HitYourHead (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=íGengar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bfR3tBeE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-17T20:03:41.540+0000) > > Watch Phylol video interview with sap he kinda explains why to a certain extent. Explaining something do not erase the fact that they excited us for one year, only to tell us with 6 days before season start NOT FOR YOU! (in Rakan voice, want to smell the rank position ? no position ranking for you). So disappointment it's still there. Announcing us 6 days before its kinda sick, adding to disappointment list. No clash test in december or january, so until other beta tests will come and the reviewing of data I bet clash will miss this year also.
They said long time ago that they'll use first split as a test and that positional ranks will only be enabled on some servers during this test. They just didn't tell what servers will get it until now
: FINALLY THEY GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT WUKONG!! | Wukong Rework or Changes Incoming!
I like it when whole point of the video is shown as a thumbnail, you don't even have to watch the video.
Lari (EUNE)
: NO it wont it will show how much gold u need to activate the item
Really? Damn, it did work like that previously, seems like they changed it at some point for some stupid reason.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: ***
Okay, dude, I saw enough, now I'll report you for spamming every time you'll make an off-topic comment
: I'm gold in season 8, and I gained the gold border, but then it disappeared, What happened?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Any recent bugs to abuse?
Yeah, there is one. Instant win in the game, you just enter the game and then press power button on your PC and hold it for 10 seconds
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Yes they can , every other company does this for those who bug exploit like this . Well atleast they did something.
Yeah, they can revert it, they have all the logs they need. But it's two-sided sword. They have to either go slow road and spend months manually fixing this one transaction at the time. Or throw whole playerbase under the truck and do database rollback. Both options are pretty bad, so they decided to do nothing instead, quite reasonable decision in my opinion
: You realise this team has nothing to do with that bug nor the fallout... seriously do you really think the balance team has anything to do with sales. Your just lashing out at nothing, riot is compartmentalised, the actions of one team doesn’t affect the others... if your going to be angry at least have the decency to direct it at the correct people
Don't bother, this dude doesn't want to uderstand
Lari (EUNE)
: Relic shield improvement
Actually you can ping it and it will show stacks, but it will only work like that if you didn't complete quest yet, after that it will show amount of wards, so yeah improvement is needed in that regard
Papafruit (EUW)
: demoted after 2 defeats?
you get protection for 3 games after promotion, but it doesn't matter if you win or lose them. After those 3 games even one defeat at 0 LP can result in demotion
: Did any one else get Yasuo as both their most killed and most killed by?
nah, I only got him as most killed, but Zed killed me more times than Yasuo
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I read a news article about it, Riot said they literally can't trace who bought the capsules because they dont reserve those types of transactions or something. But they reverted the Aatrox and Prestige Points. But something about it being 'impossible' to revert the capsules.
No, they have all the information they need to revert all those capsules, but they can't do it all at once without full database rollback and that would negatively affect everyone, so it's not an option. The other option is to revert everything manually, but that would require them to revert every operation one by one and that will take more time than they are willing to spend on this.
pH Xico (EUW)
: How I do that? :/
pH Xico (EUW)
: RIOT help me pls
you should contact support with such request
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: ***
This is public place, I can do whatever I want. If you want serious answer then do what others told you to do and contact support. Here's a link if you need it https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Do you really believe that you are not gonna play with players who have abused that bug? 14 minutes on ALL SERVERS. DO you really thing it is just a few thousand player? Even that is the case, ıt is a mistake which can be corrected. But they are just lazy to not fix it. OFcourse I will write what ever I want. I never Pay to this company and I will never. But I am just here for to people who have trusted to this company....
Dude, I asked you to do one thing, quite simple thing and you failed at it. I really don't want to explain something that was explained many times before. So I won't. If you don't want to understand then it's your own decision. You do you Also it's kinda funny how someone who never payed any money to Riot cries about lost value. I bought some RP few times before and most likely will do it again in the future. And I don't think that my skins lost any value because of this
: Contact Riot Support. Nothing we can do about that in here.
