NoTeefy (EUW)
: Well that's just a typical behaviour. They aren't sending their numbers in realtime but intervals. The client then calculates the decrease/increase rate until it gets the next packet and adjusts the speed/trend according to it. Would be an insane amount of traffic otherwise.
Sending some small numbers would be an insane amount of traffic?
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Sourika Interesting, maybe you have some third party software interfering with your system and League of Legends don't like that. Try disabling all non-essential processes by following [this guide]( Afterwards play a custom game to see if the issue continues. If that didn't help, you can try clearing your registry and cashe by using [Ccleaner]( Also you can try just repairing your client.
Hey. I didn't change anything, just installed the patch. Worked perfectly fine before. I reinstalled the game completely yesterday, but didn't check yet. Gonna do that later.
Necromant (EUW)
: Feature Request - Last Online - in the Client
Smells like stalker. Don't act like you play with those 300 people regularly and know exactly who they all are.
: I just tried this, it says I have to be logged in to do it. While I am logged in. It's not working.
You have to log in again for the support page.
Atlas (EUNE)
: People are really unhelpful in this thread... Here are some tipps mister: I'm a mid laner in low plat and the same happened to me when I was in your boots, always won my lane, but my teammates almost always lost and went negative There are 2 main things that will help you in this situation: Be supportive in chat, don't let them get angry because that will most likely lead to them dying even more. Say helpful things like: "Its ok, we can still win" ect. Roam as much as you can Bot laners 0/2? Ask the jungle to gank with you,in lower elo people forget about ganks. I would write more but I gotta go heh, good luck!
That wont help if your Teammates are the problem. Win as much as you want, if you can't carry yourself with your OTP-Champ, you wont win the Game. You barely can change anything about your Teammates. If they are meant to be in Silver and stuck there, they wont be much of a help. In that case, you have to compensate for their flaws or hope to get lucky with Teammates and get matched with Players that aren't meant to be in Silver and get out together. The first is in your hands, the latter in the realm of pure luck. That's why you work on the first. Vel'Kos isn't meant to be a solo carry. He can't take on 3 people at once and then safely push against 2 on his one. That just wont work. He isn't a strong roamer, he isn't strong in taking objectives. You have to play a Champ that can do all that until you get out of the division your are stuck in. If you are meant to be in a higher division and aren't stuck in your current because you are a stubborn dipwit that wants to force his thick brain. Improving by reading the situation is one thing you need to do to exceed your limits.
: i smell a toxic player
I smell someone who wants to improve by doing the same thing over and over again without changing anything, then going over to asking what to do and ignoring all the advises. Again, stay in Silver.
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: any tips for climbing out of high silver?
Stop OTPing Vel'Koz and start maining something that can carry.
Jarwan (EUW)
: I miss Dominion
Well, no one played it. I used to play it with a friend before it got removed and we waited up to 10 minutes for a match from time to time. And it seemed like it was getting worse. Most of the time, you were meeting the same people over and over again and matchmaking was extremely unfair. You also used to met many pro players. :D Xpeke played it a lot.
Her KhaI (EUW)
: What the **** do I have to do to get an S with Janna?
More Farm. That Farm is trash for any Sololane. Or high Assist/Death Ratio on Support.
its lit fam (EUNE)
: I would never give my dog treats if it didn't deserve them (for example by not behaving), and I have no idea what your comment has to do with the current subject. We aren't giving Riot treats by buying RP, we are keeping it alive. I totally agree that Dynamic Q is not working at higher elo, but it still doesn't give sense. Even convincing the whole LoL community to not buy RP will be impossible anyway... If you aren't blind and understood my comment, I said that we shouldn't try to kill the company, but instead make requests to reform Dynamic Q. And just in case you missed it or can't remember it, **_you cannot convince the whole LoL community not to buy RP_** {{summoner:4}}
How do you treat your dog if he got dangerously fat and wont listen to you anymore if you call him? Feed him even more?
