JakiStow (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetPony001,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=osBxYlGf,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-16T18:47:01.162+0000) > > Actually it is incredibly frustrating and causes toxicity in the game because the rest of my team think I'm somehow involved in my ADC's stupidity and I'm not. "it causes toxicity", from the guy who is yelling "my adc is so noob omgggg !!!" for every single mistake.
Its easy enough to avoid so they shouldn't do it.
FrankerX (EUW)
: might aswell remove the chance to crit because adcs get bonus damage for right clicking. also should remove skills that arent skillshots because look at veigar ult. point n click easy. OP has no idea what he is talking about. lets take the blitz example. stay behind your creeps and this guy can do nothing besides getting poked, no pressure nothing.
Smite does it and its a better game for it because it actually takes skill to land something rather then just right-clicking.
: Top 5 Pentakill - Week Episode #4 | Jinx Ult Pentakill
More luck then actual skill, any idiot could aim a rocket in a random direction and hope for the best. The hitbox is so large, you can't really miss.
Strigina (EUNE)
: The situations where your adc is a potato that cannot dodge or use minions as a cover, doesn't make Blitz OP. He is actually pretty balanced.
Actually it is incredibly frustrating and causes toxicity in the game because the rest of my team think I'm somehow involved in my ADC's stupidity and I'm not.
: i do understand your frustration, but...morganas blackshield nullifies blitz Q 100%....if someone get grabbed, just focus on adc and ignore blitz from this point. there are a lot of mechanics which each and everyone hates... blitz is pretty balanced, if he miss his Q he wont get much out of it, if he miss and hit tanky champs he is in big trouble...try to deal with such things and look how u can improve around it....
The problem isn't me, I can dodge him easily and rarely get caught by him, my problem is all the {{champion:202}} players that have no way to escape him or another ADC, they ALWAYS get caught, they ALWAYS die and I'm left wondering why I bother to protect anyone.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetPony001,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=osBxYlGf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-16T18:22:50.301+0000) > > Stop downvoting this just because its true. People are downvoting because its completely wrong. Vayne is hardest ADC to play after Draven, yes her third attack does true damage, but she is short range, squishy as fuck, weak laning phase, weak mid game. Only thing going for her is late game which in most games she dont even reach. Master Yi has been heavily nerfed, easily countered with any kind of CC, while Fiora can actually block CC. Annie is immobile mage with no escapes, can easily be shut down in lane. MR makes her useless. And she is useless without flash.
Vayne does not even have to build real AD damage, she can get away with mainly attack speed because her silver bolts are just rediculous overpowered. She may be squishy but she has an inbuilt stealth mechanic, a speed up and is generally pretty nimble in lane. The stealth allows her to reposition almost immediately and not to mention that her tumble is one of the lowest cooldown mobility skills on ALL ADC's. No, she's not hard at all.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Really? Rant about one of worst supports in game? Rant about Blitz? Blitz is one of least popular, least winning and least banned supports in game. He needs buffs....
He doesn't... he needs to not be rewarded for his easy grab. He has one ability that his whole kit is built around.
: Riot, stop rewarding people for easy mechanics
Stop downvoting this just because its true.
Rioter Comments
: What abilites seem out of place?
{{champion:30}}'s E just seems out of place to me as all his abilties are somewhat ranged. I think it might be better as something like {{champion:161}}'s E or {{champion:101}}'s E, like a stun or a knock up.
: wether u killed him or not is irrelevant. and i doubt u did. he still isnt ur concern and u are clearly extremely selfish. its obvious in 9/10 comments u make specially wen u speak about ur support gameplay. i wont comment on the last thing u said cuse its just a plain insult.
Reported for harassment... Bye. Stop following me as well you creepy wierdo.
: selfish behaviour is u claiming u wont save ur adc because its not ur "job" as a support and ud rather they died. u are intentionally fucking over ur team. selfish behaviour is u claiming u wont help ur adc cuse its a tristana and u have something against tristanas. that is selfish. it isnt selfish to miscalculate ur damage on an enemy because the enemy isnt a normal well known matchup to the player. edit: as a karma u shouldnt even be worried about galio. he isnt ur target and u arent his. he is the adc's concern and maybe the top laner MAYBE the jungler's but not ur concern. why would u try to do damage to him anyway? its a tank and ur a support.
