Dartiri (EUW)
: Locked honor level
LOL my honour hasn't moved all year not gone up or down the game is broken riot is broken so play to play or play something else easy clap
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
did any one say that diana 2nd r sometime does no damage found this out the hard way
: you take this way to personal. saying farming isn't important is just wrong in every possible way. Also I was referring to those quite frequent moments where the support/jungler thinks going in when the enemy has 13 minions and you have just 4 (resulting in you taking heavy damage from minions) might not be a good idea. Not giving the enemy team kills is a perfectly fine way to play unless we got feeders like you on top/mid/jungle who keep thinking their only way to win a game is by going 12-3 and carrying it, guess what... ITS NOT.
lol killing the enemy is the best way to get a lead you kill them push your wave under there tower with the help of jungler or support then deny them all them minions base and get back to lane in time to miss maybe 1 minion this is how you snowball this is how good player rank up not by playing safe all game unless your playing tank witch it dont really matter about getting feed just doing your job as a FRONT line witch most people still dont get that they have to be in FRONT of there team to tank it up but even denying them enemy by just doing the 1st step is still the best way to win games even as a tank
: Problems of most of the players here is that they don't recognize LoL as a team game, they treat LoL like a single player game that sometimes you lose because of bad players in your team. Why this happens? Because of course none is ever a bad player, it's always the rest of the team to be bad. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
1 if they treat it like a single player game they cant blame there bad team when in theory they would just be AI 10 out of 10 games is a team game so you can never be the solo reason you win or lose ( unless trolling inting or afk ) and no matter how good 1 player is if they rest of the team feed then he will still be useless as its a team game and that riot toke solo carrying away from the game witch made the game have way more flamers as good players now look like bad players due to there team
: Then find another great game with a great company balancing it or find another thing that isn t necessary a game and tell you each time you play Leaguewhy you do you play this game when ... (find a reason why this game/ this company is bad) and not doing something else and why do you still waste so many time of your life ? That s some question i asked to myself so many time and it helped to solve the addiction problem.
?????? addiction controls you you dont get to choice what you do when it controls you even if you hate something so bad you still do it because thats what addiction is
: Then lemme show you de way of getting out of this : 1) Play with your actual account. 2) Get permabanned. ~~3) ~~You might think : "Let s create another acount !!!" I STOP YOU RIGHT THERE THAT S THE WRONG THING TO DO otherwhise you will continue to play their game and give money and good stats to Riot Games, a ~~wonderful~~ harmful company that allows these things in their own company : - Sexism - Racism (use of the N world for example) - Verbal Harrassement - Verbal Violence - Explicit sexual allusions and mooves (rape joke for example) If this is what you wanna do then OK I will not control your decisions 3) Do NOT create another account 4) Thanks yourself for what you have just made. 5) Play any other game that you really like. 6) Blame Riot Games and League Of Legends to relax even more. 7) Create a new account once RIot Games and League of Legends have significantly changed. 8) Enjoy your League experience again.
you missed the point big time addiction controls you not the other way round
: if i had not spent 6 years and about 500 euro on this thrash i would have stoped playing long ago,if i found this game today instead back in s3 i wouldn't have touched it with a 10 foot pole.
but thats how they got you addicted by making a free game where you can spend money on top of that they can take it away from at anytime and there nothink you can do about
: its my choice to be addicted to LOL
: I'd rather be addicted to League than drugs. Especially when I just enjoy being addicted to the game and not be so hell bent on spending money on stuff when the game itself is completely free.
but when its gone just dont move onto hard drugs league of legends is your gateway drug to harder drugs {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Then it s not a game. Just check the definition of a game bro game = fun that s how it works.
anythink can be addiction cleaning the house they call it OCD but yet they cant stop addiction shopping is an addiction for some people drugs can be an addiction for some people but this game has become more and more designed to addict the less hardcore plays by making its never ending leveling of levels (was capped 30) making some you get some thing after each level enticing players to not stop playing also making champ mastery point endless and also making so you get that s so you can level it more all ment for the players to keep playing the fact there over 130+ champs this keep all kinds of players learning the game for so long making people invest so much time on average of 2 years before learning most of this game has to offer that doesnt mean being good on top of all of this there making next years ranked into 3 halfs offering more for people to get addicted to so to say they dont designed LOL to be addictive is just plan wrong
: Whenever I have no time or want to do something else, I have no problem doing it. So I'm not addicted. Also all of my friends have no problems taking breaks. So I would say that they are also not addicted. Of course Riot Games want us to be a customer as long as possible and therefore they creat stuff we all want. But it's the same as in every other game, there is nothing different here imo.^^
taking breaks doesnt make you non addict but i bet your always thinking about the game while your not playing /(taking your breaks) thats whats makes you an addict when you cant think straight because your thinking about your addiction
: If you think craving is a choice... you're terribly mistaken. You chose to start playing/smoking. You do not chose to be addicted, you can merely chose to quit but that will be accompanied by a terrible feeling which you need to find compensation for in some way. Craving makes you chose for the addiction, because you feel so terrible and you are conditioned to immediately take consolation in the product/drug you are addicted to. The craving can both be physically and mentally, both are hard to deal with. An addiction makes you neglect real-life issues, which is why an addiction is almost always a problem (at some point it takes over your life)
love this as a person with ADHD i am always addicted to something over the years i have smoke and stopped taken hard drugs and stopped and now play this game its my new addiction a lot less worst than the other but im still addicted a lot of people with ADHD call this hyper focusing but its just an addiction
: it's just a game at the end of the day, you have to play it for fun otherwise you can't call it "game". Play the champions you like, play it with a grain of superficiality, stop.