SpectruM121 (EUNE)
: Should Riot increase key fragment drop rate?
: For those who always complain about their A+ rating with their awesome KDA
It's all about farm honestly. Fuck kills, objectives or anything else. Just farm the shit out of the game and you get a good rating. So stupid. If you wanna make sure to get your S/S+, ask the enemy to buy ZZ Rot x 5 and tell them you will not participate in the game and just afk farm in exchange.
: I don't think you understand. I want to play at 4K and have a larger cursor.
That doesn't work.
its lit fam (EUNE)
: So you are basically saying, that instead of trying to "save" the game, you want to destroy the company even more {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} That's like shooting your dog instead of training it...
How do you train your dog? By giving him treats even though he doesn't behave? I hope you have no dog.
Febos (EUW)
: Riot can't do anything about this because they only produce software and not hardware. As far as I know, there are options in the market for disabled players: "simple" cases like not having full functionality in a part of the body and "complex" cases like having full paralisys. I've seen a guy play League with his feet. [Disabled player achieves diamond.](
Always knew Support was the easiest way to climb Leagues. You don't even need Hands for it.
: Some help for Disabled peoples
Somehow you found a gamingmouse with buttons? They all do have them. Heck, you can almost have a full keyboard on them.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: I -think- the timer restarts when the players start the queue again. I remember this result faintly from the first time I encountered a busted player. Somehow I'm reluctant to deliberately test this further.
: I can't level anything because i get no blue essence. :(
You can buy Champ Tokens for IP in the Shop and then disentchant them.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Why LeaverBuster blocks chat (and everything else)?
Leave the Queue, message the guy to reinvite you and tell him to not start the Queue for set amount of time.
Tweetee (EUW)
: Please Riot. Let us mute pings aswell
It's not even that. Some people just ping all the fucking time. They spam ping for no reasonable reason. You are walking towards a big minionwave and those fuckers spam "Defend Tower". They spam danger even though you're perfectly fine and aware of your surroundings. They spam objectives they think are a good idea to take on. They random spam the basic ping on the map, trying to communicate something no one knows what it is. At some point i just wanna ping him in his face.
Grips (EUW)
: Well, I rarely play him as a tank hybrid, go hard or go home assassin Wukong. One shots carries with literally no counterplay, if they don't know you're cloned + youmuus, you can dive straight into them care-free.
Doesn't work as well anymore. ADC especially will just dash away and kill you, while taking little to no damage themselves. I play Wukong a lot in any Lane. I know what you're talking about and i do that alot. But you will simply fail if you engage a rather fed ADC, even though you're fed yourself. ADCs are in a way too good spot right now.
Skere (EUW)
: Wukong needs a rework/buff
Now, from a Wukong Main, let me tell you the real Problems with him: **Sustain** I like his Kit. It's simple, but yet very strong if you master him. Playing him on full CDR not only makes a lot of fun, but also opens up a lot of outplay potential. The only problem here is his Manapool compared to the Manacosts of his Abilities. He is basically oom after a single rotation. That leaves him in a very vulnerable spot. He can neither trade, nor farm effectively without Mana. When played in the Jungle, he also lacks CC/Damage to be able to pull off a Gank with rather low Mana. Which is a problem, because you basically have to waste all your Mana in the Jungle to sustain through the Jungle(W) and clear it in a reasonable matter of Time. Same for Laningphase - if you want to trade and NOT lose all your Life in the process, you have to use all 3 basic Abilities. When i lane i often buy a simple Manacrystal at the very begining and get laughed about by people. But that's the only way to get through Laningphase without falling behind too much. A simple Manacrystal adds 2 1/2 Spellrotations and literally doubles your Manapool. Result: He should get either his Manapool, his Regeneration or the Manacosts buffed. **Mobility** With all the dashes and Movementspeed in the game, he lacks Mobility. With a 45% Cooldownreduction build you can kinda keep up due to your E being on a very short Cooldown. But still, sometimes it's not enough to pull something off if you just walk to lane. When engaging after using your W, you have a very short window of opportunity and you might be seen before