Snow1094 (EUW)
: Gift animation while having to ban
The game right after I get this: Now I'm on a 30 minute timer and more lp lost. This is getting really annoying riot. 35 minutes wasted is too much. I never got a client crash before and now I get why my friends get so mad when it happens to them. Rediculous.
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Snow1094 (EUW)
: LF people to get diamond quick
: This is clearly elo boosting. I hope u get banned for posting those things. Nice try buddy ;)
you are kidding right?
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Zagzagg (EUNE)
: ***
A Weiner?? Man i only play this roles and i am platinum now!! Lol weiner
: Bad players feders rage quiters..
Yes it is like this everywhere, you should consider quitting
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: Should I be permanently banned for this?
I think getting actually banned from the game just for talking shit is stupid. It's just stupid. What is achieved through this? Nothing, you just create a new account. Granted you get opportunities not to make the same mistake by flaming this much, but really this is not proportionate. Bans should be giving ONLY for gameplay related things, such as cheating/scripting/feeding/trolling NOT chat. Chat related infractions = chat restrict Game related infractions = game restrict This is stupid. OP obviously had enough reasons for flaming. Come at me keyboard warriors.
: Same thing. Imagine if you're getting shit on by enemies, and then they just go ahead and roast you for no reason other than to make you feel bad for their entertainment.
dreamsu (EUNE)
: Anybody you electronics shop 'Powercity'? yeah never buy there
You can normally refund any electronical product within 7 days without even giving a reason for it. That's EU law at least.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: My wife doesn't like League anymore
It hasn't become more toxic, you just qq more
Najns (EUW)
: No, if someone flames I mute them and report them later. Flame is flame and deserves a punishment, so don't be surprised if you get reported.
Don't be surprised if you get ganked! PS. I always ward my lane Cheers!
: Look man, talking shit isn't fun for everyone else but you. I'm sure you had this happen. You did bad in one game, and your fed teammate started to talk shit. How did that make you feel? Was it FUN for you to get shit on by your teammates verbally after getting shit on by your enemies mechanically.
You have no idea how many laughs my mates have had because our opponent was roasting one of our own because of his play... And I have mentioned already, I rarely make mean comments towards my own team. I only point out their mistakes, and give them props when props are due.
StewHaze (EUW)
: "I've seen people getting 14 day bans for this shit. Fucking unreal. Especially if they dump money on this game. Give me a break." I got a perm ban for telling somebody to go back to playing rob lox I was VERY toxic previous to this and had a few bans, completely down to my own fault and because of that I lost over £500 worth of skins and extras on my main account. Xmas morning, I added a £20 LOL card from my girlfriends sister, bought dj sona, had one game, went upstairs for a smoke, come back down for another game 15 minutes later - PERM BEN I think the bans need to be looked at as i think a perm ban for giving the enemy a bit of aggro is a bit harsh, you do not see this in any other sport in the world, in fact rivalry is part of most sports irl.
I feel ya. Meanwhile there is people out there, with 0$ spent on their account, using scripts and cheats. They get banned too, but so what? Just make a new account to script and cheat with for the next 3 months. It's rediculous. Cheers!
: _"I don't even know how many games I've won because I can tilt some guy with a one liner"_ funny story: a few weeks ago, me top cho vs. top tahm. he outfarms me, outplays me and start harrasing me in all-chat "cho noob" "cho noob" "look your CS" etc. end of story: i killed this guy two times, he didn't kill me once. and we won the game, too. so much about trying to tilt people. won't work against a mental stable player :P
Exaclty bro, exactly. But! Did you report this Tahm? I don't think you did. Because you are mentally stable and don't need to pull yourself up through these things. Cheers!
Najns (EUW)
: Wow are you really telling me to stop playing lol cause I don't like flame.? Why I play it.? For fun, not to make people flame me. You might not want to comment on the summoner's code, but violating it still gets you reported (:
Yes I am. Flaming to you is, by definition, anything being said towards anyone that has even the slightest negative connotation. You claim that it doesn't matter to you if it's directed towards your team, or if your team is doing it themselves, if it's towards you, or towards anyone else, it still creates a negative experience for you. I used the baseline that every other game there is at least one such person, who is by your definition, flaming. From that I must conclude that by default **every other game you play**, is ruined, wether you win or lose. All this is drawn from things **YOU** said. So I'm just wondering why you play a game that half of the time is a bad experience by **default**. It's your loss not mine.
: It was sarcasm..
Sarcasm? I'm sorry I don't know what that is. Cheers!
: you play 5 man premade? I know your type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn't utter a single line on their own. safety in numbers.
A lot of people here appear to know my "kind". It's funny. Cheers for generalising! I love it!
Najns (EUW)
: "did u lose tutorial or why are u this bad? ebay?" you call this talking shit in good spirit.? It might not ruin a game for you, but it does tomany players. "Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat" is part of the summoners code. And it ruins the game even if I'm on the winning team.
Yes I do. To many players who are in my opinion lacking in confidence. If this ruins your game, then why play? I don't know the numbers, but I'd say 50% of games contains a flamer by your definition. So that means by default 50% of your games are "ruined". You should uninstall mate. I'm not going to comment on the summoner's code. Cheers
: Ohh. "you got me" i feel so "dumb" right now...
