Yung Seng (EUNE)
Do you have discord? League has a discord server and usually it has a channel where people can team up, 5 man to focus on quests. Maybe you can do that? Then you have a full team that focusses on the same thing!
Gaboesh (EUW)
: Unfair chat restriction with logs
How did it make you feel to call someone trash or garbage? Did it make you feel better? Do you think it made them feel better? Did you end up playing better, did they start playing better? Ask yourself these questions and then wonder if this is worth wasting your energy on. They probably didn't start playing any better, want to know why? Because you kick them in the ground. You need to learn how to give constructive feedback. If you want them to play better so you can win the game, give them feedback that they can use to build on. If you see your teammate going into a fight 1v3 for instance. Don't be like "Why the beep did you decide to start that fight?" It is better to say something. "Hey, perhaps next time wait for us to start a fight so we can fight together, then we have a better chance of winning." Sure, there are still people that will think you're toxic because it is difficult to read emotions through text... but calling someone garbage or trash isn't making the situation any better, perhaps it even makes the situation worse. So just think before you write, is it worth saying this?
SoBadKid (EUW)
: "PuShIng iS bEtTeR tHeN KiLls" mf - 2020
It is true, pushing is better than kills. Why force a teamfight with the risk of dying and giving the enemy team gold? If you watch esports, you'll even see that there are barely any kills in a 20 minute game... it isn't about kills or teamfights... its about getting objectives.
: Did that work?
closing chat seems to fix it.
: Dont hve friends. No more unreads will pop up. Youre welcome
: You can try closing the conversations. On the right side of the one you're speaking with
I tried that! hopefully it works!
BeefMock (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BeefMock,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=E5oNNrYG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-21T20:10:31.803+0000) > > Same problem occurs by me. in addition some messages i wrote are considered as not mine and are these i didint read.
Oh yes, I have that problem too. :/
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razvan634 (EUW)
: Leave champ select. This happened to me and it never started.
Thanks! I did that and I was back in client without issue.
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: Avast is at it again
Still happening! I don't know where to find my data logs, otherwise I'd post them.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey SuchLucyWow Are you still having these issues?
Hey! No it was just that one game. Might have been the server, but then I wouldn't know why I was the only one having that issue.
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: Server down?
Update: I thought perhaps a game restart would be helpful. By doing so I returned to the lobby, it doesn't show restart but instead I can start a whole new game... in my match history, it doesn't show my recent match either.
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: Support right now is probably the most op position in the game, If you want to carry go {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} And if you are feeling a bit frisky with a side of a hole you go {{champion:350}} and jump on your friendly neighbur hood bruiser and basically solo win, However Vision denial and having vision is also your job, So try your best!
Okay thank you! At the moment I'm saving for Pyke but I could definitely give yuumi a go!
: Do not farm on your own. Is my opinion. I have a friend who went from Twitch main to Nami One-trick. Or so he calls himself. His warding score is next to 0 and his very selfish while playing, thinking about "I need to get strong". Nami doesn't need power, she's a champion that is always good no matter if she gets gold or not. Don't be like him. If you die it's cause you didn't play safe enough. Remember to sit just a little infront of your adc so you can back off just in case.
As a support I don't need to farm luckily. The way how I get gold is by poking the enemy. I guess I become too aggressive sometimes with the poking so I do die because of that, but then you're right, I didn't play safe enough.
: That is true but farming is also a lot about patience, it could be that farming and dodging, looking at minimap, trading etc at the same time is too much, then exchanging farming for other "skill" esc stuff might not be the best idea, I mean the ball is in your court and I wouldn't blame you for playing a more playmaking esc support because it is a ton of fun. Best of luck
Yeah, I think adc is the most multitasking lane because you have to farm, keep an eye on the enemy jungle, keep an eye on 2 enemy champions in lane... it becomes a bit much. As a support I don't have to worry about farming and mostly keep an eye on the enemy.