its just a game but you missing the point addiction turns it into something else at this point you dont call it a game you call it life
: in order to win you need to get an edge on your enemy. In every single moba I've played the main way to achieve this is by getting a gold lead. The easiest way to get a gold lead safely is by farming and denying the enemy to farm. Taking kills is not a goal, farming is not a goal, objectives are not a goal. They all help to increase gold and THAT is your first goal, you can't destroy a base or nexus if you are miles behind in gold and xp. support mains who think the only solution to every single botlane is to go aggressive are the worst kind of supports out there. If someone picks leo into a match up I know I'm not going to win fight against early on and then keeps going ham I truly do not give a *@# if they rage me because I let them rot and do not waste a heal on a fool.
i think you missing my point lol im not saying you dont farm but when im ganking stop farming and react to the gank denying them a lead you have to play aggressive to deny them that i mean you dont have to try and kill them but you have to position aggressively because if your not then your just playing safe and getting no lead or denying nothink and if there make a mistake you kill them this is a big part of the game killing jumping on there mistakes also gold bounties is also another way to get gold by killing them but you will sit there all game playing farm simulator while everyone else is getting kills and bounties making you useless in team fights you talk nonsense thinking you know more than others if you dont have anythink good to say dont say anythink at all have a good day
: The biggest problems I have with Ranged junglers.
: I am minority too ... but i know a lot of ppl liek me have fun as Support main! So not all want the kills :P i kill when i have to but if pppl know how to play i dont mind giveing them kills... I just play the Supp that i tihnk can gimme that edge of palying alone on bottom lane cause that hapends often... {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:98}}
yea because 99.9% of people playing this game thinks its farm simulator farming wins games NO winning games wins games
: Riot has the most incompetent support team I have ever seen.
they have a support team lol i thought is was just bots like there ban systems because they dont even read my tickets when i send them in there answer dont even reply to what i asked
Warix3 (EUW)
: Is Riot incompetent or greedy?
GREEDY ASF Riot have a shitty engine thats what leads to most of the bugs plus im sure riot sold out a while back as its not the same people that started now they are more money focused since this happened and as there more money focused there not going to waste money making it better
CudduC (EUW)
: Got a LeaverBuster for leaving champselect because it froze
riot want help same happened to me nothink they can do they say and also you now have a strike on your account dont flame or i see a 2 week ban in coming followed by a preama ban like this account
BlueStr (EUW)
: What I hate about this game is... the ego. Everyone is fakers second comming held back by team mates. Thats what pissrs me off.
agreed i also hate all the cry baby's like when jungler comes to there lane and there farming and not going in for the kill but then cry after saying you didnt gank my lane i also hate how jungler think there not there to help win the game saying its not my fault you lost lane no but its not my fault you didnt gank its not my fault you farmed all game and didnt focus drake baron ganking or helping anythink but your lane was pushed, top was pushed all lanes pushed yet still he didnt take drake or counter gank or counter jungle i hate i know how to play this game but my team only see farm simulator
BlueStr (EUW)
: Guess im part of the minority then
: Depression? Oh, please. I have prescribed meds for that. Make me immune to crippling depression.
but i bet you got it from playing this game just quit this game and you wont need the meds gg wp ez
: Who to use to counter leona?
come talk about it over at https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/z98stxtf-people-only-play-this-game-because-they-are-addicted
Adama (EUW)
: If that applies to you wanting to play this game or not, you wouldn't care at all. Yet you come here asking people to tell you if you should stop or not.
hey leave the guy alone he's obviously depressed like 99.9% of all league players
: Riot should give us free RP everytime the server crashes. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
riot wud be broke they mite aswell just make everythink free
: People only play this game because they are addicted
lets talk about this lets talk about what we hate about this game ill go 1st i hate matchmaking i see one thing and my team see farm simulator i hate all auto filled support who only play to kill and not support like {{champion:1}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} i hate the kids that call you a lier when the game is there for everyone to see someone else turn go
: People only play this game because they are addicted
Rioter Comments
: Ranked Rewards
you need honor level2 or higher unlucky
: Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to tell. Overthinking too much. "Play to win" attitude seems to... bother me too much.
play to win ??? you cant lose if your not playing haha
Adama (EUW)
: you either feel like you want to play or not. Nobody can help you. Unless you feel like you don't want to play but still play. Then it's time for rehab.
sign me up i need this
i was just playing blitz nothing wrong when i played it but my team flaming nothink new there
: Should I quit?
