: mods don't look at context exactly like the game doesnt lol
same mods will downvote the thread hahaahaha
: Do you understand something in this world? If thats what you understand, AFTER I FKING EXPLAIN TO YOU, then you can leave the boards because you will never understand something. All who use this board, for you are just some players of the conspiracy or wtf did you tell there. Yes we meet and protect the inters with our magic swords against RIOT.
your going off to some magical world haha. all i mentioned was your past comment and whats with the ''we''.. i mentioned ''u'' u seem to like to write your own lore about others, maybe u should leave the ''lore'' to reality and read whats actually written. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} you are a funny guy.
: Explain
werent u defending inters earlier. and now you hopefully realize, haha it only matters, when it happens to ourselves. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: https://imgflip.com/s/meme/Black-Girl-Wat.jpg Do you know that we talking about flaming? Did someone say something about trolling? "A long time ago I was actually reading the logs and every time the punishment was deserved." --> flaming. If you didn't know they don't send you the chatlogs when you are banned for trolling.
he was being trolled and thats clearly written in the thread. but you didnt bother reading it. > If Kayn what to troll then nothing will gonna stop him. You already lose the game but no, you want to make a drama for some LP that you can win in the next game. your own words.. your minimizing impact and disgusting bully nature of trolling and your acting like its no big deal.. and victim is causing ''drama'' .. like trolling is not a major inconvience to a player. why even bother making a big fuss about flaming, if you treat "trolling'' like its no big deal and accuse player of making ''drama'' of it. thats straight up Normalizing trolling and victim bashing.. im sorry but your not even taking original offense of trolling seriously.. why even mention flaming, if u dont even care about positive community to begin with.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Whats next your gonna justify flaming ? u might as well thats pretty ironic :D you and your buddy already doing that
> thats pretty ironic :D you and your buddy already doing that If u look at chatlog he was trolled and he asked a guy to be reported. and now some people are justifying the troll, because he asked in chat to have troll reported. i think thats victim bashing, which seems to be all the fashion. The tone of the discussion is that ''no matter'' how cruelly he is abused, he is at fault as a victim. u could literally write a blanque check to a bully and blame victim for everything.
: I am not the one who apply the punishments, Riot is. The OP just said that he got punished so is not logic that he was toxic? A long time ago I was actually reading the logs and every time the punishment was deserved. This will not gonna be the unique case where Riot messed up. Just to make you feel better I went to the preview, look somewhere random and saw "x9 kayn inting". Done.
> every time the punishment was deserved. This will not gonna be the unique case where Riot messed up. Nothing is perfect, unless you are claiming that Riot can 100% detect trolls and Punish every troll 1 Game after they troll. alot of Players get away with Trolling and they do so easily.. Chat restrict is so blind, it cant even read context, im sorry but if u think system is always perfect in all forms, than thats blind faith.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Riot has reversed wrongful restricts or bans on many occasions. the key word is WRONGFUL, Scarlesh was flaming, report calling etc, nothing wrong about his punishment, dont break the rules and you wont get punished, its simple as that btw i had tons of trolls in my games, but as a sane person i just ignored them, kept playing the game then reported them (without announcing it to them or the enemy team) and got a few feedback that they got punishments, and guess what? i never got any kind of punishment for it, no chat restricion, no bans, nothing, lost a few lp but got back more from the next games...
> btw i had tons of trolls in my games, why do you have tons of trolls in your games ? thats quite shocking. its a big deal, nobody deserves to suffer trolls abusing them. > i never got any kind of punishment for it, no chat restricion, no bans, nothing, lost a few lp but got back more from the next games... still doesnt make it right that a person suffers from trolls. not every victim has the same strenght. you were made to suffer something and you minimized it and accepted it as ''way of life'' im sad that anyone suffers from trolls, i dont think anyone should be victim shamed for having someone destroy their game intentionally.
Necromant (EUW)
: nope cuz this person was maybe one day like u. step by step to the abyss. and for sure, what brings to flamme him? he wont stop either. u just get punished for negative attitude.
