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Steel (EUW)
: Need Advice From All Current League Players
After thinking about it. I started playing LoL since season 1 (more specifically when Talon was released). Back then the game was fascinatiing. And no I don't believe that S1 was the most balanced season. In fact, season 1 was a mess when it comes to balance and glitches. Yes in season 1, it felt that all champions are strong. But that's because no one knew what every champion is capable of and when you don't know enemy's abilities you often get outplayed and vice versa. I think the game was fascinating back then because I was exploring it. And each game is the most fun when you are still in the exploring stage. So I think that if my next game is gonna be a moba one, I'm gonna play a different game because of the fascination of the exploring stage.
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BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: R.I.P. RANKED GAMES 2009-2015
> [{quoted}](name=BlâckLotus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E86FYeK3,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-10T12:28:50.033+0000) > > whats next? am i gonna see a teemo support again when i play adc? > R.I.P. Next time, when you ask for freezing the lane, mid anivia or jungler nunu are gonna come and cast their ults on your lane.
: as someone that has never been banned nor gotten a chat restriction, and played since season 2
I understand when someone retaliates when abused. So I can understand that you retaliated for the enemy team because you felt bad for them. You didn't do anything wrong, you just satisfied your need for justice. There is nothing wrong with that since I don't trust the punishing system at all due to the nature of being too forgiving.
Őrangyal (EUNE)
: The Voice Chat
I think the question should be something like: do we really need voice chat? Will voice chat provides a better experience? Necessity isn't the issue here because if we think about it, chatting isn't necessary with the presence of pings. Imo, voice chat will definitely provide a better experience since now the more experienced players will now have the mean to give more constructed instructions which you can't say in chat since typing takes longer time and time as we all know is so important in the game. But voice chat like everything else, has its disadvantages. Even pings which provides really valuable information to the gameplay was harshly criticized by many players that they are annoying when players spam them when they were first introduced.
Almighty (EUNE)
: How to write an "I quit LoL" thread:
> [{quoted}](name=Almighty,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vpebtHHm,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-29T19:20:29.657+0000) > > **Step 1**: Title! You need something provocative that will attract the attenton that you seek. Name your thread something like **"DONE WITH THIS GAME", "BYE LOL" "I QUIT" "S6 is broken im done" "IM DONE BYE RIOT"**. Don't forget to write it in CAPS! You need to let the entire world know that you are quitting LoL! > > **Step 2**: Complaints: Complain why you are quitting. It's mandatory that you mention Dynamic queue and how you got stomped by a perfectly synchronized hive-mind premade as a solo player. Don't forget to complain about Zed and Ekko. Also, mention something about toxicity. No chat logs needed. > > **Step 3**: Account background. Don't forget to mention that you a veteran that has been playing since the dawn of time. And don't forget to mention how much money you've spent on the game. You need to give a full CV about your account. > > **Step 4**: Delete the desktop icon. > > **Step 5**: Start playing again after awhile because nobody who has written an "I quit LoL" thread has actually quit LoL forever. > > The fact that you posted a thread about quitting LoL on the LoL Boards means that obviously you want attention and replies from the LoL community. Which you wouldn't need if you truly want to quit LoL. > > > _Almighty._ I took it as a joke whose some of its parts are true. Did I got your right? Btw, why do you always mention your summoner name at the end? Just curious.
