kitmager (EUW)
: Ranked system vs Normal
MMR is queue specific. Only normal drafts and normal blinds share MMR, every other queue has its own value for every player
: Lets play odds roulette
it's kinda hard to say without context. Just based on that picture I would guess around 0% chance
: New Emporium?
soon, shouldn't be later than mid June
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because bugs should be posted about :P
Yeah, but this isn't a proper bug report, it looks more like random rant, so it doesn't really belong here
Mcnakstar (EUW)
: My last request for Riot Games
They won't do that. Everything you had on that account is gone.
: Chat being deleted after "friend" removes you
You're not supposed to add toxic players to your friendlist. If he flames in private chat then it's your problem, next time think if you really want to add such person
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because its not something you need to worry about, its related to the ranked reset, hence not something you can help with :P So there are no reproduction steps and its not something that can actually be fixed by anyone on the boards
Then why did you post it here? Send a ticket to support instead
Katariηa (EUW)
: is gone?
it works for me
: Can it lead to other penalties different to lp loss? Cause i would rather lose some lp that lose lp and lose time
No, there are no other consequences. Just loss of LP and time
: What happens at the second dodge?
Penalty just gets bigger. You lose 10 LP on second and every consecutive dodge and time penalty also gets higher
mohamadeyad (EUNE)
: Suggestion for the client
Riot already said that they aren't planning to add it, because they do not want to encourage players to use more than one account. And players with just one account do not need a logout button.
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XTllyyPV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-11T13:32:04.134+0000) > > No, Aery is super fast Maybe Quinn with movement build items.
Nah, you can't outrun it, it needs just a bit more than 1 second to cross whole map, so you can guess how fast it can get
: Moving faster than Aery possible?
No, Aery is super fast
: Refuse to participate due to toxicity
Is this justice? Definitely no. To punish one toxic player you also punished 3 innocents
Galtron (EUW)
: Anyone know where to check when patches are released ?
Check previous patch date, add 2 weeks.
AST Delter (EUNE)
: End of season rewards vs honor level system
You need honor level 2 and that's it, no other requirements. That said system has to be automated, otherwise it will be way too slow with such many players as League has. Although you can always request manual review of your case through support, so final decision doesn't have to be made by machine
s8nSixx (EUNE)
: How will the Trials borders work?
All skin borders work identically. You need to have base skin in order to use it, otherwise it will be useless. So, you should buy something else with your tokens
: cuz sinning in ramadhan is much worse!! than in normal days
Well, if you really care about that, then no, you cannot play League
: Where can we write review about the company?
It depends on what is your goal with that review. If you want the game to be better, then support would be the best place. And then for pretty much any purpose any social media would do. Reddit, twitter(if your complain is short), gaming sites, even right here on the boards
: can you even play league in ramadhan
Can you play League at all? How does ramadhan make it any different? And well, It's not my problem if a bit of naked skin is a huge problem for someone else
: Watch And Learn 2
Those missions don't appear one after another. During LCS split they appeared weekly. And during previous event with those next missions appeared 3 days after previous one was completed
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: exept that it does. if you have absolutely any rts, fps or rpg experience, you might as well not join since the game thinks ya smurfing
Not really, at the beginning you will not play as a smurf, no matter how many different games you played before, even experience in different MOBAs won't help much. Just because you won't have any knowledge about this game and how different things(spells, items etc) work. New players tend to spend more time shopping, their movement is more chaotic, because they aren't used to speed of the game yet, they didn't learn ranges, so their positioning is very different compared to old players etc. New player can be good, but he will still behave differently compared to returning player. And by level 20-30 matchmaking starts to ignore that division between new players and smurfs and pays more attention to their actual skill. So no, it doesn't really affect them, system is not meant to protect them from smurfs forever, just to give them some time to learn and that it does.
Mammoett (EUW)
Well, you see, that's just how it works. Low level smurfs are matched with other smurfs. Regardless of their skill level, so matches tend to be super unbalanced and overall experience to be unfun. But it doesn't affect actual new players, so Riot won't change it, well-being of smurfs is like one of their lowest priorities. So you'll have to deal with it
0p71m15M (EUW)
: Transcendence gave me 20% CDR until I died
Are you sure it was transcendence and not some other buff? E.g. blue buff gives cdr and you lose it on death
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I think GGMF is a "mini ultimate", so it might not fall under the same rules as PFE, SGU, DJS and EL
No, I got that skin few months ago and it was automatically activated right away without any cost
: Can you not purchase msi orbs with the trials tokens? @Riot?
orbs are bugged atm. Event page mentions them: > MSI 2019 Orb for 200 Tokens
Ökami (EUNE)
: If I grind the MSI tokens will I be able to get the 100 prestige points 2 times?
If I remember correctly they said that you would be able to get those points only once per event Edit: yeah, I was correct > Each event's Event Shop will offer a one-time purchase of 100 Prestige Points
: What "House" is the best?
It's all subjective, I'm pretty sure mission rewards are the same.
: takedowns are kills+assist, right? I see, thank you. PS: " =/= " In what prog language did you find this symbol? =)
> PS: " =/= " > In what prog language did you find this symbol? =) People usually do not understand what != means, so I use that instead when speaking to random people. And in programming you can always use fonts that support ligatures, e.g fira code . != will be visually shown as =/=
: "Meet the Warband" mission works incorrectly
Darius part is bugged as far as I can see, but you had more than 6 takedowns, so that part is correct. takedown =/= kill
: Why did they remove revive on aatrox's ult?
It's now a high hisk high reward spell instead of generic press R revive after death. And because of lower reliability Riot could give Aatrox more base power. Also revive was often a meaningless effect in 1v1 even before, you just needed extra stats that ultimate gives. And successful dives will still activate revive, so now you can't just mindlessly dive any time your ult is up, you have to make sure that it will be successful, otherwise you'll just die.
