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: > [{quoted}](name=Speavy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LZwU6XnX,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-09T20:42:10.589+0000) > > dude its not change the fact that its suppos to make the adc's unable to lifesteal if attacking the tank, yet even with the slightest lifesteal they get more hp then they get from the thornmail as dmg thats the problem, i wont calculate stuff, because i can see it, 20% life steal = zero dmg from thornmail thats all Just do a research before u make a post like this dude ~!
Enlight me pls, i wont do math and calculations for a simple thing, if you not malph or poppy this item not working as it suppos to. end of story, what else you need? A whole page of calculations of armor pen+ad+lifesteal = what dmg the adc deal againts the armor+runes+bonus armor+armor pen reduction+the god little finger on a boat = the salt level of a player againts teemo? Atleast if you complain doit propely tell me WHAT kind of research you missing.
: Err... Sir Lifesteal is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after armor and all other forms of damage reduction. Thornmail's passive = Reflects 15% of the physical damage taken (+ 25% bonus armor) from basic attacks and on-hit effects back to its source as magic damage. For the sick of simplicity, let's take Armor pen, Runes, Masteries, crits out of consideration (assume there are none). Calculations: Caitlyn = 280 total Attack damage, 20% Lifesteal Malphite = 150 bonus armor (Sunfire + Thornamil) Base armor at Lv18 = 92 Armor reduction = 1 - 100(100+150+92) = 71% Caitlyn's damage to Malphite = 280 x 0.29 = 81 damage Cailtlyn's Lifesteal = 81 damage x 0.2 = 16 Actual damage reflected = 0.15 x 81 + 0.25 x 150 = 49.65 = 50 damage as magic Caitlyn's magic resist = 30 so 50 x 100/(100+30) = 38 magic damage received Take away lifesteal received = 38 - 16 = 22 damage deficit Now, if you want to completely nerf the effect of Thornmail (for a 150 bonus armor Malphite) you'll need: 38 / 16 x 20 = 47.5% Lifesteal Thornmail useless?
Then pls explain how can cait survive, im all ears, ooo and btw i talked about that this item is only good on malph but i was a mundo, so its great you made all this calculation but i already know that. Tell me if Thornmail that op why not working on anyone else but Malph? I tell you why because Malph get bonus armor from his W and ha can has 700+ armor THATS why its okey on malph. But what about the other tanks? I really want to know what you have to say maybe i can get some great info for future match.
Maluber (EUW)
: You do understand what bonus armor means right? Any armor you buy or get through runes is classed as bonus armor. Its uses bonus armor to make it more appealing to people building tank and less appealing to everyone else that used to build it.
Dude you blind or just a troll? Pls read it again and come back when you finished, thanks
Doomley (EUW)
: you fail to notice that life steal is calculated from the damage dealt after resists are calculated. Thornmail damage is calculated from the damage before resists are calculated.
dude its not change the fact that its suppos to make the adc's unable to lifesteal if attacking the tank, yet even with the slightest lifesteal they get more hp then they get from the thornmail as dmg thats the problem, i wont calculate stuff, because i can see it, 20% life steal = zero dmg from thornmail thats all
: Weird, I like thornmail, had a jinx kill herself earlier with it. Was fun
Idk, i had only that moment in season 4 when it was usefull and the adc's were not broken AF
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: None of that is true...
Dude you either main them or you have no idea what are these champs.
bulz7 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azure9861,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Gade50xe,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-09T16:40:24.446+0000) > > Because of the fact when she gets 40% CDR she's... > I can imagine you've played in this scenario. Ye lol i main lb and i know how you feel against her. Anw her passive is what makes her the deciever, i don't think it can be reworked but maybe changed a bit. She is in a nice spot right now because she is strong but too squishy. Also she might need a small buff, just to adjust that winrate.
She maybe has a low winrate in high elo but thats because there you have a reaction time of a god so you can deal with its BS but in lower elo's the problem is her fricking no counter play set, 3 fcking target spell + 1 of the first 3, ( Her E's range is ridiculus on the sides not to mention the slow and the EXTENDED RANGE ) i mean its not fair to basicly with a simple spell rotation with only 100 ap she can deal 1.5 k dmg by pressing 3-4 key on lvl 6-8 thats nor FAIR or FUN to play againts, she need a balance around her Q to be a skill shot or a range change on her W to dont be as huge as Braum's shield, HELL MEGA GNAR'S E HAS SMALLER RADIUS THEN HER W. Thats the only problem.