> nope cuz this person was maybe one day like u. step by step to the abyss. > and for sure, what brings to flamme him? he wont stop either. u just get punished for negative attitude. sounds like defending and condoning trolls and minimizing the problem. thats not solving the problem by justifying trolling ingame. Whats next your gonna justify flaming ? u might as well
: Now you do the same mistake. What you win if you flame the one who troll? What you win if you argue with Riot about a punishment? Just because you think that you are right that doesn't mean you really are, especially when you play on someone else "yard".
> What you win if you argue with Riot about a punishment? Riot has reversed wrongful restricts or bans on many occasions. even Riot isnt as strict as you are.. Frankly you are prejudging him, as tho its a done deal however look down here > I didn't waste time reading the logs not reading and judging is really mean.
: I didn't waste time reading the logs. Someone from Riot already did this and they run this system from a long time. You play on their rules, not on yours so is logic that if they say that you was toxic then you really was. If Kayn what to troll then nothing will gonna stop him. You already lose the game but no, you want to make a drama for some LP that you can win in the next game. The troll get banned and you should move on, not start flaming and get without LP and also punished.
> I didn't waste time reading the logs. so why are u accusing him of something if you didnt bother to read haha > Once again someone make a silly excuse for his punishment. u didnt bother to read, but you sure can make up your mind about this guy...
Wen294 (EUW)
: "Once again, punished because I have no self-control" Fixed that for you. Your chatlog is huge and it's pretty much non-stop negativity. Especially if you've already been punished before I'm not suprised you got punished for these chat logs since they're not as lenient the second time. (also the fact that you got punished before probably means you have more games like this. Consistent negativity can get you chat restrictions no problemo) tbh a reasonable, sensible player doesn't spend so much effort whining about a troll because it's not actually going to do anything whatsoever. Well except for getting yourself punished, but that isn't something a reasonable, sensible player would want.
> "Once again, punished because I have no self-control" Fixed that for you. he needs to self control himself as a guy ints his lane and runs it down mid hahaha. this is just straight victim bashing.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I don't knwo what's your problem, you wanted reports, cried and whined for them and you got reports and chat restricted ! it seems your wish come true!
he whined for report because someone destroyed his game by inting and running it down mid. i dont get your point is whining about trolling a crime ? so basically troll destroys your life and you feel bad as result of it and feeling bad after being hurt is a bad thing ? lol
Necromant (EUW)
: I play this Game since Beta, so like 9 years at the same Account and didnt get punished since this time & im not a "Zen monk". Its all about own attitude.
> Why u write so much? lol > I wont. cuz i dont use the chat either and just think: next. > Such games happend. Dont get salty or somedays u are the one who run down some lane because smth dont went well in your game/with ur role/champ. Mindset is the keyword. just sounds like u are condoning inters. and minimizing a problem. ooh its a just a inter.. thats being part of the problem.
: I... dont know what to do anymore.
dont let ragers get to you, they will rage anyway. just review your vods and pick a good strategy and stick to it and you will do fine. if u need free coaching, just add me skylinez33 on discord.
: How do I carry games in silver elo?
u can add skylinez33 on discord i can review a game
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >i legit play 1 v 5 in games where i'm dominating but my teammates wont cooperate to win the game at all. sounds like YOU are the one not cooperating as for getting lp for stats, it was suggested countless times, and it just wont work, how do you measure impact on the game? going by kda? what about the support who rather dies just to save you? punish him? or going with objective dmg? i won games on ziggs where i did 60k dmg to turrets only, while my team was busy fighting the enemy, so in a sense they did nothing, so they should punish them?
The argument you are making is premised that a system should be perfect on release. ban system has many flaws, but the algorithm has been sharpened overtime. > while my team was busy fighting the enemy, so in a sense they did nothing, so they should punish them? Infact many trolls and griefers still bypass the ban system today, so should we continue to improve the ban system or remove it ? > i won games on ziggs where i did 60k dmg to turrets only, while my team was busy fighting the enemy, so in a sense they did nothing, so they should punish them? having damage done or objective damage, is both reasonable and there is essentially no conflict among different stats. The current Ban system already attempts to use Algorithms to detect afkers or trolls. so its not like algorithms are non-existent and are being invented. Players with extremely poor stats, compared to their own divisions can easily be detected and especially if its on repeat. Frankly things have always been too soft and there is a over reliance on bans that has never solved the root cause of toxic behavior.