: I really don't. Every lobby I am in someone complains about autofill. Blind pick is the most toxic mode. I campaigned for it to be removed several years ago. Alas, to no avail, because Riot don't care about toxicity. Not even commenting on that second paragraph (other than to say this) because you're just plain wrong. I didn't play before role select? Except I played in both Open and Closed betas and have played on and off since. The fact of the matter is most players would be happy to wait. Also, I never said REMOVE autofill. I said there should be an option to OPT OUT. There's a HUGE difference. It would allow those of us who don't wanna be forced to play off roles on champions who don't suit those off roles to wait a few minutes longer for a lobby where we can play our preferred roles. And those of you who wanna play with a jungle main on ADC or Support can do so.
> The fact of the matter is most players would be happy to wait. Where are your proofs?
: that's not what op meant he meant he only had one dodge on his first match and the promos were cancelled with negative lp as if you lost 3 or 5 games not just one
I don't see anything in the post about state of his promo before that dodge. So you can't really know what he meant
: And I'm sure 95% of the community would be accepting of longer queue times rather than being forced into roles and champions they are not comfortable on. I for one would rather wait half hour for a lobby than be forced to play a role I hate and a role in which I have no champions. Being forced to play a 45 minute game in a role you hate, a role you suck at, and then having to deal with the flame and toxicity that comes with the inevitable mistakes, is just demoralising and makes you not wanna queue up again. ESPECIALLY when you know you're gonna get 5 lobbies with your role, 5 people leave and BOOM back onto support.
You're seriously overestimating amount of players that would want to wait. Did you know that blind pick is more popular than draft pick in many regions just because of longer champion select? That is not even close to 30 minutes, just 3-4 extra minutes in champion select and players aren't willing to wait. And then you're also underestimating how bad it would be without autofill. 30 minutes queue times is what you would get in lower tiers. Higher tiers would have to wait even more. And then there's no guarantee that you would get an enjoyable game. You would still have to play your secondary role quite often. And then this won't fix the case of leavers/afters, trolls, bad players etc. So in the end you would just have less chances to get a good game. And because of higher queue times players will be more frustrated when they won't get that good game after waiting for so long. And so amount of tilted players will also increase and overall quality of games will suffer even more. It's a downward spiral. More games played gives you more chances to get good game. Also you clearly didn't play before role select. You were auofilled literally every single game. Role select with autofill guarantees that you will get one of yoru two roles in 2 out of 3 games, usually even more often. It's a best kind of system right now. IF you can think of something better then speak up. But simply removing autofill won't do that.
: Opt Out of Autofill
Unfortunately it's not a option if we want to have reasonable queue times.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Salron88,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W1Wk5Tgj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-27T09:40:36.665+0000) > > what is this new update they must be trolling. so basicly if i get a troll team in champ select and try to dodge basicly its lost promos whenever i play or dont play. with the right respect for these people but are they doing some sort of experiment where monkeys get to pick option A B C of the possible ways to ruin this game and they go with thaT? This has been like the default thing since, I don't know, the 1st season, 2nd season ? ... It's nothing new. Edit : Wait. No. It should be from around 3rd Season, after the new system was introduced. Dodging counts as a defeat and if you already have prior defeats it can cancel your promos.
When they added new system dodge counted as loss of whole promos, later they changed it to just one defeat
Salron88 (EUW)
: RIOT Cancels your promos when you dodge in champ select??
You get one defeat in promos when you dodge. It's not a new thing, it was added few years ago.
: can you block people in the boards?
: does riot give you trolls and bad teammates on purpose after you flame once?
ryandub (EUW)
: Worst LP You Have Lost? Bug?
75 LP is what you get after demotion, not failed promotion.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Could we punish dodging more severely?
To be fair I do think that those who wait until last second to dodge should get harsher penalty. I mean if you want to dodge then do it, don't waste time of other players hoping that someone else will dodge
: Am I allowed to mock players in VC after I invite them to a lobby?
Riot can't monitor voice chat and that's the reason why it's only available for premades. So yes, you won't be punished, but what's the point? Any sane person would disable it after a first bad word coming from you.
: how can you join a custom by yourself don't you need to get invited?
: My friends and i had a custom lobby with them 1v1ing on annie. I joined one of my mates and played jayce so i sat in a bush and e,q and he was so tilted.
How stupid was that other player? I mean you can see that it's no longer a 1v1 in champ select and there's also no penalty for leaving there
: Can you get banned in game for something on the boards?
Generally no, you would just get a ban on boards. Moderators don't have a power to ban you in game. Although they can forward your case to Riot in some extreme cases and you will be banned in both places then.
baronj (EUNE)
: Rank differece
> Diamond: Can queue 2 divisions up or down (so Diamond IV can queue with Plat I, II, and Diamond II, III, etc.).
vladiq (EUW)
Let me guess: thumbnail has nothing to do with the video, right?
slowplay (EUNE)
: Queue dodge penalty
ARAM dodge penalties are more harsh. 15 minutes is usual first punishment there
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
I checked his last game, looks like he was the only solo player there, so definitely not the case of 5 premade vs 5 solo. Didn't want to check other, so asked directly
: If you're playing FlexQ as a solo player you should expect this. The whole point of that Q is to play as a team. If you're playing normals, well who the hell cares? Your winrate in normals is completely inconsequential, both to u and to riot and I highly doubt they give enough of a damn to install some kind of forced winrate system. And lastly, unless we're talking high elo, being a 5man premade gives you very little in terms of advantage, unless you're going for some kind of super cheesy strat.
He's not even playing ranked, this rant is about normal games
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