: Win Legacy Skins courtesy of Pringles
2 Legacy skins a day. About 60 overall, out of 115 million codes. The only way to honestly describe this event is that it's a disgusting scam. Very disappointing.
M5 Cut (EUW)
: List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client
For many players, ever since the MSI patch the client resets every couple logins. Your skin selections reset to classic, your summoner spell choices reset to ghost/flash, and all your rune pages are deleted.
: The game is becoming completely terrible
As much as I agree with you about "auto chess" being a boring, ridiculous, low effort, RNG based game mode, if nobody wanted it, we wouldn't be in this situation. Not sure how much of it is people actually thinking it's an enjoyable game mode, and how much is just because it's the most recent hype. We'll see in a month or so based on player numbers. I'm betting on the latter though.
Rioter Comments
: Seems like an unanswerable discussion.... She shouldn't have mentioned it knowing that sounds like she wants attention but then again she shouldn't be forced to hide it in fear of someone mistreating her or calling her an attention whore and similar names... I myself have a name which gives away my gender. Should I change it? Fuck no. I've had this name since I was like 12 and played tf2. I'm not gonna change it just to hide my gender. If it doesn't matter then I don't need to alter it. However this does mean I accept the consequences that may come with it. I never chose this name for attention it was cuse to me it sounded cool wen I was a kid. She probably didn't mean to get attention from those words but now has learned the worst way why she shouldn't have said it.
It's totally irrelevant weather if she's a girl or not when it comes to playing league. Kids do like to interpret things their way tough - in this case "I'm a girl" = "I want attention." She probably shouldn't say so in the future...
Rioter Comments
: I noticed that too when I started to play this game - none showed ''mercy'' if someone dc just went for the kill and I don't see any wrong in that like if you do it you aren't ''low trash player'' like some people say to me if we go for dc kill. It's like habit what I picked from others when I was complete noob in this game - that's what the community showed me back then. Community is little bit different than what it use to be but I think this thing won't change.
In my experience people like that - meaning the ones with an overgrown mouth (or fingers itching for typing in this case) tend to be the biggest hypocritics. Have no doubt, they would kill you without thinking if you dc-d.
: Killing DC person - acceptable or not ?
I have never been spared till date when I dc-d, not a single time ever since I've been playing League. As such I picked up the same attitude my opponents have shown me: my opponent dc-s, I'll kill them without hesitation.
MrKosm0 (EUW)
: I can't play LoL I just can't..
Doesn't sound like your problem is originating from LoL. The game is more like a way of stress release for you. Pick up a sport or find some other physically tiresome activity for yourself? Try meditation?
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AsuriSMiles,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Hf65kF3A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-22T13:16:28.805+0000) > > The hp nerf does not seem necessary, but it's not that big a deal. > The mana cost return on q removed can be cripling on early levels. He is a melee champion with no dashes, so if he meets a lane bully, or falls behind early on he will have a really hard time to keep up with farming now. Thats why they are implementing it. Cuz now , no matter what you do, he can snowball goldwise. Thats why he is banned in competitive scene. Nerfing his mana,will slow him down a bit, without affecting his late game much.
Guess so. Time for tear stacking Muramana GP? :D
LemoNoob (EUW)
: Is it true?
Meh, it just puts you against opponents with a bit higher mmr. Also most likely the opposing team will have a duo as well.
nikDaBawsxD (EUNE)
: Why Nerf Gangplank?
The hp nerf does not seem necessary, but it's not that big a deal. The mana cost return on q removed can be cripling on early levels. He is a melee champion with no dashes, so if he meets a lane bully, or falls behind early on he will have a really hard time to keep up with farming now.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: How's your week been?
Low: Any lol game I've played this week, i've played atrociously. As if i completely forgot how to lane. High: Hopefully with the weekend coming (it's a 3 days weekend this week in my country) i might actually get a rest and get back to pawning again.
Chut (EUW)
: Battle Bunny Riven
Not sure about "soul", but "manliness and pride" are definitely useless things you just pick up along the way, as such if you want the skin, then buy it. No reason to make life worse by making excuses, denying yourself something you in fact want.
