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Slοth (EUW)
: Thank you very much for my special prize! Cho'Gath shall spend it on a new suit! :)
Declined (EUNE)
: Rewards should've been delivered by now, can I get some confirmation on this, especially if you've received the wrong rewards.
I got my rewards fine. :) Thank you
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] And The Winners Are...
Eeeeeeee thank you so much! I'm so glad people liked my story {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Congrats to the other winners! <3 (And for anyone interested in the Beatrice story, I'll probably start posting a full length version of Swain and Beatrice's adventures soon)
Declined (EUNE)
: #More good news Everyone on the finalist list will receive something, the top 3 winners will still receive the announced rewards but the remaining 13 will receive an Emote. The original plan was for it to be a random Emote, but since we're taking in suggestions from the finalist we might as well let you decide as long as it is available in the shop. However you can also choose a random Emote and have a chance to receive an Emote not currently in the shop, the decision is up to you. Congratulations to all the finalists, and remember to tell us which Lunar Revel skin you'd like, and also which Emote or if you prefer a random one instead. Once we know what you want, we'll be able to send out the rewards as soon as we know who the winners are going to be. *** #2nd round entries It seems a lot of people are interested in finding out who the 49 entries who made through the first round are, while I could do that, I'm concerned it might have a negative impact on the 123 who didn't make it, or the remaining 33 who didn't progress beyond the final round. It was incredibly difficult for us to run the 2nd elimination round when all entries were of a consistently high quality. The first elimination round we used were focused on the main criteria for the event: theme[partnership], creativity and grammar. A single entry was disqualified for exceeding the word limit. I personally don't feel comfortable singling out entries who didn't make it, it was pretty obvious how much work was put into this from the vast majority of contestants, so if you could come with some arguments to why it would be a good idea, I would really appreciate it.
That's really nice! I'm not opposed to random emotes but if we get to choose, I'd definitely love the Fired Up one of Annie, it's so cute
Christea (EUW)
: Thank you so so much! That's really kind! I really enjoyed yours! I loved the characterization of Beatrice. :) Good luck to you too!
Christea (EUW)
: Wow! I'm really chuffed and surprised with that. Thank you so much. :) If I won i'd love Lunar Empress Lux! Well done and good luck to everyone, I'm loving reading through everyones entries! GG.
Just have to say I absolutely loved your entry! I love the story of Warwick and Soraka and I liked how you painted it as a really dark and emotive piece - it was really well written :) Good luck <3
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Final 16 Announced: Vote Now for the Winner!
I'm so happy you liked my story! Thank you so much! I'd like to choose Lunar Wraith Sylas please - best of luck to all the finalists, you all earned your place here! As for the emote, I'd love the Fired Up Annie one (it'ssocute) Thank you!
: I don`t mind waiting for another 2-3 weeks. Everyone involved should try to enjoy this as much as possible. I mean nobody from the writers would want to force their story on you. It`s supposed to make fun not stressing you out. But that might be wishful thinking. Anyways me at least don`t mind waiting. The biggest prize is the attention and focus on every ones work i think. The RP might be nice. But myself got 1,5K readings thats just prize less for me. When can you get so much attention for a fictional story? Or make others read your thoughts...this is a reward in itself. What are a few Rito Points compared to that^^
Honestly, I feel the same. My story of Swain and Beatrice was one that I've been wanting to write for a long time and I'm pretty convinced it's a good theory, it's different and provides some insight to Swain's lore that went a bit unexplained. The prizes would be awesome but I honestly just wanted to get my story out there and if there was a positive response (and it got a LOT of views, so I guess there has been) I'd want to write more short stories about them, maybe even work on a comic. Point is, us writers just want to get our stories across, we want them to be enjoyable and interesting - please don't stress yourselves out trying to read them all (and at least make sure you make a cup of tea for when you read them, of course)!
: Holy moly, this is so dark! I LOVE IT! I have one question though: What did "Oh how you’ve failed, Pale Lady!" mean? At first I thought Swain somehow took control of Beatrice, but later understood it wasn't that, because she was willingly giving him the power. So who is the pale lady?
That's a really good question! So the Pale Lady is a figure in Noxus that the Black Rose ultimately serves, she's the one the pulls the strings of the nobles and the leader at the time this is set. We also know through Leblanc's story that she is the Pale Lady. Soooo basically he's talking about Leblanc, she as the Pale Lady sent him into this battle to die but instead he emerged stronger than ever. Its a little reference to the lore :3 and yay I'm glad you liked it!
: Never One Contest Entry: The "dark" adventures of Lulu and Pix
It's very cute! I think you captured her whimsical personality perfectly, it's such a contrast to my Swain story (and after writing for hours about our Supreme Edge Lord Leader it's nice to think of Lulu and Pix for a change.) Very well done!
: Never One Contest Entry: The_Raven's_Shadow
For anyone wondering, it's a personal take on Swain's lore. If the demon he encountered had a physical form (like the demon champions we have) and also pays homage to Beatrice. {{sticker:sg-lux}} I've been waiting for an excuse to write this theory! Let me know if you like it/have any questions and I also draw a lot of art of Beatrice as the demon so if you're curious about her I can post drawings.
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: the rules killed the chances for my kinki fanfic with Aatrox ... :')
10/10 would read. (pls write it anyway omfg)
Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
So I've had an idea for a long time that might work for this? It's about Swain and his demon but where the demon is a spirit that takes form either within him or outside of him as a physical entity (but in his story it just kinda says this demon comes to him and he overpowers it almost instantly). Would that be allowed since there isn't a lot of information about this demon? I do realise it's sort of bending around the rules a little bit so it might be better to go with something safer but if that works I would LOVE to write that.


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