: League of Salt
Good fun jungling and muting chat ping etc. I mute often and feel so much more chilled out. Funny asking for assistance when I push my luck and everyone ignores me, suppose it serves me right. Anyway I stay selfish {{champion:77}}
: Sett
Just another one to ban. PAY TO WIN
Asteraki (EUW)
: I cant dodge : )
Had to give you an extra view, damn that was on 666. Your welcome.
Declined (EUNE)
: Testing stuff
Yeah, intresting !!<(")> good read, just the sort of quantity I can manage to understand. Garen still looks complicated though. Oh well maybe someday.
: Has anyone played Sett? How does he feel?
I played against him earlier as Udyr. Me and Renekton took him on, he was half health and killed us both in no time. That was a different account. Sett played top. That was my first experience against him.
Vivilou (EUW)
: Poppy W and Warwick Q dash
Good question, nice answer. Thanks guys
: {{champion:2}} CTRL 4 sorry for the stress hahaha
I was either listening to the raido or watching the news, they were actually discussing the term Ma'am. Maybe I was wrong. It's beggars belief why they were discussing it though.
: >Adolf is a name used in German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Flanders, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and in various Central European countries. Adolf is not as popular now than what it once was. Therefore people who are called Adolf nowadays are in a minority group, and as such should be protected from bullying... wouldn't you agree? Or is it because he is most probably indigenous? I'm aware, I live in Germany. However there is not active discrimination happening here. It's the same way I can't have "gay" in a summoner name - I'm not being discriminated against here, however allowing access to it is likely to foster more toxic use of it than positive. That's the same principle applied here. Access to the game is still available and the same, it's just use of certain words or names are not agreeable for the aforementioned reason. If we were saying _he wasn't allowed to play LoL at all because his name is Adolf_ , then you would have a grounds for discrimination/bullying here. edit: >Madam is a polite and formal form of address for women, often contracted to ma'am. Nothing to do with marital status. Just respect to a female. Like if you were to talk to Lux in real life (might help). Also aware of what it means and where it stems from, and actually technically Madam and Miss is relative - anyhow, you were saying somewhere it was deemed sexist, I'm having trouble locating a source for this? It's still used frequently without issue as far as I'm aware. >lots of things it's just a long time ago now and biting the lips has become the norm in certain situations I am not inclined to type about here on "the LoL boards" I mean, the only things that are frowned upon nowadays is discriminatory terms or jokes at the expense of a group. And if that's what we're complaining about can't be said anymore, then maybe we need to look at the fact that the "over PC" reaction is 95% of the time just people getting upset that they're now being held accountable when they're being trash towards others.
{{champion:2}} CTRL 4 sorry for the stress hahaha
: another post about the same thing MATCH MAKING!!!
There is a mission to play 3 ranked games. Losers like myself are taking part, trying to get through the 1st ten games. Played 3 games and muted 2 players. I apologize now for the inconvenienc. XD hahahaha
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Caitlyn is too opressive during laning
Caitlyn top is hard to face. But most ADC's are in top lane.
Just Cat (EUW)
: What's up with Q Times?
Press fill, not long to wait there and it's good fun with benefits of the experience elsewhere on the map. I love it. You Must try. Side note: just mute if you get flamed.{{champion:63}} {{champion:68}}
: Uhh... Not to drag politics into the LoL boards, but Brexit has nothing to do with "over political correctness". Most of the leave campaign was built on the premise of "independence", which was already pretty much a thing. I digress, I'm not going to get into a Brexit debate here. Can you source the Ma'am case? I'm unable to locate an example outside of the general "Ma'am is for married, miss is for single and that's weird" (which it kinda is that we change titles based on that but you know, whatevs). You'll find the reason it's censored is not for the name itself, but because if it wasn't, the names **_containing_** it are incredibly likely to be anti-sematic or intentionally inflammatory. Stopping people from doing that isn't "over political correctness", it's basically preventing "hey, you're making fun at other peoples expense for no other reason than to be a jerk by including that in your name". The sins of those who would do this unfortunately ruin it for the few fringe cases that might actually be legitimate and not want to do so in an inflammatory way, >It's been a funny world the last 20 years or so. They call it Political Correctness or PC. So ridiculous. What can't you say now that you could previously? I always love asking this question, because typically it boils down to something that is borderline inflammatory, such as "I can't make ____ jokes anymore" or "_____ people are _____ everything!", which is kinda of... well yeah - you're belittling someone based on who they are, which shouldn't have been OK then and is good that it's not now. Outside of these, and changing some terminologies from what were previously slurs to more appropriate words, there's really no extreme limitations on what you can and can't say - it's just you can't do it at the expense of minority groups anymore.