: Expanding my mid/adc/support champion pool
For mid/support: {{champion:99}} / {{champion:1}} / {{champion:143}} Or if you just want to stomp you lane opponent(s): {{champion:80}} Adc / mid: {{champion:133}} / {{champion:81}}
: Not really. Pretent you are new at game is not bannable(since the time riot hasnt made a pure contection between the accounts someone may have which gives the freedom to someone to do it). You dont troll if you want to call yourself "new player" (noob with not offense meanning). I also used to call myself "noob" at season 3(ok i actully was even at my main :P) at my smurf account to try champs like vayne/riven/lee without getting flamed by eveyone cause i would fail hard. Its troll from one side but that not the purpose of his post i think. He wanted to show how pre lv 30 really looks like and i i haqve to agree with him that for a new player playing with these "pro" players makes someone to get sick of this game . Seriously i first played support at lv 30 (aint kidding) . I tried out making like 3 weeks ago a second acount. From lv 5 ppl was telling me "play support" .As a players that is playing lots of games i know the meta but how the hell a new player that doesnt even know the items he going to buy to know what support means ? Riot hasnt made autorials like: "the meta right now is this cause of ..." How to play support/jugle (the 2 roles that are not similar with other 3 ) We only got 2 tutorials which aint even help a new player to win a vs AI game at tier 3. Since the time we all know that pre lv 30 are fulll of smurf accounts (which can be form bronze 5 till diamond players that only thing they want to do is to flame and blame) riot has to do something. One reason why i wouldnt say to my friends to come to this game is cause of that. Cause nowdaies its pretty impocible to play normal games as a new player without getting flamed compare with season3 where the flame was defently more BUT the smurfs where less.And anyways a smurf lv 10-lv15 is useless for someone that has already a lv 30 with lots of game thats why wouldnt even care if riot punish him there(which aint gonna happen till he plays with smurfs that gonna report him).
I do realize that low level games are very toxic, and yes RIOT needs to punish toxic behaviour way harder then they do right now. Op was provoking his teammates tough for no reason. On a side note: the most sickening experience I had so far in LoL was when my teammates, who were obviously not very good players themselves, started raging at someone clearly completely new to the game in an easy bot game, saying disgusting things to him, and asking to report him. Like WTH is wrong with these people? Whenever they think someone is worse then them, they have to ruin the fun of the game for everyone on the team? Simply disgusting.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Honestly lvl 15-25 games are harder than gold 3-1
I am leveling a smurf on EUNE, cause some of my friends play there, and I have no intention to move my main account. After level 20 tough, the queue times became so ridiculously long I've hardly played anything but bot games on it since.
: Eh, you can't drop after a single game. In order to drop a tier, your mmr needs to bea whole tier below where you are. If you were Gold V, your MMR must have been Silver V in order to get demoted. Not to mention that you are impossible to drop for a while directly after promotion
He actually was gold at one point tough on july 8. Not sure how many games he lost, but by july 29 he was down to silver 4.
: Please do not deflect Lyte, you called me toxic and offered proof, I asked nicely for the proof. You are clawing to get something to catch me on. The account is my smurf, I created it a year ago, played some games and then stopped. I came back to it a few days ago so my behaviour over the past year has changed, that is why it's different. The account is NOT shared and breaks no rules. So please, to the topic at the hand! Can you provide the chat logs or can you admit you were wrong?
So... you basically created an account a year ago, got it tagged as a smurf (as in an account that will only ever be matched with other tagged accounts - aka only other smurfs), then you recently started to intentionally troll in all smurf games. You may have ran into arrogant "bronze" idiots in your games, but thing is, actual new players won't meet them after a couple of games. It is true tough, that such behaviour should be punished a lot faster, then it often is in practice.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well it looks like fun game, will try it, thanks
Not sure if you've played japanese games before, but just in case you haven't: Even with the english patch you'll need to change your system locale to japanese in order for some characters to be shown correctly.
