: 1st off... https://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/392/685/a9c.png with that out of the way, ban him? I never understood people who are annoyed of a certain champ. I hate Yasuo very much that he has been a perma ban by me for as long as i can remember, whether he was broken or weak doesn't mater to me since i just hate him and his kit overall. You sound like you hate zed, just ban him. If you hate a certian meta/ class like the high damage one then that's another issue and unfortunately one i don't see getting solved or changed any time soon.
considered blind pick? i already ban zed in all of my ranked games. but the thing that gets me also is people are arguing hes only good in low elo but so are champs like yasuo because people tend to feed them. but i have never had any problems with any champ other than zed. there have been a few games where i absolutly fed my a** off to champs other than zed but thats because they are just extremly bad matchups for my champions and in those situations i was most likely very tilted due to a losing streak. never in ranked tho. first death in ranked to any champ i play safe after that but in blind pick i will try to pull some tobias fate sh*t if im playing gp and outplay the living fk out of the enemy team but feeding in blind pick is okay thats just me having fun and mastering a champ. but zed is just unplayable i feel so powerless the second i see him in loading screen. and when he gets 1 kill on anyone in my team i just dont want to play anymore because i know how the game is gonna go
: I'll try to help you. So. Punishing him while his W is down(20secs, so you have like 15 secs window) doesn't necessarily mean beating his ass, zoning him from farm, is enough, just sit around his casters and any time he comes to last hit with AA/Q/E, just Q or barrel him with Gp or just combo him with Akali. Keep an eye on his energy. Eventhough regen is fast, lower elo Zeds tend to spam their abilities, that's ideal time to kill him without taking any dmg at all. Lvl 6 with Gp is problematic, you just have to respect him and back to base>greed for wave. Scale up and good luck. Phage might help you with sidestepping. With Akali you can match him, just let him all in and you have few possibilities. 1. If you are really low or you want to get away, use W, E in shroud, R away, he will most likely W to you, use your E to get back to the shroud, he will come back with his R, and you can use second R and you are out. 2. If he ults, it's easier for you to sidestep in your W. Once his mark proced, beat his ass as you please. His lvl 1 ult has 20 secs longer CD(without cd reduction) than Akalis. Use it as an advantage. If you are scared, Seeker's Armguards can make some difference, but if you want to rush Gunblade, it should be ok. If you are really really scared you can go for aftershock and proc it with your R anytime he all ins you, it's trolling, but it can save you, I have done it few time before and it isn't bad, but you can activate it only once every 100/85/70 secs :/ Track him carefully, ping if you can't see him, you can even follow or make your own roams, keep bot side river pinked, since he can get double there easier and just spam ping them/write it in chat that he is comming. If he gets kills, eventhough you pinged, farm as much as you can, take plates and don't expend his snowball. If you are playing anything with hard CC, Zed will always come out from his ult behind you, just cc him(if it's snare he can still cast, so care) Hope it helped.
i already watched and vieuwed multiple pages and videos on how to counter zed and they all say the same as you do. but for a champion to be that stupidly hard to counter makes no sense to me. this is pretty much saying if you want to have an easy time against zed script. because unpredictable movement is one of the best counters to zed. the other counters are specific champions that besides kayle nobody plays. and building armor just does not work against zed. and i appreciate you trying to help but i main champs without cc XD. im a gangplank main and am now learning akali and kayn. kayn only has cc if you choose his form and gangplank only has a slow. akali a micro stun wich wont help tbh and nothing else XD
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Ban?
i perma ban that piece of sh********** in my ranked games but i still see him in blind pick
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I feel the same way - Zed is listed as a 3/3 difficulty champ whereas a champion such as karma is listed as a 1/3 difficulty champ on both midbeasts own tier list and lol wiki. Why? Zed has :- Easy last hitting with his passive (among the easiest in the game). No mana to manage. Nice easy escape tool that happens instantly (unlike lissandra for example that can be interrupted). Great Waveclear. Simple itemisation. Easy trades that happen at great range and if you hit your combo you can go in, if not you can back out and wait for your W coolddown to try again. At zero risk. Easy assassinations and game plan, find squishy w r onto them press r, zed does so much damage doesn't matter if you miss a shuriken or 2 who cares. Zed is a pansy champion for bad players. Zed can kill you even if the person using him is an absolute trash player Karma has :- Awful last hitting that takes a lot of skill and no aid whatsoever. Painful waveclear. Has to commit fully to trades if you shield in you cannot shield out. Missing skillshots directly hurts your ability to use your ultimate. Understanding which mantra to use in which situation can win or lose game, who do i shield? Maybe i should mantra Q their adc? Or maybe i mantra W heal myself in this hectic moment so that i can survive longer, maybe i should focus on dealing damage and carrying or should i enable my team? Should i build tankier and play a supportive role? Should i go full ap? Tricky itemisation choices. Which runes are you taking? Aery? Comet? Klepto? Maybe you dip into the resolve tree? Karma is a hilariously difficult champion to win games with even if you know what you are doing carrying is incredibly difficult. I would flip the difficulties around completely.