: Simple rules for support in lane: 1) keep your adc alive 2) help them get XP 3) help them get gold 4) do all of the above for yourself 5) deny their ADC gold 6) deny their ADC XP 7) deny their ADC life. Even little gold denies, such as harassing their ADC so they HP trade against you instead of CS, is a win for your spell thief (3) and a double win as they lost CS (5). If they take the CS, you got free poke for the less value of points 3 and 7 (unless 7 becomes a kill which translates to all other points). With Nami's great lane sustain and after your first back you are normally set: Almost always a control ward unless its a major item spike, preferable two (spare); river control, lane brush (lane ganks), while your normal wards hopefully are in their half of the map. Refillable potion, assuming HP trades this item literally pays for itself if you use both charges, after that either selling it or using more, is better than two normal potions. Not to mention how it can deny ignite kills as you drink them while the fight breaks out. Some manna sustain, translates to a safer lane and more poke before needing a back. Brown boots, really good on mages to get those cheeky aery spell-thiefs auto, as well as mini roams for vision. Once early lane phase is over (everyone has 6) and its now early game with rotations and/or extended lane phases; then you have a greater map area of responsibility with vision control. Get at least a bruiser, if not a tank to brush check for you, and place wards in them only after at least control wards are cleared, if not Oracle lens sweep for normal wards. Finally learn to macro. you don't have to CS, so you have all those split seconds extra where laner's are keeping an eye on the dynamic minions and their opponent. Vision, jungle route tracking, and overall map control, you can direct the other 4 players like mildly better AI minions ;)
Thank you very much for your advice! I'll write it in short on a notepad next to me and whenever I feel lost in a game I'll just look at it and use these handy tips in my games!
: Those champions are actually very good when it comes to actually being useful but if you struggle with things such as farming it's probable that champions with a lot of skillshots and a neccessity of good positioning it's probably better to just stick to supportive supports such as nami and just ping the shit out of everything you want taken down lol
I don't think farming and landing skillshots is the same though. I've been a jinx onetrick for a very long time and that's learned me to take patience, count to 3 and then land ult for instane, or sniping with zap!
: Hello there, carrying as a support isn't easy, as you already know, you're always behind on gold compared to the rest of your team. There are a few options that you can play with and see what works for you : 1. Work closely with your jungler - If the enemy jungler is topside and you've forced the enemy botlane duo to return to base, try deepwarding. If your jungler understands what you're doing they can set the enemy jungler behind easier, so the enemy ganks wont be as good. If your ADC is backing but you don't need to, try ganking mid, especially so if your jungler is on his way to gank mid anyway. 2. Try a roaming support - {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} to name a few. Same example as before, you can set up kills pretty well on these. If botlane is pushed, see if you can be more useful somewhere else, just make sure your adc knows you're about to leave them for a minute or two. 3. Just be a second carry - {{champion:63}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} , just dish out harass and damage in the early laning phase, buy damage items and try to rack up assists. You'll end up taking some kills away from your carry, but a lot of the time it'll be worth it.
Thank you for your explanation! I think I'll have to give other champions a try and not stick to the same champion the whole time, thank you!
CJXander (EUNE)
: League of Standards
I know a fun one! You poke the enemy and your adc thinks you're engaging, going full in, dies and blames you for engaging.... bro... I'm just poking them....
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AdzStitch (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EXOoNnmB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-12T09:58:32.134+0000) > > Hey guys, > > Do you happen to be using Avast or AVG antivirus? We're aware of issues from a few days ago causing LoL to crash with these antivirus products - unfortunately while we've engaged them, they haven't gave much indication of a fix being planned for this :-( > > In the meantime the only advice we can recommend is to add League of Legends as an exception to your antivirus, or consider using another antivirus product until this issue is resolved. This hasn't worked for me I'm afraid - Have added exception for both the Client and the Game exes but it's still booting me out of games and not letting me back in. Anything else we can try? Can't play at all at the minute :(
I've had the same issue. I played the game with avast shields turned off, it was fine after that. I don't know how to add league as an exception, can someone explain that to me please? I don't know where I can find the league files to do that.
: Give us one free dodge per day/week
Ouch, that's unfortunate... I think a free dodge would be great!
: Usually when I see it, it boost my moral to win the game rather than giving up. Hell that I listen to what the enemy team wants. If you try to order me around I will do the opposite of what they want.
Exactly! It really works the opposite way. I'd love to beat a cocky enemy!