: Time to leave the game. Tribute to Riot
I can assure you if this guy was plat or lower, his post would be downvoted to hell and he will be flamed. But since he is challenger then everything he says is right. I am not saying this guy is wrong, I am just saying community in general judge one's logic by his ranked standings
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Almighty (EUNE)
> [{quoted}](name=Almighty,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jdYMh7WV,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-05T12:44:34.256+0000) > > **Community:** We want more uses for blue essecne! > _Riot makes Mastery level 6 and 7 unlockable via Hextech crafting. _ > **Community:** OMG Rito u forcing us to use Hextech crafting! > > **Community:** We want new gameplay and versatility! > _Riot makes huge changes for the new season, adds new items, reworks abilities._ > **Community:** OMG OMG OMG Rito wtf u breaking the game everything OP now GG i quit! _(reinstalls after 2 weeks)_ > > **Community:** We want more unique champions and skills! > _Riot tries their hardest to introduce new original abilioties and mechanics to the game._ > **Community:** OMG Riot why you make so OP champs GG this game sucks now! _(continues to play anyways)_ > > **Community:** Bring back URF! > _Riot brings back URF._ > **Community:** Omg URF sucks now only Zeds and Ekkos and tryhards fuck this! _(played it anyways)_ > > I can give more examples. This community is the BIGGEST kindergarden of unpleased spoiled children! You are all lucky that this company is actually releasing a hyperpolished game like League **FOR FREE**! Under normal circumstances League would have to cost you atleast a monthly fee. And don't give me that _"But i buy skins"_ because NOBODY forced you to pay for this game. Riot didn't have a gun to your head telling you to buy skins. It was YOU who made the decision! > > I know the community has a voice and feedback is always important, but there is a **BIG** difference between feedback and whining. And the examples i left above are **PURE** whining. Whining, because Riot keeps the game fresh, updated and interesting. Whining, because Riot actually cares. And you people whine about **EVERY LITTLE CHANGE**! > > I can already smell the _"Revert mage change"_, _"New dragons too stronk"_ and _"Rift Herald buff too OP QQ" > _ threads. > > We might as well be brought back in Season 1 since people tend to throw a tantrum everytine the game is updated! > > > _Almighty._ I am sorry but you're thinking like a naive regarding the no one forced you to pay argument. First, tons of games are now free to play so I don't see why we should be grateful. These free to play games benefits the company a lot and if this is not the case then free to play games wouldn't exist in the 1st place. Riot didn't create this game for you because they wanna do something good for you, Riot created this game in a way that makes the customer sooner or later buy something for this game. They spent a lot of times to make the games looks psychologically worth investing money in. So when you do this, it will become your aim to hear customer complaints and to try to keep them satisfied so that they continue buying things in this game and bringing new players as well.
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AceH1gh (EUNE)
: They making game more interesting. If you are too lazy to learn something then... Yes. Some champions are broken, but brah.. Try them out and have some fun. PS: New dragons are just awesome
That's good but the problem is that Riot cares about keeping the game interesting more than they do about game balance.
: this season is a joke, riot doesn't give a fuck, this patch is one of the worst patches i've ever played in.
And this patch... it really looks like LoL is becoming a game for free timers only. You master this game if you have other responsibilities. Did you see the amount of details and changes in the coming patch? It's like now we have 2 preasons per year.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: A couple of ugly truths about this game
I disagree with number 1, just because someone is gold, silver, or bronze doesn't mean that they are wrong with whatever they are suggesting. Opinions must be considered equally without the habit of checking the opinion giver's profile on LoLking to determine if we upvote him and praise him or downvote him and flame him which is what most of the community does.
: Why is the game getting easier after every season passes?
Next season will probably introduce cooldown timer for allies and enemies ult as well as their summoner spells
: 2 Months? Remeber last season Juggernaut patch? Lelelelelelelelelele.
I know but comparing to this, Juggernaut was perfect balance 😉
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: Towers should be something you are scared of. [Suggestion]
You are right. Their design is not scary. Maybe Dracula teeth and zombie eyes will help?
: Can a morde get some love
but but we want all mordes to get some love, not just one.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: I wish that I could meet a Rioter.. it would be a great honor ;3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jonxx (EUNE)
: These are great ideas. You should definitely post it on NA forum.
Rhasta (EUW)
: Champion Bans needs to be as significant as before.
> [{quoted}](name=Rhastae,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TXhEUEim,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-25T07:45:25.162+0000) > > Here is my reasoning: > > On the day Season 1 Ended, 23rd august 2011, League of Legends had a total of 82 champions (83 if you count Talon, released one day after the season ended). Currently, the total champions that League of Legends bolsters is at a staggering 130. That is a little more than 58% increase. > > With that in mind, it seems strange to me that that Ban amount did not receive the same treatment. This applies even more so for Ranked games, where at the time being, we have so many options with team compositions that it's difficult to control them at all. Bans has becoming less and less significant in game play. > > If we can add 1 more ban to each side of the team (33% increase for each side), this would provide bans a greater presence in strategy and discussion in the champion select. > > As of right now, we have transitioned from thinking about banning certain champions to limit opponent's options, in order to play a certain strategy that has those champions as weaknesses, to a mentality that we need to ban the strongest meta champion simply because they're so precious, and there's not enough bans to constrain the opponents anymore. If you ban a certain assassin (Hi Zed), there's always another (Hi Talon). They function similarly, though have a different skill set. > > What do you think? I finally knew during which season I started playing LoL. Everytime someone asks me when did you start playing. I reply with the silly answer: I don't know which season exactly, but I started playing when Talon was released.