Shamose (EUW)
: > I think by doing so, players will feel more justice than a ban system and it will punish trolls more effectively with larger penalties. No, you'll punish people having a bad day while doing nothing about trolls. Why would a troll care about his LP? You think someone intentionally feeding will suddenly care about a little bit extra LP lost?
how does having a bad day Justify earnings ? and how is earning less because of your bad day a wrong thing. Should u earn Equal or more for playing Really poorely and what does that say about overall value of what u earn. > Why would a troll care about his LP? You think someone intentionally feeding will suddenly care about a little bit extra LP lost? your argument supposes that all trolls do not care, which is a subjective. also Your argument is constructed on the premise that a troll should care to be punished. so if a troll doesnt care about the ban system, we can assume it should be removed in the same logic ? its simple having a Good game, u get Good pay Having a BAD game, you get Bad pay. if a player plays like a troll or a troll plays like a player, they both get troll level Payouts. This bad day handout system, will only encourage even less development of skill. players will just cruise along getting carried and essentially not bother really putting a effort for the team. in the end the current system encourages bad behaviour and rewards it, because trolls dont care or bad day etc and such arguments. it all means let me watch you carry me and im off to get carried again and make someone elses life hell, while im climbing.
: If the system was implemented, I'd pay money just to see you get roflstomped by chally smurfs and lose 30LP+ while having unfun / unwinnable games. Good idea ! /not
id gladly accept any punishment, if im performing bad atleast LP would have some integrity when i earn it why is suffering from a difficult game a problem ? if a smurf beats you, id gitgud and learn the game and thats how u climb anyway. if hes better u shake a hand on it and improve and take your loss
Rioter Comments
strikeUdown (EUNE)
: My idea about the ranked lp gain and loss
I think league would have been much better, if some form of performance was rewarded. but frankly winning isnt a indication that a player has done anything at all ingame. there is no compensation for being ''good or better'' No matter your performance, everyone gets the same reward. i think thats part of the biggest problem in league there is no incentive to carry really bad players to only receive the same reward as them.
: Klepto is such a coinflip rune that it makes me really sad.
its almost like u used the rune because someone else was lucky and now u want it changed cuz your luck is bad. and once riot makes it more consistent.. it will be weaker and u will be disappointed it wont deliver decent gold returns. it just seems to me that you want the rune changed for all the wrong reasons.
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: ***
u bother to reply on something u didnt read. if u read it than that is quite ironic.
: perma banned for this?
awesome comedy, loved it
loldudexd (EUW)
: Renekton needs help.
im by no means a renekton player. but having seen them played recently, i think he isnt as dominating early and he falls off even harder now. overall renekton isnt a great pick atm, u gotta accept this isnt his time.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Your comment is removed when your attempt at discussion simply sinks to the level of personal insults. If you can't debate in a civil manner, please don't participate. --- > ''dont bother replying to me, if u your going to ignore what i write'' is a violation of universal code LOOL And you should know that picking out one sentence of your comment that isn't action worthy doesn't make the rest of your comment fine. That's cherrypicking.
post my reply.. there was no insult, i told him dont bother replying to me, if you are going to repeat yourself and ignore what im typing. that is not offensive statement, and that would be similar to mute. Nothing uncivilized for asking another summoner to read your comment before typing. since when is asking someone to not repeat himself while ignoring u.. a rude thing ?