Rioter Comments
: WHERE IS URF RIOT ???????????
they got rid of urf because they lost to many players after it ended
Darwinion (EUW)
: [BUGS] 8.24
also my game just closed down mid game never happened before ever
SeanGoku (EUW)
: League community in a nutshell
just help the flamers by making a flame button out side of the game this turns chat off in game and can only be turned back on out of games because some people just cant help but to flame
: CLASH is broken, Once again :(
when will normal ranked que work
: is it possible to rejoin? One of my teammates dodged because he didn't know it will be delayed. Can he come back?
no you cant log in ive tryed and had to do patchs and still nothink
: CLASH is broken, Once again :(
normal ranked games not working too %%%% clash fix ranked
Kasten4 (EUW)
: How to get a ban and how not to act afterwards
https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/dpNE3ThT-why-i-get-chat-ban-for-this-riot so why did i get chat ban ?
Kasten4 (EUW)
: Review my ban penalty and tell me what you think of it.
https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/dpNE3ThT-why-i-get-chat-ban-for-this-riot so why did i get chat ban ?
Grinthir (EUNE)
: Lag ingame
1 makes sure windows anit doing any updates in the back ground or downloads for updates to install later 2 it cud be your internet in so many diff ways, ways sometimes they cant pick up like i had one time it toke they 9 mouths to find a problem and after all this time they send an engineer out to my house in less than 5mins he find out whats wrong told me that it wud have been impossible for someone on the end of a phone to help and toke 9 mouths to fix it hahaha lets hope its not that ( virgin media for you )
: Impossible to log in
spam enter worked and when i got onto the game it send reconnect like i was in a game wtf riot lieing to us all and maybe everyone has been hacked just saying
: Is Autohotkey cheating?
i feel the same way after getting my account prema banned i asked riot to put me in a prema chat ban for ever and they refused i got 3 account and close t losing them 2 but yet riot still refuse to help me out in anyway what so ever i have adhd and when i get to that point where my team piss me off i cant stop myself i admit but its the same for gamblers they cant stop to but they can go into the casinos and ban them selfs for 6 mouths at a time why cant riot just let you turn chat off 100% cuz they know people will come back and send money all over again on a new account yes its all about money but like gamblers this game is addictive so we never leave it and go play somethink else why do i find it addictive because no other games really have an ingame ranked system like this game thats what keeps me coming back as all other game are pointless and a waste of time as you dont feel like you achieve anythink but not all players feel the same way about this game thats why you get trolls and afk but riot know this and will never help so thats it deal with it as them told me in more polite words
Rouhsif (EUW)
: Banning for toxicity while muting is in game???
just mute all and ping too then troll in peace and then watch them all flame after the game its fun to troll gg wp make sure you drop this to all the flame as a reply :) gg wp
: Anyone else owns this amazing honor level.
just mute all and pings to then play champs your no good at and wait till after the game and watch them all flame because trolling is fun :) P.S. i also have this honor level too its OP
Cubinate (EUW)
: Can someone explain to me what i'm saying that is worth of a ban?
just mute them all and pings too then play champs your no good at and wait till after game and watch them all flame because trolling is fun
5oulDARK (EUW)
: League of Legends doesnt reward players for being good
riot only want to make this game more appealing to kids and groups as the game is on its way out and want last more than a few more years so they are doing this to cash in on whats left kids and groups want to look good so they buy skin and spend the money to always look the best this is want dead games turn into money pits
: Same thing with me. In a log-in que, but the time doesn't seem stable, doing a lot of jumping up and down. It's a development at least! Would be nice if this got fixed too though :) Since I still can't get in, lol. But it shows RIOT is working on it, so crossing my fingers! Thanks guys :)
> [{quoted}](name=ChrystalRubin,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=klIAaJhT,comment-id=0143,timestamp=2015-11-17T16:28:57.813+0000) > > Same thing with me. > In a log-in que, but the time doesn't seem stable, doing a lot of jumping up and down. > > It's a development at least! > > Would be nice if this got fixed too though :) > Since I still can't get in, lol. > > But it shows RIOT is working on it, so crossing my fingers! > Thanks guys :) yea see how they fix it for the school kids
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