I wouldn't really expect support to do anything either. I saw threads like this before, with similar logs, bans weren't lifted.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: It is not crying cuz we couldn't steal. We saw the bug and we didn't abuse cuz we thought it would ban us. ANd they all now left without consequences. What is gonna happen in next bug? You won't believe how these all gonna effect peoples gaming experience. The servers will go much worser etc. Do you thing people who have played payed tones of money deserves this treatment? All missions now makes no sense now, instead of doing oddysia missions for days; wish I did just abuse it like hell. It is just nonsense how you guys are okey with something not right, and istead of defending people who are right; you guys are not even helping them. We are not asking them to fix it İmmediatly, We ar enot asking them to fix it perfectly. Just do something. Hire some people to fix it monually, but do it. People have paid for this service. "Fıelds of justice" is not this. You don't need to be effected from mistake to ask for justice. I am just happy that I didn't pay any money for this company. But I am just angry that wish this company was caring about their costumerswho have payed lots of money more than the bug abusers.
yeah, yeah, chill already, it really starts to get annoying. Can you be objective for once? You lost nothing there, I lost nothing there, all those other guys also lost nothing. only few thousands players got something, you have close to no chance to ever meet any one of them. So why are you crying again? Also it was explained many times why there would be no revert this time. Instead of writing same things over and over again, stop and read what others said. And again, don't just disregard them just because they do not agree with you, but read and try to understand
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Game 1 In-Game captaincomando1: 1 hit captaincomando1: \dont say that you get ban captaincomando1: poewer of kartus captaincomando1: heh Post-Game captaincomando1: i will not report you captaincomando1: coz i undestand you captaincomando1: u are just tiklted captaincomando1: all good my man captaincomando1: but you could get ban captaincomando1: specialy for saying %%% captaincomando1: newer use that word in chat mate captaincomando1: it trigger autoban siystem captaincomando1: it was captaincomando1: dont use %%% ever captaincomando1: u did once captaincomando1: truste me i have to muche xperience with it captaincomando1: yeah... it hapens There goes your example...Is me teaching dude not to say %%% word reason to get 14 days ban???wtf ...THis autoban system is perfect right????
yeah, this is kinda funny. You know that you shouldn't say that and you still did, twice. And now you wonder why you got banned. You can talk with support if you want, but I saw cases like this before and those bans weren't lifted. System is not perfect, but it does its job
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Perfect example how bad is autoban system that riot use...
Where is that example of yours? You showed an exact opposite here: perfect example that system is working as it should
: Maybe because you are spamming whole forum and constantly moaning about this,I wonder how you are not banned yet from forum.Have a downvote.
He's not breaking any rules by doing so. Being annoying is not a punishable offense
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Thx very much. So what we are speaking about is actually a marginal number and I am very unlikely to ever meet somebody with thgat in matchmaking :D I don't get what all the fuzz is about. I found this >fewer than 100 players were able to take advantage of the error. And it nowhere says anything how much the people got on average. Of the couple thousand that are quoted prolly just a few got it directly after it went live. Also I am not sure how fast you realize that you have to go ham on such a "Sale" so I would guess the dmg was just very minor.
> I don't get what all the fuzz is about. Some people are just jealous that they weren't able to participate, nothing more. It's kinda funny to see all those crying people. And for anyone wondering: no, I wasn't there when all this stuff happened, so I also got nothing
: WE LOST NOTHING????????? seriously lmfao, we lost our money and our time trying to collect and support riot games lmaao. Is it hard to revert the capsules ? Or establish some justice ? They are still on shop tho, this is just insane... This being said, I won't purchase RP again that's for sure.
> Is it hard to revert the capsules ? yes, it kinda is. They can revert operations one by one manually or do automatic rollback of whole database. Both options are bad: first because of all work and time it will take and second because it'll render whole game unplayable for duration of rollback and it will also negatively affect everybody, not just those who got free stuff. And yes, you lost nothing, all your skins worth just as much as they did when you got them. the fact that very small part of playerbase now has everything doesn't make what you have less valuable. Well, unless you really want to treat everything you have as garbage
: Wait how do you get prestige aatrox?
> I hope this isnt true seen as it would cost way over £100 for literally a reskin of an epic value skin well, it's not the only way to get the skin, but unfortunately it's the only reliable way. As with all previous prestige skins you can get it in chest or after rerolling other shards. But with very low chance
: True, but the fact that it happened and riot didn't have the oversight to even snapshot accounts before patches just in case something happened. In this case, I'll swallow the fact that someone else got thousands of dollars in cosmetics just for being lucky and logging on at patch time, but it still feels awful nonetheless.
there are snapshots, but it's all or nothing thing if you want to do automatic revert. So they'll have to wipe all progress that those players made in last few days. Or manually revert all actions one by one and that will take months. And as a result it's a better decision to just let them keep that stuff.