: Just been called a racist for calling 2 Spanish players 'Spaniards'
> [{quoted}](name=Chocodrinker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GcKWpxiM,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-19T14:15:03.044+0000) > > So, basically, I played this ranked game right now and our top and jungle were a Spanish premade. Not only did they suck, they were toxic af. They were complaining about our support (whom ended the game at 4/4/23 with Sona) and I, whom was playing with Anivia in mid (13/7/5). Their combined scores were 8/19, and neither of them had a positive KDA so yeah, we were basically carrying them from mid and botlane. > > Thing is one of them (toplane) was Silver 2 and the jungler was Gold 1, so I guess he was trying to boost his friend a bit, which is absolutely fine. What's not fine, however, is to let the Silver 2 guy make calls and follow them. And it's not okay to fail hard at whatever they were trying to do and then blame our support (even if she was still botlane with her adc) because 'she had taken kills'. At some point I said something like 'Idk why but most Spaniards I've seen in this elo complain about their teammates without realizing their own mistakes', and they both jumped on me saying I was a racist. Not for generalizing with an ethnic group (Idk if you can really call Spaniards and ethnic group but you get the idea), even if I obviously meant no harm in that sense, but for calling them 'Spaniards'. I was like, you do know we call 'Spanish' the language and 'Spaniards' people living in Spain, right? Then they started insulting me saying I was lying or something, and asked for me to get reported for racism. I reported them both for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Verbal Abuse (they were flaming everyone hard, went as far as calling the rest of our team retards) and moved on. > > However, I find it so funny when people are so blatantly ignorant and toxic, not that it's not usually interconnected, but it's still funny. Mad because bad&Mad because stoopeed inc. Problem of the century
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Hey! Seems it still works!
getting this message once in a lifetime doesn't mean it works
Larry (EUNE)
: I had Amstrad pc with dos showing only black and white. Atari was far more advanced :P
Hollyshit I didn't know that Windows dos pcs were once only black and white
Uberfrag (EUW)
: Am I the oldest league of legends player?
A post for gamers who lived the era of atari, Sega, floppy disks, and pentium 2 desktops 😉😉😉😉
: 1- your goals are too low, my goal is reach challenger so i have game for life. 2- find other game, there are hundreds and hundreds of mmos and docens of MOBAs
1- My goals are low. 2- I already did. I am the kind of players who like to switch between games. But I won't play a new MOBA because if I want to, I will get back to LoL.
: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
> [{quoted}](name=ViPeRextra,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EEMdtE1z,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-16T08:40:16.934+0000) > > I want to be honest , it gives like over 60 % People that wish Death/Cancer and other Bullsh#t plagues to a Human > > but , did you ever think before you write something like that ? > > maybe this guy lost a Family member , or his Mother/Father by Cancer , do you honestly think this is funny in any way ? > > when you say to somebody who lost his Mother by Cancer ''_**I Hope you and youre ugly family will die by Cancer**_'' do you honestly still think youre still worth beeing called a Human ? , what you say there is just as terible as the things a terible human said while the Holocaust > > Riot please , it gives a difference of calling someone mean things , and wishing someone a Deadly plague > > Please , those Humans deserve no second Chance , they should instantly get permabaned without any warning , because this kind of Flaming is just the worst > > nobody deserves Cancer... > > and if you wish it to random people that didn't done anything to you > > than youre not worth to be called a human anymore... Not enough. Their IP should be tracked and the police must through them into prison for life.
: Well, you have to understand that the boards should be considered as a public place. Something like a square at downtown city. Whatever you write here is of public domain and should be addressing things of common or shared interest. So yeah, before opening a thread you should at least think for 1 sec about what you are writing, right? I get the initial intention of OT but it actually sound more like a pretty reivindication and a personal attack (justified or not), a waste of energy that creates an paradoxical irony and result (aka: who is potentially toxic now?) Just my 2 cents. I'll go back to my work now.
: > [{quoted}](name=I Rekt Everybody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yQ3RigcX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-14T12:34:44.674+0000) > > Bruh you're 22, not 80 years old. > > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} you´d be amazed. im 28 at the moment. we remember some...really different times than now. technology incrementally increased in the last 20 years, to the point where someone thats 20 will have a recollection of a world that simply no longer exists for todays youth.
LoL yeah do you still remember the floppy disks??? 😂😂😂😂 I used to store my photos and pictures on this trash xD
: Oh I see, makes more sense now. Should just put your age. And no 22 is definitely not the same as 29. You're 7-8 years ahead.
