: 360°? What are you, crazy?
> (yeye, last part wasn't serious) Too difficult to understand? :)
: Ok good argument its just that there aren't a lot of skilled riven players out there who struggle against champions like {{champion:78}} and {{champion:39}} who can literally make her useless and these unskilled players complain to riot who is paid to listen and it becomes this big problem, its also a problem though if rioters listen only to higher elo players so I am not sure how riven will be buffed, personally I don't care I know how to counter her so I should be fine but someone needs to look at the feedback of her and reconsider
How would you counter Riven though? :d
Gloopann (EUNE)
: Riot, please do not buff Riven
I agree. Perhaps instead of buffing the damage, they could fix / change the R active that whenever the enemy is **on top of Riven** the ult actually hits them. Or even better, make the ult 360 degrees. Reason why I started playing Riven is because I suck with skill shots :( (yeye, last part wasn't serious)
kokatti76 (EUNE)
: Add a Titlepls nerf riven
Riven OTP's UNITE!
Orthian (EUW)
: I've played far too many Sion games to count, he's honestly my favourite champion in the game. The way I counter a Riven is play passively and use my E to harass. Usually a Riven player wants to all-in me at level 6, and I often try and get them to fight me as close to my own tower as possible. 90% of the time they get greedy and dive, which is when I stun them and let the tower do the work. Once I've got a Sunfire Cape Riven does no damage to me and I can keep poking with my E.
The laning phase with Riven vs Sion, it's pretty much about pre6. Diving Sion under tower is just a very stupid thing to do unless he can be killed before the ult can be used. If Riven can't kill Sion before lvl 6, it will be much harder since Sion can just ult away. That being said Riven should win the matchup pretty easily. Any combo is devastating against Sion when he's going to try to farm while Riven's E negates Sion's E pretty easily.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Yi is...just a pain in the ass. Not toxic - just pain in the ass. Give him few kills, all he will do is run at you. When it comes to Teemo - it is more of a meme League players developed. He CAN actually be used well. Issue is - game is oriented towards high cc, so he always end up looking bad.
Not to mention the AFK farming Yi. All lanes were lost with Hecarim having about 3 kills and 5 assists while our Yi had 0 / 0 / 0. Then he was surprised people were angry at him :>
Orthian (EUW)
: To be fair I almost exclusively play Sion top lane, and after one really bad game against a Riven I figured out how to deny her entirely. Ever since then I've never really had an issue with Riven, except for the flaming. I literally got told that Sion was a "cancer champ" and that I should kill myself for playing him. {{champion:14}}
You made me curious, how do you play against a Riven as Sion? Generally I usually don't have much problem against a Sion (even checking the jungle first in case he gets a camp and TP in lane) :p
Tuuxy (EUW)
: Thread about One Trick Pony Experience and Re-learn the game.
Apart from what Emil is boosted has posted, which seems to be very useful information, I think Riven is the easiest for you to try since she's pretty easy to play making it more fun to keep playing her. In higher ELO, she'll become harder and you'll have to master her to be really viable.
: İ hope u understood most of it... İm sleepy so İ wrote like a monkey ;) btw hardest thing is, is to stay an OTP for a long time since it gets boring if u dont play the right champ. Good night and good luck!
: Top Lane Champs
Riven is easy to play but will be harder in higher rankings. Doesn't use mana and a very strong champ on her own :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stekeltje,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mXpsnN9q,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-08-04T23:55:38.422+0000) > > It still is. The only thing I have to keep in mind is: > > * Engage when there aren't too many friendly minions > * Dodge his Q CC whenever possible > > This is only when I'm not ahead already, because a Riven should be able bully away a Yasuo or even kill him at around lvl 3. i think it's meh riven could delete yasuo in the past i mean she can still beat 1 v 1 but when he get's 3 items she's pretty much doomed, when i play vs yasuo i just pick akali easy point and click delete.
Unfortunately I don't have that luxury being an OTP Riven :p But to be honest, the only times I think a Yasuo can beat a Riven is pre lvl 3. After that till the end of the game, I think Riven (with the right items) can beat a Yasuo pretty easily if they're equally skilled.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stekeltje,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mXpsnN9q,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-04T20:43:37.358+0000) > > Just play Riven and kill him :) yup that works or he kills you, i mean yasuo vs riven used to be so freelo for riven now it's meh.
It still is. The only thing I have to keep in mind is: * Engage when there aren't too many friendly minions * Dodge his Q CC whenever possible This is only when I'm not ahead already, because a Riven should be able bully away a Yasuo or even kill him at around lvl 3.
: Don't take voli and darius top lane in normals into Darius
drymonkey (EUW)
: i need advise on how to win vs yasuo
Just play Riven and kill him :)
Cobritsa (EUNE)
: Why u trash talk your jungler when u get solo killed by the enemy laner ?
