GenLynx (EUW)
: mya game not start and i stickingame laoding ever if i restart clinet
My Main and Smurf stuck in this loop, nothing we can do sadly. Happened before its on Riots side. Been happening for like an hour and still no word
lnfy (EUW)
: Stuck in a game that does not exist.
LoL, both my Main and Smurf are stuck in this loop... Time to log on either my EUNE or NA account lol
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
Kayn, I aint trying to get 1 shot by a random ass Kayn with Dark Harvest every 5 mins.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: I think there is a difference between that and selling your soul to a soulless corporation like Riot.
blunk (EUW)
: You cant, it's disabled..
: Arent queues disabled now? You wont get a rank when preseason starts, so yes.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you could bring one thing back PERMANENTLY, what would it be?
Rioter Comments
: Random lag in game?
Mate my internet is 7 ping 181.31 Mbps download and 12.20 Mbps Upload and ever since patch 8.5 I have been having these lags in most of my games, normally its more then just me in the game aswell.
: why doesnt riot penalize disconnects more?
The reason you are seeing it more often now, is because Riot did something in patch 8.5 that has been causing large spikes to people in game and they havnt fixed it or even said they know about it yet. I have been fine all day, then 2nd from last game had a small spike once, then last game was barley playable.
: Bjergsen "Still The Best Of The west" Montage Edit
Still? He has never been best in the west. He aint even the best in NA anymore. But that being said nice video.
: From 20ms to 74 in hours.
Its patch 8.4, happening to tons of people across multiple countries. Riot yet to even acknowledge it. I assume we gonna have to wait for patch 8.5 and just hope they fix it, but its EU so I wouldn't bet on it.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: How can you be 100% sure it's on Riot's side? What if your ISP has problems with routing so the route is too long which makes the ping higher than usual. You could try running [Netalyzr]( It's a tool that even Riot suggests using. What it does is that it checks your network for any problems and gives you the result with all the details. It requires Java and if you are using Firefox Quantum, Java won't work with it(for whatever reason), but the older version [Firefox ESR]( works fine.
We can be 100% sure because its happening to multiple countries across multiple ISP's ever since patch 8.4
wldhunt (EUW)
: Remake-Suggestion
We would see the most agro first 5 mins of every game ever, who ever loses them 5 mins someone disconnects for 10 mins and boom no LP lost.
: FPS Issues
Its happening to alot of people since patch 8.4 Riot aint said anything about it yet though.
: >BUT from what I can see I would hope its not a long one, if you are banned for years or even months for this then I would say it is not justified. then you don't know how the bans work
That makes no sense at all, you can be banned for a day, or afew days or a week or afew weeks, so on and so forth. It seems you dont know how they work.
Firen Flame (EUNE)
: Twisted Fate Rework
DONT YOU DARE ! Yasuo is a hard match up, trick is to be unpredictable. Pick a weird card and go insane agro when he is too low level to have wind wall. Then when you know he has the wall, pick a card go forward, look like you are going to attack him go for CS, do that a couple times then he will feel safe and go on his ass. Do not be doing this standing next to your caster minions, or with no wards, its a very hard lane if its a good Yasuo but if you can get into his head just as any other match up it can be easy.
: Thanks for 6 years rito
Although its mild flame Game 1 you still flamed, Game 2 is abit different you didnt really flame, maybe could be for negative attitudes but in my eyes you wasnt really that negative. Problem with this though is that it actually takes alot of reports to get you banned, Im not sure why they have only showed these 2 games, maybe its because all the team reported you in these or maybes its just random. But neither the less, it still means you have had alot of reports. As it takes so many reports to actually get banned and we can see you do flame someties even if it aint that hard I would assume the ban is justified. BUT from what I can see I would hope its not a long one, if you are banned for years or even months for this then I would say it is not justified.
Rioter Comments
L0rd B7 (EUNE)
: Why am I so HORRIBLE
Just giving it a quick look, from what I can see you are playing low tier champions and very high skill cap champions. Try looking at tier lists and picking strong champs within the meta that you enjoy, also dont have a massive champ pool try a small focused champ pool for 1 role and 1 champ in your secondary.
Yooba (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seppuku UK,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UOH6bEWU,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-10-18T13:07:09.919+0000) > > The higher you go the more toxic it gets up too Dia 5. > > Gold is full of tryhards who when they fail will resort to either trolling or flaming. > > Platinum is full of "the next faker" who will flame you from the start, as they are, always have been and alsways will be better then you. > > Diamond 5 is the world of 1 tricks and falmers. > > (In reality Platinum is probs the most toxic, now EUW Platinum, well Im pretty sure I would find nicer people in hell) You're gold 2 with over 500 games how would you know anything about any elo above plat V? Highest you've been is plat V.