you even are in Range for an Engage. Which leads to a rather serious problem - People just keep dashing out of your Ult. Or even worse, they walk out. Wukongs E puts you in a a less favored spot rather far away from the target because you get placed where the enemy was at that point and you also stop moving, while the enemy himself still is walking. You also take very often Damage or are killed after Using your W. Result: Give his W a longer duration and add a Movementspeed Buff after using it. That would help him engage, and also disengage. It would also hep him clear his Jungle with a reasonable HP-Loss, rather than leaving him at the verge of death. **Passive:** His passive is ... well. It doesn't really help anymore. While it used to be reasonably helpful in the past, it's just useless now. A five man engage will get you killed anyway in this burst heavy Meta and it's rather useless the less people are around. Result: Get him %-Damagereduction, rather than flat MR/Armour. That's the simplest change i can come up with without changing it too much. It could also be a complete different Passive contributing to his Kit. Like a Movementspeed Buff based on events, something to cooperate with his E and Attackspeed since his Kit is designed to engage and Ult and the Attackspeed is rather lost in that scenario. That would leave him the choice to either engage, AA, Q, Ult, or E, AA, Q, AA, AA, AA ... something that stacks and deals damage after some hits. A slow. An adding slow that turns into a xx sec Root. Or add some more Burst to his Kit through his Passive. **Basic Abilities:** I think his Q and E are in a good spot and shouldn't really be changed. They have a solid Damageoutput and good Utility. **Ultimate:** As stated, often People just run out of it and don't even get knocked up. Its range is rather low which makes it difficult to pull off reasonably in a Teamfight. The Movementspeed Buff you get is a good idea, but not "contributing" enough. Result: Extend its Hitboxrange and add a higher Movementspeed Buff at the beginning, making it falling off in a decent rate. Extra: It sucks if you get Q'ed by Lee, are low and activate your Ultimate defensively while running away and he dashes to you, but wont get knocked up. The initial hit which triggers the knock up should be instant when entering the Hitbox.
Eveninn (EUW)
: > Good luck with your shop G :) I'll travel to Riot HQ and hug everyone if I get Lux skins.
Maluber (EUW)
: There was a tweet from riot Socrates saying it'll be in shop day after patch.
Hope that's true. Already thought they delayed it for ... obvious reasons.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I didn't see any announcement for it in patchnotes (nor anywhere else), so I assume that feature is yet to come. :s
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: Yes I understand this but I have a 4k screen and so I'd prefer being able to play at 4k.
You are able to play at 4k.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sourika,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A6zEnXMh,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-01T08:06:20.318+0000) > > Which leaves strong level 1 Champs to skyrocket, while weak ones will stay level 1 for the rest of the match. :) the post you replied to literally says "give exp over time to people that are behind to not fall behind too much"
It also says that you get a relative high amount for killing - which is the whole point of the Mod. You can't come back from that. You will be killed over and over again and if you just wait to level up passively, you wont get any gold. You're basically fucked no matter what.
: But it means I have to play in 1080p
Many people play on 1080p.
: New Champion Concept : Umbra - Herald of Shadows
You really should post this sort of stuff into the NA Forums or Reddit if you really want a decent feedback from Riot and the Community. The Board is basically dead and there aren't many reds around here and those who are most likely don't care that much.
: So sad... you are not authorized.
Because you're not authorized. Captain out.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Gr8m8er, When you get S- or higher as level 5, you should get a mastery token in your hextech inventory. You require two of these plus some additional requirements (Detailed [HERE]( \) to unlock the level 6 mastery.
TL:DR Link: Which is spending money to buy chests and keys and hope for blue essences which are in no way related to how good you play with a certain Champ(master him).
: @ultimatejacce No! The community is open to everyonje! from bronze to challenger from 12-25 years old! I'd like to stress that there is no obligation to play everyday/ show up regularly. We are simply an organisation/community who wishes to grow and expand into many people who love the game.