Iakovia (EUW)
: I hardly ever ff unless I am just plain tired or bored of the game and the non-teamwork. If someone starts flaming or spamming to FF, or if they've just been flaming the whole game, I'll never ff. I don't want them to have the ''easy way out'' as it were. I normally do try and win, and a lot of times we will when it looked like we would lose. Unless it really does seem hopeless or say, someone ragequit and went afk, then I won't surrender
Indeed. If we get stomped to the ground by a fed nasus who one shots everyone, then I might consider an ff. But people need to realize that you won't learn from easy winning games. It's those games that go bad in which you have to learn on how to solve these problems and still win.
Nourve (EUNE)
: Hi! A sort of simple way to counter these situations: disable all chat. I never use it, so I do not have to stress on it.
I don't really stress about it though. It helps me actually. I don't respond to them in chat, I respond by trying my hardest to win and prove them wrong!
: It's just like those guys who say "ez" after getting carried etc. They just want to brag about how good they think they are. Best way to deal with that is to ignore it and shut them up by beating them.
Indeed, there is no better victory than proving the enemy wrong!
CJXander (EUNE)
: When someone from the enemy team tells me to ff, i do all the possible things to WIN actually.
Exactly! It really works in the opposite way.
ryandub (EUW)
: Taunting the enemy team is a strategy - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I've played games to where the enemy team has gotten all of our turrets and inhibs down with 2 barons and we still won. These were some of the closest and most suspenseful wins I've ever encountered. We won by AFK farming from engagements. Allowed us to achieve full item builds. All it takes is 1 ace to end the game. This is why a lot of people do not ff unless there is an obvious troll on their team.
The reason why I do not taunt is because I know that if I do, I feel overconfident and that it will punch me in the face! I've had it happen as well that games went so poorly and then with one ace we still managed to win. It really depends on who your team is as well. Sometimes you have people that spam ff whenever they get the chance, but you also have people that try their hardest to win, and then you're able to get that chance to still win. When it's almost obvious that the enemy is going to win, the enemy becomes greedy. They all started to throw and make mistakes. I always try to take that to my advantage to turn the game around!
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rayya96 (EUNE)
: The silver players (OMG)
If you think you're stuck in silver elo because of these bad players, then you're wrong. Stop trying to focus on these 'bad players' and focus on yourself. If you die, think back to the fight... why did you die? Was it because you didn't have enough vision? Or did you follow your teammate in a 2v4 and think you could win? Did you underestimate your opponent? Try to learn from these mistakes and get better. Watch guides on youtube, those have helped me a lot. If you get good enough, then you can carry almost every game. If you lose? Then you didn't carry hard enough, unless you have a teammate that decides to run down mid and feed constantly... then I understand that it's a loss. And hey, if you lose, it's just a bad game... let it go and go to the next. Having an extremely toxic or bad person in your game, doesn't always happen. If you have a decent team, then just try to carry that team to victory. Just keep believing in yourself!
Hansiman (EUW)
: You should still be marked as a leaver, even if you came back. The update didn't specify how it was to be more lenient, but I would've assumed it was related to the LP loss that occurs even if you come back and win. Would be nice to get clarification though.
I didn't know they looked into it. It was a bit of a bummer for me, but I can understand it. I was gone for 5-10 minutes and in these 5-10 minutes a lot could have happened. Luckily my team was doing well 4v5 but a lot of teams aren't that lucky, and these moments that you miss these minutes because you're gone are crucial.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SuchLucyWow,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UvhAyr9u,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-10T13:26:46.083+0000) > > ... that are more than just honorable. > > Yesterday I had a game as Vayne, I went pretty bad. I wasn't able to dodge a blitz hook and it went all south from there. Even under the tower I wasn't safe, the enemy became too strong! But my support and toplaner were really nice, instead of blaming me for feeding the enemy, they actually understood that I was trying but the opponent was just to strong for me. That was really nice for a change and I felt less bad for doing so horribly. They wished me well on my next game and even though I lost the next game as well, it wasn't going as bad as the game before. > > The thing is, getting killed over and over in such a short period of time. I couldn't stand under tower, I couldn't farm, wherever I went I died. So I told them I was frustrated by it because I was useless for the team. They told me to take