: fair enough. i guess "decent" applies to all divisions (as we can read herer as well), only on different skill levels...
True, but there are some players who are smart enough to allow themselves to get carried when teammates have a good game, thats more silver-worthy then what i played with in this pre-season.
: Thanks for describing the Bronze ELO hell. I as an experienced Bronze player never ever had a Shaco top or mid, nor a Fiddle ADC, nor a Swain support. You seem to attract trolls. Maybe these trolls are the same that kick you out of the game, because also I have not been kicked out except for people who still don't read that GIANT message box and forget to lock in their bans & picks....
The message actually starts with "Oompf, we are sorry but there seems to be an error, plese restart client blabla" These people always start with "trust me, this is OP" which probably means they have seen something on youtube that is cool, they also ban champs like sona and so on. Anyways, i was exagerrating a bit since i was pissed at the moment, elo hell isnt as bad as people say, allthough this place is full of retarded picks and plays. There are actually alot of decent players in bronze as far as i can tell, they are just to pissed off at the retards. I have almost climbed from b3 to s5 in two days, it werent for the error messages i would be silver now.
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