to meet a clone of real player. Player does not get any damage if his cloned team loses. You can see if it's a clone if enemy team has no little legend
: Does tft count towards lower priority queue?
TFT counts for first win of the day, but that's pretty much it at this point.
Satella (EUNE)
: League of Legends Achievements?
Soon? No. Ever? Maybe, but not likely. There aren't that many things that can be made into achievements in this game without disrupting normal game flow
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5kE8f2zE,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-14T11:06:32.553+0000) > > Yeah, up to the point when you meet Draven with RFC build {{item:3046}} as well :)
Attacks with RFC cannot miss. Ultimate counter to yordles or PD
Bauble (EUW)
: TFT Weekly Missions How Do They Work?
There are 9 missions, 3 sets of 3 missions. They all share one timer. You need to fully complete set for next one to appear. They give 30, 50, 70 points per mission in the set
: Does anyone know when ARURF is comming back?
I wouldn't expect to see it anytime soon. TFT just got released
Shamose (EUW)
: Honor doesn't affect chests afaik. Only key fragments.
Honor level doesn't matter, but if it's locked then you can't get chests either.
: mmr and matchmaking system were changed this season.
How? And when? It seems I missed it. Do you have any source?
mc4life (EUNE)
: Yes, but people mainly focus on building assasin/glacial, im not saying to its a good or free win, but its too constentant. Ppl save up to 50 coins just to get assasins, they go all in. Of course, there are many tactics to win, but everyone uses one the same, there is no creativity, just everything same every game,.,
Is it a problem with a mode or with players then? You can't change people, they will always tend to stick to one or two things. And because of that you also won't get your desired effect by making changes to the game.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: you should google it. It's a meme from EA
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Remember, they are "not loot boxes, just surprise mechanics"
Yeah, surprise, surprise, you got some garbage that you won't ever use. I love it.
: No that's not true I received two punishments after 14 days bans on my main account that weren't perma bans and I never went above level honor 1 You need to drastically change your behavior tho, who told you that you need to be lvl 4/5? they might be mistaken
I saw threads in this same section where people got permaban even though they were honor level 3 or 4. And you didn't on honor level 1. That's why I say it's not a good indicator.
: I mean honestly the way they sell them is pretty garbage imo, if I could just buy the one I wanted I'd honestly just buy it, but since it's RNG i'm just not gonna do it but regardless expecting to get them without paying is just no
Same, I want one specific hauntling, but it's in the egg with 17 other things, plus it's epic variant, so I just won't bother trying to get it.
: go full yordle :) its all in the miss XD
Yeah, up to the point when you meet Draven with RFC
mc4life (EUNE)
: TFT "Meta"
Randomness prevents meta quite seriously. Besides you can win with many different tactics. My wins so far: yordles, nobles, elementalists/nobles, nobles/imperials, wild/brawlers, void/brawlers. Actually now that I look at it I had more wins with brawlers than with any other class/origin. I still didn't win a single time with assassins or glacials
Trymore (EUW)
: Hello there - Single player mode on TFT ? :D
Even though I really like tower defense games, TFT is quite far from that genre and I don't think it can be easily changed to make it work as you want it
: When you get a punishment after you restore your honor level 1 or especially 2 you usually don't get permabanned it's a good indicator
After chat restrictions maybe, it doesn't take much effort to lower your punishment level at that point. But after 14 days ban, you'll need to get to honor level 4 or even 5 to feel safe again
: really? Riot does it again {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I would be surprised if they didn't. TFT is not a regular featured game mode. It's basically a different game. Combining loot wouldn't be a good idea, many players don't care about TFT and little legends. And I'm sure there are also new players that don't care about old League. It's still beta and they have to figure many things, loot and rewards being one of them
: how do we get lvl 2 sentinel in tft?
Buy eggs. There's currently no way to get little legends without paying
: 14 day worthy. Only problem is the honor level 0 that triggered the Permaban.