a deep breath and so I did and it worked. Even though I lost the game badly, thanks to my teammates, I didn't feel bad. Bad games happen and I was glad that my teammates understood that. c: I had to login to reply to this nice post. Let me tell you this first. I have multiple acc in many elos, but my main is high dia elo. Anyway this season here I found myself way out of line when i played in low elo with friends, or just solo too "own some noobs" bad attitude i know. And i often flamed them but not personal but still wrong in the end. Anyway when i saw this post here I reminded myself I did promise that next season or even from now few days ago I will not no matter what happens be as most people refer it to be called flame/toxi. Evne i dont clal my flame "flame/toxi " I had a game in gold elo 2 days ago I think, I was support and my mate was adc. We both play in high elo and no way this bot lane enemy stod a change. And it was a vayne player too, and i was a blitz too :) Anyway you story sounds like that game I just had also. The enemy support was a rakan and he started to flame hes adc the vayne and in all chat said pls report tis lame vayne boosted bla bla you know the words.. Something just happen to me that moment, and at the same time myself and my mate without we even talked about it typed at the same time "no we will not report vayne we will report you for being toxi and for being afk towards you adc its your fault your adc is having a hard time because you just stand and do nothing. He keept saying a lot of bs this enemy rakan and i got enough of him and i said listen dude make sure this words will be your last this game because when it ends this will be your last game for some time. And he was like well bla bla.. Then i told in all chat this vayne dont stand a change let me be honest he's actually doing just fine but me and my adc a smufing and not much he can do more. Besides that "Rakan" you are tully a horrible player in all aspect your attitude your game play and you higer elo then vayne. and yet you play really really bad. Then the enemy as well started to say to there team mates vayne hey vayne just mute rakan and keep doing your best. its all good. Like this Blitz was saying they smufing. I know its a pain in the ass when you have players that smufing but trust me I have them too in my elo as well. But try think about it this way when you encounter those enemys then focus not to win the game because 90% of the time you lose it. But try focus one the game style they have those smuf try look how they play what are they doing fuc that game man you losing it anyway try learn from them while the game goes one, what are they doing when are they doing this and that ect ect.. Then I promise you that after a season when you might have 100-400 games with smuf next season if you keept those games in back of your head your next season will be much better. Thats how i got better at this game. I used to say "I got better by playing against better players! Not by playing with players at the same level as myself! How can i improve if I don't see what I need to improve! By getting owned by players with 500IQ How can i then get 1000IQ?" Really all you can do mute those idiots that flame you focus one improve try learn from those players that clearly are better then you focus one that and %%%% the rest bro. You win the next game or the next one etc.. Yes we need more games like this were people are just clam and can be nice to each one when we either have a bad game or we face smuf/bosters because they will never go away, so we need to just adapt to it and be better too just say well %%%%T it lol its a game.. I also have really bad games and people are like flaming me I know my faults and whne i am just sleepy or just chill in a game but people say no way man you dia 2 or plat 1 or what ever acc i play one you trash man you bronze you boosted.. Well when that happens i just smile and mute.. And let me say often wwhat those people dont know is that most of the times if i had a bad match its mainly because my adc or mid or jung made way too many mistakes that puts me as support in a bad sport too and people often forget that. LIike you as a main adc if your support makes too many mistakes you will die more often and that many times ends in that the team flames you for feed the enemy adc but the true was that your support was the main reason but like i said many people cant see those facts. Anyway I wish you a better season 9 and i bet it will change many things that was bad last many seaons into something better, another thing just keep play but make sure when you see you make mistakes dont do the same mistake 2 times :) like a simpel tip if you feed enemy lane 0/2 its time too jsut focus one the cs and get some exp and money farm up items tell your support to not engage wait for ganks. it works 90% of the time. unless ofc you have enemy smuf they will just tower dive you :) you know the drill dude. Another good thing i did also to improve was i found a few streamers that play my lane watch them when they was online its another way to learn if they also often explain why they do as they do. There are also some sites out there were you can add your profile and get static one your game play and see what you needs to improve.