Well that may be because I have only just come back to the game after leaving it before the start of this season, Im not saying I let anyone else on my account as that is against the rules and I do not break the rules. I am saying I suspect someone may have been on my account tho ;). Honestly do you think a plat player for the last 3 years would be this low, on top of the fact in the last few weeks this acc has gone from Silver to this point. On top of all that the highest I have been in Solo Q is Plat 1 but have also played at Plat 2 level in ranked 5v5 (If you dont know that is leaps and bounds above Solo Q, also playing against some top players) Further more as a 0 LP D5 player as you are, you just proved my point alittle.
: High elo's being toxic.
The higher you go the more toxic it gets up too Dia 5. Gold is full of tryhards who when they fail will resort to either trolling or flaming. Platinum is full of "the next faker" who will flame you from the start, as they are, always have been and alsways will be better then you. Diamond 5 is the world of 1 tricks and falmers. (In reality Platinum is probs the most toxic, now EUW Platinum, well Im pretty sure I would find nicer people in hell)
: i do quite good against them.Does it mean if i do good in placements i get gold?
Potentially yeah, if you do well and its your 1st placements (Not played ranked any other season) Then if you play well you could get up to mid gold I think it is.
: FPS - Laggier?
My FPS sometimes is perfect and sometimes is awful. There is no way of me knowing what its like until I get in game tho. Ruining so many games, I know atleast 5 people having the same issue as me. Only started happening since patch 6.20
: Would you be ok with a 1 v 1 for rp mode?
This would be freaking awesome. 1v1 would have no real problems apart from smurfs but thats a risk you gota take. 5v5 same as 1v1 problem but also the problem of solo people (Afks, trols etc.), thats why if it was ever to happen it should only be reserved for 5 premades.
: Unranked getting matched with plats
Its normals. I've seen people in Bronze in my games and people in Challenger in my games.
: How about making the bronze sign a little bit more special
Not to be mean or anything, but I would much prefer an unranked in my team then a Bronze. Atleast the unranked would have the potential to be better then a bronze, seeing a bronze boarder in my game would tilt me off the face of the planet.
Plieninis (EUNE)
: I don't get it riot logic.
Do you have the evidence to show the trollers do not get banned ? Fact is the trollers do get banned, they get banned alot faster then the flamer does as more people report for trolling. The only difference is, when a troller is perma banned, they do not write on the boards as they know its never gonna be changed. A flamer on the other hand will go straight to the boards and proclaim their innocence and tell us all how they will change now that Riot has shown them the light,
: LP Help Required
: High ping spike since patch of 6.20
Since 6.20 I dont get high ping or anything but every say 10th game I will drop connection for afew mins, even tho my internet is fine. On top of that, some games my FPS goes insane other games its very very minimal FPS spikes and other games its perfect/normal. This sort of thing has happened to me in the past with some of the old patches.
: yes i know that. its not always like that. just when i had a bad day and 3 games with trolls in a row. which, again, is not an accuse. i should just get an permanent chat ban... still i think its not as bad wishing people to die etc. which happens in a lot of games. i am just really surprised this kind of talk is worth a permban.
Dont get me wrong, from what I see here that is not worth a perma ban. But do you realise how many bans and reports you actually need to ever get puniched. Let alone Perma'd, I was banned for 1 week either in open beta or just after the game come out and none after that, and in all honesy I was one of the most toxic people on EU servers. Yet I was still never banned. Got my act together tho and now am the opposite to toxic xD
: Easier to climb in Ranked
Thats dumb, if you deserve the rank then you dont need the extra LP gain. People talk about ELO Hell or they are stuck in places, either way its the same thing. If you are stuck or in ELO Hell then you are where you are suppose to be, if you are smashing games and winning them on your own then that my friend is Elo Heaven
: i just got permabanned out of the blue. i am not sure if it wasnt a bit harsh...
From just this then nah but tbh you talk way way way too much. The more you talk, the more likely you are to be reported. Sad but true. Most of the stuff said is garbage uneeded stuff too.
Rioter Comments
: Shaco skin?
I do like playing Shaco, very fun champion. And no he does not need a new skin, he has way more skins the most champions. Dude has 7 skins, Urgot, Udyr, Viktor, Zilean, Ekko, Elise, Fiora, all of them plus many many more have less skins then him.
: 8 years playing this game, but now the magic is gone
Not gonna lie I didnt read the post, im only here to say how impressed I am that you have been playing league for 8 years.... I mean it come out in 2009 Oct 27th (just under 7years ago). So that is damn impressive.
: My account perma banned...
