JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: What sense does it make to play on eu servers if you live in south asia? Your ping will be huge West asia/ middle east should play on eu
either way my ping was stable and i wouldnt have any problems, now its too high for me to do anything
Shamose (EUW)
: Why don't you just play on the SEA servers if you are from there?
everyone from south asia plays on EU servers dude
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: Something similar happened to me just now. On my smurf account I went into a ranked game, but no-one loaded in in the loading screen. I restarted my league and I was greeted with https://gyazo.com/74edba3f401bbee11c8f91026487fca9 <- This. My premade (Necrophytius) isn't in game anymore now, as you can see..but my game is still in progress. I've just lost LP for a game I couldn't play.
I didnt lose LP in my first crash but in the promos i lost the first match cuz of it :/
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