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duckarp (EUNE)
: Do you mean this game? http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2604996409/210135082?tab=overview http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Speavy# Look at the stats, I don't even need to see the game in person. You placed 2 wards during the whole game. You have a free trinket, why you don't use it? Yi placed 17 (!!!). Also your composition was bad to say at least. 2 AD assassins, 1 support (only tanky person on your team, that's not enough at all), 1 immobile adc and 1 apc. What enemy team did you hope to get? Compare it to the enemy team: alistar 2x cc (plus tanky as hell), morgana 2x cc, kennen nonstop cc... Yi safely went for devourer without any fear because he could rely on his team, while he was dealing damage. I don't know why you needed 3 sweepers etc. Not mentioning the fact they had 2 gold players, while your team was consisting only of silver players. But sure, you couldn't affect that factor.
I just told you that our team camp was not good at all..., and its not really matter how many wards i put down because i mostly used my E, and not to mention that yi came in through TF, and yeah that MM system, not to mention how "fair" is that too, the point is that which you flew over everytime is MASTER YI'S DMG not the fact that he was or wasnt able to attack us in the back, or see him ganking or not THE SIMPLE FACT THAT HE 1 V 5 THE TEAM. THATS THE POINT pls dont start to fight over useless subparts EXPECT the CC because as i said you are right about that.
Sdars (EUW)
: Either way, I don't see why you're complaining about Master Yi. What needs to be nerfed is Sated Devourer and Rageblade. Not Yi.
Devourer in my head is not bad but without the magic dmg part would be a ballanced item but Yi and rageblade need hard nerf's. Yi in my thoughts mostly need a rework because his kit is broken. Because if your team not a CC heavy team with only point and click stuns. He gonna carry most of the time with this build.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I think the support never provides enough CC for the whole team. Toplaner, midlaner or the jungler need to provide some as well.
You are right about that, and yeah my team comp was not CC team at all but the point is that even a single stun was hard to hit on yi because half the time he was in alpha strike.... and yeah once he was stunned ( AFTER KILLING EVERYONE ) i was able to kill him, the point is that if you dont know if you up againts a yi you have no idea how much CC you need, i know that MORE is better but some player dont, for example our Vlad, he won his lane in early but he couldnt do anything late, yet the enemy team feeding kennen was able to stun half our team. Because he brought something thats usefull even behind, but my problem not the CC because you can outplay it, QSS, black shield and ETC, my problem is Yi carried the team, i know its an assassin but why he can have 4 k happy and solo anyone.... OR SOLO THE TEAM because they was not quick enough to stun him in that 0,0001 sec before he used Q. See my problem here?
: Yea but yi players also evolve, and they know what to do, they aren´t brainless right click spammers like bronz-silver yi-s. The main problem with yi he can have over 3k hp and some decent defence and still do more damage than some assassin, and he´s can do it to multiple champions. I wouldn´t mind the old yi back, he was cancer to play against but at least fair, he had what about 2 k hp and 0 to none defence, so if he misplayed he would die for it, this here is fucking ap yi all over again. Oh you stuned him too bad he´s to tanky to be bursted down, so he just goes back at your team. And this isn´t 1 vs 1 situations you have his whole team to worry about too. Just revert Rageblade and remove titanic hydra and game would be balanced again.
Someone who can see the light beyond only nerf tank items because "OP".
: By any chance, did the yi have these items while everyone else was farming their 2nd/3rd item?
4th item to be honest, because yi was everyon the map with only ganking with ult. And thats one of his problems...
duckarp (EUNE)
: You're supposed to have a team comp that has CC anyway. It doesn't matter if enemy will pick yi or not. The main problem is everyone wants to pick a hard carry and then they cry when they have a totally useless composition without tanks, cc, ap damage etc.
You think braum is a no CC at all, soft healing paper support?