Adolf is a name used in German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Flanders, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and in various Central European countries. Adolf is not as popular now than what it once was. Therefore people who are called Adolf nowadays are in a minority group, and as such should be protected from bullying... wouldn't you agree? Or is it because he is most probably indigenous? Madam is a polite and formal form of address for women, often contracted to ma'am. Nothing to do with marital status. Just respect to a female. Like if you were to talk to Lux in real life (might help). When referring to something being "PART OF THE REASON" does not mean " THE REASON". I'm not that stupid to believe that there is any one reason a person could say why Britain leaves, or wants to leave more to the point. "What can't you say now that you could previously?" lots of things it's just a long time ago now and biting the lips has become the norm in certain situations I am not inclined to type about here on "the LoL boards" XD Good day, lets try sitting on the fence a while and keep people from being bullied.
Morrhen (EUW)
: I'll add up here. People play against Senna, complain about her yet the way to kill her is to be very aggressive. I've seen so many people complain, yet what they do is to farm... while Senna closes in the distance, sneaks in AA and Q, gets away. Repeat until you're too low to do anything and get inevitably killed. She's kind of a champion which seems busted, yet melts once you slightly close in the distance. Gets used to playing around her but she's far from broken. At least from my experience. Never actually had a game where Senna seemed horribly busted.
Ritmann (EUW)
: So you thought the game was balanced
As long as {{champion:31}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:21}} are much stronger than all other champions....then.....and only then does the game become balanced as far as I'm concerned.
leonhiro (EUW)
: WHY do i have to change my username?
Write it notepad, when loading LOL copy and paste it.
: Need help with name
As if a players name of "Adolf" is going to inspire someone to cause harm to others! It's been a funny world the last 20 years or so. They call it Political Correctness or PC. So ridiculous. I remember they deamed ma'am to be sexist, when it is actually a show of high respect. Daft. Not Riots fault though, they have to fit in with country's petty rules wether they like it or not. Hence the UK leaving the EU, it's been part of the reason why we're leaving.
hazox5120 (EUW)
: bug mouse lag
I suspected that, like the mouse pointer disappears or is just somewhere else rather that where it should be. I always put it down to my eyesight. Who knows you might be right. I'm going to try lower graphics settings when the game loads up at start.
Rioter Comments
: Toxic players
I've been playing Ranked for the 1st time in ages, lost 2 games in a row. I played terrible but enjoyed it. Had a good laugh as that's what playing a game is all about. Your right, there are so many too serious types getting on your case in chat with unhelpful comments, negativity, etc. Got to admit is does tilt me a little but I just mute everything from them and carry on. All I'm saying is that there is a good way of enjoying this game whilst ignoring "them who like to get angry". Unfortunately, I'm not wanting to get really high ranked as I will get my butt kicked too much, as such I'm not playing to lose neither. Nice to float to the top with no stress whilst playing against people at the same low level I'm at. Good luck, I always support threads that go against the flame when I see them, I don't think Riot desrve any disrespect though. Best see an effort than none at all.
Drupu (EUNE)
: (18+) League Drinking Game
Whats the best champion to play when drunk? I tried all Christmas. Trying to land Cho Gath's Q, Trying land Illaoi's E.... not a chance! Oh and never surrendering when the team gives up, like 4 -1 not unanimous. Maybe Poppy was best but always hard countered. Maybe the next piece of technology that comes out will be a USB breathalyzer. Breathe into this to enter the rift or get temporay ban! {{sticker:sg-poppy}} Then there's the hangover ordeal. Like smurf an account and press fill. Just remember to uncheck the 3 "show chat" boxes in settings/interface, because your in a terrible mood. It was intresting but you can't beat playing sober, it's so much easier not to get banned. *Guess what I found - Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the future* - a USB breathalyzer on my browser's search engine {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Morrhen (EUW)
: Played against Bot Neeko and Heimer. I was Neeko too. My adc was Vayne. We got utterly destroyed. Mainly Heimer bullied the hell out of us... my simply placing turrets, while Neeko managed to sneak in one or two roots. Followed by Heimer stun and rockets. Boom, dead. Fortunately Heimer bot is not that common. At least from my experience.
