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: Skipping Divisions
My friend just skipped 3 divisions so I guess it is possible (he's a challenger player got from d5 to d2)
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Ymir (EUW)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Hi I thanksfully could experience the new champ select and the Dynamic Q when it was up in euw, so i'm bringing you what I think about, 1. Let's start with the champ select which is, hands down, amazing and better than the old one, it looks great it works nicely giving power to every player (first picks secure their champs while last picks bans what they consider obnoxious to play against) so congratz to rioters cause this it's just amazing ! 2. That said let's leave that behind and talk about the matchmaking, I'm currently hovering around plat mmr (was plat before the reset) and the matchmaking is smooth and fast, I queue'd up a lot of times and I noticed that u are given your position around 9/10 times which is amazing, the dodges happens more often tho but isn't that annoying at least in this elo. Now here it comes the interesting part, or the "dynamic" part xd. I've noticed that a lot of people were complaining about how easy woud be to climb with friends and how hard is to climb as a solo player because the system will reward more someone getting carried by his friends rather than pure skills. This isn't true at all at least in this elo and lower. I played 2 matches against 4 man premades, 1 against golds and 1 against mid plat (palt 3 iirc?). As expected I took a lot of advantage in lane and eventually I was getting camped real hard, at some point I was 1v4 in my lane which is expected from a 4 man premade, HOWEVER I never got killed and I even got some kills while being camped which helped my team a lot by releaving pressure and me by getting fed. As you can already tell, even tho they are in premades, this doesn't mean they have actually any idea of how to play the game, they don't realise which rotations are better, don't know how to handle someone that's better than them, (because all they do the whole game was triyng to kill me, while my team got even an inhib from that...) so this just shows that if you are better than them you'll still climb, just like in soloq... at least in lower elos (below dia3 ?), I don't really know how the situation is in dia 3 + so I can't really talk about it xd. I did noticed tho that people care a lot less when playing as premades, they play sloppy (mechanic wise) and don't focus that much on the map, so for now I hope the dynamic q doesn't evolve in a casual clownfiesta because it seemed to be too easy for what I experienced.. (won 4/5 matches I played in dynamic q in my main role against high plats...).
: Hey ^_^ (looking for friends)
u can Add my smurf, i wanted to level it up too :3 Smurf: Some Lotus if u dont want to play with a lvl 1 acc u can add my main main: Some vipers
D1onys1us (EUW)
: Master EUW, willing to answer some questions
Hi, thanks for this, really needed some help. I want to ask a few things: - How do you deal with fear in soloq or just not being confident ?, I mean I feel I can easily be diamond next season (70% winrate in plat 4 xd) but i get really scared of queueing up sometimes specially because i tilt really hard in loses, mostly because I'm not confident on my skills :/ you think I should make a smurf and see if I can get the same rank to confirm I deserve to be here or even higher ? or what should I do to change my mindset and have more confidence ? I know I can be higher but idk .. I've carried most of my games, and I don't want to sound arrogant but it has been so easy to climb i actually feel they were just free wins, not me having skills, its weird :/ as a backstory, i've never really played rankeds, i've been playing full normals til i got normals queue times of ~15 mins so I had to go in rankeds to actually play the game rofl, i don't know what my actual skills are xd - I main mid too and my mid champion pool consist of Vel'koz, lissandra and Fizz (soon Jhin :x) you think i should add some champs to my pool, or i'll be fine climbing with these champs ? - I think that's it, Any advices you'll like to give to a yung mid main ? :3
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Inouki, This would probably be better served on the [PBE Boards](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/) if it's a PBE issue :-)
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: For rank rewards: its pretty damn tough to make some rewards that will be fair for other players of the game who do not play rank to also experience "fitting in", having a special skin of a caitlin (example) just because you reached diamond,, isnt fair for a player who mains caitlin, but for the life of god, they are not experienced to even touch diamond elo, this will obviously lead into backlash from the community, with such comments as: "omg why does this player have a special skin for zed jsut cos his in plat, yet I have mastery 5 but get nothing in return?" Some players simply do not wanna play rank because: -players who play the game just to "relax" have fun ( a majority of LoL players) -Players are a lot more aggresive for every mistake that you make in rank games: "omg why didnt you ulti him noob?" - they do not like the stress involved in playing rank, where you have to pay attention to everything -they simply do not want to commit to climb divisions when they can simply pay normals, have fun and not be with players who try-hard and rage, (escpicially in bronze/silver and Gold) this is apparent that you will get at least One Ass*hole in every 1/2 rank games played where they will flame for whatever reason therefore rank rewards should NOT be huge that will lead to unfairness to players who cannot access these superior reawards simply because they do not desire to play rank for whatever reason. i think a niche little reward which i just thought up about is, that if you press "ctrl" 7 in game then you could have a small badge that will show your current ranking for the season (bronze, silver etc...) the exact same idea for champion mastery when you press "ctrl" 6, but just a small cosmetic reward for rank players, other then that i cant reall think of rewards that will make normal players feel sad and have a "disavantage" over ranked players
In my opinion chromas for the victory skins might be enough (for example blue for plat, gold for gold :x, white for diamond etc..)
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Latsch (EUW)
: Strange Ping ups and downs only in LOL
I have the same problem here m8, don't know what's happening tho. I usually have a 35~ping but lately has been going up til 5k... i have 17 ping in csgo and still able to watch videos/streams without problem so i guess its a problem due to the new patch ... it might not last more than a few days i suppose
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: Game froze, 500 ping, everyone said my support paused the game
yo im trapped too :< its the same bug every new patch XD

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