Mártir (EUW)
: Aahh I see. Thanks a lot, mate. My god, 1 BLUE ESSENCE PER CAPSULE, its crazy. Hundreds and hundreds of Skins. Still, in 15-20 minutes... Many of us couldnt profit off it, I guess (Me included).
only few thousands got anything during that time. it's not as big of a deal as many try to show
: There were no missions on that day. Chests are already rolled before you open them fro mwhat I know. Rank progress means nothing, it's pre-season, time for experiments, no actual season.
> There were no missions on that day First win on the Day is a mission that is available every day and it is quite important for many. Especially those who can only play on or two games per day > Chests are already rolled before you open them fro mwhat I know that's not correct, chests are rolled when you open them. That's why you can get recently added content in old chests. > Rank progress means nothing, it's pre-season, time for experiments, no actual season. it does matter, even if not as much as during actual season. Higher MMR during preseason will give you better starting rank after reset
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I am not copy pasting them :D
I know, but would be better if you did. Because you're writing same things over and over again.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yes :) I would be happy if they fix it and do 1 less prestige skin. Their prestige should be more important than Prestige Skin +They freeze when there is suspecious activity, this is also something like suspecious activity. It is not about only this bug. WHat is gonna happen in future an other bug like this happens? THat time we are all gonna abuse it, that is for sure. Cuz riot bascially teached us that there is no consequences. If they revert activity on next bug, but that is also injustice cuz they didn't revert this one. SO it is always better to fix things at the begiining.
> Yes :) I would be happy if they fix it and do 1 less prestige skin. You really don't understand how this works, do you? Dudes that will spend time fixing this don't make skins. So instead of fixing actual bugs they will waste time reverting all those operations. And skins production won't really be affected. > It is not about only this bug. WHat is gonna happen in future an other bug like this happens? > THat time we are all gonna abuse it, that is for sure. Cuz riot bascially teached us that there is no consequences. they can roll back whole database, so they can deal with any critical mistakes. This one just wasn't big enough to punish everyone else. And now they know that they need something in place to manage hextech system better.
MagmaEnder (EUNE)
you can't. You'll have to get another level up or 5 more first win of the day bonuses
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: There it is not saying it is imposible, they are saying it takes time. We are not asking immediate perfect solution. THey made mistake, so ofcourse they need to efford and fix it. Hire people and fix it. People have paid them, cuz they have trusted them. Why you are defending them? It is not wrong to demand your rights...
Your copy paste answers are starting to get annoying. Do you even read those comments you're answering to? Because it looks like you don't
: Like you losing some EXP is such a BIG punishment. Guess where one of the abusers was hidden.
I wasn't even online at that point, so I gained nothing from it and also I would lose nothing even if they rolled back whole database. I'm just being objective here. You should try to do that as well. It's not only Exp, there's also ranked progress, legitimate chest openings, shard rerolls, missions completions, some other things. You can't just take away everything because they participated in that unexpected event. Sure, take away what they shouldn't have got, but everything else should remain.
: There is. A support once told me everything you do has a history. They would have to revert peoples account past "x" days, and not all, just those that abused it. Doesn't matter if they played, and won stuff, it's part of their punishment.
punishment for what exactly? Riot's mistake? Would you be happy to get a punishment for something that wasn't your fault and you just happened to be in wrong place?
Stardûst (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Muuaahh,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kA0RpyZO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-13T13:10:26.159+0000) > > Why haven't you addressed the situation at all. They have: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error They won't do anything, said it was because they cannot simply "revert" capsules. Not even a single word about why they won't just ban the heavy abusers.
> Not even a single word about why they won't just ban the heavy abusers. Why should they?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Nope , it is a big deal. WHy someone should be get away with 100 capsules while I had to spend days to complete oddysa mission to get only 1 gems? I have spend time and efford to get those nonsense skins, they are just decresing their value. I don't agree this. If it is only very few people, than it is easier for them to fix. But they know it is not only a few. + THey are not saying it imposible, they are just saying that it would take time. TAKE TIME ut do something. Cuz next time when they do mistake, we are gonna abuse it more. Cuz we thought there would be consequences so we didn't abuse it.
