: Someone to duo q ;)
Added u also! {{champion:104}}
: Hi im looking for duo
added both of u :) IGN StarSlinger
Kamikie (EUW)
: Support silver 2 looking for people to climb ladder (prefer pick comp)
10962670 (EUW)
: Silver 4 Looking for Silver/High bronze players to DUO with and climb to gold
: Looking to climb out of silver, top/jung main.
: Looking amazing alistar or thersh?
Andy Ten (EUW)
: lf casual people to play with
: Looking for Support Silver+ since players are Silver, Gold and Plat last season. English Speaking.
: Looking for dou Silver/gold
MattStep (EUW)
: Looking For Duo Partner
Added u also!{{champion:1}}
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: Lookig for some DOU
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explition (EUW)
: Svensk Spelare/Swedish Player


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