Punishments drop honor level, but honor level have no effect on punishments, it's a one way relationship
DutchPro (EUW)
: I mean it doesn't just ignore your past offenses. If this was your first time it would probably be a chat restriction. 2nd time 14 day ban and 3rd time perma. Just unbind enter, problem solved
Option to disable chat comes with next patch. No more need to unbind enter or mute all every game.
: Match making is not fair anymore since the new system
: nah your punishment decreases when you increase honour level. my main account got a 2 week punishment in early season 8. i increased my honor level to 2 before getting a chat restriction in preseason 9, a 10 game one. few months later after getting back to honor level 2 i received another 10 game, then a 25 game. putting my account to zero. the problem here is i didn't increase my honor level at all. so my punishment was still a permaban no matter what reason the punishment was for.
> nah your punishment decreases when you increase honour level. Systems are not directly related, so no, you're wrong on this one. Consistent good behaviour will result in progress in both systems, but level up in one of them doesn't mean that you also leveled in another
Shamose (EUW)
: You can ask. You aren't gonna get one by asking though.
Lol, that's exactly what I wanted to say
: TFT Suggestions .. Should give XP after every game and RNG in items is quite bad
1. They will rotate champions and origins/classes. 2. Item drop system is gonna be reworked to make it more fair. Expect to see it in one of the next few patches 3. Zhonya won't work in this mode. there are no cd on spells, you just need enough mana and you don't generate it passively 4. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/07/dev-ranked-teamfight-tactics/ look for TFT Beta Pass section 5. I really hope it's just a bug and it will be fixed. Because I have no idea why would anyone think it would be a good idea to change how voice chat works in this mode. 6. Most likely will happen in the future, just not a priority right now 7. Same as above, but with upcoming ranked system I would expect to get it soon 8. We have weekly missions, plus first win of the day works in TFT
: There is a dev post talking about what they focus on first for this mode somewhere? Improvement/changes you say they are confirmed. I saw a lot of bug with Bliz too when i played him like he kill someone who got grab when someone else focus him and the champ just stay here doing nothing waiting the target who just died and just die like %%%%%%. Zephyr and Assassin ruin this champ too he stay doing nothing if a champ focused jump in, or he can wait the champ going down to tornado doing nothing but auto hit on champ with full mana bar until he can target the guy on zephyr, also sometime he grab someone and focus someone else after you don't know why. I Found Garen too broken when he spin escape all spell can't be controled he's just to stupid and broken has %%%% since when garen escape spell everytime i play him with morello/frozen hearth he just ruin the frontlane and tank lot of spell spinning for too long Wait & see for more update but this mini game need more improvement before ranked
There are few dev posts and also shitton of comments from multiple Rioters on both Twitter and Reddit. Their primary priority is bug fixing, they still intend to enable ranked mode in next patch, so gotta fix those bugs first. AI targeting bug was mentioned few times, so it should be fixed soon. I agree about Garen, for tier 1 unit, he's often too good. But he was already nerfed once, so i'm not sure if another nerf won't make him too weak
: About Decay in Diamond
> -Can i prevent decay in soloq by playing in flex? No, all queues have separate timers > -Where can i see how many days left until decay? Check your last ranked game? And there will be visible timer on ranked page I think when there are less than 8 days left > -Will i get a message or pop up when i am near decaying? Yes, there will be pop up after login > -how much is the decay? can i tank decay at 0 lp or will it immediately go down a tier? I think it's -50 LP every week at diamond. And yes, you will demote immediately after getting below 0 LP
Shinwa666 (EUW)
: TFT going Mobile??
It's likely that it will be ported in the future, but nothing is being done to make that happen right now. Currently PC version is one and only priority
: TFT Games Improvement
Item drop mechanics will be reworked in one of the next few patches, it's already confirmed. But other RNG mechanics you mentioned will likely stay as is.
Jocelynp (EUNE)
: When is the next free EUNE - EUW transfer?
