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: That thing has a delay you know? Assassins can still oneshot before the support has reacted and the zone activates. It's rather bruisers who are going to get the biggest hit. They can't get and/or kill the backline quick enough before the zone has activated.
The thing about bruisers was one of my main points, genuinely thinking about switching to adc/tanks and just enjoying all the constant attention from riot every patch
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: Garen Ult as an Epileptic
I dont have epilepsy but flashy lights/effects stuff do make me dizzy/queasy and freak out for a few seconds. Garens ult has always had the same effect on me too, would be cool if it was toned down slightly, little overwhelming.
: Either play powerfarmers, or divers. WW/Jax//Seju/Mao/Lee ( wardjump behind tower kick into ur team) and such could be the good divers, also zac. Or powerfarmers like udyr shyva and such, who you can basically play lol in a single player basis and split/farm till others can't touch you. Another good diver would be LVL11 kha. Use your head and ull do just fine.
Thanks but i'm asking what to do after first clear and general jungle macro, not champions to play. I dont enjoy playing tanks or any champion without a cool gimmick or mechanic
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