idk about karma because i dont play that champ but i do agree with what you say about zed hes way to safe to be considered a hard to play champ and his kit is not hard at all to learn. the main reason idiots think hes hard is because his kit is hard to master but mastering any champion in the game is hard so that would still not make zed a hard to play champ
: > ill keep this nice and simple **proceeds to write essay** but yeah he is super safe and is a low elo nightmare. one of the best tips i have been told when playing vs zed is roam if you can't kill him - whatever you do, don't give him any early kills... seems to work well. yeah he can still all in you, but is way less dangerous if you don't give early kills
im sorry i cant control when zed 1 shotting me under tower because he got ultimate. thats me on full health btw because i very rarely get hit by his q's and never by naked q's
: also consider if zeds ult doesn't go off hes practicly useless. tahm eat kayle ult bard ult stopwatch lissandra ult
the only champ being played right now is kayle you never see any of those other champs and stopwatch is a 1 time use
brutąl (EUNE)
: the main reason why zed is overbuffed and broken is because of this annoying shit PRRRRRRRRRR player LL Stylish complaining almost 1 year how "unplayable" zed is. And champions like Katarina, Akali , Wukong, Jinx, Ashe, Twisted Fate, Talon, Ziggs are forgotten for years Never in the meta, not even offmeta, nerfed to the ground.
as an akali player i 100% agree. no other assasin stands a chance against zed and especially picks like ziggs and twisted fate get destroyed
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Jökër (EUW)
: The idea doesn't seem to appealing to me, the kit doesn't sound intriguing or interesting. I respect you took your time to piece this together but definitely new ability ideas should be implemented. It feels like you simply thought "hey a Miner character should be in this game" and then just proceeded to make up things based around that, would this character be a yordle or person? Allow me to brain storm some thoughts for you ok? Crimson - The Miner. A Yordle from Bandle City, keeping a small gem store he owns up to standards for his kind to come and browse his goods. Crimson went along his way with pickaxe over his shoulder like every other day, however his usual journey was interrupted as he stumbled across a mysterious cave. He lit his lantern and ventured deep into the tunnels, as he got deeper into the caves he began to hear strange sounds escalating from ahead of him. But to his surprise, he was led to a dead end, he hurled his pickaxe over his head and with a powerful swing smashed through the thin wall. There in front of him was a new world. Summoners Rift. Q - Mighty swing! Crimson readies his next basic attack to deal extra damage to a target and slowing them by 20% for 2 seconds. Mighty Swing will ignore turrets with reinforced armour, dealing 100% of the damage that would apply if minions were close by. (70 mana, 7/6.5/6/5/5.5 cooldown at ranks 1/2/3/4/5) W - Trenched Crimson smashes the tip of his pickaxe into the ground dealing magic damage and slowing enemies caught in the skill shot for 40%. Enemies that run over the cracked ground will take no damage but are slowed by 30% decaying over a 3 second period. (60/65/70/75/80 mana at ranks 1/2/3/4/5. 8 Second cooldown) E - Stone Defence Passive: Gains 5% armour and magic resist. Crimson strengthens his armour and magic resist by 15/20/30/45/60% at ranks 1/2/3/4/5. Reducing damage the damage taken for 6 seconds. (90 mana, 16/14/12/10/8 second cooldown at ranks 1/2/3/4/5) R - Through the Tunnel Crimson digs a tunnel to a target location that his allies can enter to travel across the map quickly. The Tunnel remains for 9/12/15 seconds at ranks 1/2/3. (120/110/100 mana at ranks 1/2/3, 160/130/100 second cooldown at ranks 1/2/3) He'd be more Tanky then a fighter but is capable of being an off tank. It's just a rough idea thought up quickly to give you an idea.
Well in all honesty its kinda ironic you say my idea doesnt sound appealing but you are turning it into a tank. Listen i appreciate the effort but lets be honest here no flame no toxicity but tanks are the most boring champs in the game. Even if you could turn this into an off tank kinda build the soul purpose is that its a tank. However i will say this is better thought out then anything i made. In all honesty i made all of this up in like 2 minutes time i didnt think about it for to long. All i thought about was what could possibly fit a miner but also be a league of legends idea. But hey i like that you think about these abilities better then i do. But i do have to say this. The R is just like a rek sai tunnel but with the ability to have allies pass through it so im just letting you know its kind of bad version of rek sai tunnels. The e is just straight up boring. Like im sorry but actually nobody would play this champ especially combined with the q wich is just an empoweree auto. Thats why i made the E a dash. The q is boring so the e would make up for it. Because apparently everyone likes dashes. (Yasuo-akali-irelia) all very popular champs so yeah thats that. I like the W so good job on that. And even tho the q and e are boring like i said they are really well thought out. So please dont take this as flaming or being toxic because im just trying to explain the problem with boring abilties
exurbia (EUW)
: you wrote the champions abilities on a note on your phone and screenshotted it instead of just writing it here? the kit sounds boring, also every single "youre" is supposed to be "your". the way you present this "idea" is way too confusing and hard to understand what is even going on, this is more of a shower thought tbh.
My laptop kinda broke a few days ago so i couldnt think of anywhere else to write this down so yeah i get its confusing :p
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