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: > [{quoted}](name=Staticflow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ATLpOrbO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-11T15:47:45.736+0000) > > The fun begins when you end up spending £1-2k then permanently banned because kids are reporting you cuz you ask for wards or to stop feeding. > In order of Riot to maintain the income for the investors they invented this Tribunal system where everyone can decide over the players this way, you get banned after money are spent, you open new account and shortly start spending again. > Riot games has become something they weren't originally, until they got investors from China, then everything has changed. > The Chinese plague of investors are ruining every single game on the market at the moment, Blizzard is the latest victim. No one will believe you, if you claim that you get banned for "Can you ward the tribush?" or "You are getting camped, so stop pushing out." I can imagine what your chat looks like. And telling people to change how they play is not your main focus.
You have no clue. Also i got banned for one line of chat. Pointless to show anything to you as even if i give you a tomato you will claim is a watermelon.
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
The fun begins when you end up spending £1-2k then permanently banned because kids are reporting you cuz you ask for wards or to stop feeding. In order of Riot to maintain the income for the investors they invented this Tribunal system where everyone can decide over the players this way, you get banned after money are spent, you open new account and shortly start spending again. Riot games has become something they weren't originally, until they got investors from China, then everything has changed. The Chinese plague of investors are ruining every single game on the market at the moment, Blizzard is the latest victim.
: Perma ban
Player one: Can you place a ward on the river? Player two: Why flame me? reported. /all Guys please report X for flaming me. This is 50% of League of Legends
: Riot Has Lost It
> [{quoted}](name= ShÄde of Noxus,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9IVhvou4,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-30T22:14:24.110+0000) > >All the power they give us, players, is the Report tool. We are expected to suffer for 20+ minutes and not say a word. We are expected to be friendly to people that know nothing but hate. We are expected to believe that anything works fine. This is the only thing is totally agree with you. ALSO Riot forgot who made this game "big"
Acrethonic (EUNE)
: Riot pls 16 rp
Rofl at the top tab search in your browser. Also Riot stopped doing such things since they stopped being cool. They used to care about us, the players, long time ago.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4rnHwmAz,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-18T10:11:56.206+0000) > > Since, back then, permanent bans were manually checked by Rioters before being issued, it's not a matter of bans being unjustified. It's a matter of people managing to get banned in the first place, due to their own behaviour. I was permabanned in less than 20 seconds after a game, how do you think some Rioter was that quick?
: Miss Fortune Beast Mode Game play With the New Ultimate Skin Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!! 10/0/7
I didn't see anything epic here, give me my time back {{sticker:draven-pose}}
Allaysa (EUNE)
: BSOD while updating LoL
I had the same and i literally deleted random folders from LOL main folder...i got bugsplat spammed i could not do anything until the computer frose and BSOD
Nelzy (EUNE)
: Perma banned for flaming
What any of you call "Flame" i can call it joke or something, Riot must understand a thing, we do not all grow in the same "pot", we come from different area with different backgrounds and mentality. So, i repeat i can call it as flame the fact you say Hello in chat, i find that very offensive and i report any player who does that. DO you guys think i am right? or Wrong? Summoner code states that "**_anything you do offensive to other or other expenses is punishable"_** <--- This is the reason Riot can ban anyone at any time and this is wrong. I read around players with Real life examples. ( GYM stuff etc ) IF you involve real life when it comes to the chat in a game where KILLING is a way of winning...guess what you are wrong...IN A FANTASY YOU CANT INVOLVE RL....face it..Also i dont endorse any type of racist, xenophobic, political or threats in this game. BUT being banned for banter is quite %%%%ed up, and Riot has to really sort this out, but as i stated before RIOT doesn't as they profit out of this. edit: Also watch this
Nelzy (EUNE)
: Perma banned for flaming
What part of RIOT Games is a company not a charity don`t you get? THEY want money, so if you get banned it is very likely you start a new account, by doing that you, already being familiar with the game you want your favourite champions and start spending money if you have. This way Riot win and you lose. I got perma banned on my account on which i spent over £1800. Over asking player to stop feed or ward areas etc..not friendly every time. THE support guy offered me some champions on my new account, even if BEFORE he told me ( we don`t want you in this game if you are toxic). Now you think how Riot is acting. They wont unban your account as the system is designed to ban easy and rotate idiots into spending more money as they are addicted. LoL Is the only game online where you can get permanently banned for shit talks (death threats, sexual harassment etc dangerous things should be banned) because they give this power to kids who doesn't have too much understanding of things.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=9WXIZ96j,comment-id=0001000000000001000100000000,timestamp=2018-03-03T17:19:30.015+0000) > > Riot follows Irish laws. Riot is selling products In EU, Ireland is in EU. So that ToS crap can be beaten by someone who really wants to fight for a cause such as "game account"
: battle boss malzahar ability sounds
The most ugly skin in game, i main Malzahar and i refunded that skin after the first game. All spells looks horrible, the sounds aswell.