: it's a 3rd party application which makes it easier to change the voice's to any region you want, but that's against the rules and policy to opt into, so they ban people for it. And your right if they wanted to they could probably make it easier to switch languages who knows they might do it now because a lot of people might want to try out the new jap voices. Being able to switch to jap voices has been incorporated into a lot of ps4 games nowadays and has proved to successful
Japanese are lightyears ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to voice acting.
Smerk (EUW)
: Recommend me a game
Sengoku Rance is just the game for you. Turn based, single player only, and you can build quiet the team... Also any pc from the last 15 years should be able to handle it. Its ridiculous how fun it is too once you get into it.
Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Koscum,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=tEIHmty6,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-10-20T10:37:07.066+0000) > > * Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete Edition (**NOT** that shitty "HD" remaster) Completed it long time ago, don't want to replay it now > * X-COM: Enemy Within Bought both base game and addon during last winter sale, finished the game, was thinking about playing Long War mod, but a bit later > * Civilization V: Brave New World I have base game, should I buy this addon as well? How much it adds to the base game?
Gods and kings + Brave New World addons for Civilization 5 (along with the dlc factions) put the game on a whole new level. Gods and Kings biggest change is religion, while Brave New World's is the Ideology system late game. They change the technology trees too i think.
: japanese anime voice overs for new jap server i can't wait
You shouldn't normally get banned for changing language files... Altough it would be really cool if RIOT made it possible to switch to languages other then the standard ones for the region you are playing on. Should be no effort for them really...
: "No SS"...is not an excuse.
So, let's say i check the minimap about every 25-30 seconds while laning - focusing on cs-ing and out-trading my lane opponent. You won't check it more often then that, unless you have nothing to do, and are thinking about where you could make a play. Now, that time is more then enough for your lane opponent to reach another lane, and that means that he may be able to kill your teammate. Why did this happen? Because he was busy and didn't look at the minimap. You could have easily avoided that tough... WITH A SINGLE MISSING PING warning your allies of the danger, urging them to look at the minimap. It may not be your fault alone that your ally dies when this happens, but it's at least as much your fault, as it was his.
: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
Marox003 (EUW)
: How to counter Nasus
The best counter to him early game is probably Olaf. You can't really stop him farming alone tough, and mid- late game he will be farmed anyway. Luckly Nasus isn't exactly the best teamfighter.
: When Someone in Champion Select Hovers Over The Same Champion For 30 Seconds Without Locking In.
I will lock once im done sorting out my runes and masteries. (may take some time if I have to create a new page) If however someone tells me to "lock", I will w8 for the whole duration.
Keepre (EUW)
: Gold Income Rune page viable?
Not worth. Used to be when you could buy 2-3 gp10 items, because back then your gp10 runes helped you get the gp10 items even faster, giving you an even greater gold advantage. That is no longer the case. If you for example get 9 gp10 seals, you will need 35 minutes or so, to gain the gold to buy the same stats 9 health/ level seals would give you. Ofc health/level isn't as strong early, but at least it gives you start for the whole game. Simply put, it's not worth it to sacrifice so much early game power, when you can't even hyperscale it into mid- lategame advantage.
: damn leveling smurf in pvp is so fucking toxic
That, and also that it takes my level 23 smurt 10 minutes to get into a normal game, while i can get into a bot game in 10 seconds.
: Am i the only one that does not really love BM Brawlers?
It's just a Summoner's Rift map with a bunch of pointless items, and the brawler minion system which is little more then an annoyance. Probably the most boring event game mode they ever came up with. I kinda wanted to get the GP icon, but there's no way I'll play 10-15 Brawlers games. Waste of time and 0 fun.
: How long does the Brawl stay?
It's a horribly boring game mode. Why those wanting to complete the quest have to play that pos instead of the beautiful butcher's bridge map they made for the event simply strains the very bounds of reason...
Roundar (EUW)
: Countering a heavy cc compo
Pick smaller skirmishes, go splitpushing, so they can't just force you to teamfight as 5. Disengage them with champs like Gragas, when they try to use their wombo combo. Their ultimates have long cd's, and they are guaranteed to lose without them unless they are really ahead. Use that window.
: Need advice from high elo players...
