: Then they should make the same with salty people like you so you can have your flame fiestas instead of actually playing each game xD
I wouldn't mind as I'm pretty sure that most of those flamers would be actually better than having trolls. I play to win the game and having trolls just don't help at all, besides I've invested my time and money to win the game not to have trolls mess the game up for me for their own amusement and nothing happens to trolls as it's not an offence according to you.
DutchPro (EUW)
: What I got from this topic: You are making excuses for flaming. I dont care what happens in your games, the only thing you are able to change is YOUR behaviour. You flame, I am happy you got chat restricted. I dont care how many inters and trolls you have in your game, because others break rules, you should 2? It's a spiral downwards
lol my behaviour is triggered by other people's attempt to troll and ruin my fun. I bet you are among those trolls who join a game just to mess with other people.
: If he tells you to kill yourself just report for hate speech, gonna end up with a 14day ban/perma quite quuckly.
He didnt get anything because I didnt get any notification that my report when throu and that he was ban or anything.
Lexient (EUW)
: wishing a more strict ban policy
I think riot should add the option to report for trolling as well, if a player got a certain amount of report for troll in a short amount of time, they should be queued with people with the same troll attitude.
Dedaviol (EUNE)
: It's worth mentioning that even when someone says something along the lines "I go troll" it still doesn't mean they really are trolling. See, a lot of people would rather say they do something wrong on purpouse than admit they made a mistake. However, threatening to go troll is in itself a sign of bad attitude, and therefore a reportable offense.
Yeah but most troll would say they would troll in champ selection a few seconds before the game start and they actually do.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Then again, who is to say whether someone trolls or nah. :/ And what does flaming change if they indeed are determined to troll. For the most part that's just the reaction they'd want.
Well, when that guy tell you in champ select that he is gonna troll the game at 1 second before the game start OR when in game, he refuses to help other teammates but rather run around the map using flash to cross over walls just for the fun of it. Or when he tells you to %%% when you ask him to regroup. I don't know are those reasons good enough? Yeah flaming won't change the fact that he won't stop trolling but in that moment he wanted to tilt you and you confronted him.
flag (EUW)
: I received a 10 game mute, can someone tell me where the limits are?
To be fair, you guys are only seeing part of the chat. If you saw all chat during that time, you would probably underestand why some players would be frustrated at such a point of flaming. And some of the stuff said isn't even worth the chat restriction. Riot should add the option to disable chat where you don't even see the chat box and the comments of other people. In a competitive ranked game, it's frustrating when you are trying your best to win the game and you get that one guy who would feed but still flame you and that can trigger you to flame twice as much as they did but you will be the one who will get reported as you've been flaming alot more than that other guy.
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: So you want to punish people for playing good?
Nope but punishing smurfs and boosters yeah.
: My method takes a random server on their IP (one of the many EUW servers) . If there is a problem with any of the other servers you won't see that. The Command Prompt ping checker is useful for checking if there might be an Internet problem on your end, it might not see a problem on their end. I've used if for 4 years now and it's always been accurate, since 9/10 times if you have high ping it's a problem on your end, and not 's servers de problem.
Right now I'm having high pings on LoL but on other games I have the same ping I usually have.
Afelers (EUNE)
: ^that and when someone creates an account in a different region they obviously won't be placed in platinum instantly
When somebody creates a new account on a different region, they can use their IP to see if that person already has an account on that server. If they are playing solo on that account and climbing, there's no problem. But if that person is duoing with only 1 person then there's a problem.
: And how would you detect smurfs? IP doesnt work, multiple people can have the same IP.
Well it is obvious when somebody is a smurf, how many games in a row can you get 20 kills+, lowest death in your team+ loads of assists? A bronze player won't have the same csing skill as a plat+ player, right?
Vulpine (EUW)
: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2017/12/ask-riot-ping-and-a-stolen-key/
Thanks for the link, really insightful and confusing at the same time. On the link, they mentioned "We may have (to pick a rough number) 1000 game servers in a particular region, and you don’t know which server your game is on until the end of champ select"; however Player3Thomas provided me with a way that determines my ping without going on tutorial and it was accurate as I've just checked it.