Hansiman (EUW)
: If they did, you honestly provide people with a tool to abuse Riot and their customer service. A chargeback isn't free, it costs money for the company that is targetted with the chargeback, in this case Riot. Riot doesn't push this fee on their customer, but only demands that you pay the original amount owed for RP. The rest of the cost is handled by Riot. Issuing chargebacks against companies when you make a purchase is also a crime, so it shouldn't be taken lightly.
i see some people like to abuse power lol u cant even discuss why comment is removed. nice system they got here. ''dont bother replying to me, if u your going to ignore what i write'' is a violation of universal code LOOL id like to know which one.. isnt that what riot added mute system for hahahaha
Shamose (EUW)
: Look at the thread for 2 seconds and you shall see he did.
he should keep doing it, cuz payment and bank is a support issue. hes suggesting hes posting his bank ID, if he is than its should be flagged. if its not than hes trolling and should discuss with riot support. anyway nobody should be asking him such private data hope he learns for his own good.
: Riots. Behaviour. Not. Players behaviour.
this should be sent at riot support and not here. gotta flag this as inappropriate
: Can you bribe riot support?
: Flamed for one game, got permanently banned.
you are flaming low elo players.... for being low elo its like asking why are u playing like silver.. while you are in silver. i think it makes it even worse that u are a smurf flaming people that are playing inside their division. thats not alpha at all.
: I have variation in kled in my items.. just not too much variation...sterak mercury hydra cleaver are standard the other 2 i change usually is it too little?
never seen adaptive helm or maw and mr items even vs full mr comp u usually stick to tiamat and never finish hydra.. meaning u lose its main value. GA item late or never. no deathdance combo with hydra, which provides alot of sustain allowing kled to stay mounted. even when ahead u dont build sustain, so you can get dismounted pretty quick in trades. besides that, you have alot of deaths +10 when things go wrong, your average KDA is ''8.5 / 8.7 / 8.5'' on kled thats on 200 games, so u kinda have the feel for the champ, but u need to review strategies u are using. just by looking at match history its obvious that u die too much, and that could be in lane or because of engages. should review your deaths ingame to really climb u need to deduct as many unnecessary deaths as possible and poor engages too many of your losses include +10 deaths and thats alot, inshort u play to carry and are not easy to be carried. or maybe its because of tilt or not impacting rest of map. whatever the many reasons for the high death count, u have alot of games with alot of deaths. as for items u need to also build with sustain and survival in mind and not just fixed order. u had games where u played AP top and built no mr.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: had enemy team finishing the game with herald because jungle and adc were pushing bot and midlane(seperately) and didn't bother to back:P then complain that 2/4 teemo was a trollpick even tho 1) beat my lane and 2) up until the herald point was able to keep the game stable. Didn't win tho thanks to herald rush
happens alot, people tunnel on single event and they forget what lead up to it. its like a lane that gets 3 man dived by whole map 24/7 and people are like O.o why is his score 0-5 meanwhile they did nothing on any end.
: I know how to freeze and how to push its just my Riven will just leave and catch people out and because its Riven she escapes or just gets kills and its not right
its all about vision. if u got riven on defensive, than you gotta know how to finish the deal. i think u focus too much on rivens mobility, while alot of champs are mobile and can roam. and its the exact same thing. just read about midlaners complaining about someone roaming after they won their lane.
: I do agree if she falls behind she does get destroyed however I see too many bad Riven players still win lane because they just spam their keyboard. Obviously the higher rank you go, the easier it gets to counter Riven, and the Rivens you encounter at the higher end are Riven one tricks who actually know perfect combos. I do dislike her escape ability though. She has E, stun, q jump or knock up and a flash if really necessary. If I am winning lane in terms of farm and plates, I can't kill her most of the time without jungle diving because most of the time she will stay under tower and I will lose if I try solo dive her. I still think she needs more risk than she currently has. Less escape potential but slightly more health or something to make sure she isn't completely outmatched. Also there was a game I played Nasus vs Riven and it was the easiest game ever. she messed up and I got a kill and she couldn't ever fight me again. But I couldn't silence her from the game because although I could take top tower and other objectives, she would just go around killing my team mates who just run into her and stuff like that. You see I am at the rank where people just die to your laners, they walk into unwarded jungle as squishies. They don't respond to SS and people not being visible on minimap. At this place Riven can just button mash and get kills if she can't beat her top laner.
i can see your dilemma but the things u mentioned are possible with any champ. its general problem with toplane. > I can't kill her most of the time without jungle diving because most of the time she will stay under tower and I will lose if I try solo dive her. this is more issue of catch22 ,if u push the wave than your enemy earns gold. if you freeze the wave -> than the enemy roams. on bright side, you have forced your enemy to be really predictable this requires a bit of advanced decision making and warding to try and force the player to roam and yet catch them or prevent them. or to lure them to contest a wave knowing how to freeze and still prevent roams is a great skill. right now your not dealing with a riven problem, but one that i had experienced as well when playing top. u cant always push vs turtles.. and if u freeze u need to be prepared to not let the desperate enemy gain from roams.
