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: 4v5 is easy, i que into ranked to 1v9. Thats how it should be. try it. Every game lost is because of you and never your team, according to every smurf and coach. With that mindset, every loss you think. What do i need to do to carry 0/15 inters or a afk in your case, which is easier case and boom, ur suddenly diamond. its not a team game low elo and it never will be.
and again do u win ever 4vs5 u get? i dont, and i dont queue to ranked to play a 4vs5 i queue to play a 5vs5. but sure i need to go to ranked and carry people with same/higher elo than me, k.
: So recognizable ;-) Advice: Stop playing ranked. With a lot a pain and agony I became Silver, took me over 500 games of which 80% is just like you describe. Now I am Silver I just do not play ranked anymore ;-)
the problem is u shouldnt stop playing cause of %%%%heads, i want this changed and its so ez to change, but riot just wants to make money, this game is going to start losing players so fast.
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v4lge (EUW)
: Well i have dc'd once in the past where my power was cut out for 5 hours, so yes, no RC-ing withing 25 minutes is possible. So about the second part, where you had to attack me. I have enough attention, thank you, but it takes awhile to get into games, so i come here to read unneccesary whiny pointless posts that do nothing for the person writing and reading( except some entertainement). You whining on boards wont make the game more playable, dont play if its not enough ''playable'' for you. I find that the game is playable, dude is afk or not, its still a 1v9, unless u duo. Then its a 1v9, except you cant flame ur duo. As a coach said, its never your team, so be happy that the 0/3 guy didnt go 0/13 and give more kills, instead he just went afk, more chances for a win. Thats it my love, might be illogical at times or bad english, wrote this quickly going into a game. ADIOS my love.
dude, IF MY TEELING U ITS RAGE QUIT, CAUSE ITS RAGE QUIT, a dc happens in middle of something, doesnt happens when u died 2 times in a row in 2 min ok? just made a ranked guess what? rage quitter after someone died the 2nd time, i dont queue to ranked to do a fking 4vs5 BUT YEAH I COME WHINING IN THE BOARDS TO SEE IF RIOT DOES SOMETHING. FK THIS GAME FK RIOT.
: you do realise that 1 report has the same 'power' as 100 reports?
and? if the report is legit there shouldnt be a difference, but still if a player recieves like 20+ report for afk in multiple games it should be a warning sign, but fk no.
v4lge (EUW)
: Maybe, he had multiple connection issues and 1 rage quit games? Deal with it and move on, whining on boards wont help.
ofc its always connection issues games that have 30min long and he is at level 3, sure he takes more than 25min to RC to a game, u can see when its rage quit, dont tell otherwise, u go 0/1 or 0/2 and u imediatly leave its RAGE QUIT, but yeah its my fault for still playing this game. im whining on this board cause i love the game, but u are here cause? no attencion? i just want to make the game more playable, i want to go to ranked and even if i lose feel like i play a good game like a 5vs5 i dont want go to ranked to play a 4vs5 or 3vs5 or have someone raging or inting, okay?
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Players rage quit/afk because there is no punishment for it; leaver buster isn't a punishment and especially in silver, we can find players often quitting the game because they die 2-3 times in first few mins or jg not ganking; I play support and from silver 4 to gold 4, guess what I have seen ADC players going in 1v2, to die and then quit or just afk after 3 mins that game isn't remade, because I played {{champion:143}} or {{champion:518}} support and even when I say I don't know other supports, they flame and quit. Even if we give screenshot or video evidence for submitting a ticket, about a player saying they're going to quit and then quitting it won't be considered for ban,as they're the major cause for team to lose-the reply will be something like "Oh! That's bad and we've the most cruel punishment for this behavior-leaver buster".
and is that normal? u go afk u deserve some kind of punishment, but he did this 3 times in 7 days cmon i lost 30sec to see that, riot can do it in 5, but yeah a player can do that and nothing happens tippical rito just release more skins for lux that will solve this shitty problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=SnailDealer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UEMYyI6J,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-02T12:04:33.151+0000) > > what part of rage quit u dont get it? u instant die the 2nd time and left, WE HOLD THE GAME FOR MORE 25MIN!!! did he came back? NOPE. when my power goes down, i try always to reconect, even im my crappy pc is 5min. but ok dies 2nd time and insta leaves is "normal" And how would you prove the difference? I can just pull my ethernet and the system wont be able to tell the difference. The leaver has no problem with pulling the connection since he wont be able to start another game anyways.
how about in chat a "fk this im going afk" ? does that change something? or a history of 3 games afk in 7 days. i lost 30sec to check his profile and see he did this alredy multiple times, but riot doesnt give a %%%.