: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4efy17/how_to_check_your_ping_without_getting_into_the/ Press the windows key + R(to open the Run menu) Type in "cmd" and press enter. Copy and paste this into the black window using right click and press enter. ping -t Now you will see your ping time to the Euw server. For Eune use this ip: For Na use this ip:
Thanks man, really appreciate it. However, it would have been easier if there was just a button on the client where you clicked on and it does that automatically.
: Banning smurfs is not doable.
Well if somebody makes a smurf account to play ranked with their friends, they are basically boosting their friends. Boosting isn't allowed as far as I know.
: You know not all people smurf to beat lower rank players right? I don't enjoy it. It's pretty boring. At bronze/silver I imagine it's no different than silver players playing normals or bots. I made a new smurf because I wanted an account seperate from my friends that I will NEVER duo on. I can't just have a new account start at dia, so I have to grind my way up there. I don't want to be in silver anymore than anyone wants me there. Blame riot, not the smurfs.
Seems to me you are trying to boost your friend. If you don't wanna duo with him in ranked for whatever reason, you can still play with him in normals.
: I hate smurfs, does not matter in my team or enemy, if we have high smurf and get carried it's a bad game, it's a win we did not deserve , if enemy has a smurf that carry them + they dare to say GG after game I just want to find where they live and burn these buildings down. Smurfing in League is the same as going back to preschool, do finger paintings with 4 year old's and feel super happy when teacher says that your painting was the best
lol I had the same analogy xD
aTaQ (EUW)
: Matchmaking
That's interesting because I find myself dealing with the same issue. However everytime I get to s1 near my promo, the matchmaking system set me in team with players who are bronze 1, silver 5 but in enemy team they have players who are s3-s1. I've noticed that after I was doing really well in ranked, where i've won 17 games in 20 games played. So i'm not sure how the matchmaking system works but it does try to set me behind.
: Riot tolerates smurfs, but they arent fans of it. I dont see them supporting them or making it easyer for them.
Should ban smurfs account! You should be able to play only on one account. Why play in different accounts? Some smurfs would let their account in low elo to boost. Some would troll games because they need that account in a particular low elo. Btw it's no fun when you are a low elo player trying to climb and you have to play against a smurf in enemy team.
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IuStrenght (EUNE)
: What am i doing wrong
If you want to improve your game, visit mobalystics where to tell you how you are performing in your games and it gives you some tips how to improve and there are videos as well to help you out. :) I know some people will disagree but its just my personal opinion. ^_^
: Well lets talk about diffrent scenario, for example you will require 15 games to play this champion on ranked. But what if i get autofilled and i didnt played at least 15 games with any legit support, Sejuani support? Warwick Support? Twitch support? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
That's where riot should be focused, getting autofill shouldn't put your team at a disadvantage because you can't play all the champs in the game. You can't be good in all lanes. You have the option to pick 2 roles you main and a secondary, that's where riot should put you in. There are lots of games and people queuing going simultaneously, you should be able to find a role that fits between your primary and your secondary. Right now I feel like riot is more focus on getting players in games asap rather than putting a player in a team that they fit in. If you get set in an off role position, maybe riot can make players play a mandatory certain of games on sups as well just in case you get autofill as sup. As long as a player have a certain knowledge of how to play a champ it's all good. they tried their best and lose it's all good but its unfair to you and your teammates that gets a player that fed enemy team because of no knowledge of a champion. If you wanna try a new a champ, you have the option to play them in normals, in ranked it's about competitiveness so don't try them in ranked!
: Couple of things to keep in mind: -I got all champs but i almost never played soraka, means that i can't pick soraka for a teammate if i wanted cuz i didn't have enough games on her. -A new champ comes out and usually people pick it up in ranked cuz it comes out abit stronger than it should and most people don't know what it really is capable of(not saying it's a good idea but it happens), with this people just couldn't play new champs in ranked. -People with smurfs, they might have alot of mastery points in alot of junglers, make a new account and start to play ranked but has a small pool of champions that he can pick since as a new account you dont get that much BE to buy champs and those that you just bought you'll need to play alot of games in normal for the ranked system to let you play it(even tho you might play it alot in your main) -People who play what's meta usually haven't touched the champ till it got buffed and played all over.
