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: Top Lane - What's Going On?
Amg 1 minute 39 wait time what is this!?!?!?! 3AM. . is what it is, and can still get a game in under 2 minutes every time.... hurray for non existent lane!
neviss (EUW)
: Me as a main top laner I normally play Riven, Fiora, you know ad top laners because I hate playing tanks. So Obviously my jungler ignores me and camps bot. They lose anyways.
Seems to be the common theme nowadays, the enemy support does not ward, rushes ardent sensor, EASY ganks bot with a ward in seconnd bush with my TP but WAIT, my support has ALSO rushed ardent sensor and not warded at all in the lane >_> #ArdentSupport2k17
PepijndM (EUW)
: Is top really so free? Seems like it's time for me to return from ARAM to the rift. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Definitely feels like it at the moment, crazy short queues, everybody is busy playing roles that actually matter like ardent sensor support etc.
: League of Galio lol. Even if he's 0/10 he's still useful, and other tanks the same story. No point wasting time ganking top because when it comes to teamfights it's immaterial unless they are insanely overlevelled.
very true, a tank with crowd control is useful at any point of the game
: im challenger riven otp top main and top lane sucks, has 0 influence and tbh i dont see the point in playing it myself anymore. most of my chall friends just gave up and started playing support and tank junglers. its much less effort, much more game influence, much more wins... top just sucks right now and riven is not the best champion right now so yeah. i will quit my role too and just play sona soraka janna support and rammus jungle.. and on eune rank 6 challenger is a girl who spams ardent supports so that should tell u everything
Indeed, Ardent meta is killing top lane importance....
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: Top Lane - What's Going On?
Thanks for all the replies guys, didn't expect to get so much feedback. Pretty mixed response but I'm glad to see some people agreeing they have experienced the same things.
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Enlight13 (EUW)
: You guys got any idea on how to make the team not throw games?
There is only one solid piece of information I can give you. Play with friends, specifically ones that know how to convert a lead into a win. Playing by yourself leaves it down to luck whether your teammates either: A. Know exactly what they need to do to win (unlikely) B. Are willing to listen to you and adapt their tactics to do what it takes to win (VERY unlikely)
klarmino (EUW)
: Watch and learn. It helped me a lot. gbay99 - Road to Diamond - Season 1 Conclusion: every player has the same problem.
The links don't work for me?
Magneset (EUW)
: Thats the spirit. You are also closing in on Diamond i see. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Before my stupid idea of staying up til I win, I was plat 1 20+ points, now I'm plat 2 80pts or so :( I hope i can make it!
Magneset (EUW)
: {{item:3026}} {{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}}{{item:3026}} RISE AGAIN AND DOMINATE THE RIFT.
Well that's the plan.... but I have 8 hours left of work and I feel like I'm hanging out my arse. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: I think you need to reread Veigars R again.
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=a8kUJgx3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-26T11:12:06.810+0000) > > I think you need to reread Veigars R again. Well pre-ult rework veigar then!
Bre4kless (EUW)
: Guinsoo's pls make it better -_-?
> [{quoted}](name=Bre4kless,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=a8kUJgx3,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-26T10:41:30.236+0000) > > and cant one hit squish targets. I would say there is more of a problem if you can one hit them. the only ability/champ that should one hit somebody is Veigar against an all AP no MR which case more fool the enemy who went against a veigar with all AP and no MR! Guinsoo isn't about raw damage, its about high a.speed proccing much like wits end and the old Devourer and BotRK. Kayle and Jax benefit from rageblade as they have hybrid damage output. What champs are you building it on?
BlouCedd (EUNE)
: Armor vs Crit
Yeh it will. A simple example. You have 0% physical damage reduction and get hit for 300 damage and the crit multiplier is x2, you take 600 damage. if you have 20% physical reduction from armour and get hit for 300 damage. (im not sure whether it calculates how much damage the crit will do first, THEN reduce by armour, OR whether it will do armour reduction first and then crit damage?) but it is either (300 - 20%)x2 = (240)x2 = 480 OR (300x2) -20% = (600) - 120 which also = 480 Whatever the order of calculation, armour will reduce the physical damage you take, crit or no crit, hope that helped!
: the suffering that is facing an akali
It's just a bad match up mate. Yeah sure you can wreck an Akali easy pre-6, then again most champions can. But after 6, you need a champion that can go toe-to-toe with her level 6 power spike, something Gnar lacks. You only have one jump, she has 3 and unless you're in mega mode you are just a sitting duck waiting to be picked off by her relentless onslaught of dashes and no amount of boomerangs are going to save you! I main Renekton top and I don't think I've ever lost a lane to an akali. My level 6 powerspike > hers. The same could be said for Darius, Ryze, Mundo, Garen and many more who are just too tanky and have great level 6 powerspikes.
