Warheart1 (EUNE)
: Victorious skin in 2018?
high chance for it to be urgot, hes been huge since his rework. swain is in a similar boat but another contender could very well be xin zhao, he has been good for a long time in both solo q, and is becoming increasingly more viable for pro play (IMO)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Games like this...
you had a afk top laner.i think your loss is justified. Also doesnt look like your adc was doing to good either but 4 vs 5 puts a big restriction on plays and objectives that you can take
Jökër (EUW)
: New Graves Skin (Desc Only)
Passive- Same as normal Q- Standard W- Pile of straw E- No change, or maybe some straw floating after he dashes R- Possibly a ball of straw being fired out but rest is standard I could take this as being a 750 RP skin if they just did the following visual changes
NamikazeXI (EUNE)
: Client Black Screen. Help me Please ASAP
If it is like my issue then go the league client in your menu, or wherever you have it installed, right click and open properties then set it to run in compatibility mode for your windows version, and also run in 640X480 screen resolution. This will mean that it is very small when you open it however it should have everything displayed, from their you access the settings and adjust the window size to the most appropriate for your monitor resolution and to be on the safe side also enable low spec mode. Hope this helps
: Help please
if you can access your settings, on the league website then you can change it their, otherwise i think you may need to contact support and see if they can't help you. you will most likely be asked for some account verification, so i would recommend verifying your mobile number if you haven't already, this can be done in the league client in the settings menu.
: Please help! I got ganged up by French people and they all agreed to report me
they cant ban you for unconventional picks, nearly every champ can be played in multiple roles its just certain criteria have to be met at times for it to work. why you did it in ranked im not sure but if your going for off-meta then do it in normals first that way you have an idea of how to get the most out of your pick. their is a chance that you may get a suspension, and it should say why when you log into your account, if that is the case and it tells you that you were negative attitude or something along those lines then contact support and see if you cant find out any more info or possible inform them of whats going on, its shouldnt be too hard for them to check
: Why is it my fault!?!?
message support, don't know how much help they can provide but you never know. If they can check that you had a bug splat then they will and if that was why you got banned then they should be willing to remove the ban. Don't just assume that they will be able to fix it though
Yokujin (EUW)
: dude. my own team. full of bots! even beginning new players can do better instead like those 4 just standing in place using all 3 skills randomly and making so sense honestly with people like you thinking "yeh just new players yep" you are letting go legit bots unpunished even seen legit lv30+ accounts botting on ARAM just feeding and taking health kits sub 30 CS at 30 mins, no assists or notable kills whatsoever
did you bother to read what i wrote or did you just look and see the words ' new players' and jump to a conclusion. I point out your against beginner bots, where a lot of new players start to learn the game, meaning that yes they will stand still and see what their abilities look like when used, especially on a champ that they have never played or even seen in game. I also pointed out that the garen has smite, meaning the account is level 10, are bare minimum, which at the very least leans towards your argument of him being a bot. i never said oh they just new players, do you go into a bot game and expect to see pro gameplay from people who have possibly only just completed the tutorial, because if so you need to lower your expectations of new players. bots have a more set path which is usually down mid after first tower is down so if you see that then report it dont just verbally assault me over making an arguement as to why they may not be bots
: Honor lvl 0
it may be 0 because your not consistently getting honours, you do state that you play sometimes. I dont know how Riot's algorithm works but it may work on how many honours and reports you get within a time frame, so for example you play 50 games over a period of time, bare minimum of 1 a day, you get at least 1 honour each game and honour a teammate in each game, out of those 50 games only 12 people report you for reasons of their own. the algorithm sees that you have been a good player, taking into account that the reports, and says ' hey this guy needs to get looked at, he meets our requirements', and then it falls into a riot members hands to determine whether or not its worth raising your honour. as i said before though this is all speculation on my part
Yokujin (EUW)
: so i just had this playing vs bots
your playing against beginner bots, which means most of your team mates have only just started the game, have no experience in playing and will make so many mistakes that it seems like they are bots. the only one their that should have some more sense is the Garen, as he has smite which means the account is at least level 10, however due to the levelling changes that they made a while back its easier and quicker to level up meaning players who joined after the change don't get as much experience in playing the game compared to those who slogged through masses of games to hit 30.
