Oddie (EUW)
: I didn't get my dominion icon
i had 100+ wins but i didnt get as well , im gonna head to support and see
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: Hub Displaying Wrong?
Same problem . still not fixed . i just hope it get fixed next Patch
: Time of Ban Being Lifted
My opinion 3 , most likely because of : 1.busy Rito 2:Lag/slow connection between riot and server.
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Petsho (EUW)
: I actually wanted to try him in URF... And I am still going to, fuk u i do what i want
i actually got my account stolen by a hacker on URF times , missed most of it but tried abit of champs :I well i got it back by rito help . THANK U RIOT !!
: actually ignite used to work on monsters a LONG time ago.
yea i remember it was 2011-2012 . now i tell my friends , they wont believe . BUT I GOT PROOF NOW :DDD
: I tried to use smite on people. Thanks for adding items that make that dream a reality rito. I also spent way too much time trying to give items to my tower, considering towers also have 6 item slots. Ah, and I didn't know that pressing the spacebar would center on my champ again. My mouse would derp off to the side of the screen, and I'd see nothing but trees anymore, and I had no idea where my champ was. And as much as I moved my mouse, I'd only see endless trees. So I relogged whenever that happened. Like, 25x per game. And that's how I got my first ban for AFK xD Those were the days.
The camera control thing : 360 no scope xD
: Post your "When i was a noob"
When i was noob i would : 1.Cry and shout GG Easy if we have a jungler (i thought 2-1-2 is the only good meta , others are troll :D) and thought smite {{summoner:11}} is for people unable to cs!!!! :DDD 2.Cry and shout GG Easy if we have a guy from Poland :DDDD ( it was that polish guys are universally noobs) 3.think that team with more number/value of skins have bigger chance of winning ( thouhgt that if this guy has skin he is pro , so more skins = more pros :DDDDD) 4.Buy 6 GiantBelts for everychamp :D .{{item:1011}} Precious memories . i cry from laughing when i remember them .
Petsho (EUW)
: No gold, no exp, have to recall right away, huge chance of enemy jungler coming by who then kills you and steals dragon. Sounds like something you should do!
But of course . Mistakes could happen :I
: it's impressive but my question would be would it be worth to get dragon @lvl 1
: Level 1 Solo Dragon with EVERY Champion (Patch 5.5)
Seems Average . But i know best Champion to solo drake{{summoner:11}} is Reksai {{champion:421}} (level4 , double buffs and certain items {{item:3713}} ) Just Search on Youtube :)
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