Thats amusing stalker because I did actually manage to kill him myself but that wasn't the point. I am not at all, I have principles, even if you don't.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I've watched a lot of my friend's games. She tends to abandon her carry on regular basis, under the assumption that he is bad and doesn't deserve her help. She also tends to lose a lot. I am no disagreeing with you, I should have said so earlier. Some carries do suck and tend to die for no reason. This is how my journey started. At first, I'd abandon the carry to save myself. Then I realized that I usually ended up losing because by carry spent too much time dead, while my being alive didn't make much of a difference. I couldn't wave clear to defend a turret or even dream of going 1v2 on bot while my carry is dead. So I changed my tactic. I started going above and beyond to save the carry, no matter how hopeless a situation. Sometimes I saved them, sometimes we both died. And even though the number of my deaths increased, I did learn something from that experience - to differentiate between situations in which the ADC is savable, and situations in which there is nothing I can do to help him. Now, I am able to recognize potentially dangerous situations and stop the carry from doing something that would get him killed even, and when that doesn't work, I know how and when to react to save the carry - usually without dying myself. Don't be afraid to go the extra mile. Play to learn. The more you learn, the more you will climb, and the better the carries will be.
Well I don't want to die... I don't want to give the other team gold. You are basically gambling on a risk that your ADC is competant enough to do that. You might have enough trust in humanity to do that but I don't and I won't risk making the situation any worse then it already is to save some who has made a stupid mistake. You are asking me to basically work with somebody I don't know and barely trust and I won't do that. I will only put myself out if I'm playing with friends.
: Red side- ask for scuttler and ward river. Done Blue side- exact same thing, but buy a ward for trybush. If that doesn't cover you from ganks of midlaners, and this can be done at 4 mins of the game so the enemy midlaner hasn't yet thought of even ganking bot, nothing will. You just gotta keep one eye on the minimap.
Yes because the jungler is going to totally do that because I ask them to. Usual response is "F**k off, I'm busy farming for {{item:3930}}) or they are on the other side of the map.
ZeeDarkon (EUW)
: why. are. you. complaining. after. every. single. game. you. play???
Because I notice things that people do and it makes me laugh. Some people are just so impatient, so selfish and so greedy that they literally destroy the game for their own team. Its that kind of self-destructive behavior that makes me wonder why so many people play this game.
: or maybe its because if an assassin plays passive they will litterally lose every game they play if mid is playing too safe its time to find a jungler or gank another lane assassins are litterally built to gain and take huge advantages from getting ahead they dont gank you because they are impatient they gank you because they need to make plays farming up and carrying isnt something they do
So basically, you are telling me what I already know. Assassins are built around being selfish, which is technically true. Although I do like it when a {{champion:238}} comes down from mid and then dies to me or the ADC. I always tell them "serves you right for being so impatient and so greedy".
: This is an example of a really bad usage of zhonias. If an assassin starts by targeting the suppost instead of the adc in ANY case (unless the support is a soraka), they are still learning the game and have no clue what they're doing. And, if for some reason you still want zhonias when they're engaging on your adc, you're just allowing them to get the cooldowns back up to finish you off. Also, if you place a ward near drake and one near the entry bush, it's your fault for not paying attention and telling your laner to back off because the mid laner is coming.
Yes when Vision was horribly nerfed at the beginning of the season, I cannot have wards up all the time, not just me, on my own when the midlaner doesn't ward or the ADC. I mean with the trinkets. {{item:3363}} is good for that but thats only avaliable at lvl 9, too late to be useful in the laning phase.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I'm sorry. I thought you wanted advice from fellow support players. Now I realize that you just wanted confirmation that all your teammates suck and that you deserve Challenjour. My bad.
