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SorinaX (EUW)
: LF players to play ARAMs/norms fun games tonight
Bump. Looking for same tonight.
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: Hi, I didn't log on last night so unsure.. Will be jumping on tonight though. I will add you when I get on and we can have a few games, if I have a few people maybe we can sort a team out?? Cheers
Yeah sounds good. Should be on around 9 onwards.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Its alright just abit low in quality last couple seasons and this one is trolling us but like anything it will go back up eventually.
How come you think its trolling? Not a fan of Peter Capaldi?
Proxie (EUW)
: New Champion Select?
How is the new champ select different?! What does it look like?
TTekkers (EUW)
: Anti-Virus software??
I use AVG free also and don't experience any lag peaks when it decides to do a scan or whatever. Sometimes it has an updates to do and asks if you want to postpone it, but it never minimises league for that, the message is just there when I come out of a game. Hopefully that helps.
: It's my favourite tv show (which honestly isn't that impressive as the only other tv show I watch is Jessica Jones but oh well point still stands).
I had to google Jessica Jones, never heard of it before. Is it worth a watch?
: **Looking for Silver main sup to level up with**
Hey Did you have any takers? I am around tonight if you want to give it a go. I am in a similar position to you, and main support. Thanks
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: What champion you hate the most and why?
{{champion:92}} Doesn't even need an explanation, I hate all riven players.
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Vecchi (EUW)
: Looking for cool people.


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