: you do realise that you don't get banned for afkng right? also, 1 report has the exact same 'power' as 100 reports
if a afker is on ur team in solo/duo how many reports does he get? at least all of ur team, btw 3 games in 7 days where u go afk u deserve a punishment, but sure game is unplayble, cant do 2 ranked games in a row where its a actual game 5vs5 either team will get a troll/int/afk/or hardcore flamer. but riot never does shit, they just release skins, i love this game but every season its more unplayable
LuckyChloe7 (EUNE)
: Riot doesn't care anymore
100% truth, i got a player in ranked who rage quit 3 games in 7 days and he still playing. riot doesnt care more about ur experience in game, they just want to release some skins for lux and milk the most money they can.
: Most of those that are lost - are the games when some1 in the team was already losing lane and most likely it would be lost in any case ofc if enemy wouldn't make some stupid mistakes
the game could be 0/20 i dont care, u rage quit u need to be punished, the amount of comebacks i did in this game is huge, i've won games where the score was 1/20. so nothing is impossible if u play as a team and smartly. u dont queue in ranked to give up on the first problem u have.
: So if my power cut 3 times in a week I should get permabanned? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
what part of rage quit u dont get it? u instant die the 2nd time and left, WE HOLD THE GAME FOR MORE 25MIN!!! did he came back? NOPE. when my power goes down, i try always to reconect, even im my crappy pc is 5min. but ok dies 2nd time and insta leaves is "normal"
: I've won a 3vs5 game. It was a long game, but 3 decent players is enough for the win
and, even if u won he deserves a punishment, but yeah 3 afk games in a week is normal and riot doesnt care.
: I've won a 3vs5 game. It was a long game, but 3 decent players is enough for the win
sure but are u obligated to win a 4vs5 or 3vs5 cause someone rage quits? i've won 4vs5 too, but how many of them u lose?
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: No point in arguing with JustClone. He always defends riot and is not even here on his real account, so clearly he has something to hide.
yeah i checked his profile after i respond, prob wants some free skins from being the white knight of riot
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not think that this mentality is healthy. After all this is just a game. And you should not forget this. You need to look at the League as just a game... Common sense should tell you that real life events are more important. What if your relatives drop in to see you? You will say "Just sit down dawgs, I will put the table in 20 min, need to CLIMB now..."? If you gf pays you a surprise visit? You say "Beachhhhhhh pls, put your clothes back on, I need to carry this shit"? If your dad want to hear how you are doing, what do you do? "Not nawwwww madafoka, call you later, baiiiiii"? If you boss calls you to ask for something urgent? "%%%%% IM BUSY...CYA MONDAY"? It is sad if you do stuff like that... It is even more sad if in your personal life nothing like this happens... Again, this what you do is extremely unhealthy... Think about changing the way you think.
can u read? or u just want to force ur opinion on others? there are differences on the afk. THERE ARE THE TOXIC ONES and the others. I said if someone just said fk this ill troll/afk permaban. Still if u leave in mid game, 14day mininum. Cant help u more than this, if u cant read not my problem, btw my opinion is my opinion i dont need tho change the way i think cause u dont like, if i queue to a ranked is cause i want to win not just to play, so when i queue to a ranked i know i can play that game until the end, my relatives/friends/family dont appear from nothing, they call, if they want to do something they dont expect to snap their fingers and BOOM here i am free. but ok in my family/friends people are organized.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I told you, even I have to go afk from time to time. Most people do. For the several thousand games I have played, I have enough afk games for 40 to 80 perma bans... Do you really think, that I deserve this? Just because I have to go every now and then?
yes. i never never had enter a ranked and left, and all my friends the same thing, its not normal u queue to a ranked with the chance to leave mid game.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I am asking you, my friend. For a solution... It is important what you think.
permaban if u do afk on purpose.