No way, do I deserve challenger, I don't even deserve Silver but I am telling you how I feel. I don't feel I should risk myself and giving the enemy another kill to save my ADC who ran into them like an idiot thinking he could kill them.
Silisa (EUNE)
: There is a number of ADCs who have really strong early game, so it makes sense that they would like to use it, especially when they know they are stronger than the enemy carry. There are also ADCs like Lucian, who literally has no late game and has no choice but to be aggressive early, try to snowball and end the game before the enemy Jinx finishes her IE. > ADC's are supposed to farm until late game Can work for: {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} - simply because they have insane late game. And even some of those can play aggressively in some match ups. Another thing. You complained about other teammates feeding, but how is your carry going to counterweight the kills enemies have with his own if you won't let him do anything but farm? Sooner or later, those fed enemies will gather on bot. Almost forgot. No, what I wrote is not rubbish. I've been a support main since S3, so I'm pretty sure I know what I am talking about.
I am sure you are a good support and you know what you are talking about, I am saying that in my experience and in low elo, people are not good enough to play aggressive ADC's early so I think people playing the more late game orientated ADC's is easier for me and easier on everyone. I mean that in my experience, most of that is rubbish as I have seen {{champion:67}}'s try and duel the enemy ADC as early as level 2. It was not an insult directed at you.
: you call adc the most brainless role and to an extent i agree but you cant argue that its probably not an easy role they have alot to worry about im not defending them im not an adc player but the very role demands an almost optimal build obviously theres some minor thought that can change it but in general theres the best items for damage and how they position themselves can make or break games in all seriousness tho i do hate people that play jhin they always seem to fall flat on their face similar to how i handle when placed as an adc haha
Well Jhin does require a certain amount of skill because he has no real escape. He falls flat if he's played by a bad player who cannot land skillshots. Unfortunately, I get the bad ones more often then the good ones.
Silisa (EUNE)
: You remind me of a friend of mine. She's B2, btw. Frustrating to play with, since she is too busy saving her KDA to actually help us.
Why should I die because of your incompetence? Its not in my job description. I cannot save you from your own stupidity and I won't even try. One kill is always a better option then giving the enemy two in a futile attempt to rescue you from a situation you put yourself in.
: Not everyone is stupid sometimes I am probably one of those adcs I have alot of love for tristana while im a terrible adc i will from time to time play her and its normally a gamble on how useful my support is going to be i've had not terrible ones just not be good enough to carry my ass and i've had total heros that make me smile I guess one of the major differences is when I hop on tristana I will listen to my support if they play that role alot they probably know much more about bot lane than I do the only thing I really know is if I am talon mid bot lane is my best bet of picking up some easy kills especially when obvious arguing is happening :)
Thats funny because Tristana is probaby the ADC I hate the most. I feel she stole {{champion:26}}'s (who used to be my main) mechanics and she is incredibly unfun. Her jump range is rediculous and why she gets an assassin like reset on it, I will never understand. I really do hate her the most out of all the ADC's. I have, on occassion, outright refused to help a Tristana aside from the basic support level because I feel people jump in without actually fully considering the situation and that just gives the enemy a free kill because she cannot escape without help.
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: Why would you want to build Zonyas on a Support other than Morgana in the first place? On-Topic: It gets slightly better after a while at Level 30.
Because its useful to have as that {{champion:238}} in mid lane or another AD champion comes down and trys to gank bot because they are not getting what they want in mid, like a petulant child. Its useful to have it for that reason. Most assassin players WILL leave lane and try to gank bot, if they don't get their own way because they are just basically impatient toddlers.
Silisa (EUNE)
: - Ignore the total score unless you think that you can help a teammate by roaming. - Don't just ward near bot, branch out to Dragon and mid lane. - Pings are your friends. Ping Danger pings over your allies if you see that they are overextending and about to get ganked. Ping several times. - Some ADCs are more aggressive than their support partners. If your ADC is one of those, try to follow him up and keep him alive. You'd be surprised by the number of times a carry could have lived and even taken kills, if only his support didn't live him for dead from the start. - Sometimes ADCs tunnel, sometimes they are not completely aware of their surroundings. Use pings to warn them of danger and to get them to retreat. - Roam to help the rest of the team - jungle, mid and top. You are not bound by chains to your bot turret or to the carry. When the enemy bot is MIA or your carry is in base, use that time to roam and snowball or help a struggling teammate. - Move your wards to where you need them. You are pushing bot - ward around bot. Grouped as 5 and trying to take down mid turret - ward around mid. Trying to get Dragon/Baron - ward around those.