Why do you exclude people over 25?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A6zEnXMh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-31T22:54:22.724+0000) > > how would you level up or get gold without minions? by killing champions, and farming jungle? you would increase the exp you get from champion kills by a lot, and also give exp over time similar to aram to keep the losing ones from falling too far behind.
Which leaves strong level 1 Champs to skyrocket, while weak ones will stay level 1 for the rest of the match. :)
: They had 4580 collective wins We had 2469
1. Normal MMR and Ranked MMR are seperated. 2. Just because someone didn't play Ranked this season, doesn't mean he is bad. You can actually see that one of those unrankeds was gold last season. 3. The reason why you got someone under level 30 is because either his MMR is pretty high, or to match the MMR of your team and theirs. 4. Those Gold players are Gold V and IV. Doesn't vary much from Silver. The Panth has a negative W/L Ratio and the Twisted fate has a suspiciously high positive W/L rate. With that many games, it's save to say he was boosted. Else he most likely wouldn't be Gold V. The Silvers also have a negative W/L Rate. 5. You shouldn't care about that stuff. Play the fucking game and enjoy it. All you get from checking the enemy team's Elo is you being intimidated/tilted.
Ryerow (EUW)
: > Cataclysm RANGE: 650 / 325 / 825 COST: 100 MANA COOLDOWN: 120 / 105 / 90 Cataclysm ACTIVE: Jarvan IV dashes to an enemy champion, **becoming immune to crowd control** during over the duration and dealing physical damage to nearby enemies upon arrival. PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 200 / 325 / 450 (+ 150% bonus AD) Upon impact, he creates a circle of **impassable terrain** for 3.5 seconds that grants Sight icon sight around it. Jarvan IV can reactivate Cataclysm to instantly destroy the circle. So this is why I dislike your point. I've bolded two parts. First part is just for giggles, because he can be CC'd out of his windup (I'm fine with that, if you can land something mid dash props to you) and second part relevant to this discussion. He creates, literally, terrain. The same terrain that Trundle's Pillar is made out of, the same terrain the walls and turrets are made out of. Note the impassable part of that sentence too. If the dash allows the champ to go through terrain (Lee Sin, Lucian, Kindred, Corki etc etc etc etc) then they can escape. Riven's E and Vayne's Q do not intentionally allow the champion to go through a wall and thus the purpose of reporting this bug. Out of interest, what do you think about the other part of this post and champions just sauntering out?
Yeah, but it doesn't change the fact that it works on Jarvan's Ult and has always worked. I have never seen an actual statement about it not being intentional. Though i might have missed it. For Anivia and Trundles terrain, it's too "thick" to cross and their terrain is actually nothing more than terrain. Jarvan dashes and deals damage with his Ult. Making it also not crossable by all sorts of dashes leaves the impression of it being too strong. One possible problem is that their dash-distance is longer than the terrain of Jarvan's Ult is thick, therefore making it possible to cross with those skills and therefore making it intentional. Or it's because it's coded as "Minions" and both can dash through minions with their abilities. There are a lot of possible reasons. You probably have to wait for an actual game designer to answer your question. But since this is known and it wasn't change till now, i guess they don't really care and want to leave it like this. Another reason why i think the Minion theory is right is due to the "slip through" problem and often being able to cross with active "Ghost". For the rest, that's a legit problem and was stated as unintentional. They also wanted to fix it, but it never really got fixed. I have experienced it myself a lot and know how bothersome it is. This could have many reason. The minion theory, latency issues, terrain not being build fast enough ...
: Surely I shouldn't have to put my resolution down?? I literally just want a bigger cursor, I don't even mind the minimap and stuff that much
Well, changing the resolution does exactly that. Not sure why you vote him down.