JustClone (EUNE)
: So let me see if I understood your mentality well enough. If I need to leave my game, and I tell my team that I am leaving... Perma ban? Don't you think this is a bit stupid? I mean, since Season 2... I would have deserved at least dozen of permanent bans... Just because I said I am leaving, in the middle of the game... This isn't right, is it? Can you stop and think for a moment, and tell me do you really think perma ban is the solution? ** Edit: I was thinking about this ... I leave about ~1 % of my games. I have 0.5 to 1k games per year. For the last 8 years this is 40-80 perma bans for me.**
so u start a ranked when i have to leave in 20min? and if someone dies one time and just say fk this ill go afk, so other 4 people have to lose the ranked cause the other is trolling. What does he deserve? a pat in the back and a better luck next time?
JustClone (EUNE)
: I wonder what solution would you suggest for people going afk?
people afk is hard to judge, if in chat theres no flame or toxic or saying fk this ill go afk, might be a pc/net problem, if they said on chat ill go afk permaban
: Curious why players still say 'ez' .... in ARAM
Its just a "ez" does it really hurt you that bad? u can just ignore them, now thats ez.
: This is true, the game goes until the moment such a player falls into the team. If he is in the opposing team, then you win; if he falls into your team, you lose. Always like this. The reports do not work, or they do not work correctly for such players, they feel that they will not be punished for what they do. NEED TO STRENGTHEN PUNISHMENT, NO mercy for SUCH PEOPLE. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
so true game is finished and decided when u press play.
: No mate, I've been on the receiving end, and been a witness to, people flaming the weakest link of their team every match. I play jungle in ranked so I'm usually on the receiving end of the hurt, tho usually it's laners blaming other laners for dying and/or losing lane. League is a zero sum game, and people don't understand this: in order for you to win lane, the enemy has to lose lane. In order for you to get a kill, the enemy has to die. No matter what happens in a match, SOMEONE is gonna have a negative KDA and probably get flamed. The only time you don't see it is when your entire team is winning. And you can't just expect your team to all be winning and/or ahead every single time.
when u see someone instant flaming and being toxic on a first death check their match history, im telling they are tilted from past games, i know its not a excuse, but still they are being that way because last games the problem was there, and because of that now they are creating a new problem on a new game... its a shitstorm solo/duo nowadays, i just cant play it anymore, i cant enjoy ranked, i know only 1/10 games is a decent 5vs5 and that game is the 50/50 to win. Others 9/10 game is decided when u press play, and doesnt matter how much good and fed u are, cause ur team for every kill u get will die twice, cause " i dont care about this game " or " you didnt heard a ping 1s before the gank" or simply cause ur not playing how they wanted. People nowadays in ranked they cant get even get carried... I did a recent game with duo bot, our bot was like 6/0 but still the other 3 had died 5 times each in like 10/15min. And when i asked to play safe? "fk no" cause i play as i want and im going straight down the tower in mid...
Uraraka (EUNE)
: If we are playing a game together and even if I am writing "I am going to troll/feed/afk" and then do it somehow it is "hard" detect this. Even if you submit a ticket with video/screenshots, the reply will be that they had "bad" games and didn't ruin the game intentionally. This is a big problem especially in low elo and that one troll/feeder/afk can lose the game for the team. I understand that toxicity is serious problem and we have a good punishment system for it; a similar system for troll/feeder/afk should be made soon or ranked games will become normal games with visible ranks.
exactly! like oh yeah that garen with 6 pair of boots that is 0/20/0 had a bad game. Like yesterday i had 5 games in a row where 1 player with his attitude cost me the game, how am i suppose to keep it "cool". One of the major problems with toxic players is the troll ones, i play this game since 2011 and i rarely see any toxicity that isnt towards to a troll player. 1/10 times is someone who just flames when someone dies 1 time, but even that if u check their profile they lost a game due to a troll and are tilted. Riot just wants the money, and now created the TFT to change the attention to a serious problem, like i love this game, but fk me, this game is just ruined and unplayable
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: they get 14 days ban if they get caught , problem is that even if it's that hard for them to detect someone who troll , they still don't ban people permanent for ruining games intentionally. In my opinnion this game would get to other standard of plays and gameplay , and toxicity , if the troll/grief intentionally would be permanent banned instant ,people would get those players much more faster banned ,the amount of people who would run troll behaviour would decrease significantly , as no one would have courage as a normal player to run such behaviour and ban a high level account with much champions,rune pages ,skins for nothing.
i agreed with u, permaban on them, but they dont get caught, i followed some acc that trolled on my game and they still play games on them. they can jus troll and dont get punished
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