: By your failed spelling and how clueless you are about what could be the cause you seem at most 15 so i dont expect you to get it. As someone who can read all this i just get pissed this is the type of players we have, go be ashamed of yourself and maybe just stop talking about your dong in game if you dont want that perma next time.
i got a perma ban, withoud getting a 2 weeks ban
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: lol, the amount of games has nothing to do with the ban You're toxic -> you get banned
no but i mean the amount of penalties
: Snikker, riot makes use of a zero tolerance policy when it comes to certain words due to them being considered unacceptable or downright illegal (under hatespeech laws) in certain countries. I'm fairly certain that the word %%%got is on said list and therefore not to be used in the in-game chat for whatever purpouse. Furthermore the 14 day suspension is because of riot's policy when it comes to dealing with toxicity in general. They don't care much about past behaviour, but instead focus on severity of the issue. Since the bot detected what is considered to be hate speech it was basically automatically given permission to skip punishment tiers and instantly go for a 2 week ban. This will, by riot, also be considered as your last warning when it comes down to what they consider to be "extreme toxicity" as the next ban will likely result in a perma. There are a few posts floating around on the boards that give a tad more insight into how this all works in case you're interested. Apart from that there is little anyone on the boards could do for you and your case
i wanted to say, i am perma banned and not 2 weeks, i never had a 2 weeks ban
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