Not had much sleep so I played a lower account. Heimerdinger kicked me in bad, "but", I was and still am really slow and tired. I keep a watchful eye out for that one. So far we have: {{champion:102}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:143}} WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE *read below about Mordekaiser* I'm inclined to agree after last game, maybe he got fed.. I don't know.
: Free champions
Maybe blue essence especially can keep us coming back for more. It creates a challenge, just some gamers need. Like some like infinate lives others won't cheat. Made me think about a version a league where you get only 1 life. You heard it here 1st! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: maybe if you donate half of your salary to riot games, you might get an even better patch next time! PS: I just looked up your game against the Morde and the Morde had 70 farm at 35 minutes so I think you played against an iron/bronze player. If you really think winning against him is a result of the patch... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Not just on about last game, I had confronted him earlier too (maybe a different account) I found it a hell of a lot easier. I'm winking at maybe he was slowed like a 0.00005% too much kind of thing, for example. Just missed that fearce battle I used to get and the few times I got a chance of slowing him down or even winning laning phase. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
sbepi (EUW)
: i mean...last patch the broken champs list was: -cassiopeia -heimerdinger -kassadin -aphelios -morde -diana and conqueror in general (not even nerfed) kassadin -5 movent speed cassio not even typed diana (nerf on ardent build) aphelios idk is still spam buttons to win morde...a bit nerfed but still dominating in toplane heime (botlane) not touched so idk how u can call it a nice patch x) i will not type anything about conqueror champs like olaf etc...just because there are enough clips on youtube x) but yeah...they nerfed aurelion x), just imagine the only poor guy that still try to play him.
It just felt right for me today. Longer games too, more come backs this time rather than just being steam rolled. I recommend writing a thread like this next patch I'm learning loads here {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: from a non jungle main , shyvana e got buff , have you guys heard about shyvana ap , i just finish throught telling you , that she almost can one shot anyone... , is just amazing , i run to have pretty amazing results with this ap build , which people not usually run ,Riot have no clue what they doing there into patches ,they just throw changes ,and nerf back if they turn something too strong ,is them way to be , is just giving you stuffs to talk and be happy for... ,even if some of them even do bad to this game.
I'll keep my eye out for that, I don't much about that champion yet. She was strong in a game earlier but I thought it was "one those really good players". Thanks it will probably help... I keep my distance and watch for a bit 1st hahaha.
: So you post a crappy thread, when you lost to a morde with 70 farm {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
oh yeah! thats a long story {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Rioter Comments
: People who say "top lane is hard to carry as"
I'm am sooo guilty. I have just come to a conclusion that champions like Kayle, maybe Nasus are bad picks with everything going off on bot lane. I thinks it's best to pick a champion that should need no help for top. Maybe Darius, Garen, Illaoi, etc. I flamed like a little girl playing kayle, but the tears dried up on my sore cheeks by level 16 and I felt a "bit" better.
: Thoughts on upcoming World War 3? inb4 we all ded Pog
Beolius (EUW)
: League of broken mm if you are not premade or not boosting ur friend then get out!
Ha solo que, thats how I felt, stopped playing ranked a long time ago. Funny how even playing bad in ranked but getting carried by some awesome player lands you in more trouble. I was hoping for a nice Iron rank, but got carried into silver. I dare not play ranked anymore, but I do dream about being good enough.
: And it will change what?
My mental attitude, win or lose, I have to learn to enjoy and show respect to whoever is kicking my butt with all the emotes and abuse in chat. XD. I think this lesson will take a really long time.
