: Nidalee gives attack speed , thats what he means i think
Nidalee is included in the Video. I tried to use her full potential, but if you have improvements to my tactic or other things let me know.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Have you ever seen Jax on a Tower, split pushing?
: Nohe of them. Try lethal tempo nid with her e buff and sorcery rune....lmao. now thats insane
Which sorcery rune do you mean? and which Nidalee e buff?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: so thats one tower in practice tool with everything stacked to your favor... https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1978560855/41317292?tab=overview ziggs support, with ap runes, from the 18th min to 25th min 6 towers down, and that includes walking to towers, pushing the minionwave, getting a double and a solokill, but ok, you can nuke a tower with trundle in 10 sec, gj
I just can tell you the same thing as the others, Ziggs took 8.3 sec and because everybody couldn't stack he might have been weaker than in a normal game.
Arsene (EUNE)
: I dont see yorick on that list :(
Sorry mate :( He wasn't the fastest and I cannot include every champion because 20 minutes of watching champions pushing a turret would be very boring.
: Too bad if you build like this in real game you lose, cuz you'd be useless in teamfights. You should have instead set a budget (say 12 000 gold) and itemize champs standardly with their most picked runes and then compare them. Because league isn't a PvE game, but rather PVP, so highest DPS builds work basically only on ADCs. Also you forgot Ziggs with Lich Bane - 2 sec for turret no problem with full build.
That's right and a good argument. In my Video I just tried to find a champion which can destroy a turret very fast without beside the practical use of the build/runes. I like the idea with the buget and if there is and oppotunity I'll try to include that in my next video. Also I didn't forgot about Ziggs he took about 8.3 sec :)
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Though, you haven't mentioned what phase of the game they push at. If early, definitely Jax. Mid-game is where Tryndamere shines. And Late-game Tristana can take down a tower per 20 seconds.
The tests are all done with a full itembuild and the same runes for everyone, but I should have metioned that in my Video.
: You do know his passive and W? With 1000AP, you chunk turrets really quickly.
I have tried it with nearly every champion and ziggs took about 8.3 sec.
: I want to know if AP Ziggs with Lich Bane beats all of those.
He can't, cause his normal attacks are too weak and he has a too slow attackspeed
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