: Riven Changes
while riven is great in the right hands, its very easy to counter pick riven and crush her in lane., When riven wins she looks perfect.. but when she falls behind she loses her entire team the game. aka riven ragequit special. as former jungler i found that most riven players were very easy to tilt and just a 0-2 would cause them to be unable to play. there arent many good rivens and the few that exist can be counter picked and rendered useless.
: How did Twitch kill Shaco?
how was shaco visible inside that bush. Twitch didnt have oracle minion wave also didnt seem to interact with him.
Mada (EUW)
: That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!
desperate times, desperate measures, if support cant earn gold from their item, they will have to earn it somewhere either kills or tower plating or waves. Man Gotta Eat.
: Why do the trouble to make the support role popular when you ruined it with 1 tempory hotfix
there will be a time, when supports will take every wave from adc's to earn back their gold. Hunger games has been activated.
vazzir (EUW)
: Am I gone mad, or matchmaking works really strange?
its pretty much the case, once u hit High winrate, your teammates devolve and u get stuff like 30% winrate players and Guys 1 game away from being demoted etc. if the Good player carries them than they can go home to mommy and celebrate. its like a safety net for the guys demoting to have 50% winrate. if good player loses, he falls back to 50% if good player wins, than he pulls the bad players to 50%, ''he does society a favor of letting the next man carry them'' so Really skilled player and Horrible player would add up to be average and we got ourselves a overall mmr. more games = more pain shorter wait = u get the point. during Promo's players also get terrible teammates, because the same idea applies.. your MMR is inflated and as result your teammates are potato's. as u can imagine quick ques come at a price
: How can i reach plat?
taking one look at your match history, i can see u played 200 games kled with 49% winrate. U usually have alot of deaths on kled a champion with alot of durability. I would suggest watching Kled mains and watching video's regarding kled. Kled is a high risk champion a double edged sword, if u pick bad timings for engages or engage in situations that your own team cant follow up..your basically going to be useless. however using kled to his full potential requires knowing how to pull off, punishing roams with his ult and playing off map or winning lane and splitting 2v1 really hard. 49% in 200 games is pretty low. Also there is no variation in your build, u seem to build the same no matter what situation. Having said all of the above, overall toplane isnt as effective compared to jungle mid carrying and controlling the map. if u want to succeed in toplane, u will have to make up for that and know how to make the most out of your roams and know how to push a lead well. if you are not snowballing as fast in toplane. you might want to ult midlane and take his tower. or head bot right off the fountain and do a 4 man gank there. use Kleds ult wisely and often to gain a lead. once u got a lead, u want to punish the enemy jungler or other lanes, as much as possible you are basically racing against the clock, before you become obsolete and its too late to impact the game. unless your getting alot of plates top, its not going to be the place that decides the game. if u want to perma splitpush, only do so if u know u can provide tremendous pressure and 2v1. or else your basically waiting for your team to carry themselves.
Rioter Comments
ASorrowZ (EUW)
: NEW Aram - Feedback and Discussion
overall aram doesnt feel like aram at all. aram used to be my go to place to play, but thats not the case now. increasingly feels stale.
: but if i don't do the missions i miss out on a huge amount of xp, think about it also tf do you mean "someone literally cant click for you"
forcing means someone has to compel you to do something against your will. while the missions are a free choice, u might like the Reward.. however your not forced to do the mission at all. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} i dont do any mission at all since existence of missions if i randomly earn any of them, i simply dont care.