Lgtc t1 (EUW)
: Match accepted BUG/STUCK need help
this was last weeks problem then a quick update sorted the problem out. I would re-install or check that updates are allowed in your settings. I'm EUW and it is not happening to me. ** famous last words
: Social Experiment
Just smurf another account..... then smurf again & again like me
: There are two different types of stealth. The first is **camouflage**. This is what e.g. {{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:107}} use. They can be spotted by either being near them or by **control wards**. The second type is **invisibility**. That's what e.g. {{champion:35}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:67}} use. This type usually lasts only for a short period but it can only be spotted by **True Sight**. True sight is granted by turrets and by some skills in the game and especially by {{summoner:14}} . So you can defend yourself against {{champion:28}} and {{champion:29}} by placing control wards. {{champion:35}} won't be spotted by a contrrol ward but his invisibility lasts for only a short period. You can actually see his Q cast animation *in the fog of war*. So you need two watch your surroundings for that orange cloud to see him coming in advance.
Many thanks Bananenschnder, I have been so fustrated by these champions. again I had no strategy at all in fighting these champions. It will take a while to implement everything I have learnt here but thanks to you guys I will be having fun learning. Good luck
Torkl (EUW)
: You play safe, its as easy as that. These champs will not be viable mid and lategame if no1 feeds them, they rely 100% on getting kills, because they are alot worse at farming/taking objectives than any other jungler.
Brilliant, I had absolutely no strategy against this, thankyou ever so much
: If you play support once , Your next game the auto fill will be protected and you wont get autofilled{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} (even tho its shit xd).
These guys make support fun, I'm no support main but love playing soraka after watching a vid, I too must learn more https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7PqO2lW3eK16sQngYPwsA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLrrYqLp1MEMmRm8HV33YQ
pXHoney (EUNE)
: It is official, Riot wants you to lose games
I feel there seems to be lack of intrest in solo que antics. The real way to play League must be to make friends and form a team. I for one am not right good at this for reasons beyond the computer. Like I care at home for someone who is uncomfortable with being too sociable online. So it's solo que all the way for me. Got to take the rough with the smooth remembering we play on Riot's property and there it best to be as polite as possible. I think I'm right on this one.
Rioter Comments
: People shouldnt be able to initiate back-to-back surrender votes
Get a team together stop playing solo, it's the only response you'd get.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: From what i know, it's against the rules to have "riot" in your name Only riot employees are allowed to have that I'm pretty sure OP's name isn't accepted either. Even tho the 'i' is modified. But that could be seen as avoiding the rules
Oh many thanks, like to stay cool, I thought it would of been something mucky or something... oh well!
: Help me how i could improve
I made silver by being carried. I would love to be iron. Maybe your mindset is wrong, your aiming the wrong way!
: Cant log in after the champion select notification
: I have a question Riot
am i missing something, whats wrong with "RIOT Hedy". I must be getting old! Ha .. "double sided rainbow - what does it mean?"{{champion:99}}
: Service Status
True, I've completed my 1st year with League of Legends, but I do suppose we have to get used to these new patches. Such a lot to learn about this game but it keeps changing. Even buffs and nerfs really "throw me off guard at times" to a point of almost hopelessness. But with a good grind here and there with a few youtube videos from streamers I find my way. Faith and tolerance - is whats needed.
: Fair matches - Each team is roughly the same skill
Answer is obvious, get some friends. "Match 3: Top and jungle force fed enemy. Somehow me and adc managed to carry the match after really good vision play by me" ....erm you will find it hard being so modest Quote " I got one brewing, so I pass her the mouthwash and let it rip" - StartAgain76 - 2019
: Ranged toplaners especially mages are completly taking over toplane.
Senna release, I think thats why ranged champions are dong so well.
CrazyLegs (EUNE)
: toxic
Play mute, its so peaceful.
: Two times Autofilled as Jungle in a row
AFK rules and smurf another account. .. or play Master Yi and ruin the game for everyone also chuck a few emotes uo to tell them how good you are when you get free penta. Why in worlds 2019 I never saw Yi I don't know. Here's a reminder{{champion:11}} "Master YI" complete waste of time for the other nine players
HavickPT (EUW)
: riot create counter yasuo
Illaoi is easy to learn, and olaf kicks Yas butt even when he is 2 lvls lower.
: Ranked play is a joke
People can play ranked at level 30 also we are European and there are so many languages. When the foreigners try to speak english they do it so ignorantly and cowardly. Just remind them about Brexit. I prefer to play mute at times, Monday mornings and as schools have finished for the day at 3pm. Mute is great fun. I might have even honored someone who was throwing abuse all game , I wont ever know!
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