I wouldn't expect to see one anytime soon, especially if you're from some mainland Europe country. All previous ones weren't random, there was always a reason why they gave free transfer to those affected players
TobiasgPrP (EUNE)
: I played more than 12 games yesterday and EACH ONE had at least 1 lane inting, and 1 person afk
It's kinda hard to say anything specific, cause you're not using same account in game and so I can't see your match history
TobiasgPrP (EUNE)
: literally cannot win a ranked game
> Maybe im just really bad now, and cant climb? There are only 3 possible reasons why you're not climbing: 1. You're not playing enough 2. You're extremely unlucky 3. You're not good enough First two reasons are somewhat connected, because luck factor also gets less relevant with more games played. You can lose 10 games in a row due to bad luck, but if you're losing your 100th game, then it's very likely that luck was not really involved
: Give me my Mic Drop
Try restarting your client
Mártir (EUW)
: Are MMR and ELO the same?
MMR system is built on top of ELO system, so they aren't exactly the same thing, but in League only MMR is used, so when someone talks about ELO he actually means MMR, even though he uses wrong term. And because of that you can say that ELO == MMR, but only in this game. ELO system was build with 1v1 games in mind, so it doesn't fit in a team based game such as League. And that's why Riot had to come with alternative solution
: How much do I have to pay to get hands on my shadow isle hauntling in teamfight tactics?
it depends on your luck. Egg costs 490 RP and you have 1/18 chance to get what you want. So somewhere between 490 and shitton. If I remember correctly someone already did the math and you need to spend around 100$ to get guaranteed 3 star
: I just promoted from bronze to Silver 4, how much can i lose ?
Right after promotion to next tier you have protection for next 10 games. After that it will depend on your MMR. You can't check it, but there will be a warning sign in your profile. It can have 2 colors: yellow and red. Yellow means that you'll getting closer to demotion, but still in safe zone. Red means that any defeat while on 0 LP can result in demotion. If there is no sign then you're good
: nope, but it FINALLY counted them. it took almost an hour but it counted them. and i had to do 2 more knights because i played 18 instead of 20. i swear if those missions didn't give you free emotes i'd delete that part of the client myself.
Lol, I don't know if I would bother playing something I don't like even for much bigger reward. For something as meaningless as emotes? No way. Especially considering the fact that I already have more good emotes than slots to fit them
: the game IS finished. it didn'tcount them
Are you sure? There is no text near weekly missions that says "1 game"?
: game didn't count my tft progress
You have to wait for game to finish to get your progress
: TFT and current LoL Event
You can earn tokens in TFT, arcade pass works there, you just can't finish event missions
: Pbe account
Super easy, just need to have account on live server with honor level 3 or higher. If you have it then just follow that link TheToysTracker provided
: Nope you are totally wrong .
Source? All 8 previous seasons ended either in November or close to it, so it's very likely that this season won't be different
: When does this season end?
Date wasn't announced yet, but most likely as usual, near November
Zineus (EUNE)
: ARAM ranked?
because this https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/03/ask-riot-ranked-aram/
: TFT Ranked Rewards
Riot already talked a bit about TFT ranked and rewards here https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/07/dev-ranked-teamfight-tactics/ Most likely rewards will be different. And that kinda makes sense. Getting victorious skin when you played 0 games on SR or TT makes no sense. Something TFT specific would be more appropriate. > If the game is set to be launched soon on mobile It won't happen soon. PC is the main and only priority right now. And it would be very strange if you couldn't use same account on both PC and mobile. > Also i'm hoping in the near future that the game will implement skins from my collection That also won't happen. Riot already have plans for skins. They will be used as alternate origins instead of just different looks like on classic League
Fjeder (EUW)
: but iam still stuck at lvl 4 ?? , and played over 40 games but no progress
You can't get honor levels by grinding games, system doesn't work like that. It looks for consistency over prolonged periods of time. By playing more you only shortening that period a bit. It's perfectly normal to not get any visible progress for weeks
: Reducing Punishment Appeal
Contact support, we can't help you here. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
G2 Skádi (EUNE)
: Honor
yes, any mode works. Well, maybe except TFT, I'm not sure about that one
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