Ryerow (EUW)
: Without using an example in one of the videos above, could you provide: a) a source on it being intentional b) examples of walls that Riven's E and Vayne's tumble can dash through
a) Nope since it's my perception of the whole topic. b) Jarvans Ult. I have seen many other Champs with Dashes who where able to get out of his Ultimate. It's not about those Dashes being able to cross any other terrain but any dash being able to cross Jarvans Pit.
Ryerow (EUW)
: [BUG] Jarvan Cataclysm - Walking through / specific interractions
As far as i know every Champ with a dash is able to leave Jarvans Ultimate. Which leaves the impression of it being intentional.
: [SALT] By support I hope you mean moral support, because your matchmaking is broken
: Am I the only one that thinks Taliyah is a really badly designed champion?
The fuck. Have you actually played against her? She can 100-20% you with her Q alone. Her E is recastable immediately. You don't have to wait the full duration and her W deals a shitload of damage combined with E. That said, her Q has a really short cooldown. She fucking destroys. Her Ult, if used right, can change the game completely, is also a great escape and engage for ganks.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: So i said Dark Souls looked easy.
It is in fact easy. It's extremely telegraphed and all you need to do is keep patient and learn the patterns of the Enemies. But most people tilt and die and then tilt even more. They want to hack and slay their way through the game, while what they really should do is being reactive.
candoodle (EUW)
: on the topic of listening i have always found the mandarin character for listen a fantastic reminder of how to listen correctly it is made up of not only the symbol for "ear" but also the symbols for "open heart, eyes, and attention" hearing is not the same as listening
Hearing is not the same as listening, which isn't the same as understanding, which again isn't the same as knowing. And to know, you need to ask questions to clear your own perception of what you think is true. If you really want to know what a person thinks, you need to step out of your own reality, which is build by perception and experience and step into another ones reality and internalize their perception of the world.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Agreed. Work of a jungler is highly situational, so making rules about it can be misleading - like the famous "never gank a losing lane" rule. While it makes sense in most cases (a 0/1/2 Rammus should probably avoid ganking 3/0/1 Pantheon with 2 levels advantage for his 0/4/0 Riven), there are also exceptions (a 2/1/3 Vi ganking a 1/0/2 Xerath for her 0/1/1 Kartus).
Ganking a losing lane will most likely not even even out the lane. He will still be behind. While ganking a winning lane assures the lane to stay that way, instead of having the potential comeback. That said, if actually most people follow that rule, if you decide to gank a losing lane and the enemy jungler is about to gank his winning lane, you will most likely contribute a double kill to the enemy since the enemy jungler will even out the 2v1 aspect of the gank and leave you in a weaker spot. Some Champions will even 2v1 you if they are ahead. There are a lot of risks to ganking a losing lane.
: Well, yes, because even though it's in the joke section it still made people think he was going to quit. I bet nobody impulsively thought that he was going to quit smoking before clicking the thread.
But he actually quit. Not his problem you make assumptions.
Eveninn (EUW)
: IMO they are a viabel stat to bring up (especially in the case of a ver yhigh one), but they indeed are not the only stat that matters. Azir is a prime example of a very strong champ with still low winrate, because he is so hard to play. The Problem is that once someone can play him well, he simply is *too strong*. But his winrate gets kept low by Players wanting to give him a try or that still are learning to Play him and don't manage to pull him off to this Level. Same reason why a new champion like Taliyah being on low winrates doesn't necessariely mean she is bad, there just was too little time to astablish some mains that pull her winrate up. -------------- And then there are other things not related to winrate at all, as mentioned alread "unfun" mechanics. Or look at Yorick, old Poppy or old Taric, they will get/got reworked for another reason than them winning little or much.
There is already a filter for more detailed information. You can check the Winrate of Champions based on the Elo and i think it's safe to assume that Lucian is broken based on the statistic given. Not only is he played a lot - which also means many unskilled players are playing him - he still has a fairly high winrate.
: [6.10] - Wukong ultimate bug
Had a similar bug with his E and Q on URF. Didn't show any scaling. I think it's jsut a display bug. Not sure though.
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