: flaming is in every division, even if your dia, youz still hear your dia 5 noob i am dia 1 eat it... makes no sense anyway
Well I'm in Plat currently and I feel like I hear Bronze-based insults more and more every match I play >_>
: I have seen this, yes. But more usually it is low Silvers who say it (in my experience) even though they all have the same MMR. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Haha, the Silver has some sort of superiority complex because his rank is slightly higher? Ignoring the fact they are in the same match because they are recognised as being at a similar skill level....weird
: Well smurfs can be an exception, but, point is, flaming goes a really long way beyond rank.
And yet people still insist on using "Bronze" as a standard insult
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: worse is when it's a lie instead of a "Y"
Yeah I've seen my fair share of that too "Report him, he said he will kill my mum" when nothing was said at all >.<
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Saying it is one of the search strings the bot checks for if you get reported. _report_ anivia is punishable. Also remember that the bot gets no sarcasm. So saying; I am so _trolling_(when you are 9/0/1) is a dumb thing too.
I doubt anybody will report the 9-0 player anyway though :p So his chat won't matter too much unless he was being offensive.
: Worse is when people go "Report X". They don't even tell us the "Y".
haha exactly, were they expecting everybody to be like "ok I will do just that!"
Remian (EUNE)
: A cry in the desert. People who need to know this don't go here mostly. Rito should put this as loading tip, _maybe_ then somebody would get it.
Maybe, although the loading tips don't stay on the screen very long, and the only one I can actually remember is "If you need 50 gold, you can destroy the enemy Nexus"
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Steel (EUW)
: The Soft Reset Is The Main Reason For Quitting This Game
The soft reset is absolutely fine, in the grand scheme of things, the 10 placements games you need to play at the beginning have such a minor impact on where you eventually end up that it's not even worth thinking about. You also said: "So it is like you have to work again to get what you already deserve." But you don't deserve DID deserve it last season, because that is what you achieved, but this is now a new season, you don't deserve anything, rank and status have to be earned anew every season, that is why it is called a "new season" And that is where the soft reset comes in to play, because it would be pointless to hard reset mmr, creating more negative situations for everybody: High MMR players have to play lots of games to climb to the highest heights again. Low MMR players have to play with the higher level players and face some crushing defeats. Middle MMR players get a little bit of both. So they do the soft reset to alleviate some of those issues. The alternative is to have no reset at all, which makes even less sense. We may as well just have one continuous season if there is no ladder reset of any kind, boosters will remain boosted, playing one game every so often to stay Diamond etc. Players who were very bad in their early LoL career and have a very low MMR which does not reflect their current skill level as they have improved, will be stuck at the very bottom for a very long time. Remember the soft reset which is something along the lines of (Current MMR + 1200) / 2 is actually a very simple, but very effective formula. The lower MMR players will start the season with a higher MMR than they finished with previously (remains true for up to an MMR of 1200 which will be 1200 after the soft reset.), giving them a better chance to show they have improved, without their previous bad season having too much of an effect. Then the higher MMR players will start with a lower MMR, knowing their skill level will inevitably mean they climb again. Hope this wasn't too much of a ramble, I just wanted to point out that the soft reset is actually very helpful to the players with lower MMR.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Yep agree. Maybe SexyTroll have infinite time or have no friends so he have no need for emergency situations. Also that he have external bateries which are not cheap thing, is saying he have most of his life behind the monitor. Dont take me wrong but i dont see writing a reasonable person with normal life writing like that.
There have been hundreds of players over the years asking for "harsher punishments for AFKs" and some sort of "compensation" for being on the losing team which had an AFK. Riot has NEVER decided to implement something to counteract this because nothing needs to be done. I wish everybody understood why there is no need to build a system around AFK players, and why I hope Riot never will implement such a system.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Well said sir! I had a crappy internet so i was out of a League for some time. Frustration of losing game and make my teamates frustrated is really bad feel. Troller who write "F--- it i go afk!" those are people who diserve harsh punish. But those who are out for some serious reason dont diserve it. Last time i was AFK with Udyr and i HAD TO LEAVE cause something in IRL happend ... and it was urget so i could not stayed. I was super fast dealing with it. And was try my best to catch up again and i did well. But we still losed and the feeling from it was sooo horible :/ God hate those situations.
Sometimes situations like that are unavoidable and you HAVE to leave the game or are forced out the game, which is why it doesn't make sense to give them harsher punishments. I'm not entirely sure what SexyTroll is trying to argue about, he seems to think somebody that has issues either with real life or their connection deserve harsher punishments because he lost one game to an AFK.
: 1 frustated idiot who make 4 others losing the game deserve a harder punishment! i never had a disconected for any reason, if you aford a pc to pleay league, you can aford a good network to!
are you retarded? a "good pc" and a "good network" can't stop power cuts or your ISP going down for maintenance or other issues...and I can't imagine the average League player has a UPS installed at their house in case of a power outage.