You are right but I thought like that because I am married, my wife is 23, and she used to own an atari when she was young. So I figured maybe 22 years old still remember these things
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: Bruh you're 22, not 80 years old. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Actually I am 29 and everything I mentioned happened during my childhood. But I firgured out that 23 and above guys had maybe lived some of these moments
: Thank you, friend! =) You've got it just right! =)))
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: From what I am seeing from your games you completely deserve your placement in bronze 5. Having less than 100 farm at min 20 to start with is completely garbage,the only time you hit 200 farm is on a game lasting 55 minutes. Your itemization is complete trash too: lich bane on Cassiopea? Really? Where is the void staff or the zhonia or the maidens staff? Wtf is this reaver/hurricane build on kog ' maw??? Like, seriously,where is the damage? And what can you tell me about NOT FINISHED roa on SUPPORT maokay at min 28??? You are basically saying to your team "everybody hold up for another 10 minutes and I will have some magic damage and health to help my team, but god forbid if i finish my boots before min 40... and then of course i will get a sightstone!". I wish I could strangle all the supports I had that have the brilliant idea of ever taking this item. You tell us you want to be placed in higher leagues with "the big boys", i wouldn't want you on a silver team. Hell, i wouldnt want you on a bronze 4 team!! Get your shit together, drop the f***ing ego and start to learn champs,csing, and rightclicking for gods sake.
I like how you turned the topic to mistakes done in the game and you haven't mention one single word about the afk problem this guy is presenting. Regardless of his mistakes in the game. Does having AFK players reduces the chance to win? Yes. That's it. I haven't been placed in bronze before. But I can imagine that bronze players have additional difficulty to climb due to the increase of AFKers in this division. That's what this guy is saying.
OxygenMan (EUW)
: Riot we want s4 back!!
last season was the most balanced. S4 was just complete shit, I still remember how we always have rengar, kha, or both in every ranked game. And Tanks were completely useless
: So you basically took your sweet time to get a picture and post it in here to satisfy your false sense of higher morality? The title of the post is not: "another proof that the instant feedback system works". It is more like a middle finger to that specific guy. Well done sir, holding on a virtual grudge like that is kinda normal and not toxic at all. It is a NORMAL game. Why all the silver players on earth has to take normal games so damn seriously? You win, you lose, you report, move on. Maybe try have a laugh somewhere in there. You did well to report the guy if he refused to cooperate for the victory, ofc, nobody sane could tell you the opposite, but this little overdo-show you just did put you in place not so far away from where this guy is. Hint: it is a salty place.
Well I maybe used too much sarcasism because this sitution disturbs me. I didn't mean to provoke you if I actually did.
: So you basically took your sweet time to get a picture and post it in here to satisfy your false sense of higher morality? The title of the post is not: "another proof that the instant feedback system works". It is more like a middle finger to that specific guy. Well done sir, holding on a virtual grudge like that is kinda normal and not toxic at all. It is a NORMAL game. Why all the silver players on earth has to take normal games so damn seriously? You win, you lose, you report, move on. Maybe try have a laugh somewhere in there. You did well to report the guy if he refused to cooperate for the victory, ofc, nobody sane could tell you the opposite, but this little overdo-show you just did put you in place not so far away from where this guy is. Hint: it is a salty place.
I really like how everyone is self-righteous, perfect, logical, and Jesus Christ himself with his opinions on the boards. Strangely I never met anyone from such people in the games. But then I realized that all the people who post such perfect opinions on boards, almost none of them applies them in games.
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Larry (EUNE)
: champion mastery doesnt show how familiar you are with the champion (ok maybe mastery points) but how well you performed compared to others. I can totally have no mastery on e.g. irelia,because i used to main her before the mastery addition and now with the rework i might have 0 mastery and still go 20-3
I actually want to add that champion mastery doesn't always show your skill with him or her. It happens that some people play tengths of games with a champ and they still suck with him or her.
: My current job is building Gyms and Trampoline parks around the Uk, mainly London. If anyone goes to one of our Gyms (Thegymgroup) or Trampoline parks (Oxygen Freejumping) You're welcome...
That's nice man. I like gyms. They are truly outragious :P
: im a dj. a music producer and i love it..!
Say hi for me if you happens to meet Sona :P
Perilum (EUW)
: {{item:3075}} {{item:1316}}
Now that's what I call a creative solution.
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Sffc (EUW)
: m8, once I asked them how to report a player whom I had screenshots and other proof of him being sharing an account. Their reply? Thanks for telling us, we'll deal with it. My reply? "I didn't even tell you his username nor gave you any proof"
: I don't get it...
You realli didn't? It is a joke that even in real life, Riot's customer support are auto reply machine that answer in a way that has nothing to do with your question.
: i dont drink on my desk, cos im worried i will spill it on my razer blackwidow keyboard and razer mouse :O I eat fruits at the desk, for messy foods like, burgers , pizza i eat at the table so i dont have greasy fingers xD
Tell me about it. I lost a MAC AIR cuz of this :(
Endellion (EUW)
: Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
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