Yeah I know what you mean, having all champs but you dont play most of them. But I had main junglers who played most jungle champs and had decent win rate in games but they decided to play a new role like mid as a champion in mid got buffed in a patch. They don't know the match up, how to use the champ in different scenarios and how to play in tf. This set a team in a big disadvantage. I know that I'm not a high elo player, but in the elo that I am in currently most players prefer to chase for kills in late gam that play for objectives. I had players that would ignore team fights to farm jungle even tho they had full items while enemy team is hard pushing lanes. In higher elo, people do know the mechanics of the champions they are playing(most of the time) but in low elo if you do play well and have positive kda, get objectives but have 2 team mates that is hard feeding because they are not used to a champion it sets you back as you are behind in gold than the enemy champs that has been fed, lower dmg output due to the fact that they have more items than you. I try my best to farm early>team fight>objectives but it's hard when your own team fed enemy team within 5 mins in games. People with smurf they will have to play on a new account with few champion pools, they cant play ranked before level 30 so they have plenty of time to play a champion enough times to get in ranked and play that champion. Beside, do you think it's fair for low elo players to have a smurf carrying your opponent team due to the fact that he is master and you are down in bronse,silver and gold ? How is that fair ? You are meant play with team that's the same elo than you not having elo boosters in the game and watch enemy team getting carried because they have a challenger smurf and you have a team with people same elo as you in your team. People might play champs that are meta but if you are not good with a champ, you won't be able to achieve what high elo champs are able to do as you have low knowledge of the game when to freeze lane, when to gank, when to poke enemy team in lane phase, where to position in team fight, map awareness, when to use a skill and in what circumstances you should use it, on what champion to use your skills because you are unfamiliar with that champion and it's match up. A lot of players flames, I do and I've bee punished for it and I accept the concequences. The number of flames would be reduce if players were able to get a teams with who are comfortable with the champion that they are comfortable with. That way both parties are trying hard to win and best one win. Compared to where you have 3 team mates that are trying hard to win the game with champions that they are comfortable with and playing a role that they are used to and 2 team mates who are playing a champion that they are never played before but playing it because they saw people on youtube playing them or a recent buff.
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I Am Ravi (EUW)
: Haha, that's for Pokémon Emulators
If you need cheats for Pokémon you need to get banned. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I Am Ravi (EUW)
: Error code: 003 patching bug
YOU HAVE A CHEAT FOLDER !!!! BAN PLEASE !{{sticker:draven-pose}}
Netkous (EUW)
: Just a tip, it is pretty hard to have a winrate above 67% AND BELOW 33%. What would it mean ...?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nephian,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3qjEEAfF,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-17T16:41:37.947+0000) > > So, it's okay to lose full lp when you are playing with only 3 players in the team ? :/ Or Maybe the consequences of being afk in ranked games should be a lot more severe. Trying hard to win, waste 30 minutes to lose because you have 2 players down. Yes its okay. Because in the long run u will play more games against teams with afker than with those teams.
Naah mate, I don't get that luck... I'm the unlucky dude that ends up with afkers most of the time or trollers. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nephian,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3qjEEAfF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-17T16:01:18.889+0000) > > Yeah, don't mind as long as it's fair. Losing same lp as a full team when you are 2 players short kinda blows.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} But u do realize that means opponent can dictate if u gonna get full LP or not? Your lane opponent can get salty at any moment cause u are beating him and go afk to screw your LP.
So, it's okay to lose full lp when you are playing with only 3 players in the team ? :/ Or Maybe the consequences of being afk in ranked games should be a lot more severe. Trying hard to win, waste 30 minutes to lose because you have 2 players down.
: Then if enemy team has afk you gain less lp as well.
Yeah, don't mind as long as it's fair. Losing same lp as a full team when you are 2 players short kinda blows.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: I got 14 days banned for this ?
Okay, well thanks. I didn't know what i did was that wrong that deserved to be banned. Chat restriction would had been okay punishment for this much flame. I understand that part of it seems like really bad and in moment of frustration I've said it out loud, which i apologies for. Trying hard in games and still losing them because team mates can't deliver because they picked champs they don't know how to play or because they don't want to cooperate is really frustrating and I've showed my frustration in one game. So i think that getting ban for the flame of one game is ridiculous. But anyway, thanks for the replies guys.
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