: AFK "mercy" mechanic. Saves you from 4v5 games!
One problem will be legitimate disconnect issues, one poor guys internet failed on him for 10 minutes, he is already extremely frustrated that the game is most likely lost already, when he finally gets back in he finds that the enemy team ruled Mercy and he gets an even harsher penalty. Nothing needs to be done for AFKs...if they do it a lot because they are THAT type of player who leaves the game when things are going bad, then Leaverbuster will deal with it when they are consistently reported. If somebody has a power cut or derpy interwebz they don't deserve harsher punishment as they will suffer enough with the frustration of losing the match.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I remember a visual bug with Vi ult... (was quite some time ago tho) It would display as if it were up, but actually be on CD. I think it happened somehow with me dying when initiating the cast. So even if it displayed as normally aviable, I had to wait for the CD (i couldn't see anywhere) before being able to cast it again. Not sure if this is something related, as the Vi one happened to me like 2 years ago or something.
Very possible, as I can't remember what happened prior to not being able to cast R it's highly possible it was a visual bug.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Smittles,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jZf16wAB,comment-id=000d00000000,timestamp=2016-03-04T12:43:56.895+0000) > > Agreed, I never normally have any problems climbing in to Diamond, yet this season it feels like a major up-hill struggle to get through Plat. I feel it's partly due to the new dynamic team creation and the solo player (like myself), there is even more of need to have a duo/trio team in ranked queues, playing solo is just a recipe for disaster and tilting to the max. Yeah its a lot harder for some reason to climb this season, I'm low silver getting matched up with people who were plat/gold last season. It's bullshit the matchmaking system. Best way to get some friends to climb with.
I was thinking the same, it seems you either need to be insanely lucky with matchmaking, or be a duo/trio of players to be able to climb successfully with.
: Vladimir - Yes or No?
I like Vlad, he is my go to champion top lane when our team is full of AD everywhere else, or when I play mid against Zed (he laughs all day against Zed as his pool can negate his entire ultimate if you press it before he lands on you with it) His early is a little crap as you said, so playing him top against a bruiser is risky, but if you can survive the early game with a good amount of creeps, you're in for a lovely mid-late game. Rylai's is a must in any build/situation because Vlad lacks reliable CC that isn't the slow from his pool.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Luck is very needed, luck is what gets you useful teammates etc. But yes, wins are also greatly needed ^^
Ah true, but because I play solo all the time I would rather rely on my own ability than pray for better teammates, which in previous seasons, was enough to climb. But this season that is not enough, I have to play each game hoping my team are at least semi-okay or it's going to be a loss?
: Maybe your staying too long in the top lane? I'm usually gone after 15 minutes and only come back to farm waves. Im ganking, taking jungle creeps and dragon.
Hmm maybe that is the case. Do you roam even if the tower is not down?
atreis (EUNE)
: Dont know what to say, to much smurf accounts, bad luck, bad day, a lot of factors.
I sincerely hope that is the case, since those things can all change easily at any time. Just a bit salty I think. I'll probably take a little break with the PoE expansion due in a few hours and then come back with a fresh mind once I've played that into oblivion. Thanks for the reply, even taking a few deep breaths and reading the reply has calmed me down a little from a few minutes ago when I was bashing the keyboard typing the post :P
Mepodis (EUW)
: Your luck has unfortunatly run out :(
Pfft no luck needed, wins however, are greatly needed!
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Dareals (EUW)
: Also in plat 5-4-3. Trust me I know.
Agreed, I never normally have any problems climbing in to Diamond, yet this season it feels like a major up-hill struggle to get through Plat. I feel it's partly due to the new dynamic team creation and the solo player (like myself), there is even more of need to have a duo/trio team in ranked queues, playing solo is just a recipe for disaster and tilting to the max.
: [here, have a 5 mins doodle of STAR GUARDIAN LUX after reading this thread ;3]( click the sentence above to see :v
Yay thank you, feel free to post any more doodles you create
Ťεεmσ (EUW)
: It's supposed to be Vel'Koz?
obviously it's a Christmas Vel'Koz, I should hope Riot can see your talent and have already got in contact with you.
: YESSSSS... Nailed it! {{champion:33}} I-DEN-TI-CAL!
The strain in his eyes is real! Very good picture sir.
Dr Marulje (EUNE)
: That renekton looks rly nice :) This is my attempt {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I like it! can tell who it is a mile off with that evil smile
: Hope that's not an issue of who I main. You'd be surprised how different I am from other Teemo players.
Not bothered at all by who you main, the picture is lovely!
: Sup with the weird caps as if your tying to send us a msg but either I'm too dumb to get it or it really doesn't make any sense. PAINTings . . Hmm. . PAAIIINT-ings . . Yep, I don't get it.
If you read the rules, one of them states the pictures must be done in yeah it was just a play on words that's all.... The other words in the actual post are just to highlight the key words of the rules.
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