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: From what rank would you consider someone 'good'
Depends on what people think good at league is, from most of these comments good means Diamond+ top 5% of players. I would consider anything in top 40% to be good. If you are looking at the entire playerbase, a gold player is going to be better then a bronze/silver player(Majority of players) but that same gold player is going to worse then a Plat/diamond player. All about perspective.
fui66j (EUNE)
: I have won 11games in a row and didn't skip a rank
How much LP are you gaining per win? I think you will probably skip S3 but you will have to play S2 to S1 as you can't skip the S1 division
Weonios (EUNE)
: ***
Why would a Riot employee bother answering such a poorly worded, misinformed essay of word diarrhoea? You are comparing masteries to runes pages, clearly you have already been told that by the Riot employee that got so tired of you he directed you to the forums so others could witness this amazing essay. I will try simplify for you Riot removed masteries( Mastery Pages get removed as they server no purpose ) You are crying over losing pages for something that is no longer part of the game{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Weonios (EUNE)
: My Stolen Pages
Runes pages have never been free, you get 2 at the start and then if you want more you have to buy them... If you don't want to do it then don't, riot gave you the ability to edit during champ select. Comes down to whether or not you want to pay for the convenience of premade pages or take 30 seconds during a 5 minute champ select to create the appropriate page..
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: Banned. Is justice served in the fields of justice?
Ban is fair, I find it hard to believe you actually got hacked tbh... Google mail actually sends a warning if there is a login from a previously unused device, as far as I am aware riot can check your IP on login?(To prevent account sharing?) Just seems like you were scripting or gave your account to a friend who was scripting, ban is deserved.
Fathands (EUW)
: This thread is litteraly "UK RP prices have gone up, so increase EU RP prices aswell"
Are you reading what I have said? Or can you just not understand? I will try simplify - Increase RP per Euro(Get more RP per unit) = CHEAPER RP per euro... So currently its 158 RP per Euro, I think they should increase that to 168 RP per Euro to reflect the recovery of the Euro since 2015..
Fathands (EUW)
: Maybe because that decline is still within the margins they want, while the GBP wasn't. If they felt decreasing RP per Euro was neccesary they'd do it, people are just acting salty since the RP per GBP value went down. I know It's hard to swallow, but not every Euro country has to suffer for the mistakes the UK makes.
How would euro countries suffer? At the moment the RP per euro is 15, when the reduction happened in 2015 they reduced RP per euro by 20. I think that they should increase the RP per euro by 10 bringing it to 168 per euro to reflect current exchange rates if that is what riot base the RP price changes on...
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played as is the assassin trying to kill you
{{champion:201}} I think the worst thing about Braum chasing me would be his positive attitude, "Sometimes, shield becomes smashing board!" , "Hehe, life is good, no?", "You can always trust Braum." and laughing while smashing his shield into my face repeatedly
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: Why do people keep on blaming the jungler?!
I think sometimes blaming the jungler is sometimes ok.. had a game earlier where I was getting camped all lane phase and dove/flashed onto buy the other teams jung/sup while mine was just afk farming jungle, then after I died he started pushing my lane taking all cs and back to farming jungle but the creep wave was now froze just next to the enemy turret so if I wanted even just xp I was leaving myself open for yet another gank. We still won but its so tilting to be versus a proactive/camping jungler when yours isn't even playing reactive and trying to counter gank but focusing on jungle camps... I don't know, if I see their jungler ganking bot and our jungler is top, if he doesn't invade or gank mid/top it seems like wasting chances to try get a kill/buff/turret and the enemy jungler is not punished if his gank fails and even it succeeds hes even further ahead then our afk farming jungle. Jungle is the most influential role in the game and when the person playing it has no map pressure/presence the team/I kinda feel let down and at a big disadvantage for the entire lane phase. Just my opinion.