While you're at it. Junglers PLEASE read something about wave control. Learn when you should or shouldn't push the lane after a gank. It can make or break the lane.
: Too many people call themselves one trick ponys when they are not. They are most likely just a main of a champion .
Does it even matter if one is an OTP or not? :) So 80% of my games I played as Riven and the remaining 20% are from 4 other champs (Leona, Malphite, Garen and Ashe). I play Riven whenever possible (top / mid) unless she's banned or when I have to sup. Do I qualify as an one trick pony? :d
: > [{quoted}](name=Stekeltje,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AjU1j5se,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-04T00:21:57.750+0000) > > I still want to face this Darius :d Trust me... You don't.
If you're as good as it seems in your video, then why not? :p The bigger the challenge, the more fun!
: > [{quoted}](name=Stekeltje,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AjU1j5se,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-04T00:33:49.896+0000) > > Well he is playing in silver Elo (and deliberately losing on other champs to stay in that ELO) :p bad games.
Well, at least you're losing the game with a minimal amount of deaths so you won't get reported. Saves the time of lots of raging teenagers ;)
Infeanity (EUW)
: Riven needs slight buff
There are a few things you should never ask in these forums. Talking / asking something positively about Riven is one of them, no matter in what state she is. Even with a negative winrate, people still would rather see her getting nerfed :p.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Im saying Rengar doesnt HAVE to gank, and there are often many reasons for not doing so. Not ganking because he picked Ashe might be a silly reason, but we didnt watch the game so for all i know there could be other more valid reasons not to do it. Either way its not the junglers fault OP lost lane.
Well, I never said Rengar **has to** gank. I'm simply stating that it's too easy to blame the laner for losing the lane without any other information. I never said it's the jungler's fault for losing OP's lane. So you're telling me information unrelated to what I've been saying, which confuses me why. Perhaps miscommunication?
: Yorick trading in melee with Darius... xDDDDDDDDDD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Well he is playing in silver Elo (and deliberately losing on other champs to stay in that ELO) :p
LA Losty (EUW)
: It can suck not to get ganks, and sometimes it would be best if the jungler did gank, but he is not required to. Just like OP isnt required to play a meta champion mid, or is required to counterbuild against his opponent. Sure it might be better to do so, but he is not required to do it. Also i'll tell you what i told OP: Sometimes ganking should be avoided, sometimes its not an option and sometimes its more efficient to spend your ressources elsewhere or to gank other lanes.
What the hell are you talking about? Are you sure you're replying to my post? Because it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
: Proof that Yorick does NOT counter Darius and this is why you shouldn't pick yorick
LA Losty (EUW)
: You didnt seem that positive either and its not the junglers responsibility to gank your lane. If he doesnt want to gank you then you have to deal with it, you lost your lane on your own, besides i wouldnt gank an ashe mid much either, the ganks pre 6 would be bad and even if it works out after that there might be better options for the rengar. Lastly you should probably buy boots much earlier since you are an imobile adc and against a mage that has 4 skillshot abilities.
> you lost your lane on your own And if he lost lane because their jungler dived him a couple of times? It's too easy to blame the laner for losing the lane by himself without any other information. There's not a set definition for the responsibility of a jungler but being Rengar, the kill potential is still there even when the mid laner is Ashe. If you don't want to gank and help lanes, then tell your teammates and play Warwick or something. In this case, he didn't gank because Ashe was playing mid is just plain stupid. But what can you expect from a bronze game? **TL;DR** It sucks when the enemy jungler ganks while your own jungler refuses to come because of a stupid reason.
: im seriously (no joke) crying right now because someone sayd these things to me
How I missed bronze. I wish I had a bronze account now :( But seriously, it's a game and internet. Don't take anything serious. Actually don't take any name calling serious anywhere.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Taking break doesn't help
I don't know, I would love to fight a Soraka top anytime. Sounds freelo to me no matter what the other lanes are doing :>
: Had a very weird game can anyone explain?
Well, with Teemo being the little satan and Garen having the touch of God (well, his ult looks a bit angelic to me), I think that pretty much explains enough. God > Satan.
: Theres a difference between a One trick pony and a main
: Maybe they are boring Warwick players like me?
Actually I've played with ww players who ganks pre 6 and being very successful.
: What makes you go tilt? YOU! If you stop blaming your mates for a moment and think of what YOU could do better you can climb higher on the ladder. There will always be players that do something wrong and you cannot change it no matter what!
Or you could just read the post first instead of replying to a mere topic title ;)
: ***
I see you're really good in having a discussion. Strong arguments I must say.