: thats well said but still its little bad I aways feel %%%%%%et when I open my profile and see the honor lv when I know that my brother who sucks at the game was lv5 and now is lv 3 ... don't get it at all ...
do what i have taken to doing, disable all-chat, lower the size of chat to 1 and tell your team your muting them so that they dont say anything to tilt you, and then and only then do you type either good things or call someone out on something so dumb that you lost braincells looking at it. you can enable all chat for a gg wp but remember to disable it as you dont get tilted by enemy flaming or spaming you with troll messages
: Honor levels ... !
well as someone who is also lv0 we in riots eyes effed up, granted you can message support if you think the restriction is unpresidendited but they dont care how much you spend on the game, because you are only 1 person out of hundred of thousands, that buy skins. what they want is a gaming environment that is welcoming to all. granted sometimes people seem to get away with murder when you get punished but riot isnt perfect and neither are we.
Eragorn (EUW)
: Aery's Skins
So chroma's for aery, and then on certain skin types a new unique model. seems interesting
: If you cant take a joke, you cant take a d*** they say, you know? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
must be why you responded {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Is it too much to disable all chat?
no its not, just a /mute all, and your good to go. You still hear pings which is fine and so long as nobody is spamming them to tilt, such as the enemy missing on your dead champ, then you still have the option to mute a players pings as well. to indefinitely remove all chat from your game, until you re-enable it, might work but it does stop you from giving props to someone who did something good on enemy team, such as getting a outplay on you when they are behind or something like that
: According to your ToS boosting is prohibited, Rito {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} did you read the full article.
: Things Riot Games should change in League of Legends.
I agree with most of what you say, just point number 5 is a bit redundant if its not for that day, but thats just me
Roby6969 (EUNE)
: Remake bug
unless you can prove that somebody typed /remake @ the 3 min mark then i dont see what riot can do. for a remake vote to happen a team member has to type /remake otherwise it wont appear and you wont get any other chance to remake. after 3 mins you have 30 secs to type /remake to get the vote going and from their its up to the team to say yes or no
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Same place they always have. Their own minds.
some custom skins ideas have been made into official riot skins, in a way. now theirs no way of saying that the idea came from them or that they just copied the custom skin, the latest project skins for vi and jhin were custom skins for a year before riot released theirs. What i think trololol is trying to say is where will they get some inspiration for skins, as some custom skin ideas are good/okay but need a lot of work. I remember seeing the following skin, http://mobaskins.com/mecha-fizz/, and if you look at super galaxy fizz you can see the similarities, however the mecha fizz custom skin was made years before S.G fizz.
: Solution to ranked system!!!
And what would you do about the guy who sacrificed his life on a massive engage so that his team could win the game, and because of that death the doesnt get an A+ he gets an A/A-. Even though his sacrifice won the game he wouldnt gain lp, meaning it wasnt worth it and he should have just done nothing in hopes of keeping his stats as they were, to get the A+, and risk losing the game.
: Volunteer Snowdown - Wrap up & Winners!
Glad that i got a win, hard to determine what was and wasnt a poro at times, but its been over a week and no sign of the exp boosts . any idea on when prizes will be issued or have i been blind and missed them somehow.{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
ßVƒ (EUW)
yes, get honour level 5, they do tell you this here. https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor just scroll down to level 5 and it says you can get either the ww skin or twitch skin
: How to play VS Zoe during TF
: ILLEGAL BOTS IN ARAM - So why do I get the ban or time penalty?
the reason you get punished is cause your account is the one that is afk, and leaver buster picks up on this, mainly cause you havent moved from your spot in set period of time. Also going afk is a bannable offence and is a violation of the summoners code, something you agree to adhere by if you play the game. the bots arent punished because botting may be an issue but its not something a piece of software can detect simply through facts and figures presented to it at the end of a game.
: I hope you got banned for that...
I think you missed the part where he said his account was xxxRar3sxxx, meaning the player thats threating others is the player he chose to allow remain anonymous, not hard to check the game though through the account name, plus he clearly states roles
backstard (EUW)
: i have many sources to prove my theory but i cant post it here....you could check my match history on eune... Since i haven't wasted my money in this trash game and since i spread the truth in the forums i ONLY get trash teams... AFK + extreme feeders + trolls.This is what you get if you don't pay up the ransom.
So link your sources then, try and prove your point instead of just saying that you can. We need to see these sources to see if your claim has any merit to it at all, plus you say you have a eune account, link that as well. the more sources you provided which back up your claim means you wont make yourself look foolish. The one thing you should be taught to do at school when making a claim/investigation is to link all sources, you haven't done that and that is why your getting so much criticism
backstard (EUW)
: All Ranked games are fixed...