You know most of that is rubbish, most "aggressive" ADC's are easily killed because they engage on a {{champion:37}} with her ult up and delusionally think that they can win. Most people, and I do mean this, would not know how to be tactical. ADC's are supposed to farm until late game, they don't need kills so there should be NO reason for them getting aggressive unless the jungler ganks. I would rather they do that then risk it all on some silly engagement that may or may not work. I am not the gambling type.
: 'You can't fix stupid' I know what you mean about some people playing ADC and making your life impossible. You can't keep them alive if they are going to keep attempting to win impossible engagements. Just do what you have to do, do it well and be satisfied that at least you fulfilled your part of the deal. If they have a go at you for their own mistakes then just let them get on with it. Don't let it get to you. No one plays support for the praise and the glory. If they do then they are going to be disappointed ;)
Exactly, I would rather the ADC die for their own stupidity then lose my life in a futile effort to save them from their own incompetance. Your an ADC, you are a RANGED damage dealer, you don't have to get close... but some people just don't get that.
: Listen to me very carefully : You CANT change others mistakes, the only thing you are in control is YOURSELF. You will have terrible games, and you will have great games, as we all do in every single tier or elo. Be happy that your way of thinking is better than form your temates, that means that you will clinb up faster in ranked and if you put enough time you will get temates that "you deserve ". Without looking at your champ pool and builds I will tell you that you have to stop stressing and play games for your improovement, set up a personal goal for yourself based on every game and try to achieve it. For example: dont die to any gank, dont die at all, have more than 60 % kill participation, place wards in enemy jungle, buy items accordingly to enemy team, WORK ON YOURSELF and ignore others. That way you will improove and they will not.
Its funny because I regularly have the lowest number of deaths on the team because I'm not an idiot and I don't charge in and just hope to kill somebody. Its far easier to chip somebody down and then destroy them rather then engage on a full health champ that may have a stun or some form of escape or CC. Why should I play to improve because its not like the other people on my team do that. I usually get a total idiot ADC who is a "first time" and then I have to support them through all their stupid mistakes they make. I am bored of losing because my ADC or somebody on my team thinks they are rambo.
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: if soraka is that far back you can deny every single cs from vayne and you just win from that. i dont know what level you are but you dont seem very smart to me i'm sorrry. you clearly dont understand game mechanics
Reported, calling me dumb is a childish tactic... I will not respond further to your ignorance.
Solash (EUW)
: Ya do realize that junglers have to put in quite a bit of work to get Sated Devourer right?
Yes because being AFK for 10 minutes farming jungle camps is sooooo difficult.
TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: Life isn't fair and the world isn't balanced, yet I don't see people behaving like that on the street, in school, at work, etc.
If that were true, people would not commit murder in the heat of the moment or have the strength to fight against injustice... you are basically being a pacifist by saying that.
: just pick an aggro support like leona and just hard engage with ult? i really dont see the problem
Does Leona's E have the massive range that Soraka does... no... Does the Q slow you... yes and she can just skip back to her turret with no real problem.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Blitzcrank is a very effective counter to Soraka, maybe try him.
So counter a badly designed, toxic support with another badly designed, toxic support... great idea.
: Soraka takes work to get good with her and win the lane and get their adc fed. Either focus soraka or poke her and she wouldn't be able to heal as much. A lot of people make this mistake. She does a lot of work bot lane. You just don't think so because you either, haven't played her, or you just straight up hate her.
I have played her and if you think that spamming W is "a lot of work", you really are not going to be good at other champions. Everything else in her kit is simple window dressing, her Q for example is quite large, long range and easy to hit and her E is only really good when the enemy team is not paying attention to it.
TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: It's NOT Riot that banned you
So basically, you are saying that Riot, as a company, did not put in a system that is easily abusable into the game? You are saying that Riot is blameless for everything that caused a player to get banned in the first place. If the game was fair and balanced, people would not rage, its basic psychology. Stop seeing Riot as this benevolant entity because they are not. They want money, that is all they want and having this ban system actually benefits them in the long run since people will pay for things on new accounts and they get double the amount of money. Riot arn't stupid, they are making money off the backs of people who are normal human beings and don't have saint like levels of patience with the stupid people that infest this game. I would be suprised if their "balance team" actually get told to make certain things overpowered to MAKE people flame. Its actually pretty clever but extremely underhanded.
: maybe you play wrong onto them? Force a 4v2 dive botlane? this lane is so easy to have freefarm and just poke soraka
Poking Soraka would be fine if she could not stand 20 miles back or get a free MS boost of here rediculous easy to land Q
: One would think that vs a Soraka-ADC lane, the opposing Support could leave lane, roam to other lanes together with his jungler, while his ADC can farm easilyand even grow an XP Advantage.
Not when you have an idiot ADC who either choses a short range ADC like {{champion:202}} with no actual escape or is too stupid to stay back and farm. I just hate how Soraka wins the game by basically doing nothing.
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Haaaw (EUW)
: yea, but he asked where HIS skills matters, in Smite if you get retarded team u can still lose...
Ah right, well yeah... you do need teamwork. My advice would be to find some friends XD
Kuljem (EUNE)
: Game where your skill matters?
SMITE, everything is a skillshot, nothing is auto-lock on like some things are in league. Makes for a more skill based game.
Samsuddin (EUNE)
: For all dem zed mains.
He would take a lot of skill, if he had normal and not overinflated damage numbers like he does have at the moment. If his Q did half the damage it did now, then he would take skill. He does poke better then most mages.
Neonchan (EUW)
: after gutting her today?
Its not her numbers that are the problem, its the lack of counterplay for her kit.
I tend to agree, that usually in a game, we have to do it because the mid/adc/top are usually too stupid to pick up pink wards themselves.
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Vinz0 (EUW)
: Playing solo queue against premades is unfair
If you are like me, you have no desire to be friends with irrelivant people that don't matter in the long run. I don't see why you should be forced into making friends. I don't give two craps about you, I just want to win. Winning is all that matters in this game, you get nothing for "friendship" or any of that crap so why does Riot insist on forcing you to play with "friends". You know how many people are on my friends list... 0... yes 0 people because I do not wish to interact with other people and I have my own personal reasons for that. I just want a fair game, end of story.
: Sick of premades
I am not interested in making friends with irrelivant people I will never see, that don't matter at all in my life so why should I be forced to make friends with these parasites just to have a fair game of league?
: Communication outside of the in game chat is not seen as cheating. Why are you so angry all the time?
Because I hate people like you that try to justify everything Riot does, its pathetic watching you suck them off all the time.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Mages have yet to be gutted down. Right now they're not at their highest point possible but they're not even close to trash. And zilean got a really needed change on his passive since his old one brought so many problems here and there. Also, his kit is actually better now that you can actually check the bushes and be more in control of that's goin on in lane. About the topic of only ad champs getting reworked, its because they're normally the least played champions thanks to their outdated kit. So, in order to bring them back to life, they gotta bring attention to them with new mechanics and better stuff. And also, by your standards, fair is buffing karma, tho she's already op in the state she is; zilean, which is a really strong champ in poke and has a lot of fighting potential; and maybe other champions that are just ap based that you like and want to send them mid and destroy every opponent, which hopefully never happens.
{{champion:43}} is balanced and she is and has never been OP. Her abilities are well telegraphed, her snare is breakable and she has very distinct counter-play. The only powerful ability she has is her ult + Q which is her ONLY form of consistent damage. So no, she's not OP, she's just powerful if you use her correctly. Personally, I prefer the shield anyway, the ult shield is amazing for champs like Katarina or Yi.
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