And so you should! Give it a read tho. It's not structured but maybe there is more in there than you expected from the title. Cheers!
Remian (EUNE)
: > If I rek you, I'm gonna trigger you. >If you rek me, I can deal with whatever shit you throw at me too. Haha, yeah sure, I know your kind. Dies three times in a row and starts tilting with "come 1v1 m8". M8 doesn't come and things start getting hilarious. I rarely report such people though, they are more fun to win against than "report mah team" crowd.
If I ever died 3 times in a row, your comment would be valid. Alas. I find it funny how much you generalise. Almost as much as me. Cheers!
Najns (EUW)
: Well then you ruin a game for 5 people. And it doesn't matter to me if someone flames me, my team or the enemy team. Flame is flame. I don't want people to have a negative experience just cause someone finds it "fun" to flame them.
Absolutely not true. When I get rekt in lane and my opponent asks me "did u lose tutorial or why are u this bad? ebay?" Am I gonna let this guy ruin my game? Of course not. I'm gonna tell my buddy PJ to camp my lane and cook this guy an egg. If you let your game be ruined by having the opponent top laner talk shit to yours, because he is getting rekt in lane... Well honestly I find it weak. Negative experience? Give me a break bro. The only negative experience you're having is losing that particular game. Don't talk yourselves up thinking the negative experience was caused by the other guy talking shit. You feel bad because you lost the game. And I draw a, albeit a thin one, line between flaming, and talking shit in good spirit. Just like I give props when they are due and point out a mistake if it occurs.
: ummmm...aight then...i mean this came out from no where but yeah...more power to u my
Ayyyy lmao mate! I made this post cause I've been browsing boards for a few days and the most threads I see concern some guy being toxic and actually being suspended from the game. It amuses me. It's not gonna help all you hit is their pride. Just like racism, in most cases, toxicity is a consequence, not a cause. This is my honest opinion. Cheers!
Najns (EUW)
: It might be "fun" for you, but it you make other people feel bad. You ruin a game for 9 people cause you think it's "fun".? There is NO need to be rude to people just cause you find it "fun". "This lee the reason they nerfed the jungle" really.? I'd report you if you said that.
First of all, 9 people? As if. I probably play 5 men premade 85% of the time. Next, I have encountered just as many occasions where the enemy takes it up in good spirits and laughs along. I can take their hit when they rek me too. ""This lee the reason they nerfed the jungle" really.? **I'd report you if you said that**." Triggered. You only prove my point. Peace!
Kageryu (EUW)
: Wonderful saying: Talk shit, get hit.
Such wonder very saying. Yours makes as much sense as mine.
: Ok, enjoy your downvote then. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
"Vote me down plebs." Not sure you read it but I wanted to point it out anyway ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Chat restriction for serious reason
%%%%% ass game where you can't even talk shit what is this baby preschool time? It's a fkn video game I talk shit to all my enemies when I rek them in lane get over it
JVds (EUW)
: Maybe i will , But im sorry. It's just i start out In Bot practice Where people already where complaining about what i was doing Well i learned now how to go against bot's and decided to move on into the PvP This is where i pretty much gave up People raging yelling at me like I was some kind of Verbal doll , Asking help in game and not one of them responded to help me , They just say'd report and kick , so i got kicked so i tryed again after , After i started out in the lobby people called bot lane and so on and i did not know what to do so i told them , the only thing they gave as a response was GoodGame , surrender As i only hit level 5 i hope i get a better experience if im willing to come back. Thanks for the help though.
Find some irl mates to play with you they can teach you how to play without rage.
Jaffycake (EUW)
: Please be honest, is this really deserving of a 14 day suspension of my account?
Sorry to hear your got a 14 day suspension over this bs. I 100% agree with you, it's the game that creates an unsettling environment for a lot of players. Often I hear how League has the most terrible community in the world but it's so logical that it does. This game just sets you up for this emotional state, especially if you play solo. Getting banned for in the first place, cheating and scripting, or for feeding hard, going afk mid game, trolling the game by doing stupid stuff like stealing blue or ulting for no reason I can understand, but whenever I see actual game suspensions going out for verbal abuse I laugh my ass off. Getting banned for talking shit to some guy who is a total dumbass in a video game? Wtf is this baby preschool time? Talking shit is probably one of the most fun things about this game, at least if you have grounds for it. Vote me down justice warriors, you ain't shit.
CryGods (EUW)
: Fixed LAG ms ? "87 ms"
In korea having 15 ping is considered to be "high" on avarage its 8-10ms... Meanwhile in EUW........... I wonder how RIOT would respond to a server issue like this in the Korean region. Honestly it's really disrespectful towards the western players. Why is it that we get treated so different? I'm sure globally it's us who spend most money on this game, us who made you this big...
Snow1094 (EUW)
: Dont kill my dreams
Hello Summoners :) Second attempt is live! Share your thougts!
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Snow1094 (EUW)
: MASSIVE rant
Did I mention that that last game I was demoted in had the afk Leblanc? Yeah.
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