And do you have any proof to back up such a bold claim, or are you just another conspiracy theorist.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Just checked your account through lol match history, you havent got any games in all of 2017. In fact your last visable game was on the 16/11/2016 ( https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/35923127 ).
: What the frick is this Riot?
shhhhh, dont let them know your onto them, they have eyes and ears everywhere. I know who you are and where you live, i will be around shortly to discuss getting you out of the country and to the rebels.
: Poem Contest - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
Try this: Tis the season of good will To be merry and joyful in all that we do Don't use those words like that Don't type that remark in chat Rise above it all and give them a smile Riot knows whose been naughty and whose been nice They check their list twice And on that fateful day No coal for naughty boys or girls Instead a festive axe to the face So do remember one and all Stay positive and maybe you wont get a visit from Draven {{sticker:draven-pose}}
: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
Total number of poros that i found were , 55. Some may be missed due to built in poro stealth mechanics
Cypherous (EUW)
: There are no more events scheduled until the official release some time in 2018
if you read the bottom section of the dev post on clash you will see that they say they are running a 'couple of tests' in some servers. to me this means that we might have more of them due to it still being in alpha and thus needing more fine tuning.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
A mini rudolph to guide his team to victory through vision, santa is nice lending him to those who use this ward
NezirHsni (EUW)
: Riot is just unfair with their bans. 14 days ban for NOTHING.
cut a long story short unless rengar was using offensive language responding isnt gonna help your case, mute and then report at end of game, save yourself the hassle of dealing with them. in the depths of low elo (where i am) the ones who cry the loudest lose the most.{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Looking for players for competitive mode.
add SubparKïng if you want, im not the worlds greatest but i can play any role needed to a acceptable level.
Could really use an answer, had the same happen to me and now it just crashes whenever i try and open it initially
: {{champion:78}} Now she might be a bit bursty still even after her rework but she has become quite the top laner or jungler, with a bit of skill she can own the game or get so tanky she is impossible to kill, the only problem with her is, when she starts roaming she becomes really dangerous especially if you are a good poppy, frostbourne and black cleaver allow her to keep spamming slows like hell and her ulti can eject enemies from a teamfight to either isolate some champs or disengage. She can be countered by her nemesis, every juggernaut in the game but otherwise shines as being strong vs tanks and can block dashes from fighters, overall pretty balanced in all parts of the game ad only requiring skill to do well
whilst your right in saying that juggernauts are poppy's nemesis, due to the fact that they are meant to be tanky but deal damage, she can easily win the match-up if the player is cautious and knows when to trade, and how to maximise their damage and minimise damage taken. the main issue i feel with poppy is that due to how her kit is designed for her to be in the middle of every fight, certain team comps just dont suit this play style, and likewise some comps are designed to counter this style, as such the match-up is not the only thing that counters poppy at times.
Marwe (EUW)
: "Solved" I have my League of Legends installed on drive `D:\Games`, but symlinked (mklink) on `C:\Games`. The shortcut created on the desktop after installing is linked to `C:\Games\League of Legends` (which is correct), but because of this I get a black screen. If I go to the real folder, `D:\Games\League of Legends` and open the client from there it works as intended.
whilst this solution doesnt work for me, as both alpha and current client are in the same file, youve given me an idea.
: Go to the Riot report bug page and report it, or you could go to the lol support page login and send a ticket in to them, they should get back to you by tomorrow with help from one of their support team explaining in detail what you should do and maybe asking for certain things so they can try and solve the problem with you.
the reason i made the post was due to having gone through the support route. from there i was asked to make the post with details, so as for member of riot to see the issue and attempt to fix it
Rioter Comments
: I'd suggest you pick up more AP toplaners, since having all-out AD teams can be difficult. Darius and Olaf deal lots of true damage but still, having an AP in your roster can be very beneficial. The first obvious choice is Vladimir. Never out of mana, good farmer, can punish some toplaners really hard, can also farm pretty safely under turret when he gets behind. As a next choice, i recommend Chogath. No matter if you build him more as an AP or more tanky, you will be tanky AF, you will have them CCs and you will deal TONS OF DAMAGE. Lastly, there is Rumble. He can be tricky to pick up at first with all the heat management and a very hard ultimate to use properly but if you get the hang of him....Oh boy. The bully is strong with this one. Good luck on the fields of justice, summonner!
Thanks for advice, hadnt even noticed it was an all AD list, definitely will look into adding these to my champ pool. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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