Thank you very much for your reply! Most of the time when people start to flame me, I just mute them because they're just a distraction. I just keep on focusing on the game. If I don't mute them and just ignore them, I still read the text and then I get a little shaky and I start to make even more mistakes because of that. I don't know why that is, I guess it's because I get really nervous? So that's how I solve that problem. I did think of what the reason was why I lost so much, and the thing is, I didn't use my Q enough, I didn't try to dodge enough. So I added the friendly person and together we did a 1v1 custom where he was blitz and I was vayne, and we trained my dodging... and the games after he said he didn't recognize me anymore from that first game we played. My main is jinx, but I feel like I enjoy vayne a lot more now because I have my Q to dodge things. Vayne is still a situational champ though, I can't really pick her if they don't have tanks. But I did learn from my mistakes and I became a better player because of that. I do agree with you, I don't mind smurfs. People try to surrender a game too soon, the moment you're losing, they want to surrender. I don't like surrendering because you learn from the games that you're losing. If you only play games that you win and are easy, then you can't learn anything. Sure if the enemy is 20/0 by 15-20 minutes, I will say the chance of winning is almost 0, and then I will say yes to a surrender. But not if the game goes a little bad. I've had enough games where the game turned around the longer it progressed!
: lol me too, a few games ago i started dancing and then their whole team came and danced too and then my team joined in and nobody was attacking each other we just kept flashing our masteries and dancing. after game i had 4 new friend req and those guys are really nice i became good friends with them LOL
Aww man! That sounds like a fun way to make friends. I'm glad there are people around that enjoy the game no matter what. This is the first time this happened to me though!
: Extremely rare situation.Maybe 1/50 games you can experience this.Usually if you missclick or die early the flame party begins.And god help you if you play jungle.If you do not win every lane and gank all lanes in the same time you will get flamed.Ofc if you go into lane and manage to kill enemy you will get "KS" 99% of the time. Feel good man,save that moment.And remember even tho this is kid/flamer/troll infested game,there are still some ok players out there
I know right? I've been playing for a few years and this is the first time this happened to me.
: Ironically, I only feel bad when I lose with a nice team. Losing with 4 flamers on the team feels kind of satsfying lol
Well, what I meant was, when someone flames me, I feel bad as in sadness. I'm kind of a snowflake. So I would doubt myself and not wanting to play anymore. (and then the next day I play again.) With these people I didn't feel like that. Of course I felt bad that we lost, but I didn't feel bad in a way that I became sad about the lost game. But I completely understand what you're saying, if people flame you, then I also wonder if that deserves a win.
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: Am I the a**hole?
I don't think so. Being a premade doesn't give you extra rights. They should understand that if you pick a support with support items, that you wouldn't be able to handle a lane on your own. I don't know how you should have handled the situation. You could have gone mid and lose hard, or just go bot and heal them like you're supposed to. Either is a bit of a loss I think.
: 1v1 me on my other smurf and why dont we find out Or we can duo, up to you "TeemoFury00"
find out about what? I don't know what you want to try to achieve.
: ***
Oh okay, I didn't know that, thanks for explaining! Haha. It's not that hard to unlock though, right? At least you don't have to buy them anymore, only extra pages.
Tacka4Fun (EUW)
: Came back after 2 Years and my account suspended?
Sadly not. It is your responsibility to keep your account in check and make sure it doesn't get hacked. Also, the game has changed a lot. We don't really have runes anymore, we only have masteries. It would be for the best to make a new account and not waste your time on trying to recover your account. I haven't started a new account in the new mastery thing, but I believe you get everything at the start! There will also be lootboxes in which you can unlock some nice skins!