: I was just permabanned and I don't think to deserve it.
I have seen permabanned for less. Riot loves your money you spend on a new account.
: Got banned for... Quoting a troll and staying positive, explaining things?
RIOT always stated that the final ban is manually issued, which is NOT true. The system can be more than reliable if has a human hand to actually do the Bans/Perma bans. Leave it automated for chat suspensions. I got permabanned for debatable reasons in my opinion but whats funny about it is that i got banned in less than 30 seconds after the game ended( i doubt someone from player behaviour was waiting with the hand on the kill switch waiting for the game to end). Emailed support and i got automated email 2 times, then i got some human behind the email and he said that i got banned as i was toxic, etc. and Riot doesnt want players like me to be around ( i am fine with that), but then the SAME person told me that i can start a new account and hes ofering me some help with skins and level. On this point i got confused and i told him, "So, you dont want me in your game as i am toxic, but when you see that i spent £1800+ in your game you offer me the option on start again?. He didnt reply at all after this, my account still perma banned, and i can tell i was not even on the edge of being extreme or such things. To sum up, RIOT wants our money, by banning players the addiction kick in , we make new account and spend more money. Very simple math. The reason or permabans are MOST of the time stupid. I hope somebody will have the ballz and money to sue this company one day on this matter. At the point of permaban my account had 95% of the skins in game and everything else full, plus it was account since the start of this game in Europe in season 1.
: Permabanned for being a childish chimp
Riot makes MONEY out of this perma bans, is that hard to understand?
AngmarPT (EUW)
: lvl up sucks?
The fun begins when like in my case £1800+ are spent and get perma banned for random chat...More to pay on new account.
: You don't need to spend money on making another account.
> [{quoted}](name=Eat Me ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XJZyhwEb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-24T18:14:55.114+0000) > > You don&#x27;t need to spend money on making another account. The game is ok without spending any money by making a free account, but why is the acoutn creation free??
Leviit (EUW)
: Banned out of context (need a rioter)
Do the banter and the fun chat on skype with your friends, the kids of this community are frustrated and Riot just wait to get your account so you can spend more money by making another one.
Scheps (EUNE)
Perma ban in a game where players spend money for chatting shit is not the solution. But Riot finds that the way to pinch some more money as once the player has been banned may open new account and spend the extra buck. To be honest this is a very disgusting method of making extra money. This game is the only game who perma ban players for chatting shit..unless they are racist or extreme threats. That guy called Lyte is the cause of this shit, he invented the system where the player has the power even IF some of that players are under the age of consent or decision in any other circumstances. The Riot can blame the player base for the bans..and they get the cash. Simple and effective way of exploiting the human behaviour.
WOW001 (EUW)
: help me to download
You better upgrade your internet before you play the game, as lagging connstantly in games will ruin your and others experience in the game. eventually will get you banned for constant Dc`s or reports.