Even if you win your lane, you won't always be able to kill your lane opponent if he's defensive. When that happens, get vision control around your lane, shove in the creeps, and try to gank and snowball your advantage to other lanes. On the top lane, if you took tp, try to use it to gank the bot lane when the dragon is up. A well placed ward by your support can help with that a lot. This is probably the best thing that can start snowballing the game in your teams advantage. Even if you lose your top turret, you can kill their bot lane, get their bot turret, and get dragon too if you play it right.
: Why people hate sated devourer
Because an item that becomes extremely cost efficient when fully farmed, while also doubleing the passive effect of other on hit items, and doubling the efficiency of certain champion abilities at the same time, is just completely broken. Been playing this game since s1 and I can't recall any item that was even close to how strong sated devourer is.
Rioter Comments
: What to do when team goes full ad?
Haven't seen her in ages (guess she's considered underpowered right now), but Miss Fortune can easily stack Back Cleaver's armor shredding on most of the enemy team with her ult.
: Can barrels be actually hit by abilities? I was under impression that only things that count as autoattack can damage them. Which would make them a potent zoning tool against melee champions.
Only aa's, and abilities acting like aa's. Also, even ranged champions can be zoned with them a bit, because if they come in aa range to destroy a barrel, they will get in range of a fast chained barrel explosion.
: New GP sucks. So much.
No... Just... No... He became one of the most fun champions to play, and yes, he is super strong... I mean crittplank with aoe q dmg on barrels that deny armor? You actually think that's bad? Well think again... His skill cap got pretty high because of the barrel mechanic tough, so that may be why you think he's bad for now.
: Make Annie throw Tibbers instead of instantly cast
So... she'll just stun you with w, then throw tibbers on you?
Mecar (EUW)
: MMR is so much bullshit
The funny thing is, that if you start losing right after a won promo, still on 0 lp, you can sometimes lose 3-5 games before dropping division. If you however lose a single game on 0 lp after dropping there, you're instantly demoted. As such, if you lose 3 games in a row after winning a promotion you probably won't be dropped. If you win the 1st game, then lose 2 times in a row however, you probably will be.
: New skin idea - Greek Sivir
She already has a Xena skin...
Bombardox (EUW)
: how to counter yasuo as ranged mage ?
Wind wall has a 26 second cd on level 1, and he will have it on level 1 for the whole duration of the laning phase. Just procc his passive with an aa, then bait out wind wall.
mblu (EUW)
: Is this flame? Poll
I'm very curious how many of the yes votes actually bothered to read the chat log... THIS? Flame???? What a joke... The only toxic thing i see here is the shameful and lazy system RIOT implemented...
Sasya (EUW)
: Lore's are shorter?
Well they did totally change the lore of quiet a few champions. Cassiopeia's lore for example got totally changed when they created the Shurima desert event.
L Xpecial (EUNE)
: Need computer specialists here - FPS problems
Check the ventillators. If the processor ventillator's got too much dust in it, it wont function properly causing the processor the hold back in order to avoid overheating. This will lead to a huge performance loss.
: As he said, he didn't play for a while. Meta changed completely, you can't carry as easily as before with the same amount of champions. You can't just play Zed/Riven, get 3 kills early and snowball the entire game 1v5.
In bronze you easily can. You kill your opponent a couple of times, then gank the other lanes once and it's pretty much gg. Your lane opponent will be busy raging at how "op is the noob champ" you play, while the rest of his team will be flaming your "noobish" lane opponent. Once you get to this point their morale is utterly shattered, some of them will afk, while the rest will hardly pay attention to the game, allowing you to abuse their mistakes. Doing this also helps you lead your team, as they will be much more likely to follow you. Doing this you can easily win 90%+ games on low elo.
Emillie (EUW)
: "You only play female champions!"
Games like this are all about booty and plunder anyway.
: Riot i really really really need help about it PERMA BAN FOR NO REASON PLEASE CHECK IT
Think about it from the bright side: it's best to leave while on the top... You just weren't on the top for long...
TheVojo (EUNE)
: Lets make a Gunther skin for Taric?
This is the idea of the year! He must be able to sing "Tutty frutty summer love" tough.
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