I love that, " BUT HE STARTED IT ". Never worked with your parents, think its gonna work for a company ? They have given you the tool to keep that person quite, the mute button. The second you flame back you get a deserved ban.
: Let's see ur prediction [[Which team would take the second place in worlds champion ship? ]] well we
SKT1 would take second in mine with H2K taking first, and the reason I put it like that is because I was drinking heavily before doing my pick'ems. Now Im just gonna leave it cause its funny.
: LF unranked or high elo meta-consious Support Mains ?
Hey man, not high elo support anymore but Ive only just started playing this season 3 weeksISH back, account was compromised while I was away. In the Past for the last 3 seasons been plat and played in Season 1 as unranked and Season 2 as Gold. Played competitively as ADC and Support too. Reason I just put a kind of mini CV there is cause im interested in playing with ya, I've found people who seem more intelligent in League are normally ones you can blend with better also the skill ceiling seems to be higher on players like this.
: Any ADC's about for a Duo, Smurf if possible.
Oh yeah, have a Mic and decent English aswell
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Mačka (EUW)
: You need to take this quiz!
Lucian, not a bad shout.
: Looking for a Jungle Gold ish for Solo Q, (Kind of a smurf)
If you wondering what kind of a smurf means, I mean I left this acc at Plat 2 at the start of the season. I know people are not allowed to play on your acc so I never let them, but by magic it was Silver 2 when I come back to the game a weekish ago.
Rioter Comments
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Team with supp should win more often that the one without, right?
Some of Gold and above that dont really have that issue. Although I see where you are coming from, you need to play around the fact they might outdamage you, you need to counter the lane. You need the jungler to know to give bot abit of help. You need to get an early tower with help from Jngl or Mid or Top. There are many many more things to do and consider, but if playing in the lower brackets people are not decisive enough to execute these things. Or what I see alot of is straight up 2v2 fights lost and then repeated 10 more times until the game is lost cause the ADC and AP Sup are both 5/0/5. If you die a single time vs them early, thats it you just got the flag to never fight them 2v2 unless a special circumstance comes up.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: You guys got any idea on how to make the team not throw games?
There are afew things you can do. Use pings, not only for your lane but for all the lanes. So if you see mid missing ping it, if you see someone show on a ward ping it. This gets people in their head (even if they dont realise it) working as a team, thinking people have their back. Set up a plat with SHORT messages for example, (Saying you just took bot tower with your Lucian) "Lucian lets B and get mid tower", "D in 1 min, lets set up for it", never ever ever say DONT do something, say try not and even when saying that dont say it too often or aim it at someone to much. These seem pretty dumb but they do work at your elo bracket, I use to be alot higher but come back from a long long break and now im abit higher then you now but I was at your elo last week, Silver 2 to Gold 3 in like a week useing this method. Alothough I also played a lane easier to carry at this elo.
Najns (EUW)
: >Personally on Mid I pick TF everytime I can but if it gets taken from me I have Orianna, Karthus, Fizz, Ekko and Pantheon all to fall back on. You play Pantheon mid? xD
For most AP's they cant handle him, but I pick him mostly as a county to assassins, he destroys, Akali, Zed, Yasuo, Fizz, Le Blanc.
Maribari (EUNE)
: Dynamic queue is terrible experience
Diamond dont have Dynamic Que anymore do they ? Obviously its easier to boost people in lower brackets if you are better then them as they dont know that much about the game and obviously the higher you get, the more impact 1 bad person or 1 bad play has on the game. Also the higher brackets you get the less the skill gap is between 1-5, there is a much much larger difference in skin for a B5 to a B1 then there is for a S5 to a S1. Thats just how it works as the higher you get the better people are because there is less stuff to know more of, or less mechanic difference then the other person you are facing. You 3rd reason is weird, that happens at all brackets of play. You have 1 trick pony's in Challenger's that will play like a Plat if they dont get there 1 trick. The reason you can pick your role is so that you can play something you know, if you have a small champion pool and are not a 1 trick then its your own fault. Go into normals and learn another champion get good with 2 or 3 on each role you select. Personally on Mid I pick TF everytime I can but if it gets taken from me I have Orianna, Karthus, Fizz, Ekko and Pantheon all to fall back on. Jungle Zac when I can, Nocturne, Pantheon, Lee all to fall back on. Btw this is coming from a mainly solo player, think ive played with 2 mates 3 times and duo'd about 15 times while over 150 solo.
: I got banned
Well ima just say they can see where your account was logged in on, if the IP addresses are all the same, then you screwed. (I assume they are_
: Looking for Smurfs in Silver/Low Gold.
Oh I guess I should say my normal rank xD Well been in Plat since Season 3, left the game at the start of the season in P2 or P3. I think I actually went on tilt and it was P3.
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