> THey are not saying it imposible, they are just saying that it would take time. yeah, months spent on something that didn't affect 99% of playerbase. Would you be happy if they said that they have to postpone start of next season by 2 months to fix this issue? They also won't do any more patches in that time and no more content. Also anyone who bought anything in those 14 minutes will not be able to play at all, just to be safe
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: thats just it we didnt deserve to win and we won because of pure rng
there is no rng in sudden death event, it always happens at the same time. If your team was better prepared for it, then you deserved to get that win
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: You don't need to be effected from a mistake to defence justice. + You are getting effected, next time you play with fancy skin, some people may think maybe you get it from a bug? But in reality you have spend so much efford to get it. If they don'tfix this bug now, imagine they get an other bug which is more severe and that time it effects you. You should seek for justice, doen not matter if it effect you or not. Next time when there is bug, all players gonna abuse it, believe me it will be more than the amount abused now. If the company %%%%s up there won't be game for you to play. So make them do right decision. We are not gonna play and buy from this company till they fix or do something about it. I feel just sorry for the players who trusted them and paid money to this company.
But the problem is that objectively speaking there are 0 players that lost something because of this. Few thousands(<0.01% of playerbase) got some freebies and that's it. The fact that only some players got something there is not fair, sure, but is it really such a big deal to start a riot? Not really.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: It is easy to join :) We don't require membership. Anyone who have concept of justice in their soul will be join us that is for sure :) Defending a company who made mistake is harder than not playing :)
Oh, I'm not defending them, I just don't care. Why should I stop playing because of mistake that didn't affect me?
Ákali exe (EUNE)
: A satisfied customer will occasionally offer good feedback when they can. A pissed off customer will go out of their way to make sure everyone knows of their complain. Even if not many people know now, by word of mouth, the boards, social media and other means most people will soon learn of it.
oh, for sure, many will learn it, but how many of those will care enough to join this movement?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Sudden death: This should not be here
If your whole team in the base when golems reach the center then you deserve to lose. This event, jut as every other, is announced in advance and everyone should know by this point that it will happen at 18 minutes mark. And if your team really is winning then you should either end match before this event or be able to cripple their nexus when he's walking to the center
: Do I understand that right, people want to go on a "play strike" because some other players got basically free skins? This is petty jealousy in hyper drive mode lmfao. Ever considered to be HAPPY for those who got some nice skins? Wouldn't YOU be happy about getting some? It's not like someone stole from you. And don't come at me with "BuT iT RuInS vAlUE". No it doesn't this isn't the stock market, you can't sell your skins. If you complain about fortunate events happening to others you trully live a sad life. And no i didn't exploit the glitch I'm just not a miserable human being.
yeah, those people are funny. I didn't play much this past few weeks, so obviously I missed the chance to get those capsules. And you know what? I don't care in the slightest that people that got something will keep their stuff. I lost nothing there
: Taking retired accounts names from lvl 30 and above
level 30 cap still exists in few places. And this is one of those places. You won't get any extra time by leveling your account past level 30. Name will still become inactive after 2.5 years
: Why shouldn't we abuse bugs?
capsules exploit isn't really an exploit, it was a mistake on Riot's side. Also it doesn't affect gameplay.
: I have the same problem . I was Gold 4 last season and dont have a border. it even says my last season rank aws bronze 1. Ive never had a chat restriction aswell. Bronze 1 was my season 6 rank btw. Season 7 gold 3 and season 8 Gold 4/5.
you should look for more recent thread. Borders are bugged at the moment, so your problem is not related to one in this post
: >Ask the PBE boards. And that's what "Shamose" told him to do before you posted.
I didn't see his comment when I made mine. When I opened this thread it wasn't there yet, I just commented later.
: It is on PBE.
I don't know (and don't care tbh) about PBE. There are separated boards for PBE related things and such posts should be made there and not on live server boards
Hansiman (EUW)
: They ended in Bronze IV, not Iron. Their wins made them skip all of Iron.
oh, my bad then. So it's all fine then. Thanks, I'll edit my comment to not cause any further confusion
: Crash when I go into an arurf match.
ARURF is not enabled right now. So yeah, no wonder you can't connect to those games
: Then what is the point in placement matches?
They are used to adjust your starting position and not to determine it. ~~But honestly I'm not sure how you ended in iron 4 with 6 wins. There should be LP gain boost during placements and even without it 6 wins should be more than enough to reach next division~~ Edit: nvm, I can't read. It's all working as intended
: Your new idea behind ranked is, how do I put it, its mentally impaired.
Well, the idea is to place new players were they belong: at the bottom. Good players won't have any problems with climbing out and bad ones will stay there. Such placement is much better compared to what we had before, because bad players will not drag better players to the bottom with them.
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