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: People playing off meta
I have no problem with what people aslong as they played it before and know how to play it... Off meta is usually going to cause you to lose lanes from the 3 examples you gave if both laners are equally skilled the off meta will lose. Who has better gank/1v1 potential pre 6 teemo or pre 6 lee sin/elise/nocturne... Who is gonna win a lvl 3 all in on top lane Jinx or Riven/Camille/Fiora... Who is going to offer more to a team with wards/roams/peel/stuns/damage Panth or Zyra/Brand/Lux.. Your just lowering your chance to win if your vs equally skilled opponents, but its a game so having fun>winning aslong as you understand you will probably get flamed if you lose.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snowcorn,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=3wVMooEx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-19T10:38:34.599+0000) > > Chargebacks are a %%%%%. Riot is losing money , they can't remove the content that was bought with it so a ban seems fair. > Also isn't there a way to unban an account banned for chargebacks? Like if you just pay riot the amount that was charge backed? > > One of the reasons its fair is riot can't prove that it wasn't you or a friend making a dummy account and sending gifts to your main with the intent to chargeback to get content for free. > You should also know that free RP is never free RP..... The problem is they gave me no chance to do so as pay them the amount of money etc.. They simply permanently banned my account.
Maybe your not telling the full story, what do you mean by this part "Whoever enters a certain given account and adds the......"?? Do you mean making a new account?Using somebody elses account? Seems kinda shifty. Riot has lots of warnings about scams and free RP etc , end of the day you added somebody you didn't know who was a scammer/chargebacker and involved in "the compromise of accounts and illegal gains". You put your trust in the wrong person and now your facing the consequences of that persons actions :/.
: Riot sensless ban extending. (It could be you next)
Chargebacks are a %%%%%. Riot is losing money , they can't remove the content that was bought with it so a ban seems fair. Also isn't there a way to unban an account banned for chargebacks? Like if you just pay riot the amount that was charge backed? One of the reasons its fair is riot can't prove that it wasn't you or a friend making a dummy account and sending gifts to your main with the intent to chargeback to get content for free. You should also know that free RP is never free RP.....
Medusa (EUNE)
: Go watch the video, i was winning the lane first but then i died, then when lee returned i died again, then he died me, then i did something really stupid, then he just kept hiding and diving me.. So if anything, i only did one mistake.
You tried 1v1ing him at his turret when he had double buffs, you died 14 times overextending for most deaths. You fed so much, ruined the game for your team whether you meant to or not you kept repeating the spawn>lane>die process 14 times with 0 changes. You deserve the ban, don't feed so hard next time :).
Sure I wont but if my lane is getting camped and my jungler isnt ganking other lanes, getting objectives or counter jungling you know the game is lost. I can never understand why people afk farm as jungle by the time they start ganking the entire team is tilted because the opposing jungler has ganked and their lanes are lost..
: Guy he played against is most likely a smurf, i looked him up and the fellow gets massively fed in damm near every game he plays in platinum. More often than not it's something like 10+ kills, under 3 deaths and +6 assists. He is clearly stomping plati like it's a joke and then he got matched against OP who is low gold. Most likely he controlled the minions for easy first blood and then just snowballed out of control right away. A low gold doesn't stand a chance against someone like that.
He died at Lee's turret 5 times, he died at his outer turret the rest of his deaths, his outer turret was destroyed by lee at 11 mins... This guy was literally auto-pushing waves till he got destroyed by lee again, respawned and repeated, sure its not fun playing vs smurfs but he was just going top and farming minions till lee killed him again. He never roamed, never farmed his jungle at all when lee had lane pressure, from the looks of it he purposely took every fight. He could of played safe, could of left lane and make a play bot or mid but no looks like he tilted hard and just autopushed waves waiting to die.
Medusa (EUNE)
: I got wrongfully banned for 14 days.
You gave first blood at 3.56 minutes, so we'll just say 4 mins and the game lasted 23 minutes. In 19 minutes you managed to die 14 times, that's 1 death every 81 seconds(I might be wrong I'm terrible at math) , lee also got first blood on your turret at 11 mins but the majority of your deaths are at your outer turret or lee's outer turret.. Just based off that you where 100% feeding , you where constantly going and feeding lee literally every time you spawned after you gave firstblood. Ban was well deserved.