: riot seriously need to stop forcing us to play stuff we don't want to for missions
dont do the missions LOL u cant be forced to do them hahahaha someone literally cant click for you
: I cant win games no matter what i do,plz help me
few points - Smaller champ pool Currently u play a wide selection of champs and that means you cant master any of them. Furthermore stick to picking really strong and simple champs that can carry. next point In the game with renekton... it was actually ziggs that carried, he did a whopping 43k damage and rest of his team did 20k. enemy team had a better teamcomp for teamfighting and also better scaling. Which leads to next point -> How much do you actually achieve with your lead.. there is no point in getting a lead if its not leading to anything quickly If u let the enemy team breath and scale up, than your going to flip coins as to who has the better team comp or gets caught. u have to pick off enemies 1 by 1 when your fed or create momentum for your team to easily win teamfights u can easily pick off enemies 1by1 and because you are fed, instead of just waiting for fights to happen and reacting. AKA be Proactive especially if your Fed and create number advantage. if you kill 1 or 2 guys and teamfight as 5v3 thats a higher chance of winning compared to a straight 5v5. well you might wonder how can i kill 1 or 2 guys.. well your fed thats the point of being fed.. using it to setup a advantage for teamfights or objectives. Which leads to next point -> reason you relied on a Peel Vs renekton is that you didnt create any advantage for yourself before the teamfight. Your expecting to rely on your team and to also enter a teamfight. Your mentality should be to delete neeko thats 3-14 and other easy targets and than start teamfight with Renekton, while hes got less teammates to help him out. If your Plan A is to rely on Peels than your Plan B is also to rely on Others. meaning you rendered yourself powerless already by strategy alone here. which leads to next point -> your so focused on ''teamfight'' that you build your items around stuff like ''mortal reminder'' etc thats not what wins you the game and its not renekton that makes u lose either. Building items is good, but its not everything. real issue is that you did nothing with your lead, once teamfight started the enemy had the better teamfight comp. you fought a team with a better teamfight comp.. in a teamfight. Its like fighting Ammu and Malphite and annie in a teamfight.. instead of splitpushing against them. Sometimes your better off splitting and sometimes teamfighting.. and sometimes setting up teamfight advantages for your team.. Seek Advantage with little tools you have, if you have 9-0 you should have alot of tools to gain advantage. Aka be proactive. Besides that. some games are lost because of afk's or trolls. u cant win them all. but if a game is winnable, learning to win it helps.
RayvnWolf (EUW)
: Mariner's Vengeance ( Please remove this trash )
mariner vengeance + xin Zhao {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Actually not. I was talking about fun. That is different because when people talk about "funmode" (and the client does not state anywhere that it is a "funmode" - fight me!) they usually claim feeding, trolling etc is tolerable and which is absolutely ridiculous: winning does not matter yet flame you if in their twisted mind your actions cause them to lose. If this is your definition of fun: Yes, I am strictly against players who create a negative ingame experience regardless of the game-mode. After all pvp modes are about winning in the end (compare end message) so I even do understand their anger when being unsuccessful with whatever they were trying to achieve. You were the guy who was unable to understand the wording of the "Mariner's vengeance" description yet only reacted to the parts where you felt attacked. And iirc I agreed that item is bad but not for the reason you gave because that is simply not how the item works...
nice parody post, flame people and contradict yourself haha > they usually claim so you just make up, what fun means to someone else and flame them. maybe you are the very guy that you were describing.. let me point out another contradiction u made. U posted earlier ''how do u define inting'' and another guy explained just like u did now but you still flamed him for saying the exact same thing as you. because u felt ''inting'' is not definable in same way.. yet here you are defining it. no offense but there are people in this forum that are there to just flame no matter the reason. flaming insulting and making parody of others peoples opinions.. thats this forum in a nutshell.
: Farewell Nexus Blitz
your whole Post is a contradiction, now your posting exact opposite on the same forum within a day. Quite a flip flop of opinion. this is a strange forum, people flame other peoples posts and than post the very same thing the next day. but in a unconstructive way. its almost like parody
Rekkon (EUNE)
: What is going on with "balance"?
hahaha talking about balance and league good joke
: Then welcome to league of legends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Got em {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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