Sdars (EUW)
: By the end of the game, their Yi had a 6k gold lead above any of the enemies. Also remember that being a silver game, they probably went 1 or 2 at a time vs him, which is the worst way to fight a Yi.
nope, Yi went on everyone
Skere (EUW)
: Yes he can be good in bronze/silver, but after that people know how to play against him
Mate the problem is that even if you want to go to a normal or just want to have a fricking fair ranked, and pardon me if Yi takle out every one of your team mate one by one how can you play againts it? And even with braum stuns and Jhin W and rengar E he was able to kill everyone because of his god damn Q dude if your team not a CC heavy team and you might not even know if the player gonna pick yi because lets say he is the last. How the hell you play againts something you dont know you need to? Please tell me.
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Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Lissandra is currently the strongest mage available in this game. And I'll explain now: She can engage. Very few mid laners can make engages happen. Most are assassins (zed, talon, diana, akali), others are long range poke (varus, corki, xerath), some wave clear and team fight masters (oriana, rip viktor, malzahar, azir) and support mids (sona, morgana, lulu, nami, karma, zillean, zyra). The few that can actually engage fights: Annie (dependent on her flash for it, her damage falls off very badly, provides limited utility after the initial stun) Ekko (requires you to accurately predict the enemy's movements 4 seconds in advance) Sol (new hero, very many bad match-ups, requires to predict the enemy movements also around 4 seconds in advance to prepare a big stun) Jarvan (huge mana costs, very squishy, only a small shield for defense) Twisted Fate (dependent on Zhonias and the enemy not having Soraka for engages) and Lissandra (medium range mage, ulti dependent). Out of all heroes that can make engage happen. Lissandra is the most reliable of them all. In conjunction with her engage abilities she also brings a lot of CC which can be used to chase or peal to support her team. Her abilities are all AoE. Which means she can push wave and get mid priority in any match-up. This is very important as it allows you to roam or assist your jungler faster than the other mid laner. She brings TP. Due to how strong her ultimate is. If you play aggressive vs her and do not have cleanse, any decent jungler will gank Lissandra's lane at lv6 and get an easy kill (unless you are GP) as her stun is point and click guaranteed to land, and she has follow up CC as well. And this is why every game you see Lissandra in LCS, the enemy mid laner has Cleanse. Because you have TP, it makes your engages even stronger as you can really, just... flank better than any other assassin. QSS doesn't counter you as your combo is E (over walls or whatnot), QW and then self cast R. If you are doing this engage properly, you will severely injure 2+ enemy members, basically removing them out of the fight. And if your team is competent enough to follow up, you win the fight. Lissandra can buy like 5 seconds time for her team to actually follow up on her engage. The thing is, unless you are GP, you need that cleanse otherwise you will be losing your lane in terms of priority. You will have to play defensive since you never know when you will get ganked for that point and click stun of hers. And that allows her for even more roams and assisting her jungle for invades or when he gets invaded. But, if you bring cleanse, Lissandra can at any time just push you up under your turret and TP to another lane. Due to her SURE point and click engage + drop turret aggro on self cast + heal. Its insanely difficult to fuck up a gank with her. Lissa will start to get more and more popular. And if she is not nerfed before (or during) the mage update. Her stats will most likely sky rocket (assuming the items get improved). Right now she rocks a 64% win rate for people that main her (over 120 games). Why is her top lane version not as strong? a) people play tanks, even if you ult that tank, and your jungler comes, chances are they will survive b) people take tp, so even if you make a tp engage, they can follow up tp and counter your play c) less roaming paths and less ability to provide support for your jungler d) no longer forcing your enemy into different summoner spells that will lower their map pressure
You have your point but the problem we have no idea what riot has for us in the mage update, so we cant really say whats gonna be broken and whats not.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: also, riot stated that they see no problems with the fact that mages and ap assassins share their itemization (despite somehow being a problem for ad ones???????) the mage update will only make lissandra overpowered fucking broken if they don't hit her with the nerf bat any time soon.