: Nah its bs. I dont get S ranks every game, do all i can, and lose being angry. I know i won the game for myself, even if i lose. I dont get angry, i troll. Because this game is the worst game ever. Instead of putting teams against people of the same skill level, theyll mix it up and put random players with lower skill levels against those with higher. This is the case for nearly all of my actually accounts ranked games. Either you dominate them or they dominate everyone else on your team. Even if you play support, get the adc to 9/3, the other adc will always crap on them in a 1v1. I only played this account because i wanted to play with my friends at lower rank, and even then i will always play support because its unfair me actually picking a lane against players with low skill level And the community is hit or miss. I grew bored of the game ages ago, getting to diamond was so %%%%ing hard, that i actually found, if you flame someone, they do better. You make them adapt, improve, succeed. Im joking, flaming has nothing to do with skill. You lose because the other person is better, you tilt because you know they are better and then you take it out on others. flaming is an excuse. the reason people who dont flame win more games is because they are winning. You dont flame because you win 10 games in a row. You flame because you int or your team does. So i was actually helping that kindred improve by making his experience the shittest experience he could have in a game. And by doing so i was adapting him,bending him to be a better jungler. I am the best version of me. This method helps.Do try. just not against LGBT feminists
Sadly I don't know what else to say. Everything I say is nonsense and everything you say is true in your eyes. Then why start a topic about it on a board? So you hope that people will agree with you? And those that don't agree with you talk nonsense? Shiwah is right though, Kindred already forgot about it and moved on. You're stuck with a suspension and still talk about it on a board. I also disagree with what you said about making the player better by telling them they're trash. Perhaps learn about changing your tone in how you bring it. It is the tone that makes the music. You can give critique, certainly, but be careful on how you bring it to your teammate. I'm an artist, and still learning. My teachers give harsh critique all the time. Sometimes I even want to cry and give up. But they also tell me how to do better next time, perhaps do it like this or like that. I don't see you giving feedback to your jungler on how they can improve. Perhaps tell them something like "That wasn't a very good move, perhaps you should do it like this next time." Or you know. "Could you please stop focusing on the jungle for a bit and help out the team during a teamfight? That would help us a lot." When someone tells me I'm trash, I will be like, yeah, great, thanks for telling me something I already know. Any advice on how to do better? And normally they don't even know how to do better. Apparently I still had a lot to say, so, here you go... hopefully you will take this advice.
: Thats not even remotely true. Im level 26. So not even the same level. And you dont lose harder by becoming toxic. If someone has fed a vayne 13 kills within 20 minutes. You lose because of the vayne, not because youre calling the bard a useless piece of garbage. Get out of here with your dumb ass theories. Also, i won that game. If you want to win. Getgud. Dont be trash like yourself
I don't know about that. I've seen it a lot that a fed enemy team player couldn't carry the game in the end. We kept our hopes high and just kept on trying and then there is still a chance to win. Even a fed person can become greedy, and by becoming greedy it is easier for them to make a mistake. I use that to my advantage. I don't waste my time writing in chat and rather enjoy the game. You can still learn from losing games as well, if you easily win every single game, you'll grow bored of the game easily. I also don't mind that I'm trash, it means there is reason for me to grow and get better. ;) I can understand that you're angry, because you want to play the game and not be suspended. You have the right to be angry, but just be angry for like, 30 minutes, and then let it go. Also don't let your anger out on others, it's not nice. I hope for you that you will learn that my stupid theories have some truth in them, I encourage you to be kinder, leave your insults behind you. And I hope that by becoming a better person, you won't get suspended again, and that you can enjoy the game.
: 14 day suspension
For me this is toxic and deserved. Do you know of the Think rule? T - is your post true? H - is your post helpful? I - is your post inspiring? N - is your post necessary? K - is your post kind? No? Then don't say it. Ranks do not matter, you're probably in the same elo as the kindred was, so that makes you just as good as the Kindred. Everyone has their bad and good games. I also have games where I go 0/10 but I also have games where I go 10/0. People have bad games, and you should respect that. Sometimes the opponent is stronger, and you should respect that. Sometimes they make mistakes, get over it. Did you know that when people start to get the sense that when they are about to lose, they get extremely toxic? And by becoming toxic, you lose even harder? Whenever I'm in a game with a group that has a toxic atmosphere, we lose 99% of the games. So think again if your words are helpful. Do you want to win? Encourage them to do better, don't bring them down.
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Your Rank doesn't give you the privileges to flame.
Couldn't agree more. Everyone thinks that the chat is an invitation to flame, but it isn't, it never is. We can say that about a lot of things though. Facebook, youtube, if you're able to comment, it still doesn't give you the right to be mean. That doesn't only affect the person you're aiming it at, but also at the people around it. No one likes it, so why even do it?
: > [{quoted}](name=SuchLucyWow,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4Uo5RxQ1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-21T20:09:11.855+0000) > > Haha, do you hate her voice that much? XD Its not the Voice, but her sounds from her Ult, Q and the Bubble. I dont know but im getting tilted instantly as soon as i hear one of those. I dont think she is OP, but its so frustrating and tilting to play against her due to a lot of factors, and the sounds are one of them.
Ahh yeah, I see what you mean. I love to play as her, but I hate to fight her. She's so tilting sometimes! I have that sound issue with beemo. For some reason the honey throw sound, the stickiness... it's so gross and I can't stand it.
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