: My main account got banned for "use of malicious 3rd-party programs"???
Get used to the fact that your account is GONE for good. Riot tactic is to ruin this accounts where the player invest loads of money as they would likely come back and spend more on new account. The same with the "toxic" term used by them to let frustrated kids report left and right and eventually ban or perma ban accounts. Riot tactic is to have players spending money over and over as this is free to play game. So welcome to the club of the spenders %%%%ed up by Riot one way or another. P.S. it is like you go to a store, spend £100 on goods then the store keeper kicks your face and push you out. This is how Riot respect its customers, with template emails and untrained support staff.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey! You can read the official announcement here:
> [{quoted}](name=Valzuuuh,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ViMnLnFU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-27T18:25:44.776+0000) > > Hey! > > You can read the official announcement here: Thanks mate, much appreciated. I was proper confused:D
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: people trolling and afk is really annoying when it happens in rank game
Tryphaela (EUW)
: My account has been banned for no reason at all
Riot does lie to its customer base when they claim they personally investigate every single permanent ban. I got permanent ban in 10 seconds after a game. No matter how much money/time i did invested, and kids with zero money on their wallet come and ruin games around "having fun" on on some players expenses. I had no email or explanations/reform card.
: Having an idea to help players to reform. Poll included
Too late for me. Just lost £1700 account based on stupidity of me and others, also the laziness of Riot to control the game and developed a punishing system based on keywords and reports basically leaving every single player exposed to be punished sooner or later, by frustrated kids. I earn double that figure each month so i don`t care much about the money, but 7 years and very, very rare skins is the lose to me. I also don`t play this game anymore even if i love it.
oEnoMous (EUW)
: Menu changed.. i want my old menu back
Try this :
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: A Galaxy stands between SKT and its 3rd Worlds title
Soon, every single champion will have a SKT skin...
: "Plants " seem like a concept taken straight out of Super Mario
: Gragas hitbox
The hitbox is correct, Riot has a system where spells are aiming for the character feet. Basically thats the hitbox of a if your spells are touching the feet of the enemy it does hit the enemy. its odd..specially on lux when i see the whole Ulti above the enemy and does nothing. Some champions are more affected than others. Advice is to aim the feet of the enemy not the chest or something else. I hope i was clear enough for you:P
: Help me design the playing cards for worlds! (poll added)
: Patch 6.15 is coming on TUESDAY, one day earlier than usual!
Someone is high{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Any legal ways to turn off the ability to Chat?
make ctrl+alt+del combo to enable chat and that will also bring your task manager up and you dont want that mid game:)
Arialiss (EUNE)
: Possible existence of league players around the age of 24+ ?
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: REKT by CAITLYN Ranked Silver 3 Gameplay
You have breathing problems...a bit deeper and you sound like Darth Vader.
: Hah. Me and my friends noticed a strange rule. U 90% to lost ur last 2 promo games. But after that ur next 2 games back to promo will be just fine. And thet's an endless lupe here. 1 out of 10 chance u get thru. So GL friend. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Agree on that, i believe that`s a little shitty strategy from Rito to keep you blocked from advancing fast.
: Do you not hold the button down like with Varus' arrow and Vi's Vault Breaker?
I know that, but sometimes in the heat of the fight finger may "slide off" the keyboard...also is not happening only on Poppy...many other champions are affected. i lost fights because of the spells went off too early.
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aka GaLa (EUNE)
: [Resolved] Snowdown shop
Why are legendary skins going on sale?:(( you should keep them at the "Legendary" status by keeping them priced and also by keeping them updated by reworking them from time to time... edit: The same happen with some skins before the invention of so called "legacy Vault"....we were groomed into buy them because they are limited and never again available and skins status changed...Rito is not really a serious thing to trust
: HAI flipps off FEBIVEN in the worlds, RITO PLS, #RESPECT
: New teaser about PROJECT. COME HERE QUICKLY!!
One of them is definitely Shen.
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