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: LF Players Diamond+ Read inside
IGN: Sreyes Add me in game, role top or mid
Kåi (EUW)
: Dedicated Team Looking for Jungle spot Open. Committed practice and Play in Tornaments. Plat +
Tóg (EUW)
: Diamond Ducks are looking for a new jungler and ADC Plat and Above.
Try me if interested, for jungle role. Add me IGN: Sreyes
: Team Semper Fi - Academy Recruitment (Looking for Players!)
No1 Riven (EUW)
: LF Diamond 4+ Players EUW [Ranked 5's, On-line and Off-line Tournaments]
IGN: Sreyes Age: 18 Location: UK Role: Jungle/Top/Mid Current and Highest SoloQ Ranking: D2 -D3 Top 5 Champions from best to worst J: Reksai, Mundo, Zac, Lee, Ekko T: Trundle, Malph, Mundo, Renek, Gnar M: Ahri, Orianna, Brand, Fizz, Lux was hard to actually pick 5 for each respective roles, since I always change the ones I play for each role depending on what is the new OP Have you ever been a shotcaller?: Yes Any previous Ranked 5's experience (please include ranking): Part other teams ranging from D5-P1 Goals for LoL/e-Sports: Settle with one team for all of next season
Rara K1 (EUNE)
: But 2 vs 5 cant do nothing, I could understand 3 vs 5, maybe a little chance, so these 2 votes are minority
Someone thinking game is probably a lose is not the same as someone actually afking at base doing nothing. You can think game is lost and still play the game as a 5 man team P.S. "cant do nothing" --> double negative, meaning comes out as can do everything ^_*
: Can someone explain me...
Clearly not rito games' fault, if server is up and running. Try rebooting your computer to factory settings if you think its the problem, or resetting the router if its the Internet connection
: [ZiphoN eSports] LF dedicated, talented Dia+ Players.
Summoner name: Sreyes Age: 17 Country: UK SoloQ Rank: D5 Previous teams?: Plat 1 team last season Role: Jungle Main champions: Plays most junglers, but have a most prefered one for each role needed in team, e.g. tank/disengage would be gragas for me
Nanobug (EUW)
: Nanite Gaming wants you!
How do you join?
Rénart (EUW)
: LF Top, Jungle And Adc For Daily Play, Looking To Enter Tournaments In Season 6! (Diamond 5+)
IGN: Sreyes Age: 17 (18 in January) Location: UK Position: Jungle Season 4 End Rank: D5 Season 5 End Rank: D5 Pre-Season 6 Current Rank: D5 Was part of Plat 1 5v5 team last season, but they have become inactive recently, so LF new team
: D4 Jungler on both EUW/EUNE looking for a serious team dia+ team.
your not diamond in the euw server. quite important to add that to your post
: Marksman LF Serious Ranked Team!
Forgot about to mention your rank, its quite important :)
: Plat 3 support main LF DuoQ partner/Team
I'm interested, I'll talk to you ingame, I have added you. Hit me up :)
: Dia Midlane LFT
Add me ingame, Sreyes I'm d5 and 17 too, from uk
C9 danzelA (EUNE)
This is Euw server buddy, repost it in Eune


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