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: Anime suggestion?
Depending on what genre you prefer, this should get you started if you're sort of new to anime: No Game No Life (Comedy) Death Note (Mistery) Trigun (Action) Cowboy Bebop (Multiple Genre) Kokoro Connect (Romance) Elfen Lied (Horror... I think...)
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specteVI (EUW)
: Jungle main 70% win rate (74 games) looking for a midlaner or adc to climb to diamond, atm gold 1
Gold II smurf, main mid 76% win rate, currently about to promote to SIII since i got placed in bronze ; lol. We can team up if you want. I'll be on tonight, add me - stealthycheese
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: Offensive language in postscreen
Bunch of babies on LOL, play with bots if you want a safe space..{{item:3070}}
: Is it possible to demote from gold to silver in S7?
Step 1: Get to gold Step 2: Get back to silver Totally possible if you try. {{summoner:13}}
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Stealthy Cheese

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