Lissandra not popular, even tho she is strong, and she is mid ranged mage with not that much mobility. I admit thats she is strong, faced her many time and her ult have a fricking low CD but you can buy Qss to counter that so its not that bad.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Its not Ekko, or Akali, or other people building tank that's the problem. First problem: tank items are too strong Second problem: ap itemization for ap assassins is quite bad, I mean, the only item that is used by ap assassins and not by other mages is lich bane and that's it... that's like saying AD assassins, you got Trinity Force, deal with it. edit: tank/hybrid akali player here, got like 38 games with her on ranked (most of the games i had this season) why are tank items strong: because earlier this season ADCs got majorly buffed and they were melting everyone, including tanks. Even though assassins or mages dying in like 1 second was fine and no problem. Tanks had to survive that adc stupid "rework". Otherwise the entire class and like 25% of the roster would't have been viable thx to ADC overlords. So, riot buffed tank items slowly, slowly, slowly. The problem is, they ignored the other classes. Especially assassins, which where shown the middle finger with absolutely no buffs or tweaks at all. And that's why, we got people building tank on almost everything. The only ones who ain't viable on building tank are mages. Since they need CDR and they need mana regen and they actually got scaling based on their AP on their skills. So they also need AP. They are gated by cooldowns, so their DPS is limited in burst from time to time. That's why, they can't afford to build tank. Since their spell rotation won't do much at all, so, fuck it.... they would be useless. And that's why we had and still have: tank Fiora, tank Yi, tank Zed (basically titanic hydra, maw, black cleaver, etc), tank Akali, tank Ekko. Etc.
No mate the problem not the tank item, because if someone build tank they not suppos to deal dmg, and look at ekko, his base dmg, cd and mana cost are unballanced, his ult a fricking redo-button with no cd at all even on lvl 1, his stupid passive which gave him a bunch of movespeed and not to mention the slow on the enemy, not to mention his passive has no fcking cd when it should have atleast a 5 sec cd. Ekko need a nerf and everyone know that his kit overloaded, he need a big CD nerf on the ult like talon, and some mana or cd nerf on the base spells because how often can he spam and do nothing just run away like a ***** after he messed up and lost half of his hp because he is an ekko player who have no idea how to play just mash everything on the keyboard to do something, srsly i never met a good ekko player who used the ult for its core existance, TO DEAL AOE DMG, everyone use it to redo they mistakes... which is frustrating, if he makes a fcking mistake pls let me punish him for that and not just see a big middle finger as he jump back a mile away while he cant even be targeted... The problem the champ because if he alowed to build just tank and dish out a mayor dmg with only base spells thats not fair and unballanced. And you can whine about juggernauts being broken but they cant jump back in time and have insane gapclosers like ekko, sure garen 2K true dmg hurts IF YOU THE VILLIANT, sure darius 1K true dmg hurst KITE BETTER, this is why they called juggernauts, LOW MOBILITY, BIG HP, A LOT DMG, but they can be outplayed if not you are still faster..... and sry if you cant run down a garen with any meta mage or assasin thats your problem. Oh btw idk if you noticed but riot working on the mage update right now, so dont pull that up and have a nice day.
: New 'Rotating Game Mode Queue' + Urf Will Be Released Twice This Year!!!!
I liked to know if we still gonna have GP as the announcer in the Black market brawlers, i would be really happy to know the answer for this from a riot employee.
irakaxe (EUW)
: sorry, i thought it was about overall patch changes, didn`t pay much attention to the title :D, about champions , it seems like Riot wants more people to play with {{champion:17}} Also ty for {{summoner:31}} , as {{champion:201}} main - i am really happy :D
irakaxe (EUW)
: i love the thunderlords nerfs
They not nerfing thunderlord but instead they buff the others which is good, but here i talked about champs but thanks for sharring what you think because thats why this place is here for, here take a {{summoner:31}} and have a great day.
: Yeah welcome back to league of Riven. Season3-5 EVERY game or atleast every second game a fucking riven. Now three months no riven and riot starts heavy breathing. There are so many imbalances right now and from what u read it seems riot doesn'T even notice it. Quinn over the top. She reaches every lane in miliseconds. Got a stun+insane burst+tanky from base stats. So many slows by Icy ghosts+champs with already high cc so that every idiot morgana and lux with already OP range manage to hit you. New items broke so many champs and they care about GP and teemo. Wow riot wow.
I know man , i know here take this {{summoner:31}} and make braum proud!
: The salt is real here
Yep i told you, but hey i atleast managed to not use only #@*&" words so my salt level still minimum. Here have a {{summoner:31}}
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: [EUNE] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
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