: I waking up early these days around 5 am rank games during these hours are** truly calm** but there are some problems which we have to include: 1)non peak hour = less players = more chances getting auto fill & your mmr can be a little f.cked. I played against ....challengers on the ladder(past season sounds logical )? It's like putting a gold 1 vs me same feeling.It's not the reason why i lost but yeah...the difference between me and him is obvious. I auto filled more often .Actually during peak the chances of getting my secondary role are near to 0% while during 6-8 are way higher .
Well I'm only silver ,but yea I have been matched with/vs some goldies but I just find it more fun, I mean that's the only way you can improve, by playing with/vs better players. I don't mind if queue times are a bit longer if the games are actually enjoyable and not having some selfish loser with nothing better to do then ruin a game for 9 other players.
munraker (EUW)
: Less kids = more fun
Yup, toxic kids are ruining this game. So refreshing playing without having at least one or two in your team every game.
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: i wounder do you get these type of players in ranked?
I'm talking about ranked :/
Rismosch (EUW)
: So you cant climb up again? If yes, then you might not deserve the rank you got last season ;)
I can but these games aren't challenging or fun as a support main :/
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Rismosch (EUW)
: [Tutorial] How to create a "Placements are bugged" Post
Everybody expected to go lower...But not 6/7 divisions lower. I was s2 now bronze 3, 6 divisions lower so what happens with all the the bronze 3 people last season?because bronze is the lowest division so they can be at lowest B5 so now I'll be getting games with people 6 divisions lower then me????
duckarp (EUNE)
: Firstly, your MMR on (and on any site really) is inaccurate. Secondly, EVERYONE got placed lower, usually one league difference. Your MMR remained the same. This is all perfectly normal and every season it's the same. People who were silver are now bronze, gold are in silver, plats are in gold etc.. The highest anyone can go after placements is platinum 1. If you were placed in silver 1, that would mean you had to be at least high gold prior the reset which obviously isn't the case.
I suppose but it just seems like these 10 placement matches are pointless...I could of just trolled/fed for 10 fast losing games and then start climbing properly seeing as I could only drop 2 more divisions anyway. Just feels like your new division is determined before you even finish your 10 pointless placement matches....
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5 wins 5 losses, drop from Silver 2 to Bronze 3. Dropped 6 tiers with a 50% w/r :(
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: Why don't they just make it so when you mute a player you also mute their pings?
Because somebody can be toxic in chat but still ping mia,etc correctly, like he could be a rager but still wants to win
Snowcorn (EUW)
: Silver 2 supp/jung looking for dynamic queue group
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Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, Boosting by playing in a team with certain player is acceptable, but boosting while playing on a shared account is bannable. However, there can always be an exception, if it ruins a game and matchmaking.
Ah wait a sec after the booster admitted he was boosting zac, zac said he was playing on his gfs account to boost it, is that banable?
duckarp (EUNE)
: There's only one relevant response - did you report them?
Yup reported all of them for boosting but something tells me nothing will happen...He openly admitted to boosting, maybe he was getting payed for it idk but if this type of stuff is allowed this game is going downhill fast
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: Wanna join a Team ? We're Looking for members
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: LF Bronze/Silver ELO Support for our team.
If your still looking I main thresh and am interested in trying out, I'm silver 5.
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [16-05-16] - RADS/HTTPS/Login Errors
[This]( worked for me.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I've stomped premades alone before, your argument is invalid.
Well yipee for you. I want to just play a fair game without 1 team having a significant co-ordination advantage and synergy advantage....
: Don't believe all those horror stories. It's far less problematic than people say it is, mostly because people that don't have a reason to complain are not vocal about it.
I'm talking about what I have experienced with dynamic queue, majority of the time the bigger premade will win in bronze silver gold just by having better co-ordinated teamfights/objectives... probably because they are on ts or curse. It just seems like its not worth playing ranked as a solo queuer unless you are a smurf and can get fed theres nothing you can do vs a premade...
: I agree with you on this completely, they should re-add Solo Q back, the amount of pre mades ive faced recently is getting to the point i may stop playing ranked, always the same stuff, chat rubbish in all chat and then they throw in the "gg ez" at the end
Yup seriously considering leaving lol for a while ranked just isn't fun at all at the moment...
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