Ubeh (EUW)
: Atleast my head is out of my bum.. Unlike yours. I don't need to give out sources, ask them from Riot, They'll happily hand them over. ;)
So in other words, you don't even know if what you're saying is correct Lovely
Ubeh (EUW)
: So.. New Runesystem.. Mage updates.. etc etc
>Are they surprised their playerbase/sales dropped so insanely much that they are that traumatised to get back up??? Got some sources for this? Cause it sounds like you're talking out ya bum
: > [{quoted}](name=Solash,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cjv5EkJn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-25T12:21:45.122+0000) > > Because it was highly requested that his Q be reverted So they just threw it back without any thought of finding a way to balance it. Just added ridicules numbers and threw it in again with no concern how strong it would be with all the changes done to the game since it was changed. Amazing how Riot doesn't give much of a shit anymore.
It's not really a big deal though if something is overpowered for like, one patch
: Why did you bring Rengar's old Q back?
Because it was highly requested that his Q be reverted
Rioter Comments
Askangeran (EUNE)
: Why not create a champ of a more bright background? Like an angel being who controls the of electrical forces? Why most the champ are quite "dark": demon powers, void spawings and infected humans, conquerers like Noxians and possessed dead heroes (Eve, Kalista, Hecarim and ect). And for some reason "good" and bright characters are supports. There are exceptions, but not so much. I would personally like to see a champ of dignity, brightness and potential to crush "evil".
: Kai'sa reveal.
We havn't had an ADC since Xayah, and Jihn before her They're not exactly common
Mapo3 (EUW)
: i will not make new account i spend soo much money on this account and i never stop :D
Well then you're not gonna be playing again
Mapo3 (EUW)
: BAN ABOUT 2-3 Years AGO
You are free to make a new account
Rioter Comments
: A 14-Day ban after 1 bad word in one game?
Chat logs Let's see if it really is just one word
This is bait Move along
: I admit i flamed, but who doesn't get mad when a player is intentionally feeding?
People with some self control
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xXHiyoriXx (EUNE)
: is this ok?
It's almost like the skin you get is determined randomly or something
: What is a gay ghost's favourite activity?
This is absolutely disgusting, a shameful display of degenerative humor *Upvotes*
: Revert the yorick nerfs
Yeah there was, he was way too strong
Mark Sama (EUW)
: It's going down
I'm yelling timber
AnnaBlack (EUNE)
: are you for real rito?
If you complete all the missions you will be able to purchase two Revel Orbs That's at least 2 free skins. Sounds generous enough to me
r1thmLV (EUW)
: Maybe do this then?
Stuff that gets patched in has nothing to do with server issues.
: man last game i was 10/2 i get 6 dragon and 3 baron ...
That has nothing to do with what I asked.
: riot why u hate me ?
If you cannot handle bad teammates, then why are you playing a team game?
: well try playing vs him now, you get instakilled, then you see him instakill magic resist tanks also... thats is aswesome... swain vs galio (4 magic resist items) and galio gets instakilled seems fair
>you get instakilled No you don't. Don't exaggerate
: Behind the rift, Swain rework? Riot's Opinion?
I mean, there's literally nothing stopping you taking Swain top. They're by no means forcing you to go one specific lane, just encouraging you to do what fits the champion best
däb (EUW)
: There are more players playing low than high ELO. But yeah. Is plat+ low ELO to you?
It's more that low elo is an absolute shitshow and therefore not a good indicator of what's strong or not
däb (EUW)
: Low ELO players do count too right? Btw it was on Plat+
>Low ELO players do count too right? Honestly, not nearly as much
däb (EUW)
: Dear Riot.
Ryze's low winrate in solo Q is less down to him being overpowered and more low elo players not using his ult effectively Also, he was really obnoxious with stopwatch. Had to be tuned down
Rioter Comments
Mc Jho (EUW)
: Bye bye probably for good!
: I wanna say something
Lemme guess, banned for flaming?
: Spot the difference
Ah yeah, I see the problem. Takes a keen eye to notice. You're right, it is a bit weird for there to be a ward skin there
: all i want is this game fix, %%%%ing stopwatch item is the must ridiculous thing i ever saw in this game. this season there are more wards than ever was, (zombie ward) sorcery runes have move speed so enemys are faster. and we all have flashes and other heal or barriers. and supp are the must op champs right now, the amout increase on heals and shields are disgusting. and still for a jungler is ridiculous how they give laners a fcking stopwatch to use at 5 minutes mark, or something. this game is getting RIDICULOUS.
If you wanna complain then fine, but maybe do some actual research before berating people who've done nothing wrong
: ***because game development and design teams work on the same things at once because Riot does not have thousands of employees***
"Aight guys, that's the Lux splash done. Time to write up those patch notes" *Herd of 1000 Rioters shuffles to a single computer*
: annie animation
1. Fitting username 2. You are aware that the people who make the animations and art aren't the same people that balance the game, right?
kokoriko8 (EUW)
: Re-introduce unskilled player report in Solo/Duo ranked queue
Or you could just stop flaming your teammates
: How do u get photos on a post?
Keep trying with imgur, it's your best bet
: Yasuo's retarted kit
>retarted There's some delicious irony here
: Hey Riot. Rengar rework back to old ?! o.0
Depends if the champion was actually in a better or more healthy spot beforehand. Ya can't just ask for a Yorick revert for example because "I liked him more back then"
: Rename health to Vitality?
It'd be confusing though It being "Health" makes it simple to understand for new players
VEX Enzo (EUW)
: Kata Chroma bug
Chroma coming in the next patch
Shiwah (EUW)
: Bisexuality exists.
Unlike Gangplank's career :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: Except illaoi was GP's first lover meaning she has been with a guy :P
I don't think Illaoi's picky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rioter Comments
Rismosch (EUW)
: lol
Oh damn ACTUALLY banned for no reason
Rioter Comments
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >It has direct relations. The higher pitch resembles the Anime character's voices. That is not a direct relation. Also, since my little sister has a high pitch voice, she is directly related to anime?
If I suck on some helium, I am now Jojo
Grevius1 (EUW)
: If you actually take offense because some random idiot on the internet told you to kill yourself you need to get off the internet and go play in a sandbox
If you're telling someone to kill themselves for no reason, you need genuine help
Ciumegu (EUNE)
: Hey, it's me again ! Watch this and be offended !
Lemme guess, permabanned for flaming?
: I am one of the popular Nightcore creatros.
Nightcore is not a genre. Speeding up a film does not turn it into a different film
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