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: > [{quoted}](name=Solitary Samurai,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mYtvzPi6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-14T16:09:12.697+0000) > > so riot is just a dictator we dealed on this. So why dota is better ha ?! Guess what sunshine: In DOTA it's Valve's rule you have to follow. You are not entiteled altough your generation seems to think so. They offer a service and you agreed to the TOS so you follow it or you get the heck out. Bye
Actually i dont care what you say beacuse your tongue that you used to comment obviously teenager genre. "Sunshine", "bye" go to place where came you child and dont talk with adults like that you punk ! And also you should accept it some people doesnt need to be has same idea which you have. Now move along and please dont talk to me if you gonna speak like Justin Bieber
: Can you decide? On the one side, you call Riot dictators, basically saying they do something over everyone's heads and force rules on the community that the community doesn't want. But on the other hand, you say in League there "teenager sobbing babies" and that THIS is what makes League different. So you say it's the community who has different social standards. That would mean that Riot is just doing what the players want (which is a fact, as already explained). So what now? If Riot is doing what the community wants, they are no dictators. But keep insisting they are, while at the same time saying it's the community. That doesn't work. Riot aren't dictators just because they support rules that YOU don't like. Start behaving like an adult and treat other people with respect and manners and all your problems will be gone. The rules in League are in no way abnormal, they are pretty much exactly the same as the social rules everywhere else in life. Do you insult random strangers in a supermarket? Or on the street? Do you join a debate in a workshop or a work meeting and call people you disagree with "mótherfúckers" (as you did in your moderated comment)? You don't, because you understand that's not okay and there would be consequences. But here you suddenly think it's okay and you call people who support these rules, rules you follow mindlessly EVERY DAY, dictators, babies, teenagers, mótherfúckers. Why is that? Where is this twisted moral with two completely different standards coming from? How do you not realize that the people you insult here are the exact same people that you meet in everyday life and that you treat with normal basic respect? There is no difference. The internet doesn't make people less real. There is absolutely NO reason why social rules should be different in games or on the internet in general.
No you passing to point. As everyone i dont want fight everyone to. I just want, i can debate someone who isnt agree with me in the game. So we can share our ideas. That doesnt mean we hate each other. Riot doesnt see this. There is a thin line between fight and debate but riot doesnt care about this. I think Riot has a idea on his head like that "everyone just play game no one never defend any idea, tactic or something else". Attention here please cause we werent fighting, were not swear each other. A player said "you did it wrong cause you must do this, this way" i said "no, i try something new, i think something new". Riot is childish game. If it keep goes this way, they will build a new world that doesnt let you say your idea, or defend your thoughts.
: 1. Don't skip school. 2. Riot server - Riot rules.
so riot is just a dictator we dealed on this. So why dota is better ha ?!
: Talking, objective critique and positive feedback are all allowed. None of those are forbidden. What is forbidden, on the other hand, is typing KY$ 17 times per second after the jungler accidentally "KSed" on of your creeps while missclicking during a gank. There's a small difference between those two, if you understand it, you will never get punished :^)
no one talking about ks i dont bealive ks i bealive winning with team
: Don't you think it's ironic to call others pre-schoolers or babies while it's you who can't control his emotions and gets angry in a game? > Riot is just a dictator They are actually not. Riot "rules" are pretty vague, if you have a look at them. What is actually punished is based on the opinion of the majority of the community. The rules are basically constantly crowdsourced. It's as democratic as it gets. Riot are not the ones who disagree with your behavior, the community does.
i didnt pre schoolers to anyone i just said this game is sometime pre school game so you take it personal so you accepted yourself but i didnt it to you you, as you can see. You take it personal =)
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Actually it should be punish starting a fight, insult and more. Thing is nonsense that you get all bad words and say nothing whatever i usually mute that people and wait they get punish after report them end of game, i will do same thing: mute them and report them but if they dont be punish that means riot is reckless and have not any justice notion maybe honor to...
Kha Trix (EUW)
: Just so you know, after-game reports are processed by a bot (namely, Blitzcrank bot), and checks your in-game chat. After evaluating your in-game behaviour, it makes a decision based on what it analyzed. Needless to say, some cases may go wrong, but I believe it is in a very low percentage. Also, sadly, if you want some effective punishment brought upon toxic players, you should report them via ticket. Way more reliable, and brings in "human" and immediate attention to your case. Just be sure you didn't flame (much), otherwise you may get punished as well.
Oh well i see, then reporting systems unreliable.
Ask Talon (EUW)
: I'm going to try to explain this without making it too hard or writing a testament. The Instant Feedback System is not a very smart system, it only reads chat activity, detects champion movement (not behavior, meaning that CS stealing can't be punished by the System), and most of all, within the first point, it looks for swear words, insults and how many times you write in chat, to look for spam. That being said, the system isn't smart enough to detect Retaliation. If they were clever enough to flame you just a bit or make passive flame, by trolling you (without dying too much) or stealing your farm, or saying passive stuff that rarely include swear words and don't insult you directly, or actually insult you with letters (e.g.: "go f urself"), if you reply with good grammar like "No, YOU go f*ck yourself", the system will deem you as the offender, and it is in no condition to say that you were simply retaliating. And before you ask, no. Riot won't include retaliation detection because they oppose retaliation. Replying an insult with an insult will bring more insults and flame into the game, surely extending the "bad game status" to your teammates and their teammates, instead of keeping it just between you and him. ~~Now, here's some tips, you can make some light provocations (if anyone asks I didn't tell you this), by saying things such as "Killed you, not such a tough guy now, eh?", or "Too easy, make it harder please", they will explode. If you get them to flame you enough, you can then report them at the end of the game without flaming him, and then submit a ticket to Riot Support to report the guy, I'm pretty sure something is bound to happen to the guy.~~ I recommend muting them instead of this though (~~No I don't~~), you should~~n't~~ provoke the enemy. Hope that helps, ~~may you be successful in tricking people into getting banned~~ good luck have fun
I didnt tried to anyone into getting ban if this is the thing what you are trying to say end of your comment. If someone has offensive language and flames, its better he or she ban or punish. But i think riot should improve itself and their system. It would be best for everyone, otherwise these ana as these situations show us riot has poor judgement.
: It doesn't matter if you get 9 reports or only 1 report in a game, it makes no difference. The system is automated, if you get at least 1 report, the system will check if you flamed or not, and it'll judge based on that. If you're not guilty, 9 reports won't do anything to you, however if you're guilty, 1 report is already enoguh for you to be punished.
i dont know, i did not any insult or swear word even "report feed", they can find only "report flame" but consequence is this. I am saying for riot doesnt know what flame it is. Maybe they do their job more professional or they should quit the work . This would be best for everyone
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