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: Oh you're making the bold statement that ADC players are the ones who buy the most skins? Btw you can still pick/play Nami/Morgana for example shields and heals. Dont forget (as the article clearly states) the coordinated competitive proplay IS way different than your average Solo/Duo Q. Adapt or leave, its been that way since beta. I love the fact the biggest "cry babies" are mostly ADC one tricks players. The ones that dodge autofill or refuse to play another role anyway. The ones that have had the least amount of changes in their using rightclick.. i mean skill set in the past 8 years. Sure from time to time different adc champions were stronger than others but the basics stayed the same. Top, Jungle, Support and mid have had massive changes to their environment, items, roles to adapt so they do. Dont "blame" Riot for changes that mean you have to learn other champions or another playstyle its been that way since beta.
We enchanter support mains are also annoyed that all our items and laning partners got nerfed. Especially since we dont work together with mages since they dont profit from our AA buffs.
: they still dont understand if you would ward blue and your team is botside when the enemy jungler goes to that ward and you ping him the midlaner still wouldnt notice because proplayers communicate and we only have a stupid ping system and chat just bring out the full voice for my whole team not just friends if you have friends you would go to discord anyway so just bring voice for whole team and i wont have to spamping the player anymore that the jungler is comming to them and maybe die because im not watching my own position
You really want people screaming into you ears? And try this on EUW with at least 10 different languages on the server.
Missions still not do you even break a game element that has been in the client for months. I guess the Programmers at Riot games are suffering in a hell of 9 years of piled up spaghetti code. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}

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