10962670 (EUW)
: FRIENDLY Riven MAIN (Gold v) Looking for players to team up with and climb to Plat! :)
If we play together, you'll have to let me go top Riven or else I'm bronze 5 :d
: > Having a "feral / devourer" jungler But you are aware that neither of these items exists anymore, right?^^
Why else would they farm the jungle 24/7? :p
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Every.single.thing ranked related Oh,and vayne.I hate.vayne.**so.much** I try my hardest to ban her every match,and when I don't she justs destroys everything with 3 silver bolts,healing herself by her full hp in the process,and aside,she's invisible most of the time,BECAUSE WHY NOT,along side the invisibility comes 10 million damage,with a nice 3 second wall pin.God I hate that champion
And in lategame, where people can't buy pinks anymore because of full build :'(
Rioter Comments
: Never gank a losing lane is the worst
I also like how some player thinks like: "The enemy top laner won't carry so I won't gank you". I'm Riven vs a Malphite. Not a hard lane unless their jungler camps you. This prevented me to kill Malphite early, but the cs was even so I asked our jungler (Diana) for a gank. She refused and kept saying how Malphite won't carry the game anyway. It's ok if I'm being camped as long as my jungler gets some kills elsewhere. Unfortunately she failed the other lanes as well and the game ended in a loss and her flaming me: "Why should I gank a Riven who loses to a Malphite?" Sometimes I'm just surprised what kind of logic people are using in their head :p.
Chunin (EUW)
: Minion aggro
As I recall, it had to do with you not being in range of your minions or something like that. They did change it in pre season 6, but they messed up the pathing as well so they reverted it all.
: getting judged by "lvl 7"
Or when you're an OTP Riven and play a normal with friends trying out another role & champ and the enemy laughs at you for beating a Diamond. :'(
: Balancing
Sorry, its really late here. Could you please add a "tl;dr"?
OkiRena (EUW)
: Anyone has some tips for me to get Gold?
Win your lane with Riven, roam to mid and finish the game! ;p
: the current state of darius
I would use Riven against him and make him useless. If he comes close you can just all in him and hes dead. Once you have a kill, he'll either have to stay away or die if he comes to close.
attila0120 (EUNE)
: How to win top laning phase?
There probably is no short guide (for any lane) for this but a few pointers: 1. Know every matchup of the champion you play 2. Wave control * Should I push or freeze lane? * Can I kill him under tower? * Can I escape against a gank when pushed? * Should I roam? * Can the enemy use the wave to escape / heal? 3. For certain champs, the early levels are important (getting lvl 2 first etc) 4. Wards 5. Know when to play safe * Some matchup's, the lane is lost when you got killed even once * Against some junglers, you simply can't push without knowing where they are 6. Itemization Hope this helps a bit.
: It's just that even though tanks have much damage, they aren't really bursters who oneshot enemies, unlike adc's or midlaners. For example, Mundo can kill many enemies in 1 vs 1 because of his sustain, it does take more than few seconds, even if he'd be fed.
Have you met Garen with only BC while being marked? :p Q W R -> ded
Infernape (EUW)
: >His Q does like 500 at rank 5 Dodge it. Don't get hit by the blade. >W at rank 5 does about 250 dmg Don't get into melee range of Darius. Kite the crap out of him. >And the best of them all the ultimate when ult hits rank 3 and kills someone the CD RESETS Allowing Darius to use his E or staying in melee range of him, gives him free reign to roflstomp your face in. Just don't fight him when you know you won't win. >1 more thing W HAS A GIANT HEAL The healing is on his Q, it only heals if you get hit by the blade of his Q. If you get hit by the hilt, it does reduced damage, doesn't apply his passive and does not heal him.
I can understand OP's frustration though. The points you made are only valid to champs which have at least a bit of mobility. Those who doesn't are kinda fucked and will have a hard time laning against him. And since Darius is mainly played as a toplaner and melee is very common in toplane, I'd say he has valid reasons to be frustrated.
: Darius
Actually I love to bait pick Darius (hovering over this champ and changing to Riven after 10 sec). 50% of the games they rage quit or gives up so far :d
Solotrans (EUW)
: I see what you mean . But Then they can go play nomale games. And alot of the smurfs often talk shit to the lower tier players. How about we try and add a system where you can point out smurf accounts or highly skilled accounts, like an unskilled player report but the other way around.
I think smurf accounts will / can be marked as a smurf account already so matchmaking will take that in account when matching up. And playing normals are just totally different, people usually don't really try hard there, making it less rewarding when you win.
Rioter Comments
Almighty (EUNE)
: 45% CDR
Irelia's ult drops to .... 28 seconds! She's basically an ADC Bruiser :o
: Unit Block
It's horrible and really frustrating. Also somehow minion aggroes me even when I haven't touched the enemy and won't stop attacking me unless I hide in the bushes...
: What do you think of Leona top lane?
She would be a sitting duck in top lane with close to no escape. Especially if you harass with E W Q, which pushes the lane quite a bit.
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