Murder1us (EUW)
>couse I know atleast 5 people that have been playing this game from 2009 and got banned. You should get better friends then
: "TROLL" ranked
: This is lee sin, but then shiny. why would you buy it... Its like Elementalist Lux: just a chroma
>Its like Elementalist Lux: just a chroma Yeeees just a chroma with individual models, sound effects, particle effects, portraits, voice lines and recalls.
: > He has just been used in LCS Futhermore, if this is a relevant reason to get buffed, [there is a champion who has extremely low win rate, who haven't been meta for years, is 8 years old and without a single rework since 2009](
>Who haven't been meta for years Oh so we're not counting when he was played top lane all the time at the start of season 4
: Aku the demon soul
Small word of advice. When creating potential champion kits, don't worry about adding in specific stats. Adds a bit too much information to the reader. Just have basicability descriptions
: Rito plz rework reports...
>I never use this reason in my reports, unless someone picks an OP champ (xD) Saying that just decreases your argument's credibility by a fair amount
Rioter Comments
: Lee Sin - Skin Teaser
: Just f*cking stop with Point-and-Click Ults that delete People
I don't get why ADC's should be rewarded for successfully clicking an enemy with their right key
: WTF this talon E
>even camille e got 12 sec cd Apples and pears mate. Those are two entirely different skills on two entirely differently champions.
leblt (EUW)
: Trolls Trolling and you get the bans for them
You're responsible for your own actions. You did not have to respond to them.
: I got permantly banned
That website looks sketchy as hell
: Didnt know liking Japan/ese = being a weeb. I like the english VO in many media titles more than my native language; does that make me a teeabo? Hell no, I dislike Britain. Like really dislike it, but still use their language extensively.
I mean hey, Japanese is pretty cool. But going through the effort of changing files to a language that you DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND is a bit odd
Rioter Comments
: Riot needs to find a better solution to reports
If you can't handle bad teammates then maybe you shouldn't be playing a team game.
: Why even bother Riot?
Well no shit you're gonna do bad on Aatrox if you build tear on him.
AjLee123321 (EUNE)
: 25/11 Zed I still lost 4/4/14 Ivern i still lost
I never suggested you can't do good, just that you've had multiple examples of poor play.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Can you begin nerf those easy champs???
Rioter Comments
: Galio is a new champion
>A change from a beastery gargoyle that walks on 4 legs He literally never did that.
AjLee123321 (EUNE)
4/8 On Darius 3/7 on LeBlanc 6/10 on Yorick 4/8 on Zed To be honest, you havn't been doing so hot yourself
>you only nerf the LCS picks not the noob picks who are extremely overpowered. There's a contradiction there. If they're overpowered, they'd be played in LCS. BOOM, Checkmate
All caps AND an ellipsis? I dunno how to feel about that
darkzonnexx (EUNE)
: Until when will the new zyra skin be available?
Rioter Comments
: Riot please remove chat ban this is stupid?
yoniame (EUNE)
: {{champion:31}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} ,,also minus points for failing to choose the actually outdated/unbalanced/annoying champions and kits"
: Thanks for ruining Aatrox for us Riot
Ah the good ol' "Assume that a rework that's been our for less than a day is terrible' shtick
yoniame (EUNE)
: among others, yes
And i'm going to assume that Yasuo is also on this list?
yoniame (EUNE)
: Why recent new champions and rework designs suck so hard?
Lemme guess, you're one of those people who thinks Yi should be reworked
Rioter Comments
: [NEW VOICELINES!!!] GATEKEEPER GALIO, GALIO & LUX!! (Lux VO is getting updated)
_Cor Blimey mate, them Noxians over 'ere are avin' it away with that village. Buncha poofdies if ya ask me._
Solash (EUW)
: Things a LoL player will never say
Probably shoulda put a spoiler warning in the title. Woops
Rioter Comments
: [GALIO REWORK COMING SOON!!!] The Hour of Need
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Because High Moon and Blood Moon aren't already great? Also, Project Ashe? More like Project _Trash._ All the project skins are shameless cash-grabs. You dump the champion in a grey suit, covering up any form of identity, then splash a single, translucent colour on it and BAM: it's Project. Minimal effort for maximum profit because this community just devours garbage, before trash-talking it right back out and all over each-other. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Shit talking someone for having a different opinion on cosmetics than you isn't coo bruhl.
AI Frame (EUW)
If you're good enough, eventually you'll rank up
: I demand an answer from Riot and I will not stop until I get an answer.
You'll be here a while then
: >Why do I get banned though from other reports when I did nothing wrong in my opinion. "I got a 14 day ban from league because I flamed very hard in my last three games.". I'm going to go on a hunch and say that's the reason. >. It's your fault Riot Games that I got banned because you indirectly forced me to flame with your changes and your injustice in League. I demand my account back Basically you cannot take responsibility for your actions when it was you who pressed the enter key and decided to spew vitriol at a random stranger you'll probably never meet again. "BUT YOUR HONOUR, I DIDN'T KILL THEM. THE GUN DID!!!" That's the excuse you're using.
: How "Fair" a ban is for answering back to a guy calling u trash and wishing you cancer.
: Katarina nerf
You'd be surprised how much a small change can do
Isn't the entire point of URF that it isn't balanced though...
: Autofill? Autoint.
Oooooooooor you could just not a be an ass
Rioter Comments
Snokind (EUW)
: I got Banned, unjustified
Yes but you don't HAVE to reply to trolls do you?
Kravixen (EUW)
: I had 3 Perma Bans for Saying truth already... so please %%%%%.
"You're a chilidish douchebag" is something I could say to you now. That's technically the truth. But it isn't a very nice thing to say is it? Would probably hurt your feelings a bit wouldn't it?
Kravixen (EUW)
: Riot and Trump?
Literally no relation between the US's president and the behavior system. Stop making up excuses for your behavior and fix it
Rioter Comments
: That feeling when...
That feeling when someone is still using these kind of memes in 2017
Clión (EUNE)
: Flaming is an more bannable issue than trolling.
They both get